Predictions on 6-3-16

“In 5 minutes (days)” (sometime around the 7th or 8th)


Spirit again pointed to the train: I had a visual of a train that had the colors of a German flag. The train showed multiple cracks like a can that was ripped open.

“The plane.. there are individuals with wicked intent.. fifteen.. hundred.”

I had a visual of two women walking towards an airplane, their hands were filthy. Then the visual switched and I was in a parking garage, on one of the pillars was written 1 7.

I had a visual I was on the plane, in the background was an image of wings opening up, like a logo or symbol. At that moment I felt a very sad tragic tone fall over me.

I had a visual of the state of Texas.

Here they might be starting a new prediction, but I need to ask.

“Assassination attempt on Bill (William?)”

I had a visual someone was pulling out items from a backpack as if inspecting it. A black shirt was pulled out.

“weekends time.. 26”





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  1. 3 Syrian Men were arrested in Germany for a possible terror plot. It’s possible they did not get everyone…..

    1. Rob, the intelligence gathered
      from Belgium/ France is that there is a super cell Of 90
      on the loose and not accounted for at this time.,

  2. re time frames..i am not completely sure but it looks like
    the length of time between the predictions is getting shorter. i haven’t gone thru all of them but
    sept 16 prediction happened in 171 days
    dec 22 prediction happened in 151 days
    feb 14 prediction happened in 88 days
    april 21 prediction happened in 12 days
    may 10 prediction happeneed in 11 days

    1. Yes, in one of our previous post we discussed how we wanted to focus on the ‘next’ major event. Always showing what is coming ‘next’. This is a complete opposite from our initial thought (years ago) of 3 to 6 months ahead. The thought there was if we predicted something 6 months later it would be difficult to argue. But now the thought goes to our goal of change, it also allows for a laser focus. We aren’t there yet but eventually we want to get to the point where the predictions are less than a month out.

      1. Hi Eric, my sister and I are flying from Johannesburg to Frankfurt on the 8th of June and on 9 June we fly from Frankfurt (Lufthansa) to Linz, Austria. I assume we are at serious risk? Should we say our goodbyes?

          1. Eric,
            the other William did come to mind..The Royals would be a ttarget…I would hate to see that mayhem happen to the father of George..that is why my mind shied away from it..

    1. All I can add to this is that I have never seen or heard Prince William referred to as Bill, even in tabloid headlines. Diana called him Wills apparently. It doesn’t sound like it’s him.

  3. Could the wings refer to the Germanwings airline again? Is that whole section about Germany (apart from the bit about Texas)? Or are they unrelated?

    Also, I was reading about the Paris flooding and was reminded about your ‘Lou’ prediction which didn’t happen. Was it definitely about terrorism or could it be the floods? They’ve shut the Louvre and have had to rescue all the treasures in the basements. ‘Protect [the Lou] and the area around it’?

    1. Its what we should be worried about. ISIS whole theology is based on them being an force that cannot lose because they believe themselves to be Godly, when that theology is crushed all they have left is rage.

  4. I think large earthquake is coming by the 17th. Someone has reached his hand out for 4 years and it’s about to go into a size of a fist and hammer. Better start praying like no tomorrow. They talk about months for peace map well it seems like they have 2 weeks. And it better come from above as spirit is sick of man who pretend to be god. Read story about jewish rabbi who banned female children from riding bike. 5 years old. From the top of the goverment to your high priest your sins will be washed away.

  5. Bill Clinton’s giving the eulogy at Muhammad Ali’s funeral on Friday. I don’t know if that ties together a Bill and a black shirt.

  6. SWC
    , it seems when Spirit via Eric mentions train crash.
    .there seems to be a plentitude of them
    Belgium, 2 trains one passenger on goods crash..injuries..
    Now they disclose on same track..

    More: Officials say trains were on same track when passenger train collided into back of another train in Hermalle-sous-Huy, Belgium – Reuters

  7. This has to be Erics vision regarding train crash. Belgium flag is exact same colors as German flag except red and yellow in different order or position.
    As for upcoming natural disasters…I can’t imagine how California isn’t already firing off a major earthquake. Back in September of 2014 I had a vision showing an earthquake in Nevada 32-36 miles NW of Ely, Nevada-Ruby Mountains? Also saw a volcano already erupted (Yellowstone ). No I dont these two events will be simultaneous but what a vision! A first regards to a natural disaster for me. Lo and behold the past week there has been eq action in and around Eureka, NV which is NW of Ely. Im giggling thinking of Dutchsinse and “edge of the craton” when pinpointing stress points in the earth’s crust. Think Eric will be spot on with Florida hurricane this October. Florida be prepared!

    Star 48- Did you see landslide of some houses in Boise, ID? Earth is moving!

    1. R2D2,
      thanks for the heads up I will check it out…
      no, I missed the landslide newsf course, it is in my own State.
      .sometimes I think of it like CA North and South..2 differant entities..

      1. Star48- Haha, I’m sure Idaho is like that north versus south so to speak. I know Nevada is….northern area is Reno and southern is Las Vegas. Two different entities that’s for darn sure.

        Star 48 & SWC- All these train wrecks are starting to confuse me! Hard to keep these things straight. Remember the prediction coffee grounds all over? You know 3 gray sticks was tied in? Well Belgium is known for their coffee. If I’m stating the obvious please forgive me or if that was already noted. Not sure if this train event ties into all that.

        1. R2D2,
          my two cents..Eric is the arbitrator of the final meaning..( spirit)
          My opinion- think i the three sticks stands for multiple acts of terrorism.
          .the train and its outcome is terrible ..
          however we have to wait for investigation…Was it intensional ? Or a true accident..?

          On a side note-
          movement in southern part.ID there has been magma movement tracked..
          Wyoming, Montana, Idaho( southern lots of EQ ‘s) and of course we have the volcanos recharging,
          Mt. St. Helen, Mt Hood,Mt. Rainier. All are shaking…
          Plus small harmonic movements at YS ..( which indicates cracking and magma flow..)
          Not to worry…They released a report what on Friday. ..YS is in green stage..( normal)
          You had earth cracks in Wyoming, Oregon,ID? ( history of). So let’s wait and see..
          Did you ever see the Navy Map of US,that is blue and white? Hahaha I am still chuckling..

  8. Star 48- Guess I better invest in a boat! Either that or seek higher ground. Yes, I’ve seen that map. Looks like your safe 😉 Similar to Scallion future USA map. I believe most of Florida will be submerged. Pretty lofty vision there. As for all the magma and eq movement up in NW area, obviously something is building. I heard some chatter that Mt. St. Helens could erupt again . Guess frequent swarm eq in surrounding foothills. It’s safe to say we are all feeling uneasy about upcoming earth movements, eb and flow of life. Heeeey, what about that meterorite in Arizona the other day? It lit up the nightime sky like someone turned on a light switch. Whoa. Scary if you think about it.

      1. Very interesting Star48. Makes you wonder about Erics meterorite vision and whether that’s soon. Some of these news stories are not mainstream but boy they don’t miss a beat talking about the presidency. In the meanwhile Texas is drowning, Florida weather threats, and meteorites are whizzing by! Enough said. Thank you for sharing.

        1. R2D2,
          I do not understand your reference to ” not missing a beat talking about presidency?”
          Where did that tidbit come from?
          I would like a reference…please. Anything not listed as an opinion..

      2. My opinion Star is our mainstream national news focuses mainly on highlighting presidential candidates rather than focusing more on what’s really happening day to day here. No hidden meaning just a simple comment.

          1. Jules104,R2D2,
            thx for the good wishes..
            Obviously protective of our site and Eric/ Spirit..
            My small contribution is supporting all your efforts for information or (listening,or to ask questions etc.
            I hope in the future, that if there is constructive criticism, you would feel comfortable to express it.
            I know it is a fine line.
            .however I am dedicated to hopefully keeping our SWC…on target..,positive, contributing and supportive of each other as a help Eric/ spirit.,I know you do too.

            ..I try to be non -political and know how hard Eric / Spirit work to giving all of us an opportunity,
            to make a difference . To assist.., Keeping focused on the goal..
            Some would think it a small action (in our own awareness ) ;yet (in the collective,)it is huge – and powerful..

            I look forward to being of service to you and Eric/ Spirit as well as our site home in the sky..

            And hope people will participate even more.—-.ideas,thoughts,feelings,theories,knowledge,dreams,visions,
            Or guesses.posts,articles,papers,videos,
            . DO NOT BE SHY.. You are needed and appreciated…

            Looking forward to the next phase of Eric/spirits we need to work together ..
            for the chance to express my thoughts…a profound Salute..
            Blessings to all —Spiritual Warrior Clan

            1. You do a wonderful job Star48. No criticism here. Thank You for your service and dedication to Eric and the site family, humanity as a whole. Blessings Always

  9. to trains in Belgium of collided got this be your prediction Belgium has the same colors in it’s flag as germany?

  10. Eric,
    this could foreshadow this posting..
    American Airlines at Sea tac, ( bird in logo, now styaluzed )
    Fire breaks out on American Air flight at Seattle-Tacoma airport; passengers deplaned safely – KIRO

  11. Eric, Germany..
    Germany preparing for large-scale assault due to concerns Islamic State will up attacks as ground is lost in Iraq, Syria, interior minister says – Reuters

  12. Eric,
    visual state of Texas ?
    Officers were DART officers..
    Officials: 1 officer killed, 3 others injured in shooting during protest in downtown Dallas – @dartmedia

  13. Eric, SWC,
    Snipers more than 1–2 or more?
    at elevated locations shot 11 ..

    Dallas police release photo of person of interest in shooting of 11 police officers during Black Lives Matter protest

    1. I hope they find the people who did this. They hijacked their peaceful protest. This type of behavior never solves anything but makes it worse. Praying for all of Dallas and the fallen Officers and their families.

    2. He has turned himself in ..apparently his whereabouts have been accounted for by news men and thier feeds.. He does not look to be involved…
      Remember this is chaotic situation ..

  14. Eric, SWC, Update 3
    Police: Dallas officer saw individual throw camouflaged bag into vehicle before speeding away; officers stopped car on Interstate-35E and are questioning 2 people

    1. Star48, do you remember the black SUV Eric had visual of? Was that wolf in the gutter post? This is horrible. Just went to look. So sad.

      1. Jules104,
        are you referencing. 5-28-16?
        Is this the beginning of the unfolding of the multi attacks?

        1. That wasn’t it but you have a point Star, the unfolding perhaps. It may have even been in a comment he had made. I tend to read those because I feel sometimes there are more clues to be had. Well I will look tomorrow. I’m turning in for now. Thanks for the info Star48. Guess we will see what tomorrow brings. Praying for those who have fallen and the families and loved ones left behind. I hope they catch or caught the ones responsible.

          1. Jules104,
            it is 5/30/16. I just found it for you.,sent 10:34 pm PST . Boston..
            Good night..

        1. Thanks for the updates and finding that black van Star48. Sorry I fell asleep. On a different note…does it seem the cable news agencies all of a sudden have decided to show people passing? Minnesota man in car, police officer, Baton Rouge man. I was kinda surprised they were doing that. Maybe they feel that’s the only way to get people to pay attention, or is it just a shock and awe factor or both?

          1. Jules104,
            it is strange to change their policies all at the same time..
            I do not know what tipped their change – loss of revenue?, loss of relevance now with live streaming from phones?
            The awareness timeline has shifted… Instantaneous is the game!
            Where it will end up is the question…will there be standards ….put in place?

            Side note …Should we focus on this timeline?
            Mary, feels Germany is next…are they in the Euro finals?

            1. Star48 I hope it’s not just about numbers and ratings.
              Also I am wondering if Mary is thinking as I am that Germany may have to do with the airplane logo. Didn’t Spirits also name Germany?

  15. Star and Jules, I believed Germany will be next after the Dallas shooting. I’m just surprised it was Dallas when I read in Jan and Feb posts. It fits the match of the description of Dallas shootings. Now Germany will be next. Let’s find more info as it mentioned Germany will be attack.

    People are still shocked in Dallas. Time to heal and pray for their families. It’s sickening. Let see what we can do to prevent the tragedy in Germany as it will be next after Dallas shootings.

    1. Also there is back to back ….New york, and calif will be attack. The worst is not over. Please keep digging. I wish I could be in the room with the SCW to outline on the writing board to narrow it down.

    1. There are actually two other possible connections, but I don’t want to repost, it might come off as a gloat. The two predictions are 6-3-16 and an accurate prediction on 12-8-13 Sniper, I am not sure what the lady would symbolically mean, her white dress could be seen as innocent.

  16. Eric, Germany,
    More: Suspected member of Islamic State arrested Friday in Mutterstadt, Germany, probed for links to threat against upcoming soccer championships, interior official says – AFP

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