Prediction: Pennsylvania Vehicle Attack

“The Pennsylvania prediction is about to happen”

Which one Spirit? I had a visual of a ‘ram’ vehicle bellowing towards me, ready to strike. I had a visual of a large truck jumping up and down through mud to strike its target.  “In an area that is mostly gay. Warn them Eric, get up and warn them now! It’s coming very soon.”

Previous Predictions:

Predictions 10-30-16 “Pennsylvania.. violence erupts.. around the 8th-10th”

Predictions 7-14-17  I heard spirit say ‘attacks coming’ while seeing a visual of a sports game being played. Then it shifted to show mickey mouse.


I had a visual of man with a scowl on his face. “The mad man.. Running people down.. not breaking but accelerating.” They implied a 3 to 4 minute (day) time frame. That questions Saturday?  I had a visual of a lemon among fruits. I had a visual of the US flag. They implied Pennsylvania perhaps Pittsburgh. However there was a question mark with the locations.

Both messages symbolic to a vehicle attack, it’s not necessarily a ‘ram’ or a truck, or involve mud. I believe the Spirits made a symbolic jester to prevent them from showing the actual horror. Gas mask? I don’t believe this prediction has anything to do with that. They only talked about this vehicle attack. The individual seemed very Neo Nazi like, but again I question if that is just symbolic to pure hate.  If I am correct we can expect this to happen this weekend, with Saturday being the most likely, which is why I am posting at 12:00 at night. Please get the word out, especially if you are over there, there is still time to alter the message and it desperately needs to be altered. 

10 thoughts on “Prediction: Pennsylvania Vehicle Attack

  1. Eric,
    Thank you for all you do to try to help everyone. This is my first time commenting on a prediction. I live in Pennsylvania and I know the Monster Jam is happening in Pittsburgh and the Pocono (Mohegan Sun Casino Arena) this weekend. I was also looking at other events happening across the state and found a lot going on. I know you said that this prediction could be symbolic but do you think any of it could be literal? I’m just thinking because of the monster jam happening, and they are big trucks with crowds around them, watching them and it’s muddy, could this be it? It was just a thought.
    Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Tanya, the impression was a location that had an LGBT community. What is the name of the community over there. They said Pittsburgh, they said Pennsylvania, I am guessing this weekend, it is possible its next weekend, but telling me to get up in the middle of the night and post it says something. As for the Truck that is all symbolic. To avoid showing me the absolute horror behind it all, they show symbols, to represent it, it could be an SUV, but the key is its coming and soon.

    1. Looks like this is an indoor event, mostly sold out with only some balcony seats left. Mardi Gras is outdoor but this event is indoor. Not sure it is a good match.. It also sounds like an event that would get some police or security coverage, although how do you prevent a truck attack..

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