Somalia Twin Car Bombings

This horrible prediction has happened. I just don’t understand how one group could be so evil. Please pray for all of those in Africa, and an end to Al Shabaab

The prediction is off by one day, we also failed to predict a specific location, only Africa. The video reports that security forces shot dead five gunman suspected of attacking the building, which explains the number ‘5’. The final message about the car is in question as Spirit implied it would happen in Israel, however the imagery is identical.

Predictions 2-19-18   Predictions 5-16-17 .Predictions 12-22-17

Spirit implied a massive massacre in Africa.  Bombing in 5.. so bloody, so brutal.

The timing of this bombing is the 24th

I had a visual of a bomb that went off, there was a hollowed out burned car.


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  1. Pray for everyone in Somalia….they’ve gone through too much violence. And jihadists like Al-Shabaab (basically as genocidal as the Nazis and the Interahamwe) use that chaos as an excuse to murder anyone they don’t like.

    All people deserve better than war, terrorism, and genocide. Hopefully, one day all good people worldwide will be able to stand up to violent groups.

    Somalians, Syrians, Americans, Israelis, Palestinians, and everyone else deserve to live in peace and safety.

    1. Jules 104 Star 48
      Jules That seems a big watch for Indian ocean and lots of intense light to mother earth ..maybe Indian Ridge will feel it most.. hope the last 6+ mags on sth Indian ridge were a release of pressure and not precursors …
      watching sri Lanka too
      Yhough i hope im all prepared too .😨😲

      1. Rhona I think dutch is just guessing. But I did find it interesting since I doubt he’s following Eric’s predictions and it mentions Indian Ocean possibly being under pressure so wanted to share.
        I still feel like the British Columbia and Gulf of Alaska, Vancouver area may be in for another big one. Maybe even Puget Sound/Seattle Area?
        A bit worried for San Francisco area right now though. I think either Oakland Bay Bridge or Golden Gate. Praying for anything nefarious to be foiled quickly.🙏🏻

  2. Jules104 star 48
    the antipod for the Kenya crack is south east of Hawaii in Pacific ocean ..
    Dutch said he isnt sure if it will be east into Indian or antipodal .

    1. Oh I must have missed that part.😳 Well hm..I noticed Hawaii’s been busy lately. As long as the volcano doesn’t drain like it did prior to Japan quake. Hoping dutch would catch that again.

      1. jules Jules 104
        Hi Yeah Dutch just said it may come out the other side of the world i took the antipodal route 😆 was easy to miss what he said …😉😆

    1. Star 48
      Oh wow they need to hop to it and find the contamination source …maybe tidal and currents brining contaminated waters from Japan tsumami it wouldnt surprise me .

      The super volcanos in Navada is a interesting find and all the fossil evidence of camels turtles etc ..but imagine what a hot box this planet was when she was creating our future enviornments ..

    2. Star48, I was actually thinking the same as Rhona with the contamination coming from Japan tsunami after affects. Interesting. Feel bad for the First Nations people which it happened to. I’m sure they depend on that fish.
      Wow on the super volcano in NV/UT border area. That’s a really large area. and 5,000 times worse than Mt St Helens. Can’t imagine that. Thanks for the links.

    1. Star48 Jules 104
      whoops a cave 😨 near Oraefajokull…thats interestingly alarming ..somethinggoing on all right ..😕😟

  3. Star48 Jules 104
    San francisco 2 flags today from singer .
    Its a three flagger I think!..

    1. Rhona thanks to both You and Singer.🙏🏻❤️ A bit worried for the Easter Celebrations by the Golden Gate Bridge on the 31st. Lots of kids.🙏🏻🐰

    1. Star48
      whahwah wow …oh thats just out there ..
      never ceases to amaze me ..
      Thanks for all the links

    1. Star48, do you think the magnetic pole reversal could be affecting the mammals in the Oceans? Or all the pollutants and radioactive materials have just become too much for them. Fukushima plant has been dumping their waste water into the ocean for a while now. Maybe the rising temperatures alone could be causing them to be more susceptible to diseases. There’s so many things it could be. I hope they can figure out what caused them all to beach like that. Very sad.

    2. Star48 Jules 104
      Im with the magnetics affeting there navigations and leading to beaching least thats better than something more mysterious ..hopefully they can readjust to the changes in the field sooner than latter .
      Thats what im thinking it is .

    1. Star48 It mentioned in the article that those cows may have grazed in a field that had just been sprayed with chemicals. But really who knows anymore right?😕 Those poor farmers.

    2. Star 48
      very sad for the farmers hoping they find the causes quickly ..not that that will help with the effects of such a loss ..
      Chemicals does seem to be indicated ..
      hope we can have a follow up ..i would like to know ..sending love and light that they can have another chance to generate ab income somehow .
      bless them .

    1. Oh my. Thanks Star48. Have grandkids home all week due to Spring Break. Keeping me busy. Praying for peaceful planet here. 🙏🏻🐰🐣

    1. Star48, Rhona. I watched that yesterday and thought it was really good! I’d never heard of this being mapped this way before. Thanks for adding Star.

    2. Star 48 Jules 104
      Funny he should mentiin Africa maybe becoming bread basket of the world .i have often pondered that its not entirely unimaginable with certain changes .Great article really intersting study ..and commentary ..

    1. Really interesting Star48. That Memorial Stadium is not going to do well with the fault running right down the middle. But that would be the least of their problems I think. Thought it interesting they refer the EQ in the 1800s as “the big one”. Doesn’t Erics Spirits use that term? I have a feeling that Fault will be triggered soon.

    1. OMG. This is horrible but I’d not doubt this could and is occuring due to all the years of drilling and fracking. I’d not want to live there.

    1. Star48, I remember there being cases in Colorado when I lived there. Maybe all the prairie dogs? But it does seem to be making a come back for sure.

    2. Hm this can’t be good. It makes me wonder if we are about to get hit with a major deadly virus that’s going to have jumped to humans. Praying not. Hope they figure out what’s going on with these monkeys.

    1. Wow thanks for the link Star48. I’d think it was a meteor but this says the Meteorological Society had not posted anything on this event yet as being a meteor. Weird.

    1. Star48, I believe it. Also wasn’t there a Nostradamus Quatrain having to do with something like…”when the Horn of Africa fails”? I looked for it but can’t find anything. I just remember something like that I read a long time ago in a book.

  4. Star 48
    Heaps of interesting links ..
    The African crack is a huge scary problem …
    the monkeys so strange these happenings ….
    Well the Hayward Fault has always been a huge worry ….
    Fireball in wow now that is something to want to know where and what ..
    Texas sink holes irresposible drilling practices
    All the diseases resurfacing really worries me .
    so much going on ..
    Thanks Star ..

    1. Glad everyone is okay with no lives lost Star48. Sounds like that thing that happens when two water currents hit each other.

    1. Star48, I didn’t realize they could throw flames up in the air like that. Wow that one went pretty high too. Thanks for the link.

    1. Star48…That’s interesting. Not sure what’s going on. Maybe magnetic pole shift, wobble, plate tectonics, etc. Something strange occurring that’s for certain.

  5. Rhona, Star48, here is the Farsight Timecross Project for month of April. I just finished it but want to rewatch. April starts around minute 43:40. The beginning is really interesting also. Discussing one of their new projects having to do with Moses and the Ten Commanments and Arch of the Covenant. Due out in mid April but I think those cost to watch. Here’s the latest no to April. Lots of similarities to Eric’s predictions. Paris attack? Earthquake, tsunami, gathering. Last one may be canisters nerve agent?

  6. Star48 Jules 104
    Wow that would be terrifying to wake up to a raging river outside your home ..

    reseading tides could be second blue moon effect as they suggested . Its certainly a water year with all water related issues and this is just the first quarter of year ..
    oh my so much more to come ..

    Jules going to watch farsight now .

    1. Jules 104
      yes thank you so Happy it landed in ocean and not on small island .
      I posted on thread earlier ..
      yippee now lets hope this is the last of such nonsense’s really erksome .

    1. Rhona that’s horrible. Those poor people. I hope it doesn’t move towards Cairns and Rockhampton AU.🙏🏻
      Maybe you should add to thread. I wonder if Eric has a prediction for this. It looks like a tsunami somewhat.

    1. Jules 104
      Yes maybe i should post on thread about
      Fiji floods ..Thanks .
      The 6.7m in Bolivia at that depth 😨😲

  7. Rhona, Star48. I thought this April prediction update from Joni Patry who teaches Vedic Astrology was interesting. She places month of April as most crucial for earth changes. Around the new moon on the 15th. She also talks about a crisis building in religious beliefs, terrorist attacks, etc. Seems a lot to be on same page as Eric’s. Here’s that link.

    1. Jules104
      thanks for update from Dutch ..oh wow.
      surprised with that update ..prayers love and light directed to Alaska region ..
      higher than 7.9 he said ..😨😲
      Wating to see also what the last 6.8 deep one in Bolivia brings ..

  8. Rhona, Star48. This is really odd. Popo Volcano area. Possible remnants of space station?? Meteors?? It’s pretty short I watched more than once. I can’t verify it but she doesn’t seem to be pushing anything. Just wondering what these noises are caused from, setting alarms off, animals behaving oddly about an hour prior to arrival. Short video.

  9. Jules104,
    Strange is idea..for all I know could be sound track overlaid on livestream..the light source inconclusive. I would have to say ….more investigation or corroborate with another video from a different perspective…definitely a head stomper

    1. Jules star 48
      That is just crazy ..I agree need verfication .
      im not willing to take it at face value .
      but if true without tampering sounded like a nuke type exlosion coming in from rocket .
      Im stumped it was aweful with headphones on .
      nearly went deaf .😆
      surely some media would pick it up ..

  10. Rhona2,Jules104,
    Marathon..checked out latest from Boston Globe..
    Here is excerpt.
    The Boston Marathon is in a couple of weeks (Monday, April 16), so today the FBI, Boston Police, other public safety officials, and representatives from the Boston Athletic Association, which organizes the race, will talk about the measures they’ll implement to keep the race safe. This year is the fifth anniversary of the fateful bombings.

    1. Jules 104 Star 48
      Blessings to seikh Mohammed .
      generous and humanitarian compassionate action.
      Thanks for link Jules they are going through so much this last while back ..
      So much love and light to Peoples of Papua new Guinea.

    1. Jules104,
      I have been struck by the amount of aircraft crashes lately .

      Crash in Djibouti..pilot injured yesterday
      4 marines dead in Helicopter crash in CA yesterday
      F16 jet crash at Nellie Airforce base outside Las Vegas…today

      So unsettled..

      1. Wow yes that is quite a few there Star48. I don’t watch too much news so I hadn’t picked that up yet so thanks for pointing that out. Coincidence? Hm…

    1. Star48 jules 104 Thanks
      wonder if Cleavland Volcano activity is a
      precursor to Dutches warning about Alaska quake being above 7.9m .
      It was dutch wasnt it? Jules .

      1. I was thinking the same thing…precursor or maybe it will relieve some pressure instead?? That would be nice.🙏🏻 Yes that was on a dutch update I added Rhona.

    1. Star48
      Oh This one really worries me ..I have been waiting to c over last year or so anout Reunion ..she has the risk of sending a large tsunami our way if she collapses in one go .
      If she does it gradually .not so bad .
      hope not 😲 😲 😲 all at once ..
      still have my emergency plan and bags ready
      ..keep an eye on her .

    1. Star48
      Thats is definitely a reason to think about
      boycotting fish to consume from Sth Atlantic .. What next poor Dolphins being affected like that.
      seriously humans are really messing things up .


    2. Star48, this is really sad. Poor dolphins what a horrible death. I think it’s only the tip of the iceberg though. I don’t understand why people think it’s okay to dump everything into the Oceans either. Mankind has really messed things up I’m afraid.😢

    1. Jules104,
      That’s interesting..especially with activity off Oregon coast yesterday and today..
      It is c l o s e….

  11. Star 48 Jules 104
    oh the 3.7 is on Juan de Fuca .
    love and light to area .
    for easement .

    1. Thanks Rhona.🙏🏻I’ve been watching the live tremor map. According to this there’s only been one tremor off our Coast over the last 12 hours. So a big decrease. It may be wrong though I’m not sure. Dutch always said to watch for when the tremors stop. Hope they pickup soon.

    1. Jules
      yes i have seen things like that with my husband in night sky ..The flash like a photo from space ..we saw it many times about 5 years ago it happened regularly ..then my son who is not into mysteries saw one and was perplexed . Happy tobsee it recorded .
      may even be asteroid but we would have to investigate but probably out of our tracking system .

      Im going for Texed book UFO.
      seriously i think its ok they are out there .

  12. Jules 1o4 Star48
    Singer just gave
    “North to Alaska ” Flag .song
    saying “it is imminent ” are his words flagger ..
    He is saying it is Gulf of Alaska area ..

    1. Rhona2,
      Excuse me….I am a little distracted tonight..
      Is that for Eq? Volcano? Or tsunami? Or all three?🤣

    2. Thanks Rhona and Singer. I’ve been feeling something. I noticed slow slip
      tremors have slowed way down. No update from Dutch since the 4th. Odd that happened last time before the other one in Alaska. Seems like someone messes with his stuff. Praying not too large or Cascadia.🙏🏻

      1. Star 48
        oh wow truely beautiful pics of FEUGO
        and the Lava dome from Kilauea. .
        perfect. so glad to have seen it ..Thank you ..

    1. emsc have it at 4.9m
      others at 5.1m
      thats still up there for them in Oklahoma.

  13. Star48, Rhona. Star there does seem to be a large amount of aircraft crashes lately. Time will tell if it’s coincidence I suppose. Praying it’s not deliberate and/or intentional attacks.🙏🏻
    On the attack in Germany. Was this the same one linked to PA, hamburger and cobblestones? I’m confused now. I just noticed this occurred in the old city of Munster and there are cobblestones. And there is the Hamburg, Germany up north for the symbolic gesture of Spirit showing a hamburger. Could this be a new symbol for the location of being in Germany, or is it only for the dining area? Also is this related to the SF cobblestones? Just trying to weed out what to throw out now…but doesn’t feel appropriate to ask on main thread at this time of mourning for Germany. Very sad. Praying for them all.🙏🏻🌟

    1. Thanks for the link and info Star48. Glad to see they are being progressive with the infrastructure snd evacuation plans also.

  14. Star48, Rhona. I just saw this on the news feeds. Feds seize and shut down backpage and raid the owners home. After all the disgusting things I’ve read that go on there I definitely see this as a God thing. I just had a rant with him the other day on this exact subject basically!😆😳 Oh my my.🤪🙄 Well it is hard to understand why it happens at all…but I’m getting there.🙏🏻🌟💫 I’m sooo happy about this action taken. Yahoo!🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 I just hope they can also get some of these pedophiles and abusers off the streets now with some of this info. they get from their seizure. Also read craigslist took down the personal ads section due to the laws being changed and their liability. Well it’s about dang time. Anybody who happened to innocently look at this section was hit with a shocker! Geez some people are absolutely disgusting. What’s happened to the world? Well I hope the Light keeps penetrating the darkness! Bring it on. Blessings You Two🙏🏻🌟💫
    Here’s that link.

    1. Jules 1o4
      The light definitely is penitrating the dark ..
      We here in west Aus havecalso had a similar bust.
      A 30 year old Mum the ring leader of a pedophile group. heaps of aweful internet crap .
      Her 8 year old daughter and younger son involved she committed the act as well as allowing others. she is up on 80 charges ..
      That is just this week.
      Rant more often Jules 😇😇😇😊

    1. Rhona oh my gosh. How can people do these things especially to their own children. Just horrific. I did find the part about the mum using the swingers groups to peddle the pedophilia interesting, though absolutely disgusting. Thank God she has been exposed for the horrid mother and person she is.🙏🏻🌟

      1. I cant express how appalling it is ..
        her baby boy was too young to be identified ..
        There was another stepfather in another state raped his 18month old step son while mom was
        at shop ..he had multiple broken bones and died as a result ..
        Its taken 3 years for a conviction ..Mom is finally happy she said to keep her promise to her dead baby he will be convicted .
        Guys i have no words about such darkness harnessing the energy of drug users and unfortunately depressed minds will use any inroad to low energy …
        blessings to us all

    1. Thanks for the link Rhona. Yes what an amazing individual. He helped so many people throughout his lifetime and I just loved the “pay it forward” part that happened later. Yes there is so much light in the world, so many light workers out there. All I have to do is look at You and Star48, Eric and all the wonderful people on this site of his and I know the darkness doesn’t stand a chance. 🌟🙏🏻😇 Thank You for the uplifting article on these great human beings Rhona. Blessings.

    1. Thanks for link Star48. I wonder if it’s going to erupt then. Sounds like it. Glad there’s no major cities around the area. Though there are hotels for tourist and ski resprts sounds like.

    1. That’s pretty interesting Star48. Unfortunate though and sad that the coronal events mess with their navigation. I wonder if this has been going on for eons then.

  15. Rhona, Star48. Finally some info on what’s going on with Dutch. He’s turned off his live feed. Only doing a once a week earthquake forecast/update now on Sundays. Crazy people coming out of the woodwork it seems.🤪😬😲 Sheesh what is wrong with people anymore. He did have a new forecast I’ll add next. Here’s the explanation from Dutch and wife. Blessings

  16. Star48 Jules 104
    Western Honshu 5.7m quake at 10km
    has had 4 aftershocks
    4.4m …4.7m…4.7…4.4m
    all roughly same depth and same epicentre
    a watch .

    1. Well that’s not good. And now to learn of the nucleur power plant nearby. I sure hope there’s not anything bigger but..praying for Japan🙏🏻

    1. Oh wow more on the way ..
      The Croatia reminds me of singer bringing in Croatia some time back but i put it down to mid range quake .
      not saying this is his heads up ..just reminded me .
      these fire ball are more frequent .

      Thanks star .

      1. Jules 1o4
        Absolutely agree …Japan flag …
        Im sure thats it ..I have mentioned to him..only anything 5.5m and above ..
        At least 5.0m if going to be damaging .
        😉😆 for any quake he flags anywhere .
        Thanks Jules

  17. Star48
    Im sorry i didnt read your question about Singers North to Alaska Flag till just minutes ago while looking for something else .

    Earthquake in Gulf of Alaska possible Tsunami
    similar to last time ..

    1. Thanks for info. That’s not good. Well maybe if it’s similar since there was no large tsunami or damage loss of life etc. 🙏🏻

    1. Star48, I noticed Nebraska also. Thought the same about being a bit out there. Colorado has one last week up north of Denver. Hawaii was pretty active too. I figure pushing over from Hawaii somehow into CA over to Utah, Kansas, Nebraska? Dutch mentioned that. Usually it comes down along craton but now pushing over on faults it seems like. Maybe lots of pressure?

  18. Star48 Jules 1o4
    Star thanks for article on ring of fire quakes ..
    yes it reads as though someone agrees a watch is required for California and Alaska .
    never mind how some have down played the connections and resonances …in same article

    ….Im with Dutch and the evidence we have seen with his reports .

    Jules thanks for Kermadec quake link .
    that is deep watch out for the higher one.

  19. Star48, Rhona. Military plane crash in Algeria. Russian made plane. 257 passed. I saw you added the link also Star.👍🏻 So I just wanted to add this strange thing that happened yesterday. The specific numbers of 4 then 44 came up with someone voicing them to me and grand daughter. I repeated them back and than boom was like I’ve seen those numbers on the blog. Went about my day never checked on what the prediction was. Now this plane crash and if you go back and look the Spirits specifically say 4 44. It just seems really strange to me. What do you think? Coincidence? And wanted to ask if either of you are picking up on an assassination attempt or South America event coming soon? Okay feel silly putting this out here but…Oh well😆😇. Also just FYI. Three schools closed here due to threats. Yesterday heard a whisper but didn’t catch what it was actually. 😳 Maybe school threat?
    Here’s that link for 4 44.

  20. Star48, Rhonda. There’s too many to name, but just going down the list on my EQ app…there’s a lot going on with Hawaii and Old Faithful, of course among other areas like CA, WA etc. but when I see those two acting up, I think lots of pressure going to set something off somewhere soon. Maybe take a look see and let me know what you think.

    1. Star48, Rhona. Wow what a mess and it sounds like it’s pretty cold there right now also. Praying those Kiwis get their electric back on real soon. Thanks for update.

    1. Wow how neat Star48. That’s amazing. Glad they have that mapped out now and can use it for further science research. Thanks for the link.

    1. Star48, Rhona. Funny you added this on Ambae Volcano/Vanuatu. I was researching that area today thinking of that V and number 5 again in relation to the AU prediction. Was looking at New Caledonia area also. Do you two remember the very first time the “AU” came up in a prediction? I couldn’t find it. Wondered if there were any clues in it. Anyway thanks for the update Star.

  21. Star 48 Jules 1o4
    oh wow just read through the morning check list for me on what you two have posted .
    Jules …..4.44 I think you recieved the numbers synch wise and it does relate to the prediction from 2015 ..Well done from me to you…. Hawaii and old Faithful yep i did notice Hawaii and i see it as a heads up it can be east or west or North to Alaska hedging Japan is not finished yet ..

    Im not pucking up anything so far ..but will let you know if i do ..
    Star..Loving the article in Sattelite Swarm mapping and the other on Lithospheric one being able to see tetonic movement from millions of yeas ago .especially under Aust.
    That was one hec of a storm for NZ and below 0 temos for first time this year ..200.000.households without power and the cold ..
    Venuatu Ambae..oh wow I got up this morning and First song .. “I Dont Know Where Volcano is going to blow ..”
    maybe synch and now we do ?..
    with all the deep quakes in that area its not a total surprise for us ..right .
    Im still wondering if there is another Volcano that going to blow though ..
    will c if we get more info .

    1. star 48
      Thanks for the Perth Bird article .not heard anything of it ..My sister Lives in Lesmurdie mentioned in article ..
      Im hoping it cant be transmitted to humans ..but surely they would have said.
      Im thinking it may be localised to north eastern suburbs as we in the north western suburbs haven’t had any.incidents so far..
      will c if i can find any thing out about chemicals in area or spraying ..
      Thank you .
      Popo at it again will watch .
      side note

      Bribane Eastern states Tsunami warning prediction .
      brings to my attention all singers South Pacific warnings ..also as Eric saw central Aust to left may be all mounting from Papua new Guinea of recent Papua sits to left and above centeal aus some what .
      ..something is bruing there and traveling east along ocean faultsxand ridges its not surprising if it originates in Venuatu Fiji Solomons area ..
      here is map .
      I indent to post this map on thread .

      1. Wow thanks for link with the map of plates Rhona and other info. No wonder it’s so active over there. Got a lot going on underneath.

    2. Oh that’s horrible. I’m glad they have people trying to help them as much as possible. Wonder what’s going on. Electromagnetic? Pollutions? Toxic gases? Maybe a farmer sprayed his field with something really toxic? Hope not.

  22. Jules Jules 104 Star 48
    Im getting a flag from singer he just sent “Hawaii tatoo ” on radio .
    now this is just minutes after posting link on Hawaii quakes . I think he is confirming
    link between these quakes and Japan or Alaska ..
    At the moment i dont hear him im a little closed but will open to any folliw up info …
    will keep you posted .something is up .


    1. Thanks Rhona and thanks Singer.🤗 There is a lot going on with that area and Yellowstone and Haines/Gulf of Alaska. I’d be surprised if we don’t get an eruption at the least. 😬🙏🏻

    1. Rhona2,Jules104,

      The number is too close to a full cell!
      Definitely Not defectors or benign immigrants…(imo)

    2. Oh I’d not have thought of that. Them being cells. Hope not. Seems pretty strange though, almost as if it was planned. I thought of the prediction that said “they plan to blow the world” or something like that. And the airplane attacks. Hope it’s they just didn’t want to go back to their own countries. 🙏🏻🌟 Hey that Gold Coast area looks like a tropical paradise to me. 😉😆 Minus the possible tsunami coming that way of course.😐

      1. Star48
        oh no my bad ..the way i said that could read like 3 flags from singer ..but what i was refering to was “Thats 3 ” …quakes have happened for Japan in the shortish time span ..
        He did mention Hawaii Tatoo as in previous post ..but thats just one flag .
        so it will happen but not within 24hrs ..

        side note ……I agree on missing team members being close to cell numbers ..
        Thanks for your opinion i appreciate it

      1. Star 48 Jules 1o4
        wow you two Thats a new one for me .
        amazing little creatures ..
        love the name .”.Wind Sailors ” .
        colourful sight though messy and smelly at the end ..

  23. Star48, Rhona. Remember this old prediction with the gathering of people for a run/walk and the football helmets and the word New Spirit gave. I seriously think it was about a place for the attack being that the New England Patriot football team is from the Greater Boston area. The Boston Marathon. It’s coming up on the 16th. Here’s that old prediction. Sending light to cover and surround that area. 🙏🏻🌟

    1. Jules 104 Star 48
      I agree with you Jules its makes sense .
      Boston Marathon football helmets etc .
      sending love and light also ..especially for thwarting bringing potential offenders into focus of authorities .

  24. Star48 thanks for the Ambae update. That ash fall mixed with the rain is probably turning into cement! Holy schmoley. Those poor people and animals. It’s got to be just devastating to so many. I really hope it doesn’t get to unstable.🙏🏻I can’t imagine living near a volcano that’s always erupting like that.

    1. Jules104
      Thanks for researching ..I had a read and Im not feelingva conection ..the prediction seemed Sydney area as opposed to Brisbane where games are ..Though Brisbane has the bay and bridges ..
      These Athletes that e scaped would have to be in touch with others in a cell already residing here to impliment such an act.
      Not impossible ..
      Im still sincerely hoping they are just wanting to escape there own countries.
      Im surprised beyond belief they have not tounded them up yet ..that begs more questions ..Are the Authorities onto them and watching for connections they may make?
      Its seems they have gone to ground ..
      They wouldnt be hard to notice here in Aus ..
      so im not sure why they havent caught up with them yet..
      Love and light to situation.

      1. Hey Rhona thanks for taking a look at that and giving me some input on that. Right I’m sort of surprised they have not caught up with them yet also. Hopefully just wanting to flee their own countries for better lives.

    1. Star 48
      wow oh my ..Its sooo wide spread .
      though the falls look beautiful its a mess .
      so how long since that has occured previously ?..Im aware of lack if rain for quite some time .
      The little ( water rat?)..was making good his rescue. .was kinda cute ..☺
      another water incident then ..Its definately a water year .2018..

    2. Star48, that was an amazing video! On one hand I’m like yeah they are getting some rain, but on the other I’m like oh man all the baby animals born in the Spring time. Hopefully they were able to get out of harms way. Praying for everyone’s safety. Another thought came to mind when seeing the cyclists biking down the creek??… when times get tough the tough get going.😆Thanks

    1. Rhona sorry to hear about your phone issues. I just really dislike these supposedly great phone updates myself anymore. And what is a clipboard?🤷🏻‍♀️ I probably do it or use it all the time and don’t even know it. Oh bother is right!😆 Praying for you🙏🏻

    1. keeps printing deleted links frustrating .
      never mind wont work right cant select from memu of different links ..bother ..
      of just prints last links added to clipboard .
      and recent deletes .

  25. Thanks Star48
    That makes sense ..
    Though it seems to be my keyboard wont let me access clipboard. .so i have to do long press then paste ..
    oh well it works for messages but not email
    ok i will circumnavigate it like a good sailor.

  26. Thanks Eric And Star
    .for explaining possible difficulty with clipboard .
    But it is not the posting ..It’s the accessing from my key board it just won’t work ..It does it for emails I try to post a clipboard link on as well.


  27. Jules 104 star 48
    This morning on waking I had Bali Indonesia on my mind I was getting prepare Bali are Timor sea area ..quake on its way …
    Now I don’t believe it’s this one that just occurred but would more be the higher one to follow it originates in Timor after this deep one and Travels east or west I’m not sure ..
    4.6M AT 558KM
    GEO Science Australia had it at 5.1m at 564km

    1. Rhona, Star48. Thanks for the heads up, that’s a deep 4.6 May lead to a larger eq for certain. Been getting a lot going on in Indonesia area today.

    1. Star 48 Jules 104
      Ambae volcano watch ..OK will do .
      Thanks for heads up ..hoping it doesn’t go beyond level 3 that’s bad enough .and 11000 people to evacuate is a lot of people to organise ..hopefully it goes smoothly .

    2. Thanks for the update on Ambae eruptions Star48. That’s another watch there for Vanuatu. I hope they can get all the people evacuated safely if and when it’s needed.

    1. Rhona I was just going to add thode both to the thread. You beat me to it. 😆 Yes I think something is going on. I’m a bit worried for New Caledonia and Brisbane Gold Coast area. Praying there’s no large eruption or earthquake. Sending light.🌟🙏🏻

  28. Star48, Rhona. Here’s Dutch’s latest update calling for possible large EQ in West Pacific, North of NZ, amongst some others, due to deep EQs. If you add 2mag on to these higher 5s and 6 looking at a possible 8? I’m adding his link. I haven’t watched it yet but you can scroll down and read an update on what to expect if that’s easier than watching his whole update. Hope the link works. Blessings

    1. STAR 48 JULES 1O4
      yes Star the location is not far from San Jose
      Its a watch at 3.8 there is reasonable movement ..

  29. Star48, Rhona. Here’s another one.
    4.1 EQ, Central CA South of Bakersfield 8 km depth

    I saw another one earlier on Eastern side of CA at 3.7eq…but I can’t find it now. Feels like CA is about to go somewhere. 🙏🏻 I have seen a couple of dates/numbers with 20,21 on the older predictions. But it’s for a massive EQ. So I hope not this area. Praying for California.🙏🏻

  30. Star48 Jules 104
    There has been 3 quakes in Aust
    Spread out across the continent .
    From north W.A. near N.T. boarder
    Lake Mackay 3.2m 10km
    Boora N.SW. 1
    9m 10km
    BEVERLEY West Aust not far from Perth
    1.9 10km

    I NOTE these as it indicates whole plate movement when coupled with Indonesia
    5.1m 100km and 5. 0m at 582km Holmahera indo..
    There were 2 others
    Seram sea 5.2m and 4.9m
    I’m feeling when I look at the map of Indonesia
    Taiwan Burma Japan ..something is about to happen ..
    Im feeling a slide causing uplift as opposed to subduction ..we will c .
    Now I have said that it’s probably the opposite

    1. Rhona I see what you mean. There’s a lot of 5s over there and with how you see the 3s hitting in Australia you’d know best and are picking up on something for certain. If you read the comment of mine posted earlier I mention it feels as if something is about to go also. So I think we are synching. 😉 Isn’t there suppose to be an attack in the US first though? Prior to the big EQ?
      I saw Western Montana had a 4.3 this am. 11 km depth. Northeast of Helena and West of the “Sleeping Giant… Wilderness Study Area” 😆Really?

  31. Star48
    The New Brunswick quakes Article same one as Toxic blooms near by ..
    Posted above on 14th of April as a side note from you.
    I started reading it and thought ..oh I know this story started thinking where did I read it ..
    Couldnt recall at first 😂😂😂
    Then I flicked back and thought oh Star must be really curious about these odd quakes in Canada .
    I Think its really odd it hasn’t been investigated
    More ..given the 100 they had before low mag or not phew I would like answers if I was them
    Blessings 😊

    1. Jules 1o4
      Thanks for KILAUEA volcano update .
      Thats building pressure ..remembering the barring it has Japan way too.

    1. Jules104,
      I thought Eric, mentioned spirit redirected us..
      Terror attacks first..than Eq? Am I remembering incorrectly?

      1. Star48, yes that was what Spirit said, just don’t want to rule anything out and I’m thinking an attack could be at anytime also. But, if I had to guess I’d say it was more about the people mourning with flags at half mast after the so called specific attack and then the EQ. Hope that made sense.

  32. JULES 1o4
    Cracking up here 😂😂😂
    My answer didn’t disappear I put it on 3-22-18.
    The one you posted for ref of 3 days then quake ..
    You even answered me ….
    Oh dear …oh well now I have answered twice lol .

    1. Rhona that’s hilarious.😆 Don’t you love it when you can make yourself laugh at the things you do. 😂 That’s the best kind of laugh I think. 🤗

    1. Thanks Star48. I’ve been trying to keep watch on PNW tremors map. It does seem to have slowed down a bit. Praying nothing for Cascadia subduction zone coming. 🙏🏻

    1. Star48 Jules 1o4
      Thank goodness the nuclear plan is unharmed .
      Thanks for link Star

    2. Star48, Thanks for the update and glad to hear the nuclear plant nearby wasn’t damaged. Hopefully there won’t be anymore after this one.

    1. Star48, I love it! “Something is definetly going on…” I agree. I just keep thinking about all those 9s popping up all over from the Prediction that’s for the world. Well it has to be pressure coming from the west right? Hm…

    1. Star48 Jules 104
      Star 3 killed ..and 300 buildings must have been a real shaker ..
      There doesn’t seem a recent thread to put it on ..maybe just add as a side note to current thread ..
      Jules I’m surprised as well about Michigan. .
      Whats going on there then ?.
      I’m really curious about the volcanic ash in Swedish waters hope we can get a followup on results ..
      Like they said another unknown ocean volcano ..?
      two more quakes I Western Australia it getting more frequent .
      2.8m at 10km. New gate south west . Western Australia
      2.4m at shallow 3km Port Hedland nth west aust.

    2. That’s a lot of damage for a 4.4. I know it was shallow but guessing there’s just issues with building codes or they are non existent due to the areas they are in. It’s horrible how much damage that did and the 13 year old who was crushed too.
      That weird oceanic volcano in Swedish waters is pretty crazy too. Imagine waking up to that. I bet they were pretty worried over what caused it. And now that they have a possible explanation well that’s not too comforting either I’d guess.
      The planet is going through some major changes that’s for sure.

    1. Star48 thanks for the info. I agree with Rhona, how devastating to the farmers and those affected both near the Ambae Volcano and Kenya crack location. For Kenya they mention the Suswa Shield Volcano being the trigger along with the heavy rains. I’m beginning to think the V is just all the tectonic seismic changes coming from the Volcanos. Or is it the other way around? Though I do believe there’s a big one coming. No matter this planet is trying to heal itself I think and we humans may get a swift kick in the arse! 😳 Oh my my praying not.🙏🏻🌟

    1. Star 48 Jules 104
      OH WOW The Ambae Volcano is causing extreme hardship ..Its devistating for the people to have to permanently leave there homeland but its better than staying .
      Its definitely a watch she is probable going to erupt in a massive way .Wonder if that’s the huge volcanic explosion Eric saw ?
      Prayers love and light to area ..that whole Venuatu region is an alert status as we have been tracking for some time .
      It not looking good and Brisbane Aust tsunami watch comes to mind .
      Thanks for article Star
      And wow again for Kenya with another huge Crack that’s down right scary I would hate to see that in a heavily poulation area ..
      Its an eye opener the changes in the earth that are happening .

    2. Star48, did you add this to the massive volcano eruption prediction thread? Maybe the volcano names will ring a bell with Eric. And is this the Ambae Volcano or Marano Volcano that’s having to do with Vanuatu? I’m confused after reading the article. Either way I feel it could be related to the massive volcano and the tsunami for Brisbane. What do you think?

      1. Jules104,
        No, did not put on main thread…if you think it should..go ahead and post for me..thx in advance.

      2. Star 48 Jules 1o4
        Hi Thins here sounds great I be in that .hahaha .
        YES Ambae Volcano is the threat to me too we are synching I mentioned Brisbane on 19th …did you see it Jules ? …posting on thread is a good idea ..
        As a heads up ..
        I dont feel good about this volcano at all especially given prediction 2-28-18 it seems to be

    1. Thins I think you could be right on the volcano. I may getting confused on which one is acting up though. Stars link mentions Marano Volcano and Ambae and the island chains and Vanuatu. Is Marano and Ambae on the same island? Maybe we should add to main thread incase one of those names ring a bell for Eric. Maybe Star did already. I’ll check.

    2. Also I think this Volcanic activity there could be related to Brisbane tsunami. Makes sense if it had a massive eruption. Praying not.🙏🏻

  33. Star48 Jules 104
    Banda sea Indonesia .
    5.m at deep 234km Timor region .

    Also saw a 2.5m at 7km for San Francisco Bay area

    1. Thanks for updates Rhona. There we’re some others I see also. A 3.1 off Port Orford, OR. I think two more. I need to search for them. But they are all along that Juan de Fuca Fault area. I just took a look and they aren’t there anymore…really?🙄 Maybe they were tremors so they took them off. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  34. Jules104 star 48
    Jules thanks for Charlotte King article …so many symptoms I have experienced also especially left rib and under arm pit amongst others ..its not health had them checked out and all clear must be similar to what she is experiencing especially with us having close proximity to PNG and Indonesia .
    I’m sure Lossie 2020 will appreciate the link .
    As I did ..
    We had a 5.8m sth of Aust

    1. Rhona I actually wondered about whether you were having symptoms for upcoming natural disasters. I found that article really interesting. It was strange, today I kept getting a sharp pain in one small spot in the front of my leg. Never had it before. So wonder what’s up with that. It was really unusual. It’s gone now but weird and it was prior to coming across the article on Charlotte King.
      I saw that large EQ south of you. Think I heard dutch mention it’s one of those drop off points for pressure release you know? Like coming from NZ area. Might be wrong though. Praying nothing going on over on the West Coast there. 🙏🏻

    1. Oh my my Rhona. Well that’s some messsage coming through! Thanks for sharing. Right I haven’t been liking the feelings of uneasiness I’m getting lately. You know that “it’s coming” feeling. And that’s an odd song for Singer to give you but very direct and to the point I’d say.😟
      Is Perth an old fishing port area? That’s what I get from that song. Sounds like this area or Alaska, PNG maybe? Do you feel that it was specifically for you or just a message for the world as in could be anywhere? I wish we could narrow these down better. I’m not feeling good about CA and an earthquake coming up. Think there’s more than one coming but it is a really large state taking up half of the West Coast here in US so… I hope this Cascadia subduction zone isn’t about to rupture. Praying for peace within the planet and the waters. 🙏🏻

      1. Jules104
        Sorry for delay we have had a network outage ..
        Brisbane is a huge fishing community it ..Port Brisbane especially .
        Perth is more inland itself .
        Fremantle is our fishing g port south of Perth ..
        My daughter and her family have travelled north to Kalbarrri today a fishing vaca spot ..
        So praying no Indian ocean tsunamis right now .
        I’m with you surely singer would give me more on location ..
        But it was a weird message ..
        We will c ..something on Horizon for sure having all sorts of syptoms . Terrible reflux as Charlotte noted and I don’t usually get that ..
        So having my peppermint tea ..

      1. Star48, I had to look up Inland Empire…😆 Non Native you know. That’s a really populated area in Southern CA and looks to be right near or on the San Andreas. Hopefully that’s it.🙏🏻 Let’s see if it bounces back up to the North and Central parts of CA. That’s sort of what’s been happening up on the Cascadia Subduction Zone. North south central north south central. Slow slipping.

  35. Star48
    50000 lightning strikes wow that’s a night to behold ..especially being out of season .
    Thanks for story .

    1. Jules 1o4 star 48
      Synchronicity just started watching Kilauea
      Volcano vid and to the second Sukiyaki started playing im saying flag for Japanese volcanic eruption it seems or at least a quake triggered west from Kilauea…
      Movement ..

  36. Star48 Jules 104
    DINO IS Playing just as I started to type this so im saying watch for Italy ..I mentally asked while reading your link Star if Stromboli is indicitive of more for Italy though I’m not sure if quake or volcanic ..
    Japan is a watch for sure with that deep one .
    My goodness all those penguins this is toxic probably natural from natural oceanic activity .I’m not sure about all that ..
    Thanks for all the links you two
    Oh dutch on Japan its coming ..

  37. Oh I meant to comment on Ambae
    Volcano ..what a mess its really doing a number on the Island ..those pics are just like Pompei sort of only gradual ..Do you think .?
    IF it keeps doing this it will be .

  38. Rhona2,Jules104,

    Excerpt from article mentions..permanent..

    . The government has since admitted that families on Ambae are struggling to live due to heavy volcanic ash and announced the urgent, total and permanent evacuation of the island. All people are to leave the island forever by May 1.

    1. Star48
      IM Sorry for the loss of their lively hood and home but im glad that it will be vacated for ever ..witnessing history ..
      Im sure Ambae has not finished her destruction yet ..imagine the vegetation growth there in the distant future ..
      RUSSIA 😨😲😱 WHAT A HORRID Thought and is there no end to how to drum up ways to kill people ..may they all grow up soon and realise this is not the way it’s just not on ..what do you say to it bah humbug ..

  39. Sorry posted too soon
    The other was Karath on land I believe but on coast in our far north
    2.8m at 10km .

    1. Rhona I saw this on a Dutch update yesterday so thought of you when you mentioned these quakes. I think Australia’s at 6:00 but he talks about the EQ up near Russia and Japan in the first part also the deep EQs. Here’s that link. Oh and I did not get that “did you get the shrimp off the body” Aussie joke. What’s up with that?🙃🙂😆

  40. Star48, Rhona. Thanks for all those updates and info. Wow Ambae really doing a number there. Taking back the island I guess. Those poor people I can’t imagine how they would be able to sustain themselves there any longer then they already have so it’s good they are having everyone relocate though I’m sure it’s extremely difficult for everyone. I believe there’s more to come though so best to be proactive.
    Oh my the Russians and their war machine creating natural disasters that wipe out total coastal cities and their population. That’s horrid! The weird thing is that I’ve been thinking this was coming soon. Some sort of weapon that creates a tsunami. I wonder about some of Eric’s predictions. One of them he said it was “on purpose”. Which sort of didn’t make sense but now…and it seems the attacks and natural disasters have been mixed to me, but maybe they aren’t. What about those ships and ports that need protecting? It puts everything in a whole new light. I’m really tired of this old energy of wars and taking out whole populations of people based on a country, nationality, religion or culture. This type of thinking is destroying everyone and everything along with the planet. Praying that it can be turned around to a new way of thinking one that doesn’t include weapons and war but love and compassion and peace.
    Those poor penguins and other fish and birds. I can’t help but think it’s some sort of man made issue that’s killing them off. Maybe not but a good possibility considering everything. It did say they thought the issue was not enough food but I feel there’s other things involved. I hope they do tests and figure it all out. There’s been way too many die offs of animals lately it seems. Very sad.
    Oh that Stromboli in Italy. I’m with Rhona thinking it’s going to get an uptick in activity there soon.
    Again thanks for the links. I’ve been spending more time outside since it’s been sunny these last few days. Have to take advantage of the sun around here before it’s gone again. ☀️😉😁

    1. Wow thanks Star48. I wonder what the antipode is for Yellowstone. So they want to drill into the volcano and pump water through it to cool it and prevent an eruption? Um…from what I’ve seen so far drilling anywhere near these Volcanos is causing the pressure to target that area and release at the spot even more so. I think they’d be messing with something way bigger than they can even understand or predict. Sheesh.

    1. Star48, well that’s certainly strange especially the second video. Not sure what’s going on there. I’d like to see what the area looks like during the day. Like what’s over there where the object came down.
      So I recently watched this psychics video where her son asked her about Mt Shasta and if it was some sort of special spiritual place. Her answer had to do with aliens and how they like it and it’s peaceful or something and how they come from the West? So yes spiritual area. Maybe Yellowstone is the same? Not really sure what to make of any of that. Crazy things happening lately.

    1. OMG! A Stratovolcano that’s 10,000 feet high and 25 miles wide? Mostly submerged in the ocean? Possible flank eruption? Well this isn’t good at all. I would not want to live there. Praying it all calms down for those poor people down there. 🙏🏻

    1. Thanks Star48. Geez that’s a mess and smelly it sounds like. There was just a big recall on eggs then salad. Think it’s just the beginnng due to climate change really. Besides all the toxins man puts out there also. I don’t hardly eat any seafood these days. Maybe kiddie fish sticks that are processed but I’d not call them actual fish really.😆 After watching the sites pop up here for all the toxins and banning the fishing along the coast every so often. More often than not. No thank you!😬

  41. Star48 Jules 104
    Yes Jules Mt Shasta is said to have Peladiens that have been there for a very long time .
    Kryon ( LEA CARROL) Not some others that say they channel Kryon .
    Has mentioned it in his channeling..
    So maybe they have visited Yellowstone .
    Its an interesting video .
    Venuatu is turning into a volcanic hot spot .all that sth Pacific region is a Magma brewing spot ..
    I too have been a little careful with seafood .
    ERIC Actually warned me about it for a family gathering in a huge house type thing we all attend .Shell fish doesn’t smell right tell everyone not to eat it will notice it ..Is what he said .
    So far we haven’t had anything that big to attend ..
    Though daughter is engaged so maybe her wedding I asked her not to have sea food but her fiance lives it ..oh well they have been advised .😨

    1. Rhona there have been a lot of EQs around that Bali area lately. Look at the map on your link, both sides hit. There’s s Volcano there, or the island is a volcano itself correct? I need to check that out, if so, it’s probably that. Well hope it calms down but need to watch that area. Thanks for info.

      1. Jules 1o4
        Well Bali island isn’t actually a volcana ..
        But it has 4 active volcanos so it may as well be ..
        I’m watching with wonder at all the quakes happening around there and Papua new Guinea. .it just had another moderate 5 + m in ocean shallow north of the island this time ..
        I dont know Australia and wa are registering more and more 2 and 3 lately more than I have seen in past year so definitely indicates serious plate movement especially that surprise one off Shore Geraldton WA couple days ago 3.8m Its rare there never mind that mag ..
        Daughter comes home tomorrow so thats good ..
        Hugs to you and star

    1. Star48, thanks for the link. I’ve never heard of that area as in the Pillars of Hercules. I just googled it. Very interesting. Thanks for EQ update.

  42. Jules104
    Hi thought I would mention flooding in Australia is on the Terronto Van Attack thread .
    No mention of Brisbane but I think it is ..
    Eric mentions van attack could be precursor ..I think .

  43. Star48…Rhona I see what you mean by the van attack being a possible precursor. I’ve found some of the old predictions having to do with the Australia flooding which actually say “tsunami and “Brisbane” and “18”. I think it’s for 2018 maybe. Also some of the Indian Ocean predictions show up in here. If that was to occur in 11 months, 11:30, that would be coming up in May I believe. I wonder if it’s the middle of the month. That sounded as if it was to affect Sri Lanka more so than W AU though. I hope we can get some more information on these predictions soon. Here’s the Australia Tsunami link. There’s a couple of different ones there. Blessings.

    1. Star48 that would have been pretty scarey watching that retention pond drain and those sink holes open up right in your own back yard. Yikes! How horrible. Would not want to go back there.

    2. Star 48
      I Agree with Jules that would be just aweful ..
      All those sink holes ..weird ..something has malfunctioned big time ..

      1. Eric Jules 1o4 Star 48
        Reunion island
        Has this Pinton La Fournase volcano thats at risk of losing its eastern flank into Indian ocean ..has ben a risk for a couple of years but is doing it slowly .scientists hope it continues to release land slowly do I ..
        Eic did you mean Yellowstone as volcano or indian ocean ..

  44. Rhona I remember your mentioning prior the volcano that sits in the Indian Ocean at the antipode of Yellowstone National Park. Do you remember which one it is again? 🤗

      1. I know Star, that’s for later. 😴😵 She’s an expert on that area I figure. She can catch us up on it all when she’s having her cuppa tea. ☺️😆

    1. Jules 1o4 star 48
      Haha star thats a great Elvis song
      “ITS MIDNIGHT and the clock on the wall is ticking 🎵🎶🎶🎶🎵🎶”
      Having my cuppa and doing the catchup .yep Jules Herd and Mcdonald Island
      Here is some info .sitting not too far from South West Indian Ridge that had those 6+ quakes over last week or so ..there is a triple junction further north east the Indian Ridge goes past Madagascar. On and up . .and extends east past south of Aust right over to our eastern states where it changes it name but still a continuum of same ridge. .
      Here is Herd island info

      1. Wow thanks for all that info and the links Rhona. I knew you’d be all over it. That Big Ben is a huge volcano out there in the middle of the ocean.

    1. Jules the antipode is a little lower than the break up but thats still a good point ..we know certain distances are of no consequence they can still reverberate each other

      Thanks for link ..

  45. Jules104 star 48
    I had no idea Pinton La Fournase was active again so thats sychronicity for you that Dutch mentioned as well gobsmacked. .
    Wow I will be watching her more closely this week ..
    If the side of that volcano slips we are in strife …😨😨😨😕

      1. Star48 Thanks for pointing out Reunion comments on 4th of April ..with four cracks
        It must have escaped my memory.
        I’m sure it was there somewhere .
        I’m watching her …

      2. Star48 Jules 104
        Hey you two another 5.9m at 10km on south west Indian Ridge ..
        Just under Madagascar ..