Predictions 12-30-15

“Unfortunately the wicked people are still there.. Belgium.”

I had a visual of a bomb that went off all that was left was rubble.
I had a visual of 3 gray sticks.
I had a visual of coffee grounds on the ground
I had a visual of a cross in the skyline, perhaps a church or school.
In the visual they showed what looked like a Belgium Flag.

“Tuesday.. Hollywood”

“In Hollywood, at the Shindig,  the mad one reacts insanely, seeking revenge.”

“In one minute.. a prediction.” One minute means one day putting it on the 31st or 1st.

Spirit has clarified 3 predictions, I am sorry its not good news at all.

For the next few months we are moving forward with our plan of predicting events that are coming “Next”. The only question I will be asking Spirit is “What is coming next for the world.” Then at a later date they will remind me that a prediction is about to happen, as they did above with the Hollywood message. All other questions are on hold, I am giving Spirit complete autonomy. The hope here is to end the biggest flaw of our work, ‘time’. By focusing on just the events that are coming very soon we can then regroup as we draw closer to the timeframe and perhaps narrow it down to a few days.  The ultimate goal is to have an event, location, and timeframe for every prediction. This will be the major focus as we move forward into 2016.


113 thoughts on “Predictions 12-30-15

  1. Cannot locate any MAJOR events in Hollywood, CA or Hollywood, FL for Tuesday, January 5th.
    Closest major upcoming event is the Parade of Roses in LA coming up on New Years Day.

      1. The parade is in Pasadena CA. Like Hollywood, it’s in LA county but I doubt the spirits would connect the two when communicating with you. Obviously, I could be wrong. They are just a 20 minute drive (without traffic. Usually more like 45 with the standard LA traffic) from each other but two totally different worlds.

      2. And the Rose Parade is not a huge celebrity attraction. So I just don’t see them even using “Hollywood” to reference “celebrity.”
        BUT… There’s many big New Years Eve celebrations in Hollywood. It’s jammed pack NYE.

      3. I don’t know where these events are located as they relate to Hollywood itself. There is also the Rose Bowl football game at the stadium.

      4. The Rose Parade and Rose Bowl game are both located in Pasadena which is about 15-20 minutes away from Hollywood. Pasadena is its own city.

  2. Eric just now!!

    Brussels Cancels New Year’s Festivities: Reports
    Brussels’ mayor says New Year’s Eve celebrations in the city have been cancelled due to a terror attack threat, reports say.

      1. Okay Thanks. That’s exactly what I was thinking. I’ve not been able to contribute as well as I’d like to or keep up to date as well either since our move to the PNW. Looking forward to getting back to it. You and Spirit are doing a wonderful job Eric! Blessings.

  3. Eric,
    In regards to Belgium, there is a popular coffee /pastry shop next to Saint Catherine’s Church…..its also next to a Metro stop.

    In one of your posts you referred to Bell View, apparently there is a old bell tower….

    In the 19Th century the old church from the 14Th century was replaced by this one, only leaving from the original the Baroque bell tower that standing apart from the church, confused me with the black tower.
    The church, inspired by the parisian St. Eustache, is being cleaned and we didn’t enter.
    In front of the church, the old docks filled by sanitary reasons are now a long avenue.

      1. If it’s the shop called Boulangerie Charli…which seems to be very famous for its pastry, breads, coffee.. The address is…Rue Sainte-Catherine’s 34, 1000 Bruexels, Belgium. Could that be related to the 3,4 post somehow ? Also what about the post which had a statue of a Saint? Could that have been related?

        1. I am trying to clarify that now. They did point to the number 24 and how it links to other predictions, I need to look over my work and see what they are talking about.

    1. Omg…that’s awesome! Hopefully all over the world will do the same to cancel the New Year celebration events. Just to be safe.


  4. I had this same sight, it’s why I searched it… Last night (more like 3-4am while looking at Venus in my telescope… I just learned how to open my gate to my higher self, and still figuring out all of the reads of time in reverse and all the angles, I thought he said at 8, but also 7:15.. I know there was a Z in the airport name maybe a N, but the anti-Devine type connection I have always says remember… . Kind of ironic I’d tell you today the power of positive thought over negative because when I started the journey that aloud me be become aware it was doing ancient civilization research… To show that religion was based on myth and created for direction and hope by man, and how it was a depiction of the energy field… Now I know it’s so much more…


      1. You need to ask some questions to you:

        Who feels hurted?
        Who feels scared?
        Who feels the need to be ironic to others?
        Is it your body with your ego or your inner , your divine soul?

        Ask your self and answer for you not for us and not here, be sincere only with you Laurence.

        I wish you and all the people to find the path of knowledge and truth , to understand that we are all one and that love is the only thing we need!
        Every one of us is a cell of the divine soul that we come from and we came here at this life at this moment for a reason we have chosen before we are born.We have chosen to be born now at this important time at the Age of Aquarius.!!
        We do not remember why but its important the interaction info that we give back to the higher consciousness in order to change the way we see and live in this physical world.Its time for change.God (any God) bless you all!

        Happy New year!🎉❤️❤️❤️

  5. Award season is coming up. I’m not sure if any are on a Tuesday but there are many “shin-digs” that follow each one.

    1. Read the article but do not think those detained would be the ones actually doing anything in the USA although perhaps part of it. Another recent article described an alert and extremely heightened police presence in the USA (especially NYC) for New Years Eve & Day.
      Wonder if the Belgian incident is the “source” of the following excerpt:
      “On Wednesday, Los Angeles officials said they were aware of a threat passed on to U.S. officials from a single source overseas that warned of possible attacks on New York, Los Angeles and Washington D.C. between Christmas and New Year’s.
      “We are aware of it, Major Crimes (Division) is aware of it, but it’s nothing specific,” LAPD spokesman Ricardo Hernandez told Fox 11. “

    1. Wondering the same thing Rita. Hope everyone was evacuated and they get everyone away from the bottom ground area. It sounds like a horrible situation for authorities and fire men with the crowds for the New Years Eve Celebration. Praying

  6. Hi Eric & Colleagues: I just read on the BBC website that there are serious threats against Munich and therefore, the trains have been stopped and there are warnings to avoid crowded areas. Eric, didn’t you say something about Germany within the past month? I thought so. Here is the link: Stay safe everyone and Happy New Year!

  7. Eric and site family warm wishes love support and a safe fruitful 2016 to all
    a special hello to spirit…
    Its hopeful to hear some threats being foiled and averted it will continue …be safe be kind to each other and forever prayers light and guidance to authorities and security keepers in our world …
    Blessings we are on track……

    1. Thank You Rhona. What wonderful words of wisdom. I wish you all the best for 2016 with many more to come. May your heart be light and your purse heavy. 😉 Blessings Always

  8. Eric, Jules104, Rhona, and all site family..
    .Best wishes for you and yours for the New Year……….. .blessings to all..
    Looking forward to our clan of Warriors -working together in the quest to help bring awareness ..

      1. And thanks to everyone to help Eric and the Spirits. We make great “warriors” team! 😉

        Happy New Year!

  9. Star 48 Come to realise beyond doubt the interconectedness of all we truly are never alone …i feel.blessed to experience a knowledge and profound evidential existance of spirit and the love that transmits through that love..both personelly and on this sight so many caring can never be inerpreted as anything but good..lead the way sight family onward and upward glory be to the bearers of light shine on in all lifes
    challenges and laugh often

    Jules 104 your right back at ya ten fold best of everything to you and yours
    Thank you 3Dakota

    1. Rhona ,
      how odd..there is the ” coincidence ” that Jackpsonvilleis referenced..,,
      Definitely something to check out…
      Nice catch..

  10. Hi Eric
    I use to have a lot of world event predictions 7-15 years ago but then all stopped for some reason until last week. This is it below;
    ‘I awoke one morning to read a letter under my door, Which was very threatening. The next thing
    I was sitting/ floating in a cafe that had the bench window looking out to the street.. My car was parked down the street which I had clear view of, suddenly flames were in the back of my car and I was watching 2-3 men trying to put it out, meanwhile I am just watching, then just as they thought that it was out then a huge flame started in the front and then the car just exploded, I was then shown a bomb that was the size almost of a brick and was told by spirit this was in the car…
    I then was a little upset as I had lost some possessions in the car…especially baby seat for some reason…
    Then returned home to another threatening letter….and then involved police…’

    Now in all my past predictions they always show me there watching (floating) what is happening but then spirit explain to me a little more to understand and then I need to work it out… Like a riddle..

    All I have for this atm is this;

    Certain city will or has received threats
    A car bomb will be left somewhere near a cafe (that is Imminent as men could not put fire out) busy popular spot.
    My possessions symbolises my city or my country or a kid environment.
    I live in Sydney, Australia.
    2nd threatening letter after bomb of more to come….

    What do you make of this Eric?
    Have you had any predictions like this similar or in Australia?

    1. It sounds like a terror attack to me. The question you need to ask is what does it mean to you? I have heard a lot of people especially now reconnecting to Spirit in all forms so your not alone. Yes I do have a prediction about AU and a terror attack, put this in the search engine off to the side of the blog; Notes on 10-15-15

      1. Eric, do you still have a feeling that something will happen in Belgium? I actually live there and I’ve had a weird and uneasy feeling for quite some time now…can you ask the spirits to confirm this?

  11. Eric, do you still have a feeling that something will happen in Belgium? I actually live there and I’ve had a strange feeling for months now…can you ask the spirits?

    1. Yes, I will say the foiled plots give me pause, it really sounds like it turned for the better. However there is still the question of the bombed building I saw?

      1. I know you mentioned before you saw 3 attacks (3 grey sticks) and you mentioned one of them would be semi successful….does the bombed building refer to that? Would the city of Brussels be the location of that building? Also, any ideas on timeline? So Belgium is not in the clear yet?

        1. 3 could mean several things, the events are my guess. 3 people, the third, or three events. It was an odd message. I will ask, but several of those predictions are clearly about the foiled attack including the ones about threats around the 31st.

          1. Yes, if you could please ask it would be great just because I actually work in the Brussels city center where a lot of security has been beefed up throughout the last couple months. The atmosphere in Brussels have been quite intense and an eye opener for the people here. So any clarification from the spirits would really help put me at ease and others that I know. Thanks so much!

  12. In your prediction about Belgium you mention a cross in the sky, being near a church or a school. Could it be the Basilica of Koekelberg? On top of it is a lit red cross. It is across the school where I work, but there are other schools in the vicinity. I have no idea what the three greys sticks or the numbers could mean, though, but the first time I read the prediction this red cross of the Basilica was the first thing that entered my mind.

      1. Eric, so you’re still seeing a threat? I know a couple places that have been prime places for security such as the cathedral near St Catherine’s in Brussels. There’s also a school called KU Leuven which is the oldest school in Belgium and one of its locations is right by a church in downtown Brussels. Are you seeing a timeline? I’m surprised as I thought you mentioned the attacks were foiled?

        1. We have questions about the bombing they showed at the very beginning. As for several other parts of the Belgium messages I honestly do feel they are foiled. But I am waiting to see what they have to say about the bombing part. That was separate from the other messages.

  13. Eric, when I recvd the comment…to Marie inquiry in my inbox
    I did not see your reply to the comment included.,as it usually has in the past.
    This is a first for me…anyone have the same thing happen?

  14. Eric, 3 suicide bombers blew themselves up in a Starbucks in Indonesia. This must be the 3 gray sticks and the coffee grounds.

  15. Eric, just wondering if you have any updates from the spirits about that bombed building you mentioned that you foresaw in Belgium?

      1. Hello Eric,

        There have been some new developments in Brussels over the last 24 hrs and I’m not sure if you have heard what has been going on here. Yesterday, there was a terrorist operation where 4 police officers were shot and 2 suspects fled and there’s a massive manhunt underway right now in the city for the 2 men who are heavily armed. This is all linked to the Paris attacks. I’d like to know if this is the what you meant when you wrote that you saw building in ruins and the Belgian flag in the background? Can you ask the spirits about these 2 suspects and what will happen? The city is on high alert and any information from the spirit guides would be really useful right now, please.


        Greetings from Brussels

        1. Thanks. I will ask, they did show a bombing, but then predicted a foiled event as well, looks like the foiled part has happened. But I will ask all the same.

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