Predictions 5-20-17

Spirit showed famous or well known people getting on a yacht or boat ready to have fun but they would not return. They used the words dancer then singer  ’24’

The implication was European. We are expecting this prediction to unfold very soon.

The great George will pass, 2,3.

Panic the small bubble will pop. Stocks tumble, 17

Israel..  they kick them while their down.. land grab.. the dead unpleased.. 3.. the US media silent.

With little in hand the Muslim’s try to stand their ground.

The Spirits have concern over Australia and one massive storm. Its possible it might be more than one storm.

(This is the first post with the new way of making predictions. We are expecting all of these predictions within weeks not months.)

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  1. Sad to hear about more possible conflict in Israel….both the Israelis and Palestinians have been through a lot.
    The stories about innocent people, families, children killed in suicide bombings especially haunts me. And how terror groups like Hamas brainwash young children into joining….I hope whatever situation might happen is resolved quickly, with no deaths or injuries.

  2. Eric,
    Did you ever get to ask about North Korea, if there’s a conflict on the way? In the news, it doesn’t look like either side is backing down, so I’m kind of worried about all that.

      1. “Spirit showed famous or well known people getting on a yacht or boat ready to have fun but they would not return. They used the words dancer then singer ’24’

        The implication was European. We are expecting this prediction to unfold very soon.”
        There are two events scheduled on a yacht at the Cannes Festival, one of which runs on May 24th.

        EVENTS 22TH OF MAY:
        Paul Allen Yacht Party

        EVENTS 24TH OF MAY:
        Leonardo di Caprio Yacht Party


  3. eric have they mentioned the big Italy earthquake coming? will you post updates on new info, or is this new format once a month? please say prays for the queen and her health. thank you eric and the group, for all you do!

  4. I am going to assume that the bubble is related to the stock market. It fell 373 points Wednesday based on rumors about Trump and his issues with Russia. Wednesday was the 17th, the same number in your prophecy. Is the 17 a reference to last Wednesday?

    Thanks for the time you give to this blog.
    I enjoy reading it.

      1. Hi Eric, I don’t know if my question got posted.
        So I am sorry for the redundancy.
        Any clarification on the stock bubble timing???

  5. Eric sending love light and prayers to Cannes film festival or where ever the prayers are required ..
    24 seems like a date..
    Do you think spirit could give more on this event of celebs on yacht at risk ..
    Thank You

    1. Bruno Mars performed in Cannes at one of the big parties 2 nights ago, and from my googling, was still there as of yesterday. He has a song on his newest album called “24k Magic”.

    2. hi rhona
      hope u r well..
      i saw 5-24 post and thought of you.

      remember a few weeks back wr saw a
      pattern of sets of 3 numbets and
      when we looked at them ascending
      and descending order we got 4-8 and
      8-4 and that all that was misding in both
      was 1,2,3..,?
      Check out the numbet pattern on ghe
      5-24 post.. it goes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
      there is the misding 1,2,3..
      Have a great wkend! 🌷Mat

  6. Eric, are the dead unpleased or is Spirit unpleased about the dead or are people unpleased about the dead?

  7. The great George will pass, 2,3.

    “The great George will become critically ill.”

    Historical reminder: On January 20, 2017, George H. W. Bush and his wife were absent during the investiture of Donald Trump, because hospitalized in Texas.

    It seems that the prediction refers to the death of the very old George Herbert Walker Bush.

      1. I found a story that said on Friday GHWB was heading to Kennebunkport to make his first public appearance. Flying is probably not good for his lungs, he’s had pneumonia several times. Here’s the quote:
        “Former President George H. W. Bush plans to make his first public appearance since he was released from a Houston hospital last month.
        The 92-year-old Bush was treated for pneumonia and chronic bronchitis during a two-week stay at the hospital in April. He left April 28.”
        This was on May 19th.

  8. Anyone have any ideas what causes the yacht to ‘not return’? Terrorism? An accident of some kind? Storms?

  9. Celeb, 24. Yes Bruno Mars was the first to pop into my mind, 24k his new album. He is a great artist I hope this can be diverted for all!

      1. The Monaco Grand Prix is considered to be one of the most important and prestigious races in the world.

        The event ended May 28th.

  10. Eric, there was a while ago when I had asked Spirit when all of this stuff with the Planes and all of terror that they said is coming was going to happen and they were very clear when they said, “The 24th”..but i never understood what they meant because numbers have always been so off. I’ll ask again in meditation what they mean, but there is definitely something with “24”, and it feels soon…

    1. Could be a countdown, or the number of a flight or the number of victims. Or it could be the 24th day in a month–though which month, who knows?

      1. Spirit had said to me, “There is so much terror. The planes are coming.” and I asked “When” and they said, “The 24th” and wouldn’t elaborate. They haven’t SINCE and ive asked them several times, and the answer is always, ” The 24th”, but a friend has a strong inclination that it’s june because 2+4+6 making it the 6th month but i thought that was too convoluted. It seems like it’s a pretty definitive number…

      1. We don’t need meditation for that! LOL! When all this Trump/Russia collusioin stuff REALLY comes to the light, all of trump’s people will dump their stocks and of course everything will plummet. I mean, let’s be real, theyve been the ones inflating stocks to make it look like Trump kinda sorta knows what he’s doing. We don’t need ANY Spirits to tell us that! Give it like 3 months!

      2. If all goes well they plan to warn us right before it happens. Unfortunately right now they are not taking questions, they are focused on cementing the new way of predicting future events.

  11. 5/23/17 BBC News 21:41 further attack may be imminent, keep praying
    British Prime Minister Theresa May says that “a further attack may be imminent” following Monday’s terrorist bombing in Manchester, England.
    “It is now concluded on the basis of today’s investigations that the threat level should be increased, for the time being, from severe to critical,”
    “This means that not only is their assessment that an attack remains highly likely, but that a further attack may be imminent,” May added, citing the U.K.’s Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre. “It is a possibility we cannot ignore that there is a wider group of individuals linked to this attack.”

    1. Shameful lying coward typical establishment politician, easy for her say , safely behind bodyguards. They let the invadadrr canibals in for the last 40 years and now we are “their diner.”.. thanks s lot for your warning May but why don’t you and your other political cronies go on the street like the rest of us and we will see how politically correct you will sound….
      Politicians: as always, courageous with our blood and generous with our money.. no wonder our democracies are dying , they sold it for a few piece of silver to our arch enemy . The Judas our our time.

  12. Eric,
    Ref:::The Spirits have concern over Australia and one massive storm. Its possible it might be more than one storm.

    Australia 🇦🇺

    A low pressure system affecting southeastern Australia since November 21, 2018, brought damaging winds, high seas, dangerous dust storms and elevated fire danger for eastern New South Wales.

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