France Train Bus Accident

Has this prediction happened? Not an attack, just one horrible accident. Please pray for the children and the families of the victims.

Predictions 12-1-17   They then pointed to a location in France, first starting with Paris then shifting outward to one then two cities out from Paris.
There was initially the feeling of a vehicle attacking people but then it shifted to a train? We need to clarify exactly what happens.
There was also an implication of an attack on youth because they showed a back pack on the ground.
Predictions 12-13-17   France attacked.. in two.. around 15. I had a visual of multiple police cars with flashing lights.


3 responses to “France Train Bus Accident”

  1. Donna B Avatar
    Donna B

    Train accident there are deaths on an Amtrak train!

  2. Francoise Avatar

    I dunno if it is the right event Erik cause this sad accident happened far away from Paris.

    But you had a hit concerning my country cause in a precedent predictions you wrote “i see the french people crying”.

    This happened on 9 december we had giant funeral of the “french Elvis” with the crowd crying in the streets.

    Hope your guts are better Erik !

    Bon courage 😉

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you I will take a look

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