Prediction: April Terror Attacks

“Both April and May.. multi level terror attacks.. back to back.”

The first in 5 minutes.. (That implies a timeframe around April 23rd)

I had a visual of  woman dressed in white, she had charcoal face and large grape like eyes.

A charcoal faced person in previous posts imply someone who is pure evil. The image of white gives her the façade of being someone noble or holy. I believe they are referencing this old prediction:

Predictions 1-31-17   “An attack on the US.”   Spirit showed both the US and the UK.   “Around Football.”  “Cancel it”   I had a visual of a subway arriving, the doors opened, I felt a chill afterwards.  I had a visual of a ship at a great distance in flames with massive smoke surrounding it.  I had a visual of a sidewalk with blood on it.   I had a visual of airplanes on a tarmac.

Spirit also presented this prediction its unclear if its related to the terror attacks: “Protect the children, the children are in danger, elementary, just when you think it can’t get any worse.. Charlotte.. 23.. logan.. school.. main street.” I had a visual of this demon like woman sitting in the back of a classroom she delicately put down a bag on the floor

Then I had a visual of a large man with a charcoal face and grape eyes dressed like he worked for security walking down what looked like an airport.

I had a visual of 777 in big bold print, that could only mean this prediction:

Prediction: Hijacked Plane  “7..7..7

The bombing is coming.

The airplane will be hijacked.. British.. air.

The port under attack

US Terror Attack 2  I had a visual of an airplane on a tarmac. ‘Hijacked.. 27’ — words written

Prediction: US Terror Attacks  I had a visual of several people with cowboy hats. Then Spirit pointed to a southern / central area of the US, which implies Texas. “British air.. hijacking.. the passengers do not cooperate.. Heroes on the plane.” — Spirits Voice

Other possible related predictions: Prediction: Ship/Port Attack Prediction: US Terror Attacks Prediction US Terror Attack 3 US Terror Attack 2 US Terror Attack 2





Predictions 3-28-16

The question presented to Spirit was: What predictions are coming soon?

Since these predictions are just extensions of previous predictions we have excluded the new “Q” reference numbers

“Philadelphia in lockdown.. 29”

I had a visual of a very large crater in the ground, there was several cracks off to the side.

I had a visual of a bottle of water, on the bottle was the word Aqua.

I had a visual of a large tree, hanging from the tree was a make shift bomb, on the bomb it said bleach.

I believe the implication here is a homemade bomb of some type, perhaps a dirty bomb that requires bleach. I am unclear of the tree reference.

“The great George will become critically ill.”

“World wide panic.. airplane attack.. bombings.. 1 and then 2”

There was a lingering question to this multi level terror attack, would it happen over several days or happen back to back. The impression now is that these events happen back to back.

I had a visual of two playing cards in front of me, a red Ace and King of Spades.

In previous predictions they used cards to predict the death of an evil leader. It’s a reference to the old Bush-era, when he used cards for the most wanted terrorist.

For the first time ever the Spirits are creating an agenda for altering these predictions. They have three different time frames they are focused on May, October, and December. Their plan is to pick very specific predictions and then make every possible effort to bring awareness to those specific predictions. We discussed yesterday about spending money to advertise these predictions, they also want to refocus our efforts on Twitter and Facebook, and then we have plans to have our first SWC meeting. Finally after 5 years they now want to focus on altering these horrible events. I am calling on all of you to join us in making a difference, you can donate any amount to our cause, join the SWC team, and help us share those specific predictions picked by Spirit. This year we are pulling out all the stops to achieve our mission.


Predictions 3-14-17

“He is dead.. the butcher will pass.. they killed him.. assassinated.”

Every implication pointed to Kim Jong Un. However Bashir Al Assad and Omar Al Bashir are also referred to as the Butcher.

I had a visual of a massive landslide, perhaps mudslide.

“Airplane hijacking.. around April 2nd. ”

Spirit also showed the number 22.

“the clock strikes 9 all of our focus averted to this one event. The tragedy of it must be altered.  A massive earthquake.. big one.. San Francisco.. San Jose.. surrounding North 8 or 9”

The clock striking 9 could be seen as September.



Predictions 3-6-17

We have all been discussing this code: 0 9 5 7

Some of you have said that its a countdown from each number, or are they dates? Some of you pointed the post Predictions 5-28-16 and Predictions 5-3-16  that warns us about 9:57. Are they simply saying that this 9:57 is about to reach 0 (zero)?

If you calculate what is 3 minutes (3 days) before 10:00 (months) posted on 5-28-16 does in fact reflect a timeframe around March. I would encourage anyone who is good at math to try and see what this adds up to.  What is 10 months (minus 3 days) after the post of Predictions 5-28-16  and  Predictions 5-3-16 .. thoughts?

The post Predictions 5-28-16  / Predictions 5-3-16 does talk about an airplane attack, a terror attack, violent protest and a Russian threat. All of which they have discussed recently. They also discuss the on 5-3 the fall of the Butcher.

In other news: they showed ‘001’two predictions are about to happen, with a third the following day.

Spirit is moving away from dates and towards countdowns.

(you can click on the Predictions 5-28-16 Predictions 5-3-16  to read the full post)