France Knife Attack

Spirit predicted a return to attacks in France, and they have started. The vehicle attack has not happened yet, hopefully it never unfolds. Please pray for those affected by this tragedy.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 7-17-19 They talked about France, then either Belgium or Germany and associated it to another terror attack in August. We have one existing prediction for France that is marked with 8: WORLD PREDICTIONS: FRANCE ATTACK


3 thoughts on “France Knife Attack”

  1. Eric.. a few years ago you had predicted about a boat accident ….. I think the prediction has happened!! There was a horrific boat accident off the pacific … dozens of people over the holiday were aboard and even 3 birthdays were celebrated!!! Absolutely tragic!!!! Praying for all victims and families involved!!!

    1. I read about that–they think the killer had mental issues. Apparently he was also on drugs, talked about hearing voices, and much of what he said to cops made zero sense…he even gave the cops 3 different dates of birth.

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