Predictions 6-13-18

Between the holiday or celebration, when things are either going up or being taken down, an attack at a sports event.  I had a visual of bleachers. People were screaming, in one part of the visual it looked like a shooting spree, but there was also an implication of an explosive device.

I made a mistake, they never said this was in the US, I assumed that. We are still unclear if this is a bombing or shooting? They would later point north east. It might be in the US but they could also be pointing to a location across the sea.. Russia. I was asking for clarity on previous predictions at the time, here is the old Russian attack expected soon: Terrorism is back! One after another: I had a visual of Moscow. Spirit is pointing to Russia as one of the locations. I had a visual of a Spider crawling on someone’s face, then another crawling. “Terrorism is making its resurgence.

The 15th is marked

The 25th is marked

“Pinto is starting to boil.. caution” That is a reference to the Volcano is Mexico. In the previous predictions it ended up being the Popo volcano.

With both marked dates please remember its in or around. 

Warnings for the US and its over arching future:

You cannot continue to add to your debt, the bubble will burst and the consequences to its overall downfall will be severe, change course now.

Two or three presidents away. The new leader will be a demagogue, preaching the radical, a fear monger. The leader will become the first truly evil leader of the US, he will stain the name of the US for a good time.

There are consequences to the US breeding hate. Hate and vitriol on both sides. Hate that dictates the tone of a nation; where verbal vitriol is.. acceptable. Where attacking children of a horrible shooting tragedy is.. acceptable. Where tearing children from families is.. acceptable. If you abandon the basic moral foundation of a nation don’t be surprised when the most evil come to lead you and you become the worlds villain. We desperately need to change course with both of these messages. 

We held out on sharing this message, the implication that the future evil is our own was just too depressing to share even for me, but Spirit wanted me to post it as their word, no more delays. There is an ounce of hope we can change course. 

I will be away from my work on the 19th and 20th for Bea’s surgery. Family first.. always. Hopes, prayers, and support for my most favorite woman!


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  1. You mean the kind of nation where the president embraces a murderous dictator but calls the leader of a long time ally and neighbour vicious cutting names? That’s not a prediction Eric, the US is already there.

    1. That’s exactly how I feel too Joy. We are already in it. I just hope and pray we can turn this around before it’s too late.🙏🏻

  2. The world cup starts in Russia tomorrow open ceremony will be in one of the stadiums before Russia v Saudi Arabia kicks off 4pm UK time so around 6-7 pm Russian time

      1. It’s on for 4 weeks till 15th July so would fit in with terror attacks around that period
        However there is a strong elimant of hooligasm expected from the russians targeting the English especially

    1. Yep, as soon as I read “Russia”, I knew it had to be the World Cup. Goes on for a month, so plenty of time for something to happen. And the bleacher mention. I really hope this is not the case, but I fear it is.

      Best wishes for a positive surgery for Bea.

  3. We are praying and sending healing energy for Ms. Bea’s surgery. Please give her our best and let her know she is loved by all. 🙂

    Let us know if we can help. Hang in there Eric. You can do this. So can she.

    Lots of hugs –

    Shanna, Mike and Hannah


  4. So is the next Hitler you’ve been warning about actually a future U.S. president? It’s shocking that years after Trump’s gone that Americans will crave something far worse. You’d think we’d evolved past that by then. Also surprising to hear someone like that come to power after Spirit already said the president who replaces Trump, the military one, will be one of the greatest ever.

    As for the debt and bubble bursting, are you talking about the short-term recessiion you’ve mentioned before or is this long term? Recent tax cuts favoring the wealthy, a housing bubble, reckless deregulation of the big banks/Wall Street, and spending like it’s going out of style are some of the reasons why we should be concerned.

    Also, in the past you said that many in this country will not like the changes that are coming. Does this presidential prediction have anything to do with this?

    1. I need to ask for more details on the bubble, they made it sound like the value of the dollar plummets and the government cannot pay its bills. I question if that means a recession. As for the last part I believe that is again more set with this coming financial issues. With that said they have a separate prediction where health care spirals because no one is fixing it.

      1. Mentalist Sidney Friedman’s prediction: “Longer-term, I am issuing a dire WARNING, as somewhere in late 2019 or 2020 the boom will bust and there will be an economic crash affecting markets throughout the world.”

  5. I really hope that Bea gets through everything with flying colors! Blessings to you both!

    This is a pretty dire prediction. Sometimes I feel so bad about little children away from their moms and dads I really feel like crying. I can only imagine how painful this is to the kids and the moms and dads like what if I couldn’t get to my own sons?? I don’t understand peoples lack of empathy? If you have a child you should be horrified especially and know what this would feel like. It doesn’t matter they may look different than you. And I cannot imagine that this could matter to people anyway by any stretch of the imagination. but sadly it might to some still…

    Does Spirit say there is any way to get this all back on track? How can we help? Sad about economic state too..hate to see so many lose their jobs and homes again…

  6. First thing that has to happen is to match revenue with expenditures. Then cut wages,pensions,unfunded pensions etc.. dont spend more then you get. A librarian up here in canada makes over 100’k is a good example. Same issue in the usa. Unions will have to be brought in line. You can’t borrow money to give people wages. Talk common sense. Next possibility is a head tax to pay debt . People can use rrsp. Next is the fraud on wall street. Paper gold and other commodities are coming to a end. Next is the end of democracy. I will be blunt. No more stupid people are allowed to run for office or work in the government. Plus they must have a back ground in divine law and impeccable speech. Finance degree just for starters. All of materialism is monday to friday. Sunday, day of rest plus family is coming back. No sunday shopping.

  7. First and foremost, my thoughts are with you and Bea and I hope she gets better soon. Second, wow… Now that’s a dark prediction that I hope does not happen, but since this country is taking a great toll on what’s integral and honorable it’s no wonder why we’re seeing this to almost come true. Sometimes, I just wish that this world would be reset to where nature can revert back to its natural state. Humanity is a complete blight and blunder on not only this planet but on the entire universe. If only we can truly change then perhaps the world can have a better chance at being beautiful and awesome. It’s just that humans are making things worse.

  8. Praying for Bea’s full recovery . Eric.take care of your self too..
    (Probiotics are good for GI issues)

  9. Will be praying for Bea’s surgery and for you both to be healthy.

    Not surprised re the villain stuff. I find this version of the US in 2018 unrecognizable from the US of my youth where what was taught in churches was Jesus’ message of the golden rule, humility, love, service and inclusion. Now I see something very different and dark in many “churches”.

    We seemed to have confused reality TV with reality. Life isn’t meant to be an endless series of outrageous statements about your political opponents, as if this is a 24/7 Jerry Springer show. Seeing your fellow man suffer shouldn’t be entertainment.

    It’s been a long time coming and we’ve finally crossed the line. When we can’t see our fellow man as first human, then political, bad things will happen regardless of what side you’re on.

    Until people can talk about politics as differences of opinion on policy, not demonizing the opponent, this is going to continue. I’m not hopeful. Maybe it’s because the consequences of this behavior — WW1, WW2, the Great Depression etc are too far removed for ppl to remember what’s really at stake.

  10. Yes, I remember when respect was taught in school when we could pray, my kids principal prayed over the “boys and girls” everyday (2000 -2005) and prayed they would have a safe good weekend too, I would have tears come to my eyes if I was there for the morning announcements. Now its rather a “me too” mentaility and my kids childhood is not that far in the rearview mirror. Unfortunately we are forgetting other people live here too. Most people are good people who want to do the right thing, but get caught up with the “spirit of the air” and forget about just letting love be your guide. Realty TV isn’t real. And people just need to be kind to each other. Lets try asking each other whats wrong? I did that with someone who wanted to buy my house and he was an investor and he was such an angry man, but somehow underneath it all he was just burned out with humanily! He told me his wife has cancer and he is so tired of being lied to by people. Im not sure how I sensed this guy just really needed to talk to someone, as he was very hostile to me. But he was so thankful I took the time to ask “Whats wrong?” I was able to share the message there are good people out there..who care.

    1. That’s good advice Donna. I’ve often thought if both sides could walk a mile in each other’s shoes for a month or so, a lot of the political stuff would melt away. Thanks for sharing that.

      1. Your welcome, if people took the time to care about their fellow humans the anger would or could melt away We are so busy focusing on differences whether it be of opinion or whatnot, we forget the experience of being “human” that unites us all!!

  11. Love, light, and prayers for Bea and you. I’ve noticed so many psychic individuals lately with huge health issues. So sad.

  12. Eric is Spirit saying we can change the future based on what happens now… possibly with the Mueller Investigation and we the people standing up to the darkness that has permeated our government, politics and leaders here in the US?
    I’ve been following different individual psychic channelers and I find it interesting that they basically all have the same message given about what’s going on now.
    I find it hard to believe that we’d allow even worse in the future though I recall a recent prediction where you had mentioned somewhere in it or in a comment something to do with winning and in general it’s who has the most weapons usually. Could it be instead a possible militia group trying to take over and not an actual president? Maybe thereafter is where the military man (or future President) will help?
    I just hope and pray that this can be reversed.

      1. Thanks Eric. I totally agree on not voting for the radical fear mongerers. We need to become one nation one global village. Not us against them mentality.
        And on that note I should have added to my previous comment…that all of the psychic channelers I have followed were seeing the people rising up against the greed and corruption and haters, making their voices heard and demanding change for the positive in our country, help for all no matter their social status or race, and that we would get through this, though it won’t be easy, and become a better nation because of it.
        So perhaps these last few years have been a wake up call. I hope people are paying attention and aligning themselves with the light. 🙏🏻

        1. I will be talking against him when the time comes. I am starting to get the impression that perhaps right now its more about growing an audience of wonderful fans and showing consistency in our work, later is when we really try and alter things.

  13. Eric, take care of Bea and yourself. We’ll be here for whenever you make it back. Sending love, light and prayers!

    1. Yes, make sure you relax and take it easy! It’s okay to focus on family. Best wishes for your mother!

  14. Those asking how you can help Bea and I please consider a small donation. Some of you have already done that. Thank you! You can use the ‘buy now’ button used for readings. Even though it says readings, you are able to use it for any amount. No pressure at allI am resolute on both of us getting past this health storm we fell into.

  15. eric.

    Looking back at your predictions from the past You’ve made reference to somebody “who will be the most evilest man in the course of history – worse than past dictators and future ones”. Is this the US tyrant you’ve just predicted or is it somebody from another country?

    Anyway the “bubble bursting” – Bitcoin stocks Tumbled Overnight (NZ Time), Ive always been skeptical of these Cryptos like i always say to those i know who invest in this stuff – Fools and their money are easily parted.

  16. I would not be surprised if there is an attack at the fifa world cup this year, it is the perfect target for isis

  17. Awe…very touching. Momma is first. Praying for power of healing and pure lights upon your loving mother, Bea. I trust God’s healing and love surrounding her taken in place. May God keeps her in His loving hands to allow her to be healed all the way. All the way. Thanks for hearing our sincere prayers. We all love her too! She is in our hearts and prayers. ♡♡♡

  18. I’m disappointed and sad if USA does that to separate kids from parents…is this referring to Mexicans? If not, then whose kids are they separated from family members….here in USA??….can’t be. USA knows how we value children and that they come first as safety and protective priority to make sure that they all are safe on USA soils. I felt like I’m blindsided. Totally unacceptable and not proud of that. If that happens then it will create more anger among US civilians and will act upon it to protect any child on USA soils.

    Now, next question as I would like to know who not to vote for next president. If that is Trump running again for next election….then I’d not vote the evil person. Is he like the “Hitler “?? I’m shocked if that’s true. I just think he is lousy and weirdo always acting out like a “puppet” to put on a show. Ugh if it’s not Trump then who is the “evil’ person so I won’t vote for him or her. This will be scary next election day, wish we could skip forward to time in 2024 something.

    A different topic. Saw this from Brian Ladd prediction. Hoping and praying no harm upon to Sandra and her car accident will be foiled. Here’s the link. This concerns me for her safety reason. She has a daughter in kindergarten and they need their mother and wife, not murdered by top secret. I can see that she is a good person and worked very hard at her joba that she loved. Pray for her protections please. Even pray also for Melania Trump’s protection as well. That’s another story. Please pray her protection.

    1. Lossie2020, this is happening with the children on our border. It’s shameful. The US is better than this. And don’t let anyone tell you it’s for their own good. Some of these children are still in diapers, toddlers, teens. Just imagine how traumatizing this is for the children. These parents are coming here so they can give their kids a better life, trying to escape violence. Some specifically are asking for asylum not coming over illeagally and still being treated as criminals and having their children taken away to be put in detention centers. It’s just not right I don’t care how people come into the US. Punishing and traumatizing the children can’t ever be what we stoop to. The only way to change it is to start speaking out against it, writing your senators, etc.

      1. Jules104.
        My opinion…

        In 1973 I was offered a job in Europe(uK) I was denied a work it could only be filled by someone in Europe..I had the credentials and the work experience…
        I had to forgo that window to work in Europe..
        I did not go…illegally on a vacation …and stay…I did not jump over the border from another country and live there..

        I decided to work for a company with headquarters in Europe…(which I accomplished- a legal avenue)

        I am sorry that children are being separated..but put the blame where it belongs..
        On the selfish parents…yes, selfish…

        My family on both sides maternal and paternal are immigrants .
        I am a third generation…we did it legally on all sides
        Maternal and paternal… a country should decide who can be allowed in.

        What good is a border and sovereignty.,if not enforced..

        ..I am sorry for the children…however I am more upset at the parents using them as pawns…
        What loving parent does not plan for the welfare of their children…at all making the right decisions, and planning for the legal protection for their children..

        I am sorry- just because somebody demands, or desires to come should not be the criteria.

      2. This is so wrong and heartbreaking. I disagreed with these system by taking away the children from family members. The question is do they know the risk of losing their child or children turn over to USA custody? They may be lack of educated not knowing or aware of their risks. Again, this system should not be involved in children by taking away from parents. They should remained to be together and returned back to their homes. Maybe I should run for president to stop these unnecessary punishments. It’s too harsh and devastating to any child and family members. This is not the America ways. We are better than that. 😥

    2. Lossie2020, I clicked on your link and it is strange how Brian and also Eric and many other have mentioned an explosion around the same time. I was watching a lady Deseret Tavares in YouTube which uses her tarot cards to predict and talks about big earthquakes happening in way Eric has predicted. Another one Alberto Zecua which says he gets messages from other dimensions (aliens or past lives)and also talks about similar predictions Eric has mentioned. True or not there’s similarities I am just amazed.

      1. star48,
        With all due respect. Were you escaping corrupt governments who rob their countries and its people to live as kings? Most are trying to escape poverty and worse. Rape is not punished and crime is not prosecuted. The people coming to our borders are not going on a vacation ; they are seeking asylum. Until we can empathize with our fellow humans we can only see the world through a narrow lense. Love, love, love

        1. Mary,
          With all due respect..not all are coming for asylum..
          And I certainly never said. For vacation..
          My ref for those who have abused the visa system for their own purposes.

          You will not let the parents be responsible..amazing.,
          In all my extended genealogy..responsibility to the next generation..was paramount..,
          Not all asylum seekers are from War torn countries..,

      2. I am in complete agreement with you, jules104, lossie2020, and Mary p. Many, many come here out of desperation and many do not. Either way, ripping children away from their parents is VERY cruel and cold punishment. THE PUNISHMENT DOES NOT FIT THE CRIME! AND, victim blaming and shaming is a very cold excuse for this horror show.

  19. Eric
    Give Bea the very best wishes for her day of surgery..I will be thinking of her and you on 19th and 20th…
    Prayers love and light ..

  20. This leaves me feeling such despair. And yet I know my job is to be light…to continue to do good in the world. I have to hold onto that…that there will always be those doing good in our world. Thank you Eric

    1. Thanks Betty…good news that it stopped there from going to shoot at Disney. Unbelievable as only 2 out of 850 likes reported to police. What is wrong with so many responded by not reporting it to the police. Only TWO!! Unbelievable. :/

      1. Yes Jules, and it’s frightening as so many “likes” his Facebook on shooting at Disney. Really???. …who are those 850 people that clicked “likes”?

        I’m not on Facebook so I’m not sure if I wanted to see all the sick pics and comments. But 850 is considered pretty high numbers and grateful for only 2 reported it to the police. Made me wondering if 848 people are considered odd or sick minds alike. To me, it’s alarming and shocking. Is this normal???What have I missed on Facebook that I do not know? Thought it’s for friends and family keep in touch base. I think I like the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s better. :/

  21. Eric/SWC…In reference to the above “where tearing children from families…is acceptable. If you abandon the basic moral foundation as a nation don’t be surprised when the most evil come to lead you and you become the worlds vilian.”

    1. Hi jules, so sad to hear what’s happening in Mexico. So crazy. I’m not able to open the link. :/

    2. Thanks Jules for the info. That helps to clarify the horrid situations in Mexico as many tried to escape for hope. There has to be ways to solve the problems. Sending them back to death door is not the option for anyone and taking away their children is not the option either. I’m sure USA can work that out to keep them safe as possible and will have something to work on their situations to settled in.

      These systems in USA and Mexico are not doing well on both sides. There are a way to solve it in peace and free from pains. I would need to see a bigger picture as how to work that out for the best. I’m not impressed with the USA methods by taking away the child or children not knowing where they are. Nor the Mexico needs to strengthen their systems to have better life for all as well. Their sufferings are not necessary either. It’s crazy worlds.

      1. Lossie sorry for delay, just got my internet back up. So you were able to open it then?
        I agree and do see both sides of the issue and know there’s not just one quick fix for it all. But I absolutely disagree with separating the children from their parents.
        And God help us if there ever is another Hitler type dictator who comes to power here in the US. We would all be at the mercy of our neighbors, our allies on both of our borders.
        Let me know if you got it to open.

  22. The whole debt bubble thing is old topic, and I think there’s no stopping it. Nothing last forever (except maybe God.) Best thing we can do is that we prepare for it so that when it happens, we can survive, and help those dear to us.
    After a crisis and hardships, is a return of optimism and growth, and when all the sides that were growing start to bump to each other and start running out of space to grow, war happens. Happens all the time. (I guess this is what the spirits are trying to change. But even the “enlightened” civilization the spirits were talking about on Truth series can’t do it while surviving at the same time, so it’s going to be one hell of a work,)

  23. I hope everything goes well with the surgery. And i do not trust cnn as much as i trust fox news

    1. The 2004 documentary “Outfoxed” debunks the comical notion that Fox News is “Fair and Balanced.” Plus, there have already been rigorous scientific surveys done – one notably by Fairleigh Dickinson University in 2012 – that found Fox News viewers to be the least informed news viewers, even less informed than people who don’t watch the news. Rasmussen, a right-leaning polling company, did a “fake news award” in response to Trump last year and Fox News came in first place in their poll.

  24. Eric – I am sending Immense Love and Blessings and Healing Angels to Bea’s side, and a swift, speedy and beautiful recovery- and as painless as possible for her.
    bea- get well soon and take care-
    One day at a time – Easy does it…
    God Bless. 🙂

  25. No se si usted acepte apoyar lo que los aspiritus le dicen con aportaciones de otros videntes, hay una vidente arentina a la cual le lelgo este mensaje (desde luego hay mucho mas pero esto cuando nombra algo así, se cumple normalmente en poco tiempo:

    Oren hijos Míos, oren por Ecuador, será estremecido con fuerza y sus volcanes despiertan.

    Oren hijos Míos, oren por Medio Oriente, el terrorismo no se hace esperar.

  26. Praying for Bea and you!
    As for the US dept. that has been a huge problem going back decades. Thanks to all involved, both Democrats and Republicans. We need to recognize we all own that debt and we all are responsible for it. Only then can we solve this problem. As history shows when an economic collapse occurs bad things happen. Bad people take advantage and power. We must be ready and stand united. We all must also recognize that this is all of ours fault, after over the last 30 we all have voted in people who told us what we wanted to hear and not what we needed to hear. Stand united!!!

    1. Rmf,
      Too bad more people did not vote for Ross Perot…
      His debt platform —plans were correct…only 20 % of voters were informed..
      Your right 80 % did not want the truth..

        1. Eric,
          Yeah, being older is not easy!

          Memories of people’s chances to change the course..of US..
          and did not is the Pitts..

          Many problems we have now..were discussed ,studied and information disseminated and known about in the late 60’s and early 70’s

          People voted many times …and here we are —-

          on the threshold of ( insert problem with number)
          It is hard not to say I told you so..🤣

        1. Lossie2020,
          I laugh all the time… has become politics has become absurd…

          I even had a chance in the late 90’s- early 00
          I was vetted by committee for political office…
          My mother having worked for a senator and my aunt in the political apparatchik of the opposite party.i became aware of the underbelly of the father in the newspaper business..( having been eliminated(hit) by the union, trying to gain power..I was not naive..

          I really weighed the pros and cons..for altruistic reasons..and than for my own moral wellbeing..
          I decided not to take that path…no regrets.
          So yes, I laugh a lot at what people take for the” truth of politics”, news and general propaganda…still laughing😂

      1. Oh my…thanks for sharing Star. It’s good to know that you had the background involved in political. It’s an eye opening when involved as what and how it worked. I too remember alot talked in political in the 80’s and 90’s when my dad watching on tv. Alot has changed since then in our young generation. Not sure how that happened. :/

      2. Star48, would you like to be the president of the US? I even encouraged my grown children to think of running for our country. It probably wont happen to them but we all need to encourage young people to run and do the right things from good hearts for our countries.

        1. Lossie2020,

          To be president…

          I was president of a large company..also CEO …(founder)
          I am 3 score and 10 (in July)
          So my window of opportunity closed decades ago.

          Should younger individuals..aspire to be president..

          A word of caution.
          ..a true understanding of the responsibility in the welding of power is essential —
          as well as an understanding of your true character as well…
          The need for recognition…can and is a trap….

          So with those happy thoughts…I wish all worthy individuals ..Good luck and best wishes on their journey..😋


      1. Congrats Star that you’ve accomplished so much in your life. Then you will have another excited journey in another life then the next…;)

    2. The debt first noticeably blew up under Reagan in the 1980s (I believe he tripled what it was when he came to office, would be more by today’s standards) and has never relented with each passing president.

      The Two Santa Claus Theory is a political theory that been applicable ever since Reagan.

      This absurd and ever-increasing military budget that’s used to keep these costly, never-ending wars in the Middle East going also plays a critical role in our debt. Eisenhower warned us of the military industrial complex. Apparently it fell on deaf ears.

      Also funny to see stocks for these defense companies plummet after this peace summit with North Korea, lending further credence to Gen. Smedley Butler’s claim of war being nothing more than a racket.

      Also worth noting that one of the nicknames Trump prided himself on as a businessman was the “King of Debt,” and he’s even argued as president how debt is actually a good thing. Bizarre and quite alarming comments and ideas.

  27. SWC,
    Here is a true humanitarian reason to leave and reach out to another country…
    And look they in their hurray to leave are filing papers! The right way…

    Flooding migration offices in bid to flee!

    Now Alegria is one of the thousands of Nicaraguans desperately seeking to process migration documents and flee to neighboring Central American countries, as two months of anti-government dissent has triggered increasingly violent state repression.

  28. “Two or three presidents away, will be a fear monger, the first US president will be evil.” Does that mean next 2 or 3 presidents of US will be like a Hitler? In time frame next “2 or 3 presidents away” would be calculated as 4 years term which would be 8 to 12 years from now. Is that correct in timeframe? It may not be Trump but who is the evil one?

    1. Hi lossie2020, I’ve been wondering about that also. Here’s something to think about also, or just to factor into the equation as a possible scenario.
      What if a President resigned or were impeached? What if a President were assasinated or passed while serving their term? I’m sure there are all sorts of possible scenarios but my point I guess is that it would shorten their term and thus we can’t really rely on actual terms of a President. Does that make sense? I’m sure Eric and Spirits will be warning us if possible when this time is much closer and or if this person is running for the Presidential position. I hope and pray anyway.
      I did think about this also…didn’t Eric mention a person who wears blue…and white, or something to that affect? I really feel that if people can continue to raise their consciousness, then the evil leader, (if they get that far), will be evident and humanity will see them for the facade that they are and can stop them. This individual could come out of anywhere, any of the main parties, or any new party etc. I’m trying to keep my eyes wide open and won’t just assume that it could never be the party I vote with. My opinion is Eric’s Spirits are prepping us in a way for what’s to come. Bottom line right now seems to be “a radical fear mongerer”, and again in my opinion…that may mean an us against them mentality. But I truely believe that God will intervene to a certain degree, and hopefully all Americans will band together, rise up and will prevail and stop them in order that we are able to head on a different course, a much, much better course.

    2. I’m in the hope for a positive change, too. What I think we need to understand, though, that it’s important what we all do NOW to make that positive change. That monster coming up doesn’t suddenly happen. We are in building that foundation NOW. And for us as spiritual beings, need to ALL take part in keeping such things from happening. Yes, it’s scary to see what has already happened as frightening. But, to let our fears take over is why it is what it is now. We can change the path to better our lives and that of others. Let’s keep that light shining and push forward with making positive influence and loving others.

      1. Yes Swampy, please pray for all be positive and good things to all people in all nations.

      2. Swampy11, totally agree with you on the importance of what we all do NOW. It’s going to take a village, a global village I feel. And it starts with each individual choosing love over hate, the light over the darkness, putting light and love out into the Universe now.

      3. That’s another reason I was reluctant to post this message, its one that creates fear. I have to be careful in weighing the need to post these messages so we can change them and the spread of dread the messages create.

        1. It sounds like a fine balance since you have to consider all those things. I feel for you. I appreciate how you’ve been having to deal with these, yet getting out the messages. Prayers for your mom and family for healing during Bea’s medical issues, too.

    3. It’s definitely disturbing to see a record number of white nationalist, or with ties to Neo Nazis/white supremacist groups, run for office in the GOP ever since Trump’s been president.

      The normalization of this hate is certainly why someone like another Hitler could be our president in 8 to 12 years from now.

      Kinda of scary to think of what American’s values and morals are by then if they’re willing to vote someone like that into office in the near future. This person will probably use a poor economy and threat of terrorism as a way to win over voters, i.e. blaming outsiders for a poor economy and spreading fear about outsiders.

      But to be fair, I believe the only reason why someone like this could win is because of the electoral college because I don’t believe the majority of the country would vote for this person.

      If I remember correctly, one of the predictions was that the next world war would be against the next Hitler.

      So, if our president in 8-12 years from now is the next Hitler, does that mean outside countries will be invading and bombing America like America did to Germany in WW2?

      1. I asked them recently if the US leader is the next Hitler but they implied he wasn’t, however this leaders immoral actions only adds fuel to the Hitler coming. This entire nightmare must be altered.

  29. Eric, you’re absolutely right on this one as you mentioned this on the 13th. Popo erupted today!

    1. Saw this last night. Hard to believe it was 10 magnitude or it wasn’t what it meant. Look at the number on right corner on thr bottom. It occurred on the 15th.

      Got to see this! The earthquake in Hawaii showed the number of magnitude up to 10!!

      1. Awww…thank you rhonda. That’s very helpful! Makes sense and didn’t think it’s 10 magnitude.

      2. Wow that’s amazing, thanks for that link lossie2020. I wasn’t really sure about that 10 intensity either. Good question. Thanks to Rhona for the answer.

      1. Star, found this link. There’s more volcano erupted around thr world.

        39 volcano erupted, earthquakes and flooding around the world on June 17th.

    1. Thanks for adding Star48…
      Oh my if the world doesn’t have enough cookoos right now. I hope the authorities are keeping an eye on him and his followers.

  30. I believe in you Eric, you do have a incredible following on here with many people across the world looking at this blog. I hope you will be around long enough to be one of our voices when that nightmare comes around within the next decade as I’ve been concerned about your health.

    Or more positively, the man of nightmares never shows up for whatever reason as the future is never solid. I don’t think God/Great Spirit/etc would allow such a thing to undo everything that Earth’s inhabitants have tried hard to build, I recall you said he is coming to pay a visit pretty soon right, though a very brief one (October?) I think it was in one of your previous predictions a little while back. Apologies if I got my memories mixed up in advance!

    Also I’ve been fully aware about that bubble burst, another well known psychic group is thinking it will be around 2020-2024 at the latest (if I remember correctly, I could be wrong as it’s been a long time the last time I looked at her predictions and her students).

    I think it has to do with the Capitalist system finally hitting it’s final end as this system is only meant to work for a growing nation, and not for a nation that has already attained it’s full potential with the current technology and resources as of right now. This country can do amazing things as there are corporations with the means of cutting down many costs, but the other corporations just won’t allow it as they just want to run outdated technology into the ground until there is none left.

    The only question is how you do turn around millions of hearts within one country to realize the path they’re on? I wish there was a way for psychics in general to be taken more seriously as there has been a lot of unfortunate damage to the name.

  31. Eric,
    Between the holiday or celebration, when things are either going up or being taken down, an attack at a sports event. I had a visual of bleachers. People were screaming, in one part of the visual it looked like a shooting spree, but there was also an implication of an explosive device

    Multiple people dead…shooting..

  32. Eric,
    The 15th is marked !
    Ref:::I made a mistake, they never said this was in the US, I assumed that. We are still unclear if this is a bombing or shooting? They would later point north east. It might be in the US but they could also be pointing to a location across the sea.. Russia. I was asking for clarity on previous predictions at the time, here is the old Russian attack expected soon: Terrorism is back! One after another: I had a visual of Moscow. Spirit is pointing to Russia as one of the locations. I had a visual of a Spider crawling on someone’s face, then another crawling. “Terrorism is making its resurgence.

    The 15th is marked

    World Cup final….in Russia 🇷🇺…

    France 🇫🇷 is in the final…parades planned…

  33. Eric,
    Ref:::You cannot continue to add to your debt, the bubble will burst and the consequences to its overall downfall will be severe, change course now.

    Skyrocketing deficient…so what! Says new Washington Consensus…

    Trump is proving as indifferent to fiscal orthodoxy as to any other kind. The spending measure he signed on Friday, along with the one approved in March and December’s tax bill, amount to the biggest stimulus outside recessions since the 1960s. They sailed through a House led by the supposedly hawkish Paul Ryan, who’s due to step down in January without much progress on his goal of reining in so-called entitlements like social security — an illustration of how Republican deficit scolds are in retreat.

    On the Democratic side, the reaction that’s firing up the grassroots isn’t “How could you do that?’’ It’s: “Why can’t we do that?’’

  34. Eric, in reference to “There are consequences to the US breeding hate”…I’d say with the pipe bomber and now this anti Semitic individual…it’s just going to get worse unless we can change course soon!

  35. Eric,SWC,
    The 25th is marked

    “Pinto is starting to boil.. caution” That is a reference to the Volcano is Mexico. In the previous predictions it ended up being the Popo volcano.

    Mexico 🇲🇽 volcano

    Erupting hot rocks..

  36. Eric,SWC,
    Reference::Terrorism is back! One after another: I had a visual of Moscow. Spirit is pointing to Russia as one of the locations. I had a visual of a Spider crawling on someone’s face, then another crawling. “Terrorism is making its resurgence.

    March 1 (UPI) — A Russian court has sent five Islamic State militants to a maximum security prison for plotting an attack on the French Embassy in Moscow.


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