Predictions 7-18-16

The spirits felt a need to warn us that these old predictions are around the corner.

“George will pass soon the nation and family will mourn.”

I had a visual I was in a school hallway and people were trying to get in, people were crouched and hidden, there was a lockdown unfolding.


“Bombing.. 18”

“The shin dig is coming”:     Predictions 12-30-15   “Tuesday.. Hollywood”    “In Hollywood, at the Shindig,  the mad one reacts insanely, seeking revenge.”

Predictions 4-15-16   “Security and safety replaced with violence.”   I had visual of an emblem with an elephant in the center, the emblem was red but then it faded to black.



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  1. “Georgia” Georgia, USA or the country of Georgia, in the Caucus region of the old Soviet Union?

    1. Margie Hammonds,
      Hi! ( my opinion)
      Yes, I believe it is about the Republicans..
      I think the timing with the convention,is telling.,the spirits are flagging it..

  2. So, a possible terror attack or act of violence in Georgia? School isn’t in session. Maybe a big city, like Atlanta?
    Most significant is the RNC happening rn.

    1. Forgot to mention that the RNC runs today through Thursday (the 21st). There is probably going to be protests and violence outside, like at most trump rallies.

    2. Georgia might be a separate issue, usually when they start a prediction now days it starts with a location. Then I ask what. But it is very possible.

  3. “In Hollywood, at the Shindig, the mad one reacts insanely, seeking revenge.”
    That would be Hollywood, Florida, it has a Shindig

    1. Just looked it up. Hollywood is between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. The band is playing tomorrow at Bayside Market place Miami at 7:00 pm. Don’t know if this is related to the prediction but it’s uncomfortably got some of the same details.

      1. You got me thinking and I found that there is a concert at the Hollywood Casino Ampitheatre in St. Louis Mo tonight (“Saint Lou” 5/10/16). It is a Weezer/Panic! at the Disco, show. The street address is 14141 Riverport Dr. and the numbers are what caught my attention. They are connected with the Hollywood Casino at 777 Casino Drive I looked at a picture and the casino has an awning in front and is a hotel (1/10/15). Also, “In Advance,( there is an Advance MO, approximately 100 miles from St. Louis).. Children targeted” and these two bands have many children who are fans. I initially felt my thinking was stretching it a bit but I decided I’d rather post and feel somewhat silly later that not post and find out maybe my thoughts could spur on someone else to catch something before it is too late. Kind regards to everyone.


        Eric, this is map of the area Ft. Lauderdale to Miami (Bayside Market Place). Hollywood Florida is nearer to Ft. Lauderdale. The concert is at 7PM Est – which is in about an hour and half. I did not try to contact anyone as I really don’t know what to say and don’t want to cause alarm. But can we all pray nothing happens here….. Blessings and peace….

  4. Wonder if “Shindig” is an allusion to some tone reminiscent of the 60s show Shindig?

  5. My animals are acting very strange lately, they are very nervous. I do not know what this is about, but they are very uptight, so to speak. Both my dogs and cats are clingy, and they (the dogs) are afraid to be outside for a long time. They never act like this. I don’t know if this is about anything, but I am relatively near the RNC, its a couple of counties away, but there seems to be something up at least in their minds!!.

    1. Animals are very aware…keep watching them for signs pointing to your well- being/ protection.

    2. Thanks Donna for sharing the dogs behaviors. Could be related with earthquake coming up anytime soon.

    3. Dogs and cats can sense things before they happen. I have seen them act oddly before people die. Please be careful and it could be something violent to happen at the RNC. Which could relate to the elephant turning black in Eric’s vision. The BLM are there, so there will probably be violence. Take care.

    4. Donna B,Lia, Mary, SWC,
      A posting on a web site that monitors EQ. The lady and son live in Salt Lake City,
      Just posted this comment 33 minutes ago…gave my skin the crawls..
      After your comments about your animals not wanting to go outside.etc..
      We need to investigate would love your checking to verify if this is true!
      Excerpt comment..

      Jean Nielson
      Jean Nielson We keep an eye on our compass it hasn’t moved much for a year. In the last 2 days it has moved a total of 7 degrees. Something is going on.

      1. Guess what? Donna thanks for bringing my attention. My 2 dogs are extremely NERVOUS.and they sat right next to me like “cling ” unto me. I told them to chill. “Everything is fine”. It’s sunny in Dallas. I remember it’s full moon tonight. Donna, again thanks. What state you are in ? I wanted to pinpoint where the animals acting strange behaviors before big event take place.

        Uh oh….my beta fish are not being themselves these last 2 days. They are unsettled. They have super sensitive to energies.

        We need to pay attention….this is definitely something coming up. No kidding.

      2. Star: That’s weird. The compass. Something shrift in magnetic. Thanks for mentioning it. This is important document.

        1. Mary, SWC,
          I agree,
          I had run across a pilot who swore that the earth had tilted by 7 degrees ,
          South, Southeast if you were staring at the earth–
          at the time I listened..he said the airport had to change the magnetic degrees..for landing purposes., Not being a pilot..I had to do some investigation..apparently you have to have true directions.,

          I am sorry to say I have largely ignored.. That remembrance,
          except the comments about the animals..looking up,
          And the anxious attitudes. Than this posting about the compass..I just now went out and have my engineering compass in hand..will start taking readings..
          Here in Northern panhandle of Idaho.

          I would wonder if everyone who is interested?
          Could do the same..
          If you cannot buy or get a compass..
          There are free apps for phone and pads…
          I am asking for assistance on this little experiment..thanks..

      3. Star: I just asked my teenager son for his scout compass. He looked at me like “why” and what you need it for. He thinks that I’m being strange as why using it in this house. Lol

        I’m doing experiment also. I’m very curious. 😉

      4. Star and SWC, OK. Ready for the report. My son and I experienced it with the compass. It moved 6 to 7 degrees. Is that normal or not normal?

    5. My girls have mentioned they feel our dog has been very clingly lately. we are visiting Colorado right now.

    6. Hi. My bird ( macaw) and dogs started acting vv strangely about 3 days before a major earthquake in California. Animals are so sensitive that some use them to predict catastrophe ie earthquakes, etc. They can also see spirits, ghosts. Keep watch of them and stroke and reassure them,’s very stressful for them to go through.

      1. So the situation it seems with my animals is not unique. It is interesting it is in other parts of the country, something like a collective animal consciousness! the RNC is within 30 miles of me, so they may be feeling the collective tension up there?? I don’t know but I have not seen them so upset, tense, clingy and not their usual happy selves.

    7. My dearly departed cat was acting very odd several years ago, 2011 if I recall. She had been diagnosed with a huge brain tumor and was given “days to two weeks to live.” She began walking in circles near her food and water bowls, very odd because due to the placement of the tumor, she was having trouble getting her brain to tell her feet to move though you could see she was trying. She did this off and on for about 12 hours before she began making her way to me crying and stumbling. I picked her up as I had been doing every time she cried out for me. Not even a minute later, an earthquake struck. I do not live where these are common and we were both afraid. Do not ignore your pets behavior. They know what is up and are trying to warn us.

  6. Eric, Maybe you could pick a time, say 4pm pacific time today, for example -all who read, stop for a moment and send love and light
    And prayers for peace , in unison, that these events be thwarted – the energy transmitted in a positive way.

  7. SWC,
    there is a report of a EQ in Virginia mid 4.. Trying to verify..
    Maybe the waves have traveled far…when I have verified will post in comment..

      1. Luna tic,
        that Florida quake was rare..I found one around the same magnitude and position..
        It happened in 1975!.
        Lots of EQ ‘s in strange places, Rhona, Jules104. And I have been monitoring and discussing ..unusual events..We have hypothesis galore as well as some interesting aha moments..
        if you want to see some of the background information we have shared and worked on..
        sort of a back channel ..go to Sumatra posting..
        I am really amazed at the cumulative background information amassed..
        Love to have you join..

    1. Star 48, what did you find out about your compass? I downloaded a compass app, I will try the experiment.

    2. Hey Star,
      The best way to keep up with earthquakes is the app “QuakeFeed” on the iPhone. Being a Californian, we use this app. Make sure to put your app settings to things above 1.0 so you don’t get bombarded with the minor stuff. There was a quake in Richlands, VA at 2.53am on 7/18. Granted it was 0.0miles below the ground which means it was either a blast or mining. Usually earthquakes are at least a mile underground. Hope this helps. Hugs!

      1. Jon Blue,
        you make me smile..,! Think of you often,,

        Jon, I am native CA..I was guided and moved 3 yrs Idaho
        just got into my house before thanksgiving last year.,
        I am closer to your grandfathers age Than to yours..

        All of the premier EQ monitoring Groups are all in CA. Menlo park,Pasadena, also San Diego has the ANF at UCSD is in your neighborhood..
        My grandfather was one of the founders of a newspaper in LA in 1926, my other grandfather had grocery stores right after WW1, near Santa Monica / LA when it was just bean fields..My fathers family worked in Newspapers, LA Times,Herald Examiner, Racing Form, La Opinion….family is ll over the state, north and south..
        My nephew works your area, for agricultural standards..( first real job out if college)

        So I have been through all the big EQ’s in SOuthern CA also the one in SF .( I was there just crossing the bridge that collapsed by 2 hrs.. So I follow eq there as I have tons of relatives still populating CA..
        And of course, I know you and Eric are down of my brothers Is living in Laguna Niguel…where I lived in the same town for almost 20 yrs..until I was guided to ID,
        Never been here in my surprise..
        just as you did not plan going to SD until your grandfather guided you..same thing for me.

        So Keep smiling..blessings.. Think of the silver strand,and the Del, and the beach there..
        (Lived in Newport Beach, during college..on 44 th street on Peninsula.,
        Guess what my rent was 125.00 a month for a house on the beach….! I split it with my roommate
        Of course that was when gas was 25 cents a gallon! )

        If your interested in EQ monitoring check out this link..

      2. Star, That is so cool of your time and journey in CA and on to Idaho!!! And your knowledge about EQ, my first boyfriend of 7 years works for USGS as he is a geophysict and professor. He lives in MN. He keeps me updated and keeps me from worrying about it too much.
        I still do find it surreal that I am here and that randomly Eric is too. We have not crossed paths that I know of.
        I keep remembering grandpa saying three times the nazis were coming and I must vote for Hillary. This was FOUR YEARS AGO, remember? And now we have a racist Trump with a communist raised wife from a Russian area running for president. Grandpa, as I said years ago to you all, was a staunch republican. But now it is so clear why he took me by the shoulders and shook me in the dream all those years ago. How scared I was in that moment of what I saw in those dreams. Hillary had said back then she was not going to run. Grandpa being in heaven since 1991 is closer up there to God than I am. So I am doing exactly as he says. I really feel this forcefield around me now as long as I keep staying in the light.
        Thank you for your continued friendship and caring. We can keep being positive no matter what is thrown at us.

  8. star48. thanks, I am in Ohio which does have some tremors (mostly because of fracking now) however, it could have traveled that far. they(the animals) are very restless and they keep looking up in the air like they can see something I cannot. My blind pitty mix was actually shaking wanting to be let inside when she usually is the brave one. There is nothng around that I can see. No noise etc. Something is up.

    1. Star48,
      Just really confused. How did this go to a discussion about earthquakes? I get that animals can sense things are coming, but how does it relate to his predictions?
      The last prediction is basically happening rn at the RNC with protests and division.
      I’m really worried about the second prediction occurring tomorrow in Florida. Earlier, a user named Perry said that there was going be an event tomorrow with the shindig. He’s right. There is a band called the Shindig that is playing tomorrow in Hollywood in Florida. Has anyone tried to contact someone about it?
      Still kind of confused about the first prediction.

      1. Em,
        no one is ignoring the main posts..
        in fact, any information is being added .

        A progression about EQ happened because of a comment about animals were stressed.
        And possible reasons..

        It is like a side note or conversation..

        The focus is totally on the points spirit has put down..
        Do not think that your contributions are being

        However if you prefer..since this seems to distress your focus..I will take it off thread.,
        Not to worry,,,

      2. Em, I think you are right to bring our focus back to this prediction. I am concerned as well as tomorrow is Tuesday, there is a band called Shindig and they are playing in Hollywood (Florida) tomorrow. Perhaps this is not the event referenced, but I think better safe than sorry. Has anyone tried to contact the band or the local authorities to be watchful. ?

    2. Star: that’s correct! I couldn’t believe that the USGS did not report the quakes in Virginia and Florida. I thought it was odd and why not reported it immediately. Thanks for heading up.

    1. STAR: I goggle for past history of mine collapsed in Richland, Virginia. There was the roof top fall in July 15, 1997. It was not related with earthquake. Kind of coincidence as it collapsed on July 18, 2016. Just 3 days passed of July 15th, 1997. Mine developed in 1986 (I think).

      1. Yes there was but not from Eric’s prediction. It mentioned (I can’t remember which psychic ) that their palace home will be on fire and danger around the royal families. Maybe kidnapping the distant family members. Also death in royal family, possibly Queen Elizabeth.

  9. Carly fiorina should be vp pick for clinton or trump. Your going to need a heavy hand that is not tied to the establishment of bribes and kickbacks. The british system is best were you can change leaders if the party votes leader out. Keeps everyone in check. You can have a majority but the leader can be tossed out in non confidence vote.

  10. The panthers plan on marching with guns at the Republican convention. They just passed a new law that forbids protest in a restricted area. This is a recipe for disaster

  11. My gut reaction at George passing was England, but logically former Prez GB makes sense and is in line with others predicting a past president dying.

    Schools start in Georgia first week of August. My sister is a teacher in that state so I felt this one! Atlanta metro feels right, but maybe because of the olympic park bombing. We’ll see.

    If you google RNC shindig you find lots of references. And the elephant has to be RNC, nothing else makes sense right? Hollywood – maybe a California delegation is involved? The literal interpretation is a shooting at a function in LA, maybe next week or early August?

    Time will tell….doesn’t feel like any of these can/will be stopped…

  12. Headline for CNN. Stop trump movement creates chaos at rnc convention. They were removed. There is nothing united about the usa. The divided states of America. Someone is predicting he gets shot. I hope not. He must change his speech and tone.

  13. “In politics a Richard Nixon like act unfolds.. traitor.. fear being the dominate force.. shady hidden act will be exposed.” The 21st is marked. This is from Eric’s 5/14/2016 prediction
    I found something very interesting regarding the RNC, These quotes are from Trump’s campaign manager and I’ve excerpted from the article
    “We started on the speech a couple of weeks ago,” said Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort. “We looked at previous conventions speeches; the one he focused on, though, was Nixon in 1968.” The aim was not to “unite” America, as Nixon claimed, but to target enough white middle-class support (as well as support from a smattering of other groups) to win.

    Manafort made clear that Trump’s core strategy in 2016 is the same, and that in the campaign’s view, the “angst” created by recent police shootings of African-Americans, as well as attacks on police, create an “opportunity” for the campaign. Any correlation?

  14. The University of Alabama has a mascot of a red and black elephant. Shindigs could mean HIDING. Interesting that Georgia is mentioned, close to Alabama…a southern state as well. I’d warn them anyway..just to keep an eye out tomorrow.

  15. For those communicating about earthquakes. Some years back I visited Hot Springs, AK. My outer ear began to hurt. I asked about it and was told my body was reacting to earth stresses in that area. Some years later, as I drove across California mountains, my ear would ache again as I passed through various areas. Anyone noticing their body responding to the stresses of the earth in some manner?

    1. Christophilos, there are frequent earthquakes in Calif. It’s spreading from east to west and north to south in US. I’m monitoring…thanks SWC For watching and reporting the earthquakes. I feel strongly this IS IT…my dogs are crazy nervous.

  16. There’s been an attack on.a German train just now with an axe not a bomb 20 people injured so far

        1. Texasbelle4732,
          thank you so much..
          Here is another photo from Twitter.
          Photo: Emergency crews on scene after incident on train in Wurzburg, Germany – @huethi89

    1. Laurence,
      I saw this today, thought I would share, just in case…you are in UK?

      British Broadcaster BBC launch app that acts as personalized hub for BBC content – BBC

    1. I saw these headlines and read the story and immediately thought of Eric’s prediction of the German train attack. Things are happening so fast now, it’s disturbing.

  17. Laurence, just a thought,
    if you are interested.,where ever you are there are news agencies..Newspapers..
    You can go and check without signing up on newsfeeds like
    UPI, AP, Reuters, Newspapers
    even world wide ones like also reports your local area news
    if you do not have to …just be a reader…or you can send them info if something happens in your area or experience..
    You can sign up for alerts and news cost..also can tailor it for your interests..
    Eg. Volcanos, terrorism, local news? What ever your is no costs except data amount from your plan . Cell or Provider..wifi etc.

    I can attest that it is a lot of fun…it sure cuts down on newspapers,magazines, lots of TV,radio stations, even weather sites..

    You can sign up in yr phone or oc or computer..

    take care and blessings

      1. Mary,
        I do not want to be the “Lone Ranger”. ( now you can guess how old I am…)
        I would love for anyone and everyone to sign up..

        It could be important ,if for what ever reason there are events that happen,
        And you need to know ASAP..for yourself or your family..
        Or if one of us passes …we need others to step up..

        So I invite everybody…to sign up..Sharon, Mary, everybody..there is no cost..
        ( except for the data usage and you can control that )

      1. I have to sign off now. Will check back in tomorrow. I hope whatever this is, it can be averted. Peace…..

  18. Star48,
    No, it’s totally okay! I didn’t think you guys were ignoring my contributions at all. I’ve read the rest of the comments, and it makes sense. No need to take it off the thread.
    Thanks for alerting us about the German train incident. I really hope it’s not another terror attack.
    I recently just found Erich’s website and predictions. It’s amazing that something like this exists, where you guys can share your gifts and (psychic, spiritual or otherwise) and dedicate your time to try to prevent or alter these horrific events.

    1. Em,
      actually the credit goes to Laurence,(I think in UK)
      And Texasbelle and everything we do here is a group effort..they gave the heads up..
      Sad I think the number of people hurt in Germany is 15 ,will have to keep monitoring for updates.

      I am very impressed with your contributions,and dedicated focus..

      The Shindig.,observation by Perry, Indigo the continual awareness and conversation,,
      The GOP, sounds like …shambles…keep monitoring..everybody..spirit sends out flags..

      Side note
      Em, when you get any extra time..look at the older posts still open
      On the prediction the top of the page..
      Under Home. And Bio information link..
      Or if you want to know about previous posts on a particular subject..or concern.,,or feeling
      Put a search req..In search bar under you are following..
      Ie.main topics, key words, will show you what was posted what has unfolded and what is still open ..

      So glad you found us..welcome ..

      SWC by the way stands for (Spiritual Warrior Clan)
      Clan — Gaelic for children
      The spirits are the ancients… Blessings to you and yours..

      1. Thanks! Just out of curiosity, are a majority of the frequent people on this site religious? I’ve seen a lot of Buddhist and Christian elements
        I myself am Christian.

        1. Em,
          ( my opinion)
          everyone religion,sect and belief are represented on this site!
          That why Eric, stresses..respect of religion, respect of belief,.or non belief.,
          And of people’s opinions
          If people are destructive to any –it is not tolerated.

          Religion and politics..Are not big points on this blog.,
          It detracts from our mission,,

          As everyone has unique opinions..and positions.

          If you go back 3 years and read will see that..
          this is not that forum.or platform..
          Rants- occasional.;continual -no..
          Anyone who wants to profess for any party or candidate or rebellion..or religion or non
          Usually is ignored. .there are acceptions.. And Eric has politely asked them to find another platform.
          As this is Eric and spirits homebase. He oversees and monitors our collective comments, as gifts..

          Mostly if it takes away from our intent and can be destructive to our mission ..
          You will never find a more dedicated group of souls working together…
          To help..change or modify the future through our actions..comments,dreams,visions,insight,
          Hunches, or just plain common sense..

          Be they, prayer,Alerting -people,press,neighbors friends, officials or just posting on differant sites the information spirit relates…Awareness is the key..

          But you will see as you contribute more and read the collective consciousness.,as well as see our successes, and misses, and failures..but we keep going.,

          There is a post I will post on a comment for you about what spirit said about our group..!
          Hope this helps?

  19. Hi,
    CNN is reporting several stabbed on a German train. I thought of your prediction of a bomb, but that wouldn’t so far. They said they will have more as facts become available.

  20. Hi,

    It wouldn’t let me copy and paste. CNN reporting Afgan man swinging an AXE injured 4 people on a German train & was shot dead. The worlds going insane! Do you think this has anything to do with your prediction?

    1. Sharon: Eric mentioned there are multiple attacks at this time. Also I think we are being affected by the shift of magnetic that can create our mind and emotional off balance. Also it affected the core of earth to cause earthquake as well. Anything can happen when the magnetic shift. One document in Salt lake city stated that the compass has not moved in one year til a couple of days ago. It shrift 7 inches. Is that correct, Star about the compass in inches?

    2. It looks like it, they mentioned that it was coming soon, so I have to assume that’s the prediction. However in the vision they kept showing two trains.

  21. Some guy with an axe on the train in Germany. God is great. More people killed. Lovely. Let me do some preaching as your religious leaders are ignorant. There is father son universes. When jesus died and got bloody crucified he became a living image of the father which makes father son possible. So everyone gets to heaven. Either or. There is three paths. There is 4 different worlds once past the gates which keeps evil out. So if your a muslim and you pray to God and have not killed anyone your going. Same goes for christians, Buddha’s everyone.

  22. On another note referencing Erics :Predictions 4-15-16 “Security and safety replaced with violence.” I had visual of an emblem with an elephant in the center, the emblem was red but then it faded to black. the slogan of the RNC convention interestingly is “Make America SAFE again”

  23. The latest I’m hearing from Germany train attack is 14 injured or in shock and 3 fighting for their lives. Horrible!

  24. SWC, new times came out with compilation of information..
    Other than Twitter.
    See.Authorities say Wurzburg, Germany, train attacker fled train while police officers moved in, was fatally shot while trying to escape; motive remains unclear – New York Times
    i am sure they will be more articles,with more information.

    1. Star,
      That’s wonderful, and a good reason to be optimistic about the future. I’m praying that we will be given more clarity to alter these events. All I really have to go on is the premonitions I have before some of the events occur. I’ve found that by sorting through the old predictions and newer ones that there are undeniable connections and patterns that the spirits have projected for us. With more information revealed as we work together, I believe that we can develop more of a timeline. If you ever need any help or there’s anything I can do, just leave a reply to one of my most recents comments.

  25. This is a very good observation. Is someone contacting this music group and/or club to let them know to be careful? How does one approach this without creating panic?

    1. For future circumstances i plan to ask them on how to approach circumstances. But in this prediction Hollywood could be CA, Florida, or just a star filled event.

  26. Perry, Hi, cannot reply directly on your comment as has no reply bar..
    Regarding your comment about Florida incident..
    Live science ..wrote article..about the depth,
    Note” 4 p.m. local time and originated at a depth of about 3 miles (5 km). According to the USGS ShakeMap, some weak tremors were reported and picked up by scientific instruments on the mainland, but the quake was too weak to cause any damage”

    Full article from Live science..

    It has no ax to grind with the USGS or the Navy…
    why would the testing be needed for that depth?

    1. Em,
      Great catch! That could be part of a picture…can you follow?
      See if it is found or spotted? Great work! Seeming small items can be important…
      Thanks for your imput..

      1. Star 48,
        Yep! I’ll check the news.
        Just also saw on the news that there is also a lot of violence outside the convention center, so hoping everything is resolved soon!

      2. No updates, so it seems they were just over speculating. Infowars does this a lot unfortunately.

  27. Eric, SWC- In this post dated 1/27/16 there was a question of what information went to which prediction due to mistakenly lumping the info together. Last prediction 12/4/14 on this post says George Washington, George, Georgia. So both Georgia and George. It also speaks of a train rolling by with message of death (no bomb). Could this be tied to the German train deaths? Also another post 10/15/15 there mentions “Lockdown”. I’m wondering if these could be related to this Post now.

  28. Hére chart vxo 1987 crash have a big emulated today vix índex.When this índex up strong stocks and world crash. Could have next days,vix 140 is target in 2 weeks!?This is relación with happen 100%,attack terrorist.

    Enviado desde mi iPad


    > Maybe,George,George Bush.Then London with Bush have: > >,+White+City,+London,+Reino+Unido/@51.5045084,-0.2183378,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x48760fdb594805db:0x1185b5d2d83e2f26?hl=es > Maybe risk? >

  29. Just in on the news, there is a mass shooting that just occurred at a mall in Munich, Germany. As many as 15 dead + dead, and more wounded. There are reports of another shooting at a subway station. The shooters are at large. Everyone please pray for Germany.

  30. Link for report of shooters in Germany (above link as well). Can we please have a unified prayer, as someone mentioned before on this page? Prayers for those killed, injured and their families. And prayers for those who are so consumed with hate that they carry out these horrible attacks. God please work on these lost souls full of hate and fill them with compassion and love instead.

    1. of course! Although we knew this was coming, it doesn’t mean that we can’t change the outcome. Praying is powerful and is the only thing that we can do in situations like this.

  31. Eric, there has just been an attack in a mall in Berlin, Germany. It’s unclear how many dead; there are conflicting reports. Please pray for our world. It has become unhinged.

  32. Swc the sunger just gave me Georgia so it could indicate Erics’s predictiin is soon …funny though they gave me Louisiana also maybe confirming US Georgia..
    Blessings all

        1. Eric I’ve come to inderstand that usually you are right with your thoughts on what Spirit is saying. Sometimes it may not seem that way at first but eventually it is revealed. I’ve noticed like I mentioned earlier there seems to be a cycle of events happening right now, and maybe the other Louisianna is part of that? But I feel you know your Spirits best. I really think the Lou is still the Louvre. Does it seem that it’s sort of like history repeating itself but in different but similar versions? Sometimes I feel as though that happens.

  33. Em yes many of us have stated often that we shed light love and prayer to a situation can change it and as Eric said the practicality of being proactive is his and spirits main goal …so happy your on board Em …one day we will have proof some events have changed or been thwarted some failed predictions are actually a success of change

  34. Hi Jules 104 i agree i think its still the Lourve Paris keeps coming in…
    I believe the Louisiana my guides gave was to verify Georgia is U.S. As my thoughts when it came through were which Georgia….I have had 2 flags today for Paris..

    1. Hi Rhona. I see what you’re saying now. Georgia in the US as confirmed by Louisiana. Sometimes it takes me a while… Blessings

    1. Rhona I put that up on an old thread from 2014 just last night. It said China gets hit again and again and again. It still says awaiting moderation. So…I thought the same thing though. Very sad. Poor people. I haven’t seen anything on our news about it. Theyve lost a lot of people in all of these floods. It’s really horrible. Praying for them.

      1. I saw that also Rhona. Added the same flood list. I don’t think mine took though. Maybe I put it on to old of a thread? I can’t believe how long this has been going on either. I haven’t seen anything on our news for it. I am really surprised there has been no reporting on it. Maybe I missed it?

  35. Jules104 there has been nothing on or news ??? Millions affeced and not a breath of reporting…..

    1. How devastating. …can’t believe it’s not even on the news. Probably the US political gets all the attentions. Praying for China.

  36. I had dreams 2 days ago after I had said a prayer and asked for peace…a personal request that I could go back to sleep for an hour after an restless night of sleep (again). What I got was a dream of school shooting by a former? student at possibly a college. I saw security people and they were wearing shirts with a penguin emblem. In the next dream I saw a large birthday cake that had been thrown by the side of the road with garbage…possibly a small town celebration. I was in a warehouse and there were people standing at tables and then a van drove in the back and a group of clean cut men came out the van doors with baseball bats and metal poles and began to beat the people that were working. As far as the schools all I could really find for the penguin was Julliard and Youngstown U in Ohio. Not sure if this correlates with Eric’s vision of the school but I felt the need to post it. Thx.

  37. Eric,
    this might be wrong thread..Ivy League?

    Rhode Island prep school St. George’s announces settlement with up to 30 people who allege sexual abuse as students – AP

  38. Eric, Georgia.
    Unusual incident..( Five Points). A flag?
    Photo: Part of ceiling collapsed onto escalators at Five Points MARTA station in Atlanta, Ga.; no injuries reported – @FOX5Atlanta

  39. Eric,
    Explosion in Kosovo..
    Should I have put it on Differant thread? Explosion side of building?
    PRISTINA, Kosovo (AP) — Assailants struck Kosovo’s Parliament with an explosive device late on Thursday causing damage to the building but no injuries, the police said in a statement. The force said the device that hit the building was fired from a distance..

  40. August 8, 2016 at 9:27 AM
    Eric, SWC,
    ALERT…FBI. Investigating..

    FBI investigating non-specific threat sent in letter targeting Bank of America skyscraper in Atlanta; building remains open – Atlanta Journal-Constitution

  41. Eric, from this post..
    Explosion heard on the 18th
    Attack on Geothermal installation in Indonesia.
    Police name 21 suspects in attack on geothermal plant being constructed in North Sumatra, Indonesia – Jakarta Globe

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