Predictions 8-24-18

I had a visual of a man holding up a container in the air, he stood in the middle of an endless desert, then out of the container was a black vapor that spread quickly from the sky to the entire area of the desert.

My first thought was an evil act, or spreading of evil in the desert perhaps the middle east. However I was also reminded of the missing Malaysia radioactive material.. but that’s in Malaysia far from any desert? But in hindsight it does seem chemical related. The blackness covered the entire area. 

I had a visual of Kim Jong-Un looking out over North Korea landscape. Then the visual shifted to show another massive explosion, it looked like a nuclear explosion, there was a flash of light and mushroom cloud.

That’s the third message about an explosion. In one message they talked about rods in a plant running out of control, in another visual there was an attack, and now this one. 

Spirit then shifted to say “In 10 minutes” which is a timeframe between the 2nd and 4th. In previous messages they marked the 2nd.

One of the three explosions is expected at the beginning of September.

Spirit also marked “Around the 26th-27th”

Spirit is also gathering more details on this truly evil leader in the future. A leader that is far worse than Hitler and is expected to rise in the coming decade (or two). I am on the fence over whether or not to share this information, the idea of creating dread and fear for all of you over something that won’t happen till the next decade does not seem wise. However we do need to get the information out there if we are expected to alter it.  Either way I will at least wait until most of the details are gathered, specifically I need a timeframe.

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  1. Stephen Avatar

    It’s so depressing… Now that the generation who fought WWII and lived through the Holocaust is dying out it seems humanity is forgetting all the hard lessons. Even without the details, it’ll be another charismatic “great leader” demagogue preaching hate and lies against the vulnerable and minorities. In the Bible it says, “A bad tree cannot bear good fruit.” We shouldn’t need Spirit to tell us not to give power to hatemongers but, alas, we never learn.

    1. Stephen Avatar

      I imagine if you got someone famous to speak up on the “Next Hitler” prediction it might stir things up enough to change the future. At least it could create a big distraction and slow his rise.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Interestingly enough their plan is to “point him out! so there can be no questions to who they follow!”

      2. Stephen Avatar

        Yeah, I think if “Next Hitler” had a psychic predicting his future plans, he might get paranoid and not follow through with them. Accurate predictions from legitimate psychics and mediums often have profound effects on people. I’d imagine a very evil person could be terrified of a power, of a reality, which is beyond his control.

        At the least, if we knew his identity it could be made into a media circus: “Psychic and his fans predict local political X is the next Hitler!”.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Good point

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      So true, you would think we would get it.

  2. Cody Avatar

    Next month SK is suppose to meet with NK to discuss easing of sanctions. Saw yesterday, or maybe it was the day before, where Trump canceled Pompeo’s 4th visit to NK. I guess this whole peace thing was a PR stunt by Kim in order to bolster his standing on the global stage.

    As for the evil leader: if the US leader during this same time is a terrible leader who is either directly or indirectly backing this evil leader, does that mean the US will be a part of the so called Axis powers if this WW3 happens?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Maybe he sets off a bomb because they canceled

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      No I don’t think it’s that direct. My thoughts are something more in line with how the invasion and war with Iraq (Bush and Obama) help create ISIS. The US did not have a direct connection into their rise, but if the war never happened it is unlikely ISIS would have become the monster it is today.

  3. Lilly Avatar

    Does it mean there will be WWIII????

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes unfortunately

  4. Raymond Avatar

    Share the information with us please. It’s better to be prepared than surprised.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I am open to hear everyone’s opinion on this, I know it creates a certain dread in my life, the idea of sharing that dread gives me pause. I am also waiting to hear what Spirit wants to do.

      1. Raymond Avatar

        I doubt if it is much different than what we have already been told or assume. Unless it is about specific dates or people. Thanks

      2. tracypaints44 Avatar

        I think it’s important to remember that predictions are only probabilities. If we change our path, we can change the future. I know that your purpose of sharing these predictions in this format is to try to change probabilities. Honestly, I don’t think it will happen. I think there are too many lightworkers here working to change a dark future. The predictions of pure evil are kind of like the predictions that we were already heading for a darker future (now our present) and we changed it, starting with (I think) the Harmonic Convergence. There is too much light coming in to let the darkness succeed. I think spirit is giving a warning of what could happen if we continue following a dark path, but I also think the darkness we are seeing now is just the light exposing what has been there for a long time. It has awakened us, and set us on a course of bringing the light back in and anchoring it. Darkness never succeeds for long, and we are moving out of that vibration. Perhaps it will be a future for an alternate universe, but I don’t see it as ours.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Yes, that would be the main reason to share the message, part of me is biting to share it for that reason

      3. chime18 Avatar

        Eric, if you don’t share it and share it in full then how can we take steps to prevent it. I do understand your reluctance to talk about him but the more we know the better prepared we will be.

        Yes, perhaps we could plod along in the blissful belief that we will be ok and this will never happen, but the longer time goes by without us knowing about this person the greater the chance of him getting a much firmer grip on power. The greater his power the harder it will be to stop him. Better to try and nip him in the bud if that is at all possible.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          It more about timing should I wait for a more closer timing so I don’t create so much dread, but it will be shared

  5. freestonew Avatar

    I do not think most Christians would be surprised to read about such a leader! they have been saying for years, about the anti-Christ that is to come! I can well imagine such a leader, one who will galvanize all of the discontented people of the world to solve their problems in a not-nice way! and there are a *lot* of unhappy people out there.

    “worse then Hitler”?!
    there are many possible worsts. persecution of minorities? aggressive military conquests?
    authoritative state?

    then where? an up and coming country or country one would least expect, like Australia or
    Canada or yet again, Germany? or is this leader coming into a country with power already? the USA? China? Russia?
    I can imagine too, as some other seers have predicted, this man will rise in the middle east and soon the entire world will be Asked to convert to Muslim way!

    Chamberlin tried to kill hitler and this attempt failed, he said God himself is protecting Hitler! I wonder if so! He performed a larger karmic role. thus for this guy, maybe there is nothing we can do to stop him!

    if a seer sees a lightning stroke strikes a forest next to a large town and then sees the resulting fire destroy the entire town, there is nothing she can do to stop the lightning!
    However…. if the townspeople can get together and to remove all of the dead underbrush, in this woods, then that lightning struck tree, now on fire, will not spread throughout the woods very well. the people put the small fire out, then.
    thus if we all were to get right with spirit and ourselves, in the next ten or so years, maybe this leader will not be effective enough to spread his evil around the world! few people will then listen to him!


    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Worse than Hitler? One for certain message is the death toll alone is beyond the scope.

      1. Raymond Avatar

        Unless it is done with nuclear or biological weapons. It would have to be quick. There is no way that someone would be allowed to kill people for such an extended period without intervention from the rest of the world.

      2. Psychic chris Avatar
        Psychic chris

        Eric A question about this evil leader is his ideology political, religious or secular?

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Let’s wait and see what spirit wants to do with the information before adding details

  6. Ann Avatar

    Has Spirit already shown you WW3 and who comes out on top?

    And is this evil leader more like Hitler because of how he rises to power or is there another Holocaust type of event he commits?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The good prevails, not only that but a Spiritual leader comes to show the world a new direction of peace and humility. If you go to the search engine on the blog type in ambassador, there are a few predictions about this spiritual leader.

  7. LLG26 Avatar

    Eric, I also would like to know what information Spirit gives about this evil leader but I understand your concerns not to get people too upset or depressed because many of us are struggling already with difficult issues. I think it is also a concern because so many people read your predictions. I don’t want people upset because they tend to attract other negative conditions into their lives. At the same time I personally want to know all the information available so that I have all the information–realizing that any prediction about the future could change, or that even if it is scary information it may not be stopped any other way than by being revealed first…
    It is your free will decision how much to tell us and I recognize that also. Thanks for all that you do and whatever you decide you are not responsible for people choosing to focus too much on negative information in a way that is detrimental. We have to look at all the negative information or situations that come our way as lessons in how to overcome adversity. Negative situations are for soul growth and perhaps we can’t fully comprehend how it transforms us. Without soul growth we are stagnant.
    For all the other people reading these predictions: please trust Spirit and ask for help from your spiritual guides every time you have a fearful thought. When humanity faces its fears with the intention to bring light to our own shadows we will transform ourselves. Perhaps a better way to feel about fearful predictions about the future is to see it only as information, It is only a potential future that may not manifest unless we let our fears get the best of us. If we let fear rule our lives we attract the fearful situations. You have free will when deciding how to react to negative information…you have that power for your own life to use it to foster fear or use it in constructive ways.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks, though I do have a goal to change the outcome of these tragedies, I also have a responsibility to the tone and mood I create here, especially with what is now millions of readers.

    2. Panda Avatar

      LLG, you have an elegant way of expressing yourself and I agree with you. I’ll add my thoughts too. I’ve always remembered a story I heard about a famous singer whose parents saw a fairly accurate fortune teller. Everything she predicted was coming true with one negative exception. The gypsy predicted that the parents son would murder the father. This never happened but the family spent their lives in fear that it would. For obvious reasons, I’ve never wanted to hear negative predictions.

      Eric, please don’t be offended bc I can see the benefit of knowing the name and timeframe of an evil person and the possibility of preventing this if spirit is urging you to expose them. I share your ambivalence over it since it may cause fear mongering & possible unnessary anxiety. I appreciate your willingness to help us and your gift. I’m just sharing my honest feelings.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Not offended at all.

  8. jules104 Avatar

    Eric could whats in the vial also be some type of biological weapon?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes, maybe something like Assad again

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Eric I feel like these old Al Assad/Syria predictions are coming back around.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I hope so, October approaches

  9. Tom Avatar

    Eric, your description of the sinister canister in the desert brought to mind the recent discovery of 42 kilos of carfentanil in a Toronto suburb. Used as a weapon, that amount of carfentanil would turn a vast area into a desert of corpses.

    1. Sara Avatar

      Yikes, when did that happen? Did they catch whoever had it?

      1. Sara Avatar

        Never mind, I found out about it online.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It’s sounding more and more like a chemical attack.

  10. jules104 Avatar

    Eric could this older prediction from 2-5-18 and the bio weapon be related?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It crossed my mind

  11. Sara Avatar

    Sounds like Kim Jong Un might do another nuclear test. They have big party celebrations on September 9th, but they could really test anytime.

    Negotiations aren’t going well, but I’m not surprised….I never thought KJU really had any intention of changing. He depends on nukes for his power. And now that he’s so close to being able to hit the US, it’s doubtful he’d stop his work now, not if it’s a threat he could use for leverage in the future.

    Unfortunately, I think KJU’s reasons for meeting Trump and even returning soldier’s remains and agreeing to reunions is to buy time. I hope I’m wrong, but I just don’t trust KJU.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That was my thought too.

  12. allen Avatar

    eric when the spirits, shows and tells you information, is it up to you, what you want to share with us all? or does the spirits want you to get their message out, regardless, of what it may contain, and or the effect it may have on us? I know, a lot of messages, can and is, very disturbing, for you, and us as well. this is just a question, I also had, from years ago, when I use to see the future, and I always wondered…… regardless, you need to do what you feel is best, what does spirits say on this matter.. thank you so much, as always, for all you do!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Oh no all the information is shared, we do have distant predictions we sit on to share at a later date but other than that it’s all shared even if it does not make sense.

  13. Luisa Gol Guasch Avatar
    Luisa Gol Guasch

    lo pondre en epañol pues se me faciita muchisimo mas:

    Yo creo como varios aqui que habla del anticristo, el cual no tarda en hacer su aparicion pero creo que aun no, primero tiene desaparecer el papa Francisco, y el papa Francsisco va a ser obligado a dejar Roma despues o a la vuelta de un viaje a Moscú (lo estan laneando pero aun no concretan) despues de la vuelta del papa de Moscú será cuando sehara oficial el gran cisma de la Iglesia católica y tambien la invación de Rusia a europa (rusia China y el islam) luego de que el papa se vaya de Roma sera el Aviso aprovecharan que se fue para decir que murio y hacer conclave para elegir a otro, el que salga será un antipapa (y falso pues el papa Francisco aun estara vivo),yapara entonces habra guerras y guerrilas por todos lados en si noguerra civilperocreo que ningunpais se librara de estar en guerra civil o contra otro pais).
    Será entonces que aparecera el anticristo (en la biblia apocalipsis viene descrito como será) como pasificador, no sé quien sea (pues seguro ya anda por ahi) pero si se por logica que será judio, sino lo fuera los Judios no lo tomarían por Jesus, recuerden que ellos están esperando aun la primera venida y luego sureinado y luego ahora si la segunda venida de Jesus.

    Posiblemente no les guste lo que puse, pero creo que hay que leer de todo para saber como van a ser las cosas.

    Trump pues su finalidad es hacer que quiebre USA para eso lo eligieron y lo va a hacer tambien recuerden que los espiritus dijeron que no iba a estar el el poder en l navidad de este año por lo quew yo creo que el colapso financiero y el colapso TRUMP seran entre septiembre y noviembre.
    que va a conbtribuir al colapso del solar… pues se viene el huracan que tiene que golpear la florida y tda la costa este recueredan 3 huracanes espalda con espalda (ahora e que se referiazna uno cada año) por este ladoy pro el oeste entre la amenaza del Kilaweade cvaer parte al mar y hacer un tsunami enormne, el yelowstone y el big one, conuno solo de ests eventos tienen suficiente para no levantarse, y sin olvidar los incendios actualkes de california incntrolables.

    Todo junto y con la crisis que tiene USA ylapolitica internacional de TRUMP van a acabar con USA y su Dolar.

    Yo solo junto lasprofecis o visiones o advertencis ue leo, muchs cosas lahandicho aqui, y como no dicen cuando vaNA SUCEDER pueden pasar ahora o dentrode un año mas.

    Saluidos espero no haberlos incomodado.

    Next I’m goingto write all this in English.

    Yo creo que hay varios aquí que habla del anticristo, el cual no tarda en hacer su aparición pero creo que aun no, primero tiene el poder de desaparecer el papa Francisco, y el papá Francsisco está obligado a dejar la vida después de la muerte. Moscú (después de la muerte pero aún no concreta) despues de la vuelta del papa de Moscú será cuando sehara oficial el gran cisma de la Iglesia católica y también la invasión de Rusia a Europa (rusia China y el islam) luego de que el papa se vaya de Roma sera el Aviso que significa que se fue para decir que murio y hacer que el cónclave para elegir otro, el que salga será un antipapa, ya que entonces habra guerras y guerrillas por todos los lados si noguerra civilperocreo que ningunpais se librara de estar en guerra civil o contra otro pais).
    Será entonces que aparezca el anticristo (en la biblia apocalipsis viene descrito como ser) como pasificador, no sé quien mar (pues seguro ya anda por ahi) pero sí se por la lógica que se judio, sino lo fuera los Judios no lo tomarían por Jesús , recuerden que ellos están esperando aún la primera venida y luego seguro y luego ahora si la segunda venida de Jesús.

    Posiblemente no les guste lo que puse, pero creo que hay que leer todo para saber cómo van las cosas.

    Trump pues su finalidad es hacer quiebre USA para eso lo eligieron y lo va a hacer también recuerdo que el espiritus que no estuvo a la par el poder en la navidad de este año por lo que yo creo que el colapso financiero y el colapso TRUMP seran entre septiembre y noviembre.
    que va a conferir al colapso del solar … porque viene el huracán que tiene que golpear la florida y toda la costa este recuerdo 3 huracanes por detrás con espalda (ahora se refiere a uno cada año) por este lado y por el oeste entre la amenaza del Kilawea de cvaer parte al mar y hacer un tsunami enormne, el yelowstone y el grande, con uno solo de estos eventos tienen suficiente para no levantarse, y sin olvidar los incendios actuales de california incontrolables.

    Todo junto y con la crisis que tiene USA y su política internacional de TRUMP van a acabar con USA y su Dolar.

    Yo solo al lado de las fotos o avisos de publicidad, muchas cosas, lahandicho aquí, y como no se sabe cuándo va a ser un chivo puede pasar ahora o dentro de un año más.

    Saludos espero no haber recibido incomodado.
    No se si excatamente vana suceder las cosas en este orden pero creo que poco vana variar.

  14. Luisa Gol Guasch Avatar
    Luisa Gol Guasch

    Sorry I have uto translate and all I write the compuetr writein Spanish: here youhave:

    I believe as many here that speaks of the antichrist, which soon appears but I think not yet, first has Pope Francis disappear, and Pope Francsisco is going to be forced to leave Rome later or return from a trip to Rome. Moscow (they are waging it but they still do not materialize) after the return of the Pope of Moscow will be when the great schism of the Catholic Church and also the invasion of Russia into Europe (Russia, China and Islam) will be officially declared after the Pope go from Rome will be the notice will take that went to say that he died and make conclave to elect another, which will be an antipope (and false because Pope Francis will still be alive), and then there will be wars and guerrillas everywhere in if not civil war, I believe that no country will be free from civil war or against another country).
    It will be then that the antichrist appears (in the apocalypse bible it is described as it will be) as a passer, I do not know who it is (for sure it is already there) but if it is logical that it will be Jewish, if not the Jews would not take it for Jesus , remember that they are still waiting for the first coming and then assured and then now if the second coming of Jesus.

    Maybe you do not like what I put, but I think you have to read everything to know how things are going to be.

    Trump because its purpose is to make the US break so they chose him and he will also remember that the spirits said that he was not going to be in power this Christmas so I think the financial collapse and the collapse TRUMP will be between September and November.
    that is going to contribute to the collapse of the site … then the hurricane that has to hit the Florida and all the east coast remember 3 hurricanes back to back (now I was referring to one each year) on this side and the west between the threat of the Kilawea of ​​cvaer part to the sea and make a huge tsunami, the yelowstone and the big one, with only one of these events have enough not to get up, and without forgetting the current uncontrollable california fires.

    All together and with the crisis that the USA and its international TRUMP policy are going to end with the USA and its Dolar.

    I only together theprofecis or visions or warn that I read, many things here, and as they do not say when they CAN HAPPEN can now or within a year.

    Greetings I hope I have not bothered you.
    I do not know if exasperatingly things happen in this order but I think that vain will vary.

  15. gabe Avatar

    Is there any possibilty that this person can be stopped? I hope it isn’t already too late.
    Also, do you mind me asking what groups this person may target? I understand why you’re hestitance to saying any details. It sounds like a super grim prediction and with whats happening in the world now, we need all the hope we can get, not more dread. But maybe if we know the details, we can be on the lookout of the person before they even begin to try and gather their power.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I truly believe we could be a major obstacle for him, not stopping his rise but preventing his overall success. It’s also important to convince others not to follow him.

      1. Trina Avatar


        There is a serial cat killer in Seattle,will they ever be caught?

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Why would anyone want to kill cats?.

      2. Trina Avatar


        I don’t know but these cats are being mutilated and their organs and spines are missing.Then the owners find them and are horrified.its sad.its a human doing this because of the cleaver marks…not an animal.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          That’s wrong. I will put it out there but they have a list that’s huge on what needs to be covered

    2. Olivia Avatar

      Not just Seattle. Multiple counties in WA.

  16. freestonew Avatar

    ww III eh?!

    oh dear. the thread might now get to be 300 comments long!

    “when I once read of a Predictor saying, “God will never permit a nuclear war”, I immediately mentally checked my shelter plans and escape routes! when ever an Expert says that “such and such will never happen”, I expect the direct opposite to happen!!

    ww III. I assume what is meant here is a total nuclear war.
    —now, commenters, here, are also adding Yellowstone, volcanoes, economic crash, each by themselves are awful. I recall Eric saying with such Conviction that Hillary will win by a landslide in the 2016 election. oh what pie on his face when Trump won!! on mine, probably yours too!! but we could never have such a war, you ask?! well, if Yellowstone erupts and money is useless, every country will have starving peasants and the only currency countries will then have will be Bullets! such wars will then be seen as survival of the fittest and Necessary!

    [freestone grits teeth] it is entirely possible that some of the Seers , who know about cycles, are on to something. Emanuel Swedenborg was told by the angels that there are “Church Ages”. we are like in the [maybe] 5th church age. the previous one ended at the Noah Flood. he wrote how there were many of these ages, three are utterly unknown to history! each ended with a cataclysm. thus dramatic Endings seem to be the way such grand spiritual ages end. the “McBeth Solution”: everyone dies on stage at the end of the last act!

    —could be, then, that 90% , or more, of the earth’s people will die all at once and there is nothing one can do to stop it. then the *REAL* question becomes, “how can one prepare for this spiritually”?! fallout shelters and buying Gold, will not work. the survivalist mentality is another form of materialism!
    Only how well you have lived your life with Goodness, Truth, Love, will Count, in the end.
    you will stand before the Court, in the afterlife, and the row of Judges sitting on their benches, will hold up mirrors and then you will Judge Yourself! Judge your life here on earth; how well that you did.

    such Ends might be necessary to clean the slate so that the earth can heal from mankind’s mis-use of the planet.
    there might be indeed other reasons for such end time events. I do not think that mere 1st, 2nd, 3rd, level heavens might hold the Answer here. only perhaps the archangels and Christ might know about ww III and..or, the end times.

    to accept the end times *as* a reality, is just about the same as knowing that you are going to die very soon!! your own personal end times! no escape. then the Problem becomes…how can I prepare for my death? how can I prepare to live eternally? or to prepare for my next earthly incarnation?! which brings up another Problem, a 90% kill rate plus thousands of years of a *very* reduced population will mean that even if Reincarnation is part of your afterlife School curriculum, there will not be many bodies available to reincarnate into!! thus a very very long afterlife interval would then be Indicated, *IF* all of this is to pass!

    thus the best way to prepare for ww III is to live Knowing that someday you will die, then prepare to live in Heaven.


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  18. pauline holmes Avatar
    pauline holmes

    I read somewhere that (i think it was Iran) the leader will fall and everybody will vote in this lovely nice young man who promised all good to the people. But unfortunately he turns out to be so evil and cruel the country is in worse shape than ever before. Horrific. Also Eric, had a vision upon waking up a nuclear bomb going off mushroom style, mega flames too mushroom cloud. That scared me. A photo of Kissinger on Twitter this morn saying that New World Order is still going to happen.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for sharing your predictions.

  19. Nelva Avatar

    Spirits messages are warnings even the scary ones, the so name anti-Christ is a person with no humanity and no soul and is linked with the last anti-Pope. Worse than Hitler because he has history books to learn about Hitler’s mistakes. Technology can be used for good or evil if Hitler kills millions without today’s science. Nuclear bombs, electromagnetic pulse, viral weapons, lethal gasses, are mass destructions of billions in just seconds.
    He supposes to be charismatic, and we can be fooled by his true intentions. The predictions depict him as a helpful man that will offer help to countries in need due to natural disasters, and he will gain trust to later turn into a dictator. The message is clear he is in the middle east, and we need to be aware, and is a call to change our ways of life. I think that is important not to fall into his trap and knowledge is power.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Sounds like him. Yes very true, with the weapons we have today a madman can do so much more damage than ever before.

  20. star48 Avatar

    Ref::I had a visual of a man holding up a container in the air, he stood in the middle of an endless desert, then out of the container was a black vapor that spread quickly from the sky to the entire area of the desert.

    China 🇨🇳
    China has withheld samples of dangerous flu virus..
    Question is why? To use later,against us?

  21. Olivia Avatar

    I want to know info about the leader. And anything else you can gather, like their religion, race, country, etc. And if it has anything to do with ISIS.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      We will be asking Spirit what they want to do.

  22. donna b Avatar
    donna b

    Eric, I think that after Trump we could get taken in by soft spoken civility, and think yes, this is great, it is what we are missing only to find the person has a very, very dark side. That comes out after he is elected and in secret. he will seem like a great guy but turn into something else and we will be predisposed to it, as we were sick of the brash ways. And could this person even be a woman? or definitely a man?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It’s not in the US

  23. Ann Avatar

    Looks like this will trigger the Kim prediction for September:


    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      We will see if the 2nd brings anything

  24. star48 Avatar

    Egypt 🇪🇬
    US Embassy bombing attempt..
    Man arrested..

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks as always

  25. star48 Avatar

    Ref::I had a visual of a man holding up a container in the air, he stood in the middle of an endless desert, then out of the container was a black vapor that spread quickly from the sky to the entire area of the desert.

    New York…JFK
    Airplane quarantine…plane from Dubai…
    100 sick..CDC in control…Coughs and fever 😷

  26. star48 Avatar

    Ref;::::: Chemical related..
    Lethal substance sent to pentagon,President Trump..

  27. star48 Avatar


    Update on Ricin mailings..

    Mailed by former Navy sailor..

    The two packages sent to the Pentagon this week that initially tested positive for ricin are suspected to have been mailed by a former Navy sailor, U.S. officials tell Fox News.

  28. star48 Avatar

    Ref:::I had a visual of a man holding up a container in the air, he stood in the middle of an endless desert, then out of the container was a black vapor that spread quickly from the sky to the entire area of the desert.

    My first thought was an evil act, or spreading of evil in the desert perhaps the middle east. However I was also reminded of the missing Malaysia radioactive material.. but that’s in Malaysia far from any desert? But in hindsight it does seem chemical related. The blackness covered the entire area.


    CALIFORNIA is High 🌵 Desert

    Santa Susanna Field lab
    Nuclear waste site..

    Wildfire (set on purpose?)
    Physicians for Social Responsibility Los Angeles president Robert Dodge castigated the DTSC, pointing out that the site – now owned by Boeing – remains radioactive and polluted despite the agency’s promise to clean it up eight years ago. “These toxic materials are in SSFL’s soil and vegetation, and when it burns and becomes airborne in smoke and ash, there is real possibility of heightened exposure for area residents.”

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