Predictions on 12-12-15

Evacuate the building.. bomb

ISIS has more powerful weapons.

New York will be attacked.. 17

The old prediction is back. Spirit also mentioned the word ‘dozens’ but did not explain its place:

Notes on 12-16-14 US Terror Attack   Predictions for 2015, the first seems to either fall in December or early January.
 “Bomb” — Spirits Voice
Notes on 12-27-14 Terror Attack  I had a visual of a colorful cloth covering the bomb making it unable to see with the naked eye.
Metropolis, New York, New Jersey
“A bomb.. a building is the target.. known for its second floor.. NJ.. NY.. at 3, 4.. bell view.. the nation addressed.” — Spirits Voice

Horrible, horrible storm.. Europe.. December

Spirit mentioned Poland being affected but something tells me that’s just one of many locations.

Spirit also showed a very large 0 as if to say a prediction is about to happen.





122 thoughts on “Predictions on 12-12-15

  1. The Empire State Building has 102 floors. Could your vision be referring to that?
    I hope nothing comes to pass, but I’ve been seeing 1:02 on the clock for months now. I recently visited NYC for Thanksgiving, and when I was at the Empire State Bldg I noticed it has 102 stories. Finally it made sense why I’d been seeing the number. Needless to say, nothing occurred then but I opted for the 86th floor attraction just in case. I really feel it’s NYE they are targeting.
    Thanks for your insight, Eric.

      1. Cloth over also people out in California had something planned in 2012 but backed away. So cell in ny has been quiet.

  2. “A bomb.. a building is the target.. known for its second floor.. NJ.. NY.. at 3, 4.. bell view.. the nation addressed.”
    Ok…when this prediction was mentioned in 2014, we were focusing on buildings that either had “bell view” in the name or address…OR….a view of a bell.
    What if this has no bearing on the name…but on an action? If so…the New York Stock Exchange fits the description in the “action” of the tradition of ringing bells (now done electronically with buttons) for opening and closing a day of trade. The actual ringing of the bell….from a platform above the trading floor….is still considered to be a ceremony and an enormous honor for the person selected to do so.
    And…the actual purpose of this building would certainly make it a target.
    The “17”…. if a date for December of this year is also a Thursday…so a market work day.
    I have no ideas about “a colorful cloth” unless it has something to do with a covering within the building itself.

    1. This time we plan to ask for details, see if we can’t better understand the situation, so we can stop it, or at least try. Last time we spent way to much time trying to figure out ‘bell view’ but I was very very disappointed that they are bringing it back into the spotlight. Usually that means its around the corner too. Not good news at all. Lots to focus on.

      1. Eric, please ask what they mean by ISIS having a “stronger weapon” as well….and I am assuming this statement has to do with the “bell view” prediction.
        I have been following an issue since the beginning of November where no truly adequate explanation has been given to the public. Something is really “off” and I have a bad feeling it may have something to do with a stronger weapon being brought into this country. Hope I am really, really wrong!

      2. Eric, are you saying it implied to chemical driven like if it falls from sky and burns eyes by looking up?? I remember seeing the older post as mentioned of eyes burned when looking up. I need to find that post .

    2. A thought just came to me….. The reference to a bell or a bell ringing, could that be referring to church bells? Also, the number 17…. St. Patrick… How far from Bellview Hospital is St. Patrick’s? , which is FULL of tourist and also Masses being held on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day…

      1. Casey…the addresses are: St. Patrick’s Cathedral: 5th Avenue & 51st St. (Adjacent to each other) But it takes up a city block. So also bordered by 460 Madison & West 50th St.
        (Also adjacent) (if I was reading the map right…..)
        Anyway….Midtown. Manhattan

        But Bellevue Hospital is 462 First Avenue in Kips Bay area of Manhattan.

    3. ” A Colorful Cloth” Remember on the exterior of the NY Stock Exchange is a big huge American Flag….A Colorful Cloth!

  3. Another possibility….Macy’s in Herald Square in NYC is probably one of the world’s largest department stores. It is located on 34th street (“3, 4”) and Broadway.
    Additionally, it is adjacent and has a perfect view of the well known Memorial (“Give my regards to Broadway…remember me to Herald Square”) (James Gordon Bennett Memorial?)
    The monument’s focal point is a very large bell.

  4. don’t forget to pray to father, who will directly get involved, people can call upon their own angels, to intercede, eric, ask the council,for direction from higher levels……

  5. The “dozen” reference. ..wasn’t there a prediction about a donut shop last year when we were trying to figure out the ny/nj stuff?

      1. I know there were alot of post we were pinning to ny last year. I often wondered if they were a year in advance.
        Did the package delivered from a man we thought was a ups man.
        The “dozen” could be just that a dozen predictions from last year.
        I’ll have to take a look to jules. I know it felt like we close to figuring it out then nothing happend. And it was a sigh of relief.

  6. It may not mean anything.. But I’ve been dreaming of drones filled with chemical weapons landing in areas with people who are suited with masks and they still do not survive.

  7. The Riverside Square Mall was evacuated today when a suspicious package was found in a bathroom and graffiti on the wall described the blowing up of parking spaces or something. The graffiti was criptic, so unclear. That mall is located in Hackensack NJ on RT 4 which goes right to the George Washington bridge into New York City. It’s about 5 miles from NYC. I can’t think of a bell view associated with this location, nor is the 2nd floor of this mall anything special.

  8. Hi. This may be nothing, however the Visitors Centre is located on the 2nd floor of the Empire State Building as is the New York Sky Ride. Bellevue hospital is close by. Just some thoughts.

    Anne Marie

  9. National dream center. Someone had dream about bomb in hospital. Could be bellview hospital in ny or close building. The second floor is the key. I did my best in asking. Would help if in area with others that are zoned in. People are not focused.deer hunting.

    1. Bomb was leaking so this device needs to go was my impression. Been idle . Hopefully fbi,csis,nsa get involved.

    2. Wow….may want to check it out at Bellview hospital. Something with number 3,4. Is that the room number as 3, 4, 34??

      Thanks Anthony!

  10. My feeling about the “bell view location in NYC famous for its second floor” is the “Statue of Liberty”. The statue’s pedestal is Floor One. The feet of the statue constitute the Second Floor. It is the statue that is the famous location. Once in the statue itself, the bell(e) {as in beautiful} view is accessible.

  11. Hey guys I think I got something but I can’t put the pieces together. 17 Thursday December 17th. Star Wars The Force Awakens OPENS on Thursday Dec 17th. There are going to be tons of people waiting on line at theaters everywhere. The hype will be great cameras will be showing these people going to the movie. Its a perfect target. There is a Loews AMC Loews 34th Street 14
    Right near Penn Station/ MSG/ And the Empire State Building is down the block. All victims would be transported to Bellevue Medical Center. Its a soft target, not a lot of security. Bomb hidden underneath a colorful cloth….someone dressed up like a Star Wars character.

    1. Good thinking, Rob. My impression is that the large crowd will be the target. If I would the FBI, I’d cover as much as possible such as Bellview hospital (perhaps room 3,4 or 34), Statue of Liberty, view of “bell”, covered the street of 34th, and so on. I’d covered everything as possible. It could be an employee that has access into the building and plant the bomb hidden inside. Keep looking and praying it will be foiled.

      1. If you look at the past and what these people did in the middle east and Europe. First they attach small to moderate unprotected groups and police stations, this breaks up civil structure and creates confusion and that allows them room to really cause problems. The attacks in the US are just beginning and once you see attacks on police and/police stations it will get soon after.

  12. All of the ideas make sense one way or another.
    However, what is the significance of “the nation addressed”?
    Would this be referring not to the specific act, but someone speaking to the people of this country afterwards?

    1. In my opinion that’s it…the President addresses the Nation afterwards. It seems like it could be related to the post on something happening which brings out the horse of war…can’t remember the exact words Spirit said but something like that. I also wonder if this has to do with the manipulation post. Like they try and distract from their bigger plan of attack somehow. I hope this can be foiled. I’m so tired of these sick individuals doing harm to others.

      1. Jules104,
        Yes…at initial reading, “the nation addressed” would appear to indicate that the President would address the nation following a disaster. And the way it appears in the prediction suggests it as being in an order of happening. However, (as a former lit major) it also could mean something other than that….for example….if a terror act of a certain magnitude and historical significance was completed, those doing this type of thing would feel that THEY were “addressing the U.S. as a nation. (Just an alternate thought.)

      2. What if… It happens to a place from where it was used sometime before for a speech to the nation? Maybe its a clue..
        I tryed to see where famous speeches of Presidents but i could not find out where it was

        1. Hi Popi. I remember last time this was predicted, I found one where Presidents addressed the Nation. It was Boston or Philadelphia I believe…but not NYC or NJ. That’s why I thought it was after the fact but who knows.

    2. Wait…is that after the bomb attacks incident when president gives the nation address. Just wondering.

  13. Additionally…with regards to the NYSE suggestion…(and cannot find any definite confirmation of this)…but isn’t the main trading floor on the second floor of this historic building?

  14. Fyi…The Macy’s at Herald Square in NYC on 34th st with the view of the monument with the prominent bell across from it, is having a huge Christmas Party Event called the “Ugly Sweater Event” on Dec.16, 2015.
    Additionally, there are several departments (bed and bath, etc) that would have many colorful materials available.

    1. Oh my….keep eyes out. It sounds similar as marathon event in Boston few years back. It’s difficult to keep track with everyone in busy crowded events.

      1. Harvey, yes…but the date (if it is that to which “17” refers) is not correct. The Macy’s building, however, takes up the entire block (was designated a national landmark in 1978) and across the street, that monement is such a focal point…that area is like a small park.

        As far as the NYSE (also designated a national landmark in 1978)…I don’t know…was just a feeling, but there is now bullet proof glass in the visitors area separating it from the floor and also titanium entry doors…and no “colorful materials” unless flags could be classified as such.

        And, as Popi said…could find nothing at any major place suggesting it had ever been the site of a previous Presidential address.

        So…have the feeling it will be at a place that is recognized worldwide as representational of “America”…so…the Statue of Liberty, Macy’s, Empire State Building….all fit that idea in NYC area. Reason for my feeling on this is because terrorists planning something big, would want it to be easily recognized as anti-American in nature–not random terrorism.

      2. Hi Anne! Or maybe the “colorful” materials could represent the color of Christmas???

        Shalom to you.

  15. Bellevue Hospital second level overlooks the main floor. It has logos of the NYC train stations number # 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. It is an old fashion marble entrance on the first floor.

  16. About a post with the images of 3 gray sticks. If you look up the USS Louisiana BB-19. That would explain 3 gray sticks with one burning. It was commissioned at New London Naval base in Connecticut. Maybe something is going to happen there. Thursday Dec 17

      1. Regarding the “three sticks”… Just….don’t bother looking at “Three Stick Monument” in OK. I had a heck of a time finding the info. It is in a national park in LaFlore County…. pretty much out of the way, no surroundings except wilderness, highest point in a mountain..first road to connect directly south to north in OK….and….they even forgot to put the date on the dedication….but it was somewhere 1960-64 because President Kennedy was present for the dedication. But…other than that….nothing….

  17. The YouTube Channel “Mary Greeley” reports that recently 3 men with accents purchased about 150 cell phones from various Walmarts in Missouri. She also reported dozens of propane tanks stolen from the area. Cell phones can be used to remote detonate. The FBI is said to be looking into it.

    1. Eric, on your 4 Dec 2015 prediction of ISIS using WMD’s. This might be how they do it using the propane tanks to disperse toxic chemicals through explosions that are remote detonated.

      1. I also had a dream about a parking garage under a tall building but that’s all I remember. I can’t help but think that maybe it’s related.

    2. Greg, why they need that many with 150 cell phones? Using it for set of the bombing thing? I’m not expert in any weapon. Will there be many as 150 terrorists? That’d be a huge group. Better not. :/


      1. 😦 I can’t imagine for 150 blowing up in US. We need to pray. ..thanks Greg. I don’t even want to know how it works in that way. Terrible.

  18. I actually began tracking the cell phone incidents from the beginning….so here is the pattern and quantities….you can see there were more than 200. The disturbing issue with this is that the Leclede County Sheriff referred to the men as “Muslim”…. and using a foreign language. He pretty much indicated they were middle eastern.
    These cell phones (if the ones I looked up are indicative) can be purchased for about $10.00 each complete with about 7 hours of service time.
    So…1) they could be for handing out to illegals, 2) for sale to make money, 3) secure “throw-away” communications (a lot of phones though)…and, most disturbing 4) physical & remote detonators.
    That being said: What happened to the rule from 2006 where Walmart only allowed 3 of these per purchase?

    Following a map….Here is the actual timeline that I would think makes sense:
    1) Cape Girardeau & Jackson Fri. 12/4
    2) Jefferson City & Columbia Fri. 12/4 (later)
    3) Lebanon (3:50 AM!) Sat. 12/5 (EARLY)
    4) Macon (No time given) Sat. 12/5
    So…generally…depending upon whether more than one group…looks like a trail from extreme southeast to central to north central.

    Totals from various reports:
    Cape Girardeau = 10 Jefferson City = 50 Jackson = 48 Macon = 32 Columbia = “multiple”
    Lebanon = 59
    So…more like 200+ reported….so far….

    Then…from end of November to last week, the 3 incidents of stealing 20# propane tanks. That occurred in 3 locations in Lee’s Summit…..south of Kansas City, MO. A 20# propane tank holds 4.1 gallons of fuel. …so…approximately 246 gallons. Thought about this incident is that it may be unrelated….maybe a meth lab?

    1. Wait…this reminds me of Eric ‘so previous posts about the trucks exploded.

      Thanks Anne for head’d make sense as what to use the cell phones. And good point as why allowed the consumers to have many quantities. Think the employee(s) may have assist the consumers purchased many items? Just wondering.


    2. Its strange but in Greece you can buy as many phones as you want but they don’t work if you don’t go to register them with your ID , so how this happens in the US that they take so many precautions?

      1. Good point, Popi! I’m hoping they do the same in USA for ID for security reasons.


      1. Well, Greg…as I have mentioned before…this did occur before in 2006…and those guys had 600 phones. Could not find any other information….perhaps they were confiscated. The defense alleged that they were purchased for resale reasons….but….does not make sense to travel from MI to another state (think it may have been Indiana) to purchase. Have read that there are ways of tracking these….as long as the batteries are present…and even if they are not turned on.
        So…my opinion…the MO phone purchases really do not make sense for meth production (have read the batteries can be used for that process)…but would not think that ethnic group would be engaged in that activity.

  19. Further to the cell phone incidents: Walmarts have recording security cameras everywhere…so one could assume that investigators have photos and facial recognition software. And also…I thought I saw these were TracFone types. If so (and procedure is same as when I purchased one circa 2006 in a different state when I was commuting) the purchaser is not allowed to select an area code different from the purchase location….IF still the same, these are trackable.

  20. Eric, Collegues,
    follow up on propane tanks and cellphones being procured first in. Missouri I, and also in Ohio. A disturbing development a hunter went to his yearly location to hunt in the Mark Twain forest
    and saw the ground disturbed , poked around and saw buried propane tanks and cellphones,,,promptly called in authorities.

    1. Yes, but one of those reports dated from October (cannot remember which one). There was also a more recent report with a photo showing an older Muslim male purchasing about 8-10 propane tanks in Florida.
      In 2006, two young males (legal immigrants) from MI went south (Indiana?) to purchase cell phones as well. They had over 600 cell phones. Apparently nothing could be done to them because they claimed they were for resale. This was when the 3 phone per purchase limit (an internal procedure by Walmart) was supposedly initiated.

      1. Eric
        The buried propane tanks were found in Mark Twain forest, 30 minutes from Lebanon, Ohio…
        Before this find..
        1. Reported thefts and large purchases of propane tanks and cell phone purchases in 2 locations
        A. Missouri —( large amounts of propane tanks and cellphone purchased as well as stolen)
        B. Ohio—– (large amounts of propane tanks and cellphone, purchased and stolen)
        If you look at Google earth..Strategically located…for Canada, Chicago , Louisiana etc..
        My first thought was a master plan…collection points…segments like an orange…

        I think if there was a collection of data for other states and local authorities to report to…
        I think there are more purchases and thefts that have gone unnoticed…my opinion..

    2. I’m glad the hunter found it to gather more info and clues. I bet there are more “covered up” out in the woods. Oh dear …I hate this mess. Big job to find the clues..

  21. And…in order to relate back to this specific prediction, all of those phones and tanks from all over the place would have to be transported to a central location in the east which Eric now strongly feels is New York.
    Although these may relate to other acts…and….could even be in addition to a major act, i think this would represent an unnecessary logistical nightmare.
    This single prediction feels like something larger and more devestating.

    Additionally, in considering all the major locations we have been discussing with relation to the words we were given in this prediction, we know that in order to have the effect of a 9/11 it would have to be huge, but it would also have to be known as a “replicable act”; one that makes a big “statement”, yes, but also one that has an enormous detrimental economic effect.

    As an example: Say a well-known monument in D.C. is destroyed by terror….that would be a terrible thing, but it would not really effect or cripple our economy. An attack on a place that represents both an iconic symbol of America AND has an effect on the economy would be to attack somewhere that makes all of us….all over the country….afraid to go to our stores, malls, churches, hospitals. But to have real impact on the scale of 9/11, it would also have to be something widely recognized as “Americana”.

  22. Let’s brainstorming. The terrorists are very carefully planned this for a long time. What is their plans to start then continue to spread out as ongoing wars in USA. First, I think they’d want to attack Air Force base, navy, etc where the military trained then continue to take over USA as the citizens would be defense less just as they did to Syria. Would that make sense if they start to plan this carefully from A to Z? Need to be inside their heads as what their plans to start attack. Keep brainstorming.

    Pray for peace.

    1. Another thing, if they tend to blow up the hospital then people won’t have access to get help…how many hospitals are there in NY/NJ? Just wondering as why they wants to target “hospital” and what purpose they may think will continue to war like?

      I think Bellview hospital is rated as top number 9 in this nation. Is that correct? If so, why pick that hospital?

      Keep thinking…and searching.. hopefully we’d stop them in time.

      1. Harvey hi,

        When these people do what they do is because they want to bring fear among the people, to saw that they can reach where you can’t expect so they humiliate police etc and to make a very loud declaration!

        So we need to think like them ,(but we are not sick enough), to understand what they want to point out now and for what reason.May be some analysts know better to see the patterns or the reasons that they would turn against American people. I am sorry to say that declarations like the one Trump did do not help the country as he or others radicalize people from fear of what’s coming and in order they become victims they become victimazers😒

        If they want to give a really bloody message this will be bad😔
        If its connected with the phones and the propan gaz this saws multiple situations because they speak for many phones which means many people to be synchronized in multiple places😒
        I really hope that somebody will stop them

  23. school threats in los angeles and NYC, but NYC thinks it’s a hoax. L.A. police thinks it’s credible…

  24. Could the bell be related to school bells? Second floor of a school, second period or secondary school.

  25. Well…I have been actually wondering about the “credible” and “specific” threat definitions. According to a recent interview with a security official, they regard “credible” as coming from an informer who has a record of being 75-100% correct on previous information….and “specific” as very detailed. So….??? A “credible and specific threat”… they would actually have about 90% of the information and given enough time, they could stop it.
    Not certain that I give much credence to this statement when it is used.

    And…if you think about this….and all the possibilities that just WE have come up with based upon the prediction….I cannot even begin to imagine how the numerous intelligence, security, and law enforcement agencies could even begin to have any accurate, credible, or specific information….the beaucracy of sharing….all that… They must be absolutely flooded with possibilities and information.

    1. Thanks Jules as I enjoyed taking the tour the Empire State building thru the pics. I noticed in pics as viewed 34th street from second floor. Could be the target but how would they do that?

  26. Hi Jules 104…blessings …thank you for the link truelt amazing site….I Have been researching this and i have come up with an ineresting point …
    The Barklay Versey building in the Bell telephone company building originally. It has carvings of grapevines and bells in through out the foyer uf im correct…
    It is clearly visible from Empire State building and was damaged during 911. Ground O could be the 0 in spirits prediction refering to the view of both Bell building and ground Zero
    Im thinking bell view from Empire State building…so it very well maybe Empire State building is target…
    Any thoughts Jules or anyone…

    1. Hi Rhona, my guts tell me it’s definitely the Empire State Building. It’s creepy and it’s easily distracted. Also many potentials as there are many different angles that easily overlooked. I raised my eyebrows when I saw one of the pics that Jules sent the link. There is 2 ND floor that can looked at 34 street. Really? sounds like a match. Now the question is when?

      Also, I like what you caught the view of the bell. It’s possibility. I have to keep in mind that the Spirits have limited language as what they knew by how and what to describe. I’m hoping we are getting close to nail this case to prevent the disasters.

        1. Hey Eric. Just wondering what you mean by it may not be a land Mark? Like it’s not a building but could be something totally different? Like people, a city, etc? Sorry for the confusion.

          1. We are all looking for a landmark, bellview hospital, empire state building, etc, but maybe the attack isn’t around a landmark place, just an attack in the city.

      1. Wish I could be in NY/NJ trying to visualize where it might be the target…..can anyone who is talented/gifted psychic to go and sense anything that might be the possibility in specific area?? Just wondering if that’d help at all.

        Peace on earth.

    2. Hi Rhona/All…Blessings. Remember that old Bell building looking on a google map last time also. Could be. What I did notice when I read that article was how visible everything was from the top of the Empire State Building. Pretty but scarey weird. I’ve also thought of Bellvue Hospital which is right near there to. Wasn’t this the place with the “funny whistle sound” also? Maybe it’s changed though. I hope it can be foiled. Praying for Peace through out the world.

        1. I think you are right Eric. When I lived in Germany the language tended to sound backwards to me. Now I find myself talking like that. I pray these attacks will be foiled.

  27. Harvey, Popi: as for law enforcement, I recall the news mentioning over a year ago, that ISIS has been putting out rhetoric about not trusting our military and law enforcement. It looks like its working, doesn’t it?! But, when it comes to giving out reasons they handled crisis situations, they’ll mention only a portion of what they found is non-credible. Otherwise, it would compromise their investigations, wouldn’t it? But, these are some of the symptoms we can watch and help keep us on alert to report similar things. Our own prayers, positive intent and working as a team I really believe has made AND will make a difference in these things.

  28. Swampy i beleive it makes a difference as well …some predictions that seem to not occur have more than likely been changed to a more positive outcome..
    Why not all? some would ask..Well some are to happen and the energy in them is strong but i believe we are heading in the right direction beyond doubt..Intention prayer compassion ..change ..blessings

  29. Harvey i agree whole heartedly i have a really sick feeling in my stomach withthis one…it feels as though it is going to cover a wide area with damage..I am visualising and praying for much light and love to New York beautiful historic N.Y. may she have a peaceful safe xmas…..A time will come when.these dark energies exist no more..A time when there will be disagreement and infraction for sure but we are going to beat this dark dark energy its a given ..not especially when their money dries up and it wil one day..god bless and keep those who loose their lives at the hands of a confused misdirected evil that fails to concieve the masses of human endurance..there more of us than them always will be…beauty of spirit in all of us will.prevail..
    I beleive that even times we are all guilty of showing a less than pleasant side to our.natures we are blessed to have come to share a time together its precious..blessings

    1. Can Empire State Building closed at any time just to be safe for security reasons? It’s a beautiful historic building that is irreplaceable. I think it should be closed for several months just in case. Just saying.

      Peace and lights on earth.

  30. This may not be it but looking at many possibilities.

    34th Road and Bell Blvd in Queens, NY. also look around that area as local park.

    Not seeing connection but never know. I keep looking.

  31. There’s helicopter ride in NY. Does anyone remember seeing the older post mentioned as looking down or looking up in tall building?

      1. This is pretty much I can think of the number related of 3,4 or 34. I’m off to bed. I think it’s almost 3am. Good night.

      2. Also the pic is not clear of the view of the bell statue with child-age like on each side. Not sure what is above the bell shape perhaps image of an adult. It looks like a dark color in black. It’s looks like the clock monument on the busy street of 34th street nearby Macy or Herald dept. It can be easily target as there are crowded at that section nearby the clock above the bell like shape. It’s hard to tell inside the “street view” googled. It looks like the bell under the clock. Can someone check that out please to see if that’s the bell or not. Cuz it another possibility as view of the bell as “bellview” at the busy crowded place.

        Praying to be foiled.

      3. Nor able to copy a link via my phone.

        Can someone add the link of the movie theatre at 34th street for today as Dec 19th schedule as showing the Star war movies. I think it’s not far from the view of the bell statue with clock monument nearby Macy’s.

        Praying to be foiled.

      4. It’s very old clock monument as I just described in details just a moment ago. On 34th street nearby Macy’s.

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