Greenland Tsunami

Please pray for those in Greenland. So tragic. The date and event is correct however Spirit missed the mark on location. It is unclear as to why?

Prediction: Train Attack  A Tsunami will strike the area of Australia creating excessive flooding. We are waiting for a time frame.

Prediction: Australia Flood   I had a visual of an entire city under a layer of water, trees brought down, houses damaged, raging water pushing away everything in its path.

“Australia.. Brisbane hit hard”

“Brisbane.. 18”


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  1. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Summary …shows amount people hurt missing etc..
    Map…check out heading for categories…

  2. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    USGS, information on 5.0 mag EQ off coast of Iceland..

  3. Juan Jose Perez Avatar
    Juan Jose Perez

    Eric, I don’t think that the Australian prediction mentioned has been fulfilled in Greenland. The earthquake was small and the resulting tsunami was also small, though 4 people have been reported dead. I have the opinion that the Spirit’s prediction is still coming in regards to Australia.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I don’t think so the images are very much alike

      1. Juan Jose Perez Avatar
        Juan Jose Perez

        Thank you for your response. The images you saw resemble this Greenland event. But, I still think what the tragedy described in your vision has more of a possibility to happen in the South Pacific. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of the small town in Greenland. Very strange that a tsunami happened there.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          They might be pointing to both

  4. doppler2 Avatar

    Very strange indeed. My prayers are with these people also. I also agree that Greenland may not have fulfilled this prediction unfortunately.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Kinda blew it. I just need to learn and move forward I am very sorry we could not properly help those in Greenland

  5. Nicola Avatar

    I dont me to be rude just curious, I know u have visuals, but If spirits speak to u why do u have to try to work things out by clues they give u cryptic numbers and countdowns!!! Why cant they just tell you its like a game???

    1. Karen Avatar

      Hi, I know I’m not Eric, but as best that I can tell (and others here probably can explain it better) the timing and dates, things like that in Spirit’s “world” isn’t the same as ours. I think that makes it a sort of puzzle for Spirit to try and say when because it’s different than what we see as a date, for example. If that makes any sense. As for the place I have to wonder if it has more to do with the fact that they are showing more than one prediction and it gets mixed up. That would be my guess.
      I also believe Spirit is holding off on the dates and timing for other reasons, but it’s just my opinion and I’ve shared that with Eric. I do believe they are working very hard to get it right and I believe lately there have been a lot of predictions that have had the correct dates. A work in progress I’m guessing.

      Prayers for the people affected, even one life lost is such a tragedy,

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      They don’t have a tongue or mouth, the only way to communicate is mentally and that means images and faint voices. Try and understand you are asking for human qualities they do not have.

  6. mhb Avatar

    There’s another London incident, van hitting ppl outside a mosque. Three men in a van, one person said it was intentional, two of the men got away, one was caught and apparently said nothing. Finsbury Park?

  7. rhona2 Avatar

    im not sure either about Aus not happening anf Greenland is it .
    prayers for those in Greenland and hope thats the end of it..
    side note… Phone page is back to normal yay ..
    full page on logging on and it fits page perfectly…
    Thank you …😂😂😊

  8. La Rene. Avatar
    La Rene.

    Just throwing this in there for thought. We have a Super Moon anticipated 21 – 23 June, for Australia/NZ. Earthquakes are gradually going off around the ring of fire, gradually reaching lower towards NZ. Yesterday Fiji had a 6.1mg. Meteorologists are predicting a large earthquake for NZ over 7.5mg, around 21 23 June. .. given planetary alignment, ionsospheric conditions, etc … Last time NZ had an Earthquake this size, the East Coast of Australia wore a Tsunami wave although it did little damage. NZ is currently on Earthquake watch.

    1. rhona2 Avatar

      La Rene
      Thanks for the info fits in with
      Dutchsense who does scientific based earthquake watch ..
      Its unusual is it ? for meteorologists to warn like that so good to know ..
      and Fiji has had alot of deep ones around that area which always triggers N.Z . especially around Kermadec isle ..
      blessings and stay safe

    2. Holaca Avatar

      do you have a link to these meteorologists reports please?

    3. iamtot Avatar

      Meteorologists deal with the weather. They have not predicted earthquakes on NZ.

      1. rhona2 Avatar

        Iamtot and Hoaca
        La Rene
        the departme t of Meteorology of Japan and Indonesia reporton quakes and Tsunami risk etc .granted they dont make predictions
        maybe it was meant to be Siesmologists warn of N.Z. quake .
        at any rate La Rene was trying to inform us of a risk…The source yes
        is important but maybe just a confusion of correct wording ..
        La Rene I hope its ok to comment on this ..
        blessing all and stay safe where ever you are living ..

  9. lossie2020 Avatar

    Mega earthquakes coming up anytime now within 2 days. It was very active popping up around Yellowstone and east of Oklahoma. Very active along the rings of fire from Alaska to west coast of America to south America, and traced to New Zeland and east of Asia. Very strong actives in America. Prepare for the quakes emergency supplies. It’s a matter of when and where anytime now.

    1. lossie2020 Avatar

      Going strong in USA and along the rings of fire. Even around Japan and Australia

  10. Daisee Avatar

    The tsunami in Greenland,caused by a huge landslide caused by a mountain collapse w/ another waiting.

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Thanks Daisee. I read that also. It was actually a large landslide that caused the tsunami wave to push up into that Bay Area. Praying for that Village.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        So tragic please pray for them.

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