NASA Perseverance Rover Lands on Mars

This prediction has happened, Perseverance has landed. Happy news for once. That’s refreshing.
World Predictions 1-4-21 I had a visual of two groups desperately trying to achieve a marvel with their ‘Remote’ vehicle. Both sides tried to fulfill their parts. Then someone excited said “Did we do it?” Then a roaring cheer, yes they did.

321 thoughts on “NASA Perseverance Rover Lands on Mars

  1. Humans can be terrible creatures, but when we do something like this, it blows me away. Just incredible!

      1. Im late but im here ..
        Hi you two lets see what news a Mars adventure brings forth..
        Blessings ..

    1. Thanks for all the updates Star48
      Wow those sinkholes are crazy. I can’t even imagine that happening near your house. I’ve been wondering if pole shifting could cause an uptick in sinkholes.🤔
      That is great video of those fireballs, glad to see they burned up prior to impact.
      That mud volcano is pretty cool looking too. Is that oil burning from the pipeline in the center of it then or just a coincidence that it’s so close to it?
      Blessings You Two😇

    1. Star48 jules104
      Oh wow fireball in Idaho was bright and the one over Taiwan had three moments of brughtness flare ups …
      Sorry to see the sink hole damage there in Pakistan…its always sad to see unexpected events for people that totally changes their enviorment and lives ..
      Mud Volcano in Caspian went right off oh my the fire balls are coming from above and below ..
      Syay safe you two
      Thanks for volcano update Star48

    1. Star48 Jules 104
      This is alarming considering previous 6.0m recently as you noted star..
      Prayers love and light to area ..I hope this is the worst it gets …
      thanks star for posting glad there is no tsunami expected..

        1. Oh Jules I do beg your pardon.
          Thank you Star for pointing out ….must have read in haste .
          Tha ks for posting Jules ..
          Blessings you two ..

    1. Star48 Jules 104
      Hi Star.. That was a bright fireball over Bosnia..
      Keeping an eye on Big Sitkin..
      Hi Jukes . Yes I’m thinking something bigger is coming ..
      Alaska N.Z . A watch
      SULAWASI Indonesia
      had 6.2mag @ 10km few his ago second in a few days ..

      Blessings you two

      1. Sorry the link didn’t work will try again

        1. Star48 Julez 104
          Will have to go back and work this new phone out ..
          Wont post link right now ..

    1. Star 48 that was amazing ..
      Residents around Finnemarka will be looking for it …
      It really did ĺight up the night sky ..
      Thanks for posting

    1. Star48 Jules 104
      Thank you star for updates fascinated with Christmas Island discoveries and their names BARAD-DUR…and Lithus
      She is so right ” Mother earth is never still “..
      Hopefully all the other 3 are just venting..
      Watching them🧐
      Blessings you two

    1. Star48 Jules 104
      Wow it’s really happening up there in Alaska now Semisopochnoi watching for possible continued action up there ..prayers to mother earth ..
      Side note Mayotte recently new discovered Volcano is rumbling along..
      Blessings you two

    1. Star48 Jules 104
      Oh yes I hope they are right about no eruption undersea Iceland ..or at least non imminent..
      MERIPATI ..I’m keeping a look out up there ..
      Mother earth is venting alot bless her ..
      Prayers love and light ..
      Hope you two are well..😊

    1. Star48 jules104
      What 😲 great height record ..this is amazing Etna …her highest recorded height just thrilling to know …and she is still puffing away long as she does it without risk bless her ..
      Tha ks Star …

    1. Star 48 Jules 104
      Oh wow unreal footage absolutely incredible height and makes you wonder what could be next around there ..
      Fukut-oku-oka-no-ba what a tongue twister 😝🤪😜😍
      Hey guys wonder if the massive swarm in south Sandwich isles is a new island on the rise’s really going off down there..
      Hugs you two

    2. Star48, that’s amazing!😮 Rhona you could be right about the South Sandwhich forming a new island area. There is a lot of 7+ eqs going around lately. Wondering where the bigger one will land. 🤔
      I sent a reply/comment earlier but it disappeared I guess. Not sure what happened. Strange.

    1. Star 48 Jules 104
      Oh my goodness imagine that me looking g south for New Island and it turns up North at Fukut-Oku-oka-No-Ba

      Cochise cracks indicative of serious movement ..prayers it stops there…

      Yes we had a huge fireball in northern west Aus couple days ago eople reported it as spectacular ..
      JULES it has happened quite a bit to me too of late disappearing act of posts ..🤔

  2. Star 48 Jules 104
    Oh my goodness imagine that me looking g south for New Island and it turns up North at Fukut-Oku-oka-No-Ba

    Cochise cracks indicative of serious movement ..prayers it stops there…

    Yes we had a huge fireball in northern west Aus couple days ago eople reported it as spectacular ..
    JULES it has happened quite a bit to me too of late disappearing act of posts ..🤔

  3. Rhona2,Jules104
    I have been popping in and out for awhile…the follow button seems to be the key
    Blue not able to okay to post

    1. Star48, I finally figured it out with your help. It is now green and letting me post without signing in each time. It was the “operator”! 😂
      Thank You!

  4. Star48, Rhona…. There went another disappearing act. Anyway I’ll try another time. It’s the same subject as disappearing act from yesterday.
    Curious on thoughts for 7+ EQ in either NZ/E AU area or a CA area. I see Vanuatu had a 7.1 last night my time.
    Let’s see if this one goes now. 🙃

    1. Jules 104 star48
      Unreal Jules weird it’s same subject matter ..puzzling
      Vanuatu actually surprised me for some reason I have no idea why I’m surprised I take that as another happening somewhere else that is a surprise ..
      You know like Surprise is the main headsup word ..
      Not sure if N.Z. or Cal bit if I’m on par it may be unexpected area like Melbourne or Adelaide ..they are just examples ..
      Hmm wait c ..but it may be an unexpected area of Cal..

      Waiting for Gradaughter to be borne she is coming along fine and stacked on weight 36weeks today but they are encouraged they don’t have to bring her on today yay ..THEY are looking at 6th Sept her due date is 22nd Sept..she will not be left in if it looks risky ..
      Blessings you two

    1. Jules104 Star48
      Oh my goodness what do you make of this Jules ? They are beautiful creatures ..
      Love the Legend of the sand dollar ..
      Must be some serious disturbance has gone on to disturb their habitat..and wash them up like that ..Has this happened before Jules?

  5. Star48 jules104
    Noticing alot of movement on West Coast south America ..Chile especially having a number of 4+ coming in down toward Argintina ..Pacific plate really active all round ..
    A little concerned for Chile region though ..

    1. Star48 Jules 104
      It’s out of control over there saw some footage today whole villages yes wiped out ..
      My heart and prayers go out to them all .
      Wow more than 130 witnesses to fireballs 8 of them this has to be a record of some sort 😯

    1. stR48 Jules 104
      Thanks star for Kilauea update.. At present in NationL Park …hoping it stays moderate..

  6. stR48 Jules 104
    Thanks star for Kilauea update.. At present in NationL Park …hoping it stays moderate..

    1. Star48 Jules 104
      Degassing s a worry for them too ..
      1890 the sleepers are stirring.. .even volcano’s have cycles …makes one thi k of all the others that may stir ..
      Thanks Star ..

  7. Star48, Rhona … I started feeling that weird “energy vibration”??? yesterday.
    Are either of you feeling anything as in an earthquake coming? Just curious.
    Hugs You Two!❤️🤗🤗❤️

    1. Jules104,Rhona2
      I have had that “heavy feeling” for awhile..thought it was Eq coming. ( however it could have been the death of my older brother that just happened.

    1. Star 48 Jules 104
      Star sorry to hear of your brothers passing ..
      Hugs to you and prayers for your family..
      Though we feel prepared it still leaves a void… irreplaceable love ❤
      I too have had a loss
      My niece succumbed to cancer Monday last ..her Mum my sister passed 3 or so years back ..
      My nuecec was only 52..
      You know what I’m giving us all extra big hugs and cuddles ..💖

      1. Star48 Jules 104
        Peru to Chile is a watch …
        The Vanuatu quake was notable
        Deep too..
        I agree Jules I too feel something large is on it’s way it’s like all feelers are on alert ..
        Blessings you two stay safe

      2. You are so right Rhona, Irreplaceable love. And though we try to prepare ourselves it still leaves such a void.
        So sorry for your loss Star48 and to you Rhona as well. 😔🙏🏻
        We all needed that hug. ❤️

    1. Star48
      La Palma
      Oh wow here is hoping they are on target and its big waves and no tsunami threat ..let’s say any of it is bad enough but it could turn nasty if it does collapse..

      1. Jules 104 Star48
        Sittin on Dock of Bay back to back with Sukiyaki..followed by I Don’t know Where ima goanna go when the Volcano blows..

        Not sure but Japan could swing over to Cal or PNW.. maybe a volcano explosion Japan or LA Palma gets worse ..
        We will see..

    2. Rhona, Star48… thanks for updates and the songs you are picking up Rhona. I just thought of this. Remember Eric’s prediction for the huge eruption and then he flew to the other side of the Ocean ( not those words but it seemed like over an ocean he went) and then there was an earthquake or tsunami happening?? Would that fit in with the LaPalma eruption possible collapse?
      I always thought maybe Hawaii volcano eruption but now we have LaPalma to consider.
      I’ll look for the old prediction.

        1. Jules104,
          I remember this post. Good catch!
          I believe you have a good thread to follow…prescient..
          I do not think this has happened . (IMO)
          Still getting that feeling , that you two are experiencing.
          Will be watchful.

          1. Jules104 star48
            Hi Jules I’m feeling the predictions from the past
            Are a little less exact than we can work with..
            I wish the dates 20/ 21 were a little more easier to pin point..
            I Feel the flying over ocean could be La Palma but that would impact the east coast of U.S.A. yep though as your saying Jules it could be LaPalma and then something occurring after that on other side of continent in Pacific region ..I’m definitely still waiting for other shoe to drop .
            Crazy weather on our East Coast too ..
            Picking up lots of electricity in air around here ..
            Could be seasonal but it has a magnetic pull to it both hips have been sore never happened quite like this before ..
            I have been dreaming alot lately and that’s unusual for me of late haven’t dreamt for couple of years..all ancestral too ..
            Clean outs and clearing is the main themes ..
            Well if I get more or you two do we will give info on .
            Blessings stay safe

            1. Rhona,
              So sorry I must have missed your reply. Geez huh!
              The electricity feeling is pretty fascinating. It seems to me it should be coming from above but feels like it’s below us also. What do you think?
              Wow interesting on the ancestral dreams, clearing out is definitely the theme I’d say…. and body aches….
              I see Eric just added a post Yippee! It does mention an earthquake coming though.
              I think we’ve been picking up on it somewhat. Could it be the one that comes from the ocean? I think of Japan actually if so. But really the planet is shifting so much it could be anywhere. Let’s see what Eric’s Spirits say.
              Hugs to You

    1. Star48 Jules 104
      Prayers love and light to these people caught up in this disaster..
      So much suffering
      My thoughts are with them ..

  8. Rhona2,Jules104
    @ 6”” that is a lot.
    Will do the prayers..
    Interesting that there is a double posting..Have you had trouble posting too?

    1. Star48 Jules 104
      Thanks for all the updates star ..
      It’s all busy space wise and earth wise ..
      Here is update on Australia weather
      Apparently most of Aus is in for a rough wet weather time of it ..
      If you scroll to second video on this news report it will be interesting to see what we are in for Australia wide ..
      Yes a little trouble posting it looked as if it didn’t post so clicked twice lol

    1. Star48
      Amazing imagine seeing that what a thrill in time for those who witnessed..
      Fireball and rocket

      1. Rhona2,,Jules104,SWC,
        I have lived some of it- power in my neighborhood out 10 hrs.
        Some in Northern Idaho /Washington were walloped.
        High winds, trees every which way, etc, some still picking up the pieces…
        Quite a fast River of weather..

      2. Rhona2,Jules104, ERIC

        Have you had trouble getting recognized by this site?

        Have had an interesting time ..keeps telling me I am not following..when I put info to follow..says try again,, and again, and again. Email not recognized.
        Had to try through reply from previous post.


              1. It just let me log in and follow again. It’s still hard to read sometimes as I scroll down the page as it gets really small.

                1. Someone hacked the site, it’s riddled with bugs, but people are working on it. Unfortunately because it’s the holiday I am not expecting resolution till next week. We actually might have to start fresh here.

        1. Star48, Eric….
          Yes that’s why I haven’t been posting lately. Also I can’t read the comments very well since it gets smaller as I scroll down the page.

          1. Star48 Jules104 Eric
            Hi all ..
            Yes every now a d then a problem posting it has been OK lately ..
            Thanks for letting us know Eric ..bugs all over the place these days ..good luck on getting it cleaned up .
            Blessings all

          2. Hieveryone
            Just had to log in posted three posts and wouldn’t post
            Good luck getting bugs sorted Eric ..
            Blessings all

  9. Rhona2,Jules104
    Dry run? 🕷🕸🕷🕸
    Authorities in New York’s Long Island are investigating a blast that left a crater and was felt miles away Sunday. Police are working with the FBI on the probe, to determine whether it could have been a prelude to something bigger, such as terrorism.

  10. Star48 Jules 104
    Prayers love and light to those caught up in Semuru explosion and Sangay volcano threat ..
    La Palma is heartbreakingly on going..
    I pray it will come to and end soon and settle …
    New York crater is cause for concern sending much light and love there and hopefully any threat can be thwarted ..
    Blessings you two ..

    1. Jules 104 star48
      Watching closely the swarm off Oregon coast safe Jules …2 ..5.8mag and several 4+ Prayers love and light for ocean off coast ..

  11. Jules 104 star48
    Watching closely the swarm off Oregon coast safe Jules …2 ..5.8mag and several 4+ Prayers love and light for ocean off coast ..

    1. Rhona, Star48… something is going on off our coast … but also across the rest of the country it seems. There are some quakes in unusual places when I scroll down the quake feed.
      I am keeping watch. Thanks for all the updates and prayers you two. 🙏🏻❤️🤗

  12. Star48 jules 104
    Thanks for all the info star48..
    The piece on well drilling and asiesmic and EHW and quakes was exactly what we have been saying glad science is now confirming ..
    The article on Fracture zone and Jan De Fuca looks as though they are all looking Off shore Oregon at present ..rightly so too..
    JULES I hear what your saying about across the board quake activity ..I
    Still have that feeling something is coming up do we all ..
    Prayers love and light you two .

      1. Eric,
        Your welcome..I love being of service

        Iceland volcano Fagradalsfjall ….I’m watching

        Or Vanuatu? (Another volcano named Ambae?)

    1. Star48, Rhona,
      Are either of you picking up on anything?
      I’ve been reading through Eric’s past EQ predictions since the Tonga eruption, and I am getting that strange vibration feeling there’s an EQ coming for NZ or N.CA., could be two separate ones in CA. It starts with this one:
      Then I went to Prediction 16, then I get mid month, 17, etc… then I just start seeing things become connected as I follow more of the past predictions. Which then leads me to attacks coming. 🙃🙃🙃
      Hopefully just my loco brain. 🤣

      1. Jules104 star48
        Yesterday all day I sat with my feet pushing light to earth incredible back and enormous hip pain …I had no idea until this morning my time ..
        We ha e been off line for 2 days watching videos no news etc .
        So I’m shocked to say I felt every bit of this shock wave..
        Hugs you two

        1. Star48, Rhona, that’s amazing…. I think we’ve chatted about the Charlotte King Affect. Sounds like what you have going on.
          I just thought about this also. I have bird feeders for the winter and migrating birds outside my back window, so I can see the birds show up every day, lots of them! Well all of a sudden about 2-3 days ago there were none. I kept telling my kids have you noticed there have been no birds outside? I thought it was really strange. I can’t imagine they can sense a volcano 1000’s of miles away but yesterday late afternoon they began to show back up again. Go figure. 🤔 Just something I noticed.

          1. Jules 104
            Yes that’s it couldn’t remember name of it Charlotte King effect..
            Amazing I think the birds did pick it up.. your onto there Jules …
            All that energy mother earth released from gathering it up from planet..should help usher in relief in some areas of fear and illness on planet..
            That was a doosy..
            Hugs 😉

    1. Star48
      Wow that was a great vid of fireball and the house looks quaint and lends it self to it beautifully like a Christmas card ..
      Thanks for updates ..watching and spreading love and light where needed .
      Especially to your postings and update areas ..

    2. Star48
      Thanks for updates prayers love and light to all areas you posted.
      The fireball was beautiful the house lent it self to the scene and looks like a Christmas card ..
      I posted this once a d now second attempt so hopefully will work this time .

  13. Star48
    3rd attempt have green follow this time .
    Thanks for updates 😀 spreading love and light to all areas you posted ..
    Fireball looked amazing especially with house in front looks like a Christmas card..

    1. STAR48 JUKES104
      HI you two ..
      All is well here ..Star been catching your posts and keeping an eye on Etna ..
      Fire balls have been noteworthy and spectacular..
      Singer sends song…if I can dream .
      And says great work girls keep it up you are making a difference 😉..
      Live light and blessings you two..

    1. Star48 Jules104
      Mount Ontake is quite young in her activity prayers live and light and that people listen to the warnings ..
      So sorry to hear Iraq’s Lake Razzaza
      Is suffering such loss of volume prayers love and light that the locals fair well ..
      Thanks for posting

    1. Star48 Jules 104
      Thanks star for volcano report..
      At the moment keeping prayers love and light ❤ on the map for storms and flooding in Queensland and New south Wales..on Australian eastern coast.
      Also praying for Ukraine and Russian people ..those who are standing up to there government blessings 🙌 all.

    1. Star48 Jules 104
      Thank you Star for all your postings .I have been out of the loop a little here.
      Have either of you had any intuitive thoughts on land movements..
      All I keep getting is earth moving in unusual place and way…I don’t know ..
      Lete know if you have a feel for it ..
      Singer popped in and says all will be well The World Fairs he says ..playing on words from a song there ..
      He means the world will celebrate ..
      Blessings to you and yours ..hugs you two ❤💛💚
      The yellow and green are Aust colours .

    1. Star48 Jules 104
      Oh dear these mud volcano’s are awful and yes I think the quake nearby might just be related ..
      Costa Rica Paos releasing and wondering
      About the magma movement Sao Jorge.

      Well it seems USGS is taking this pretty seriously and quite right ..The Bay area and Hayward fault has been brewing for a while now we have seen the tracks quite alot over last two years increasing ..

      Cascadia .. now there’s one to watch 4200 quakes it’s all heating up
      I have been keeping watch every day ..
      Prayers love and light always to mother earth and those at risk..
      Can only hope all are prepared ..
      Thanks star for updates its always great to read them ..
      Blessings you two hope you are both well.

    1. Star48 Jules 104
      Ohmy goodness star the info on Andreas Central quakes is fascinating.
      The clock resetting with Argon amazing ..making the rocks seem younger than those around them.

      Neptune getting cooler well who knows maybe its a massive cycle it goes through we know nought about ..
      Could be..
      Thanks for the links to comet and NAS A info ..
      Love catching these articles ..
      Stay well 🙏

    1. Star48
      Thanks for volcano update.
      Hope you are well 🙏
      We a doing fine..had two grandchildren with Covid but they are recovering well..

    1. Stsr48 Jules 104
      Thanks for all the updated Star..
      Hope all is well.
      Your all in my daily thoughts and prayers ..
      Blessings you two .

    1. Star 48 Jules 104
      Star I’m getting a feeling about Indonsesia a quake big one just saying it’s a feeling ..
      Thanks for all the updates appreciate
      It very much .
      Blessings you two .

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