Predictions for 1-3-16

January 5th is marked in big bold words.

They did not mention which prediction, however the meteor prediction has 5 in roman numeral.  If we are correct, the asteroid part of the prediction happened over Christmas. They also implied a South American location close to the coast.

Notes on 5-24-15   I had a visual of a group of asteroids flying through space. Then the visual switched and from a distance I looked down on a town. One part of the town was engulfed in black smoke, followed by a voice saying ‘2’.  Spirit then showed the number 5 in roman numeral, and said “5 months”

Notes on 10-15-15  “In 1-30 the meteor will strike the town.” — Spirits Voice

Also more information on a Terror Attack:

I had a visual of a very large group of people gathering together for a run or walk. Then it switched to a scene of horror, people where laying on the ground injured and deceased, several people where upset holding each other. Then the visual switched again and I watched a TV being turned on to a commercial that showed two football helmets coming together, with the familiar football song playing in the background. Then the visual switched again and the word “New” was written. (I believe it was meant for a location like New York)

Clearly they are pointing to a very specific date when a marathon is happening and what I believe is the Super bowl on February 7th, this fits with the Terror attack on the US when they said:

Predictions on 12-15-15 “The US will be attacked in approximately  8 weeks” (Mid February?)

54 thoughts on “Predictions for 1-3-16

  1. Thanks Eric, we’ll keep our eyes opened. It could be anything on 5th. My guts tell it could be earthquakes….we’ll see and pray!!

  2. Hi Eric

    I had a nap and then a dream that you came up with 3 predictions and it was so real ! When I got up I came to read your blog and then I understood it was in the dream! And here it comes now!
    We have more than seven hours of difference and for you it was propably this morning… Very strange lol

    1. Last night about 3 am, I woke up suddenly. All I remember I dreamed the name in think letters LOU.

      Idk why but that is all I Remember in my last night dream.

  3. Well … looks like the year is starting out damn tough. Eric … does the Conductor offer a date when all these horrors will end? I realise this is something humanity must go through but certainly there must be a time when Spirit intercedes or we as humans get better.

  4. Eric there are a few marathons happening in the US. Florida California Michigan all on the 7th among others

  5. @Eric …. regarding ‘That would be nice.’ Just so I do not misunderstand…are you asking me to leave and not post here? If so no problem. I will go, no hurt feelings.

    Apologies about the Gravatar mixups; after about a year I just got the emails and images correct.

    1. I’m sure Eric didn’t mean it to come out that way but maybe…it will be nice when humans get better and the darkness turns to ash. Blessings.

    2. ? That message was directed to lou who wants to come back when evil is completely turned to ash. Sorry for the mix up, i probably put it in the wrong spot. I read through 100s of messages so my bad.

  6. Off topic a sec…..I can’t help but think the recent flare-up in Iran over recent Saudi Arabian execution of the Shia cleric is related to this post:

    “The situation will bring out the horse of war…which has been sitting in a stable.”

    I’m seeing much darkness surrounding this incident. First thing that came to my mind when I saw the Saudi embassy in Tehran on fire and very angry Iranians protesting was Erics prediction. Something is not sitting well…

      1. Star48- Thanks for your input. I was reluctant to post, not sure whether to trust my gut as we are suppose to, but every day that goes by since my original post, a new situation offshoots the catalystic act (execution) in the form of angry mobs etc and I’m then reassured my “insight” isnt off base. A volatile region indeed. Holy wars!! This reminds me of an octopus with tentacles, far reaching. Interesting article.

        1. R2D2, it is hard..
          .to trust .” Your gut”..but you must.., the only way to hone your ” gift” is to constantly use it.. The more you follow it..the more effective..
          Doubt is like Fear…non productive.. In following your inner voice, Blessings.

      1. I actually thought of that also later. I remember looking up a marathon in New Zealand previously for a prediction. But I think it’s suppose to be for American Football. Maybe not the marathon though? Is the N Ca earthquake prediction suppose to happen after or around the same time as the meteorite? I am wondering about the Canada prediction also. I think Spirit is saying what’s like immediately next for the world for now though. I have lots of uneasiness right now. Trying not to. Praying for South America, US, the whole planet… :/. I keep looking back through older predictions feeling like there is something there we should be seeing, thinking they are intertwined, but maybe just my imagination.

  7. The Golden Gate Trail Marathon is on Feb 6th. Could it be a sequence of events? The meteor, the marathon, the Super Bowl? (5,6,7)? Though another Marathon perhaps. Could you tell if this was in a colder place or warmer place? Also I wish there were a way we could evacuate the area that’s going to be hit by these/this meteor. Praying for the people, animals, planet.

  8. hi Eric…colleagues the prediction 10-15-15 the meteor…could the roman numerals imply an italian population in Sao Paulo ir a town within …it is close to coast…and it is famous for coffee production or is the coffee unrelated..
    here is italian settlement in Sao Paulo which is known to have 3rd largest italian population outside Rome.. are all safe and well..blessings always…

  9. could it perhaps be reference to a Boston Marathon type bombing, Maybe a New England location on Jan 5th. The Boston Bruins are playing Washington that day. They have the helmets that are similar to football helmets.

  10. In regards to your post about an attack possible during the Super Bowl, they had written the word “new” could they be referring to Levi Stadium being new since it opened July of 2014?

  11. Some might find this interesting especially with the heightened CA Earthquake alert. I have California on my mind. There are several marathons scheduled today in the San Francisco area. I haven’t checked the routes to see if any are crossing a bridge but it does show the routes for those that would like to check.

    and also 3 NFL teams that contain the word New, New York (Jets), New England and New Orleans. New Orleans will play in San Diego today. Dallas in San Francisco. New York (Giants) on Monday night. Two football helmets come together.

      1. You’re welcome jules. That question might be best answered by the author of this blog, I’m not psychic by profession, but merely a fan with a hobby when time allows 🙂 I do hope it’s helpful though.

    1. Kim,
      great information..thought provoking…also “Sacred Holiday ” Jewish New Year– 5777 starts at sundown.,

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