St Petersburg Shopping Center Explosion

This tragic prediction has happened. Please pray for those in Russia. It’s starting.

The Spirits made a mistake, this city is not the Capitol. I would encourage all of you to both read and share this message as we are expecting ‘multiple’ attacks: Prediction: Multiple Terror Attacks

Predictions 12-26-17Tomorrow the 27th is marked. I really do hope its not the airplane attack.

Prediction: Multiple Terror Attacks  “This horror is much bigger then expected. These attacks are like no one has ever seen before. Their going to blow the world with terror.”

We draw closer to Zero.. then Spirit said ‘one’.. then they said ‘three’. The countdown to this nightmare is coming to a complete close, the Spirits are not letting this event go.

The old predictions had several predictions around the 27th.

I had a visual of airplanes taking off then it shifted to show train tracks again and again. I had a visual of people shopping in a store, as they walked out there was a large explosion. I had a visual of a picture of a large Arab man, then Spirit said “Most Wanted”. I had a visual of the number 1.36

Predictions 1-3-17  “Russia.. threat.. threat.. protect the capitol from terrorist acts!”

15 thoughts on “St Petersburg Shopping Center Explosion

  1. Eric, from 1712 until 1918, St. Petersburg WAS the Imperial capital. of the Russian Empire. The spirits were not wrong, it was just a former capital.

  2. Thank goodness no one died! Still, it must have been terrifying for the people who were shopping then.

  3. There has been a suicide bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan, which has killed around 40 people. ISIS has claimed responsibility.

    1. Carolyn, If you go to the top of your screen where it says in this example https://worldwidepredictions with the mouse click on the right side over this line and it will highlight in blue. A drop down box will automatically appear and click on copy with left side of the mouse. Then take your cursor to where you want to paste the info and left click and the link will appear.

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