Austin Texas Package Bombing

This prediction is unfolding. If you live in Austin please stay safe.

Predictions 8-23-16    “Explosion” — Spirits Voice

I had a visual of someone opening a package and then it faded to black, then I heard an explosion. I had a visual of multiple potatoes, in the past that means Idaho. But it could be a reference to something else.  I believe this is the start of multi level act I had a visual of what looked like either a large hospital center, or large campus, which had ties to the explosion.

I need to ask for more details on the explosion, unlike before the impression was either a lone wolf or domestic terrorist. Packages seem to be key to this horrible act.

Three predictions posted today: Predictions 3-7-18  The Spirits clarified that 000 isn’t about three predictions as it is that several of their predictions unfold back to back.


19 thoughts on “Austin Texas Package Bombing

  1. You made a reference to a hospital or large college campus.
    Austin is the home of the University of Texas. It has 60,000 students and if I recall correctly it has the largest enrollment of any college in America.

    The state capital is only a mile or two from the campus.

    I don’t recall any major hospitals but I am confident UT has one on their campus.

    1. Trump does not want to block anything. If the merger had been allowed to happen it would have put too much influence and market share in one organization. And the current atmosphere is to dives a lot of the big tech companies of their power. Google, Microsoft and Facebook have come under too much criticism lately for the way they have censored news and advertising and geared people towards specific links.

      Trump and many others have given consideration to breaking them up into smaller pieces to protect our privacy and potential growth of new industry.

      Broadcom is a Chinese company and they want to buy Qualcomm. Qualcomm makes chips that are used in a lot of products. You don’t want the Chinese to have kill switches and listening devices embedded in chips that can be used against us.

      And if we wanted to buy a chip company in China it would be prohibited. Some things need to be protected for national security and this is one of them.

      1. Thank you Raymond. I didn’t fully understand and dont know what this was all about. Thanks for clarifying this to make sense.

        Blessings to you.

      2. Raymond, are you talking about the Antitrust Law? It’s been around decades before AT&T broke up into smaller pieces. I believe it was around the turn to the 20th century.

  2. The newest explosion was a trip-wire. And since the races of the victims were different–white, black, Hispanic–it suggests the attacks are random, meant to terrify everyone in the area. I think Eric’s prediction of a lone wolf or a domestic terrorist is accurate.

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