Catholic Church Sex Abuse Scandal in Pennsylvania

This evil prediction has happened. I just can’t imagine such an egregious act in what is suppose to be a holy place. For over 23 years our family has dedicated our lives to fostering children so this prediction hits me hard emotionally. How anyone could willingly hurt children like that is beyond my understanding.  Now I know why Spirit blocked the literal details with symbolic ones.

I am Back.. Again! 4-26-18   I had a visual of a bowl of fruit, then it quickly turned black and rotten. Then the visual shifted to show the fruit inside was hallowed out, there were only peels left and all of them turned black.   Then the visual shifted to show stairs, step by step. Each step was rotten, had black sludge oozing off the sides, mold was growing in the corners.

I know the fruit rotting or turning black is a sexual scandal. This one seems huge, very dark and down right evil. Sludge has been used to describe evil acts.  I am not sure what it means to be hallowed out. “Peeled away”   “Layered”    The stairs?? 

They have used these symbols before, from the sex abuse at Penn State, to the scandals with the President all showing fruit that soured. However never since the Catholic sex scandal has it been presented so utterly dark.  I will try and get some details about who or where? However with Spirit being so symbolic it’s clear they are shielding me from seeing something I would rather not see, the details might have to be consistently vague. 


Bridge Collapse in Italy

This tragic prediction has happened. Please pray for those in Italy, may the injured recover.

The green and red flag represents Italy. The prediction talks about a horrible ‘racing’ car accident but perhaps the vehicle destruction is an extension of the bridge collapse.

The Predictions From:   Predictions 4-15-18   Predictions 5-30-16   Predictions 4/18/18

I had a visual of a large bridge that was half destroyed. It was a horrible sight.

Then the introduction of a new prediction one that will have our undivided attention: I had a visual I was above looking down at an area, the area was completely destroyed. The buildings in rubble, towering metal rods sticking up from the ground. Nothing was left of the area that wasn’t destroyed.

I had a visual of cars racing, then a massive accident, cars mangled, one had flipped over

I had a visual of a vehicle turned over by a body of water, then it shifted to show a green and red flag.



UK Parliament Terror Attack

This prediction has happened. Please pray for the safety of all those in the United Kingdom.

If we are to follow the messages on this post, Spirit is predicting another incident involving an explosion soon. I need to clarify the location. Spider is symbolic to a terror attack or someone committing a sinister act. The number 14 is the date.

Predictions 6-11-16 UK Terror Attack   I had a visual of individuals waving small British flags.

I had a visual of a large Spider walking the streets of Britain.



Predictions 8-12-18

Unfortunately Philip will pass.

I again had a visual of one massive explosion, one massive fire. This time they implied it had a nuclear aspect. “The first of our messages coming soon.”

I had a visual of a man throwing a bomb device into the water.



Asian Long Horned Tick

Has this prediction started to unfold? Is this the beginning of the threat they warned us about?

Predictions 8-2-18  Dangerous parasite spreads quickly like a plague.. lime disease.

The facts on 8-6-18 reported by New York Times:  “For the first time in 50 years, a new tick species has arrived in the United States — one that in its Asian home range carries fearsome diseases.

The Asian long-horned tick, Haemaphysalis longicornis, is spreading rapidly along the Eastern Seaboard. It has been found in seven states and in the heavily populated suburbs of New York City.

At the moment, public health experts say they are concerned, but not alarmed.

Although domestic American ticks are a growing menace and transmit a dozen pathogens, no long-horned ticks here have yet been found with any human diseases. In Asia, however, the species carries a virus that kills 15 percent of its victims.”

Predictions 8-7-18

I had a visual of one massive explosion, it was huge, almost as if a nuclear bomb went off. Then it shifted to show the inside of one massive factory or energy center. There were these large metal rods making a strange noise. The noise was like a loud washer that was out of balance, but the banging was very fast and loud. Then the rods exploded, one then two, then three, then the entire structure exploded.

I need to ask where?

In the airport.. terror.. terror like act.. Denver.. 8

The leak is out.. leak.. leak.

I had a visual of the number 12:30 the massive Tsunami is coming.

They might be referencing the prediction written in December: Prediction: Indian Ocean Tsunami

We are working on the next set of ‘Truths” One of them discusses a portrait of heaven and the other hell. We debated sharing this for some time because what they showed me does not reflect what I was taught in Sunday school.  So I am asking everyone to keep an open mind, I am not trying to change anyone’s beliefs or counter religion, I am only showing the Truth that I know, the truth they have explained and showed me.

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7.0 Indonesia Earthquake

This prediction has happened.  Its unclear if the Volcano is still coming, but Spirit did put the two events back to back? I will try and verify with Spirit later tonight. Please pray for the safety of all those in Indonesia.

The numbers 7,8 represent the size of the quake. I am unclear what the 30 represents. The prediction happened in the morning not in the evening.

Prediction: Destructive Earthquake Coming  “30.. Earthquake.. 7  8.. horrible damage.. when dinner is served” Then I had a visual I was standing by a bay, the water was in front of me with a large city in the background.

I had a visual of one massive eruption.

“Indonesia.. Malaysia.. all affected”

It’s possible they are talking about the Volcano Krakatau in Indonesia that is already erupting. The implication was that it would erupt far more violently, one massive eruption.