Bombing Attempt of US Embassy in Egypt

Has this prediction happened? Foiled? The facts:   “An Egyptian man was arrested outside the US Embassy in Cairo on Tuesday after chemicals in his backpack caught fire, in what authorities said was a botched attack.”

I had a visual of a man holding up a container in the air, he stood in the middle of an endless desert, then out of the container was a black vapor that spread quickly from the sky to the entire area of the desert.

My first thought was an evil act, or spreading of evil in the desert perhaps the middle east. However I was also reminded of the missing Malaysia radioactive material.. but that’s in Malaysia far from any desert? But in hindsight it does seem chemical related. The blackness covered the entire area

7 thoughts on “Bombing Attempt of US Embassy in Egypt

  1. That sounds scary; thank goodness they caught the guy before anyone else could get hurt! Security and police in different countries work hard to keep people safe. I give them a lot of credit for their bravery.

  2. In the video, it shows the explosive in the man’s backpack and believed he is killed. Does this man knows rhis or doesn’t know that he carried rhe explosive bomb. He seemed innocent. Break my heart and praying for lost souls.

  3. Hi Eric. Didn’t one of your predictions start with “Don’t touch me”?
    Maybe this hasn’t fully played out yet.

    “‘Don’t touch me,’ Senator Rubio tells conspiracy theorist Jones.
    The Republican senator was talking to reporters on Wednesday in a Senate hallway about social media companies’ role in elections and the spreading and blocking of misinformation, while a man spoke over him and reporters.

      1. Wow! It fits Eric prediction ” Don’t touch me! “.

        Then what happened next?

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