Predictions on 12-4-15

I asked again about the earthquake. I had a visual of 4 then 44.
Perhaps today?

“Oh Russia.. Again!” I had a visual of an airplane in flames crashing to the ground.

“Her! Get back in the car! The car is bullet proof. The guards will protect her.” The impression was a world leader was in danger.

“ISIS plans to use W M Ds”

“The next attack.. ”
I had a visual of a bus with the number 601. The bus and other vehicles were in danger.
Is 601 a date perhaps, the 6th.

“Our fathers response to all this horror  is coming.. while the enemy brings death in his name.. he will bless the world with life.”
By father they mean God. This message again implies a surge in medical breakthroughs and scientific discoveries.

“Our father will bless the world with Heroes, one after the other, simple ordinary people doing extra ordinary things, all under the coat of our father.. his response is coming and it will be marvelous.”

Many of you have pointed out the prediction 7-3-15 and how it might tie into the horrible tragedy in San Bernardino, I will let you decide, but there are several parts that do not fit. Please pray for those in San Bernardino. Such a tragedy.

Notes on 7-3-15   “Two, dual.. dark scorn.. 40 (could be 4)..” I had a visual of a large explosion, then you saw a man and woman holding each others hands with an evil look.
“This situation will bring out the horse of war.. who has been sitting in its stable.”

112 thoughts on “Predictions on 12-4-15”

    1. There are lots of countries that use a bus route with the number 601, Bexley Heath, London, Cyprus, a bus and cable car from Golden Gate bridge to San Francisco, Paphos in Greece, Deli in India, if it was the number 601 of a bus route, it would be impossible to decipher which one, so hope you are right Lia and it is a date.

  1. Could the ‘her’ be Angela Merkel? I know there are some very angry people because of the refugee situation, both in her country and in other European countries.

    1. And shame on our Texas governor tried to block the Syrian refugees enter Texas. Syrian refugees could be us. don’t let the fears control our minds.


      1. Yeah the same refugee that was part of the Paris terrorist attack let’s just let them in shall we
        Some people are so naive

    2. oh. oh. I hope not Angela Merkel, she looks like a mam to the world, only she did make 1 big mistake, to tell all the people to come to Germany and they use that, to many people now, also terrorists, she said only Syrieen, but …I think the Europe Countries will send the others from Iran, Irak, Afghanistan etc, back.

      But give 1 moment on the thought, that YOU have to walk with your family, to get a better live, because at home there is no more a street, no more a house, no more shops, no more food, no more job, nothing, we have seen all the pictures on tv. nothing

  2. Eric, the EQ is off the coast of Heard And Mc Donald Islands, (Australia)
    Looking at my source for tsunami alert..will update when I can they disc that area..

      1. Chaos, hi…
        For the record it was upgraded to a 7.1. It was also a shallow quake ..
        10 KM deep.. An alert was given out…..I will be following the status of Heard Island and McDonald Islands.. Blessings to you..

      2. it’s a nothing earthquake, still at 6.8 on non american sites which are the ones anyone outside of america go by for a number of reasons. The earthquake was a substantial distance from both uninhabited islands. you’re making something out of nothing

        1. Chaos, did I do something that has pushed an agressive button.?
          If so it was not intended…I just checked 3 worldwide sites..I assume you are not content today?

      3. Chaos, Star only shared info. It helps me to understand the process of the Earth in “birth pains”. I really appreciate what star is updating. He is very helpful as other things he shared the links that I was not aware of. So please be nice.



      1. Allen, thank you…reminds me of an excerpt from a novel I read..

        ““Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit—wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.”

        Excerpt From: Showalter, Gena. “The Darkest Touch.” Harlequin, 2014. iBooks.
        This material may be protected by copyright.

  3. Well Russia is embarrassing the usa. Thats all I can say. Plus we have a force in nato that needs to be dealt with at the boarder. This war wont stop because of money. Other dictators are waiting to replace assad and others in the area so really nothing will change.if god is coming then run for the hills because thou shall not kill.

  4. Even iraq is giving usa shit. They just want money ,arms, guns and equipment. So much corruption in the middle east. Tribal chiefs who are nothing but thieves.They don’t want change.when america left iraq alot of jobs disappear ed that supported criminals

  5. It’s strange how many of your predictions have been aligning with mine, Eric. Could it be we’re tapping into the same wavelength?

    In a recent dream of mine I saw Obama dying from some disease passed on genetically. I highly doubt the actual victim of this upcoming event of the crashing plane will be him. Obama is usually a metaphor in my dreams/visions for a person very well known throughout the world and who also has great power.

    When I deduce the symbolism in my dream, I see an accident of sorts occurring to a very powerful person in the near future. It will likely be a plane crash, but I don’t see anything which would indicate terrorism or assassination.

    Please respond and offer your views on my vision. Maybe we can reciprocate our various visions to prevent upcoming tragedies?

    1. My gut feeling is that you are seeing the next president being assassinated. It will probably be Donald Trump and there will be an “accident” to take him out of the picture.

      1. Donald Trump won’t win the election. There’s no chance. What I see is this event occurring soon: This month or the couple months afterwards.

      2. Oh dear… I don’t have any gut feelings about this at all, but, this thought has crossed my mind several times. Not that he will be President, agree, that is not happening. The larger American public will not accept him. But that forces that want him out of the way so he doesn’t hurt the Republican Party’s chances in the general election, might bring about an accident. If anyone is unfamiliar how often prominent people or politicians have passed due to accidents, please look it up. Particularly plane crashes. It’s shocking and questionable to say the least. But I think in his case, it would be so obvious, I really doubt it will happen. Peace.

  6. There is U.S. Route 601 that goes through N. and S. Carolina. Since a bus and other vehicles are mentioned, this could be our 601 also.

  7. hi star 48 the quake is if the coast from where live..keeping watch..see mycomments in Peru earthquake threadfrom last night my time.blessings

  8. hi chaos
    i live.on West coast off where this quake happened..with respect the chile quakes and sumatra quakes travelled tsunamis for thousands of miles….now im not going to sit back and watch it come over the horizin of where my family and i all live on the coast over looking our beautiful Indian ocean. …

    1. Rob, that is the one I saw and posted earlier, but there is also one in Moscow and they have said they will target Moscow as well, because of the air strikes. It could be so many places around the world.

  9. Eric, I think you may be right about the post of 7-3-15. It’s the missing key that comes after to next. What is “two, dual…dark scorn..40”? I wonder if there is the horse stable nearby San Bernardino? My thought as what if they have the bomb supplies inside the horse stable.

    Another thought…what if the bomb equipments hidden inside the horse stable in Boston for next terror attack? I’m brainstorming here.

    1. I looked up as there are several stables in and nearby San Bernardino. That’s interesting. I wonder what’s the clue about the horses to war and the stable.

      1. I think it’s meant as a metaphor. Remember after Paris, the French President said “this is an act of war” and the response from France was to go on the attack and start bombing Syria. I think that is all this is referring to. That something would happen that would result in a military response.

        Actually the more I think about it, I think Eric’s prediction may fit what happened in California. The couple had bombs, they just did not use them in this event. There would have been an explosion if those pipe bombs were used. Some believe the center the couple shot up, was not their planned target. It sounds like something much bigger and worse was planned but they reacted to something at this holiday party and struck there instead. If so, the “horse of war” was not released. Let’s hope nothing more.

        Blessings to those who passed, and to all affected by this and all the other terrible events that have happened. Peace always….

    2. Harvey,
      San Bernadino County and Riverside County are known As Horse country.
      It would be a looking for a needle in a haystack…unless there was a connection?

  10. hi to add to the bus routes there are 601 routes in
    these are ones i know of there could be others…..

  11. adding the locatiins of routes 601
    Melbourne ~ Huntingdale ..South East of Melbourne …not sure but spirit did point to map south east in Aus…

    Adelaide ~ Aderfoyle Hub ~ Marion Centre

    Sydney ~ Parramatta ~ Rose Hill Centre Western Sydney….
    Im thinking like Eric though it is probably a date..blessings and stay safe …

  12. Eric, the prediction that concerns me the most is the one where spirit says ISIS or Daesh, as many want to call them now are planning on using Weapons of Mass Destruction. Can you see if Spirit can pin it down to Nuclear, Chemical or Biological and what country?

    1. If you look at the notes on 10-28, one could assume we are talking about chemical weapons. But they have not clarified which only hinted. This is a situation we need to be cautious with, we don’t want to create un-needed fear, there is enough of that already.

      1. Yes that prediction hints toward a dirty or chemical bomb. There’s no doubt that Daesh has already been thinking about an act of that nature and I’m sure it’s on the authorities radar. Still, you’re right as without more definitive facts we have to be a little more cautious with a prediction of this nature.

      2. Okay, thanks Eric…we be very careful. This is very awkward and I completely understand. I sensed something was “holding” back and I knew it’s awkward at these sensitive time. again thanks. We all be careful.

        Shalom and peace to you all.

    1. Thanks Star as I read the link you copied. So sad and heartbroken as the 14 years old girl blew herself up killing 4 people. The poor kids were brainwashed thinking the world if full of evils. I think God is ready to wiped us off the earth. It’s a huge mess killing for the wrong reasons. Praying for peace and forgiveness. I’m grateful we have Pope Frances, very humbled servant we need to turn our eyes to God.

      Shalom and peace to you.


    2. Hi Star,
      In regards to you wondering about women being more prominent in this, on 11/19/15 I had a dream where I saw a woman holding a gun that I somehow thought was automatic. Don’t know much about guns but it was larger than a pistol but smaller than a rifle. When I saw her I immediately thought of Taylor Swift. (No I don’t think it’s her but looks similar to her.) Her hair was in a ponytail & she was wearing a baseball cap & seemed to be in a wide open space & I heard “in 30-35 days” which would be 12/18-12/23.

      1. Joan, greetings..
        . I wonder…did you get the feeling she was a protagonist for the next action?
        Or did you feel she was an addition to a team?
        Did she have do hair? Any residual feeling of place other than wide open space?
        Just some thoughts…sometimes after going over the experience you get ” more”

      2. Star~Didn’t see anyone else only her. Don’t know what you mean by “do hair” but hair was blonde/blondish brown & looked straight under her ballcap & seemed a few inches longer than Taylors now. No idea of location but mainly saw dirt, no trees, shrubs or anything. She was wearing a zip up jacket so probably not to cold. Wasn’t raining, no ice nor snow.

    1. Rhona, it’s funny when I see the pigeon on president of Turkey’s head. I wondered if that the sign of omen? Hope not.

      1. Thanks Eric. Made me laugh when you made the comment. Yes, it doesn’t make sense and don’t know why I asked if it’s a sign of omen. I have to laugh. Silly me.
        Have a blessed week!

        Oh yes, before I forget. there is 7.2 nearby China about half hour ago. It seems crazy as if we have 6 to 7 magnitude just about every other day or so. It’s definitely the moments of “mother earth’s birth pain “.

  13. Thats President…
    Star 48 I have heard a guru say that women would become more prominent in the future and some will take it too far and become very masculine in their actions hey will loose the male female balance and go over the top….Only a minority mind you…and that males will allow for a more gentle balance as well…Nice to experience a rounded society one day… I think it was a Kryon channelling a few month ago..blessings

    1. Rhona,
      Did you mean ” prescient”? I took that as the meaning am I correct?
      If you did …wow.. I do not think myself in that vein..,I leave that to you and the others…

  14. Star 48
    Im grinning so much my face hurts and i have that belly laugh you talked about…
    No my previous comment above i mispelled ( president ) in my Turkey….so corrected it…so sorry to mislead…though i do believe we all possess a little of ( precient ) at times…bless you…..

    1. Read article about the California massacre that the solution is to arm good Christians with guns. Amazing how china,usa,India,Russia,g7 which represents Buddhism,Christianity,hindu all preach non violence but people in control sell and manufacturer guns,ammo,bombs.etc. maybe they should all stop selling.

      1. Countries that invade for wealth,power, and control or support people to do their dirty work dont represent god.if god is a priest what would he want with oil,gold,land in the name of god.look above.what do you see?

  15. Eric, this link is about the terror attack in Leytonstone, London, a hero who kept the knifeman away from children in the tube station. You said God would provide heroes against these attacks, this looks like the first one. The Muslim community have come out to speak against this attack, we all need to stand together on these attacks, instead of being divided against each other.

  16. Hi Harvey blessings to you…….thank you for looking at the link…yeah i had a giggle…( 9-10-14) above where the bird sits .seems apt….Mind you maybe that prediction has happened though Turkey is still swarming alot….Have you noticed the spike in the Adriatic Sea? Im thinking some where around Bosnia.for sime.reason …thats just.pure intuitivr thought ..nothing to go on just popped in yesturday…idd place for a mention…

    1. Yes, rhona. I thought the same too. It’s swamping in Turkey. Praying all be safe.
      Blessings to you!

      Just half hour ago, there is 7.2 magnitude nearby China. There is a funny name I have not heard of. I don’t even know how to spell it. So, I put it down nearby China.

  17. Harvey and all reading ….its 9am hete and i just checked eartquake activity…
    When i jotted down Bosnia yesturday about 10am i didnt think any thing of it but it did have a minor i feel i need to mention Ecuador was jotted down too…we will see…im a litle surpriised as it was jst a flash…there is more but i need to wait ….
    blessings…thanks for letting me voice this

  18. This is not good,
    Report: Islamic State set to use weapons of mass destruction Sunday, December 6, 2015 The European Parliament has issued a report saying the Islamic State has already smuggled weapons of mass destruction into Europe and will use the weapons in a future operation. The attack could consist of a dirty nuclear bomb, biological, or chemical weapons. What is most disturbing is that the report maintains the weapons materials and expertise are already on the continent.. .

  19. OMG when you mentioned a bus I got shivers down my spine… recently I had two visions:
    1.) It was night and I could see a school…. men in all black were planting small bombs around the school. Then it switched scenes, and the school buses when they were leaving the school to bring the children home, were attacked by gun men.

    2.) everything was burning instantly like in waves of heat.. the rich green grass and trees instantly turned to cracked dry dirt… everything was just instantly burned and gone….. the wave was coming and I could see it as I ran from it…. my guide was with me and said “I am here to help your transition easier.” I finally couldn’t run anymore, so I held the hands of another guide who was with other people and we walked waiting for the light to show itself as the burning hot energy like wave was coming behind us… one guide said “Russia caused this”.
    At first, when I woke up; I thought are we going to go off track into the sun? But then instantly I was told Nuclear.

    1. Poor kids…praying it will be foiled on school bus and school. 😦

      It’s all wrong. Pray for peace on earth and protect all innocence children.

  20. We live near Brighton and my husband works in London. I am so worried about him being in London and what is going on in the world. I feel as though the world will never be the same again and am worried that I won’t see my children grow up. No one around me seems to be worrying the same as me. I am trying to remain positive. A colleague recommended a meditation which she feels will help. Thank you for all you do.

  21. When I searched “bus 601”, the first result was the bus line 601 in London. It is apparently very well known. That said, however, there are many bus lines numbered 601 around the world; and many actual buses with that number; not to mention route numbers.

    As EMT and others have indicated, there are many means available for mass destruction in the world…unfortunately including within the USA (government controlled here though).

    But as far as WMD’s….many have asserted that Assad, (although his government supposedly destroyed many), did not destroy all of them.

    However, unfortunately, with so many biological, chemical, and scientific experiments being conducted…as well as disease outbreaks in various parts of the world, do not think it would be that difficult to obtain something if someone wanted to utilize as weapon.

    Additionally, the internal issues now facing Russia (as opposed to prior control asserted as the Soviet Union) has also resulted in much uncertainty regarding location and accountability of nuclear materials and weapons as well.

    Eric, I must admit that the “WMD” prediction…as clearly stated as it was…..really, really makes me uneasy (“uneasy” does not really describe the feeling….). Did you have any other predictions that you feel may be related to this?

  22. Anne, I did see shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union some of the missiles with nuclear warheads were missing in their inventory. So, that’s always been in the back of my mind since whenever there’s an attack anywhere. That old “uneasiness” has been around especially since 911, but intensified. Frankly, I’m surprised we haven’t had more attacks than we have, unless you count the many thwarted plans we’ve had in the US. Monitoring this kind of stuff is probably way beyond what we can imagine and stories that we’ll never hear about.

  23. SWC, regarding.. From this post.
    ..“Our fathers response to all this horror is coming.. while the enemy brings death in his name.. he will bless the world with life.”
    By father they mean God. This message again implies a surge in medical breakthroughs and scientific discoveries.”

    clinical trials for ALS breakthrough going well.–new treatment..


  24. Eric,
    Ref:::“Our fathers response to all this horror is coming.. while the enemy brings death in his name.. he will bless the world with life.”
    By father they mean God. This message again implies a surge in medical breakthroughs and scientific discoveries.

    “Our father will bless the world with Heroes, one after the other, simple ordinary people doing extra ordinary things, all under the coat of our father.. his response is coming and it will be marvelous.”

    Israel 🇮🇱
    Cure for cancer
    Israeli scientists say they think they have found one

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