Predictions 7-17-17

The Russians will hack yet again.

The implication was very soon.

Whether related or not I had multiple visuals of power outages.

Some of them seemed like they could come out of the north-east US.

Spirit where is the earthquake on the 21st? I had a visual I was standing in the middle of the ocean without any land in sight. “The message.. February”

That implies a Tsunami, we have two old predictions about Tsunamis ironically both have ties to February, I need to get clarity and soon:  Predictions 2-13-17  &  Notes on 2-23-15


31 thoughts on “Predictions 7-17-17

  1. So, are you saying that the earthquake that had seemed to be coming shortly (21st of July?) is actually not going to happen until February, or do you think it is two different earthquakes?

    I don’t claim to be psychic, but I have had numerous premonitions during my life that come true, very explicitly so. The problem is that I have probably had more that don’t seem to come true. There was a time I would have earthquake premonitions (nothing specific, just that an earthquake would happen), and within a few days of the premonition there would be a big quake somewhere, but never near me. In fact, I never had a premonition for any of the the few minor earthquakes (3.0-5.5) that hit within a few hundred miles of me. Anyway, I hadn’t really had an earthquake premonition in more than a decade, but I have been having them for the last few months, as if there was going to be a really big one somewhere. This is why the 21st date really interests me.

    • I am sorry for the confusion. Back in December we predicted a destructive tsunami that would affect Sri Lanka and Indonesia, the prediction made it seem like it would unfold in February, it did not, however both places had heavy rain. Spirit is bringing that message back to light.

    • There is second possibility, in February of 2015 we predicted a tsunami for Latin America, it happened but nothing like they said it would, much smaller, they might be saying that is coming. Bottom line an old prediction is about to happen. A prediction that has ties to February

  2. Eric on 12/27/16…”A massive earthquake Sri Lanka”, you mention that the Spirits bring up February and how it is odd for them to go that far out. In another prediction you relate Sri Lanka with a tsunami wave. Could this be related to your “February” in this recent prediction?

      • Eric, yesterday, there was a huge blackout for Verizon services in the Northeastern USA – land line phones were not working. Officials said a tower fell, or some sort of accident like that. I wonder if that reason given was true. Hope it wasn’t due to hacking. Many were without service.

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  4. State department emails were “hacked” and posted this evening. I say “hacked” because some personal emails between family members are missing or have addresses blacked out. Looking more like a leak to me.
    The emails are in regard to the Trump JR Russia meeting. A lot of info is adding up and it looks like Trump JR was set up. It is a very tangled web that is falling apart. No idea where this will lead but it is interesting.

  5. Russian hack in northeast reminds me of the power outage prediction in the northeast that said the elderly would be taken by the cold if not sheltered. In other news, in terms of the prediction about the U.S.’s support waning in the Middle East, just read how this administration is about to surpass Obama’s eight year civilian death toll in less than one year’s time.

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