Predictions 8-2-17

I was bombarded with several new predictions all of them fairly serious which has unfortunately pushed back my next “Truth” message. It should come out before the 7th.

“Car bombing.. a catastrophic attack.” Location: I had a visual of the US flag

“Outside the building”

I asked Spirit to narrow down the location and they tried to spell Colorado, however they spelled it wrong.

Then Spirit showed ” :ea ”

This prediction is expected ‘next’ so we are expecting this horror soon. From there I asked when and they showed ’77’ which implies the 7th or in 7 days.

“Missouri.. Tornado.. 87 (that implies a timeframe around the 8th)”

With both predictions above we need to narrow down the details from a state to a city,  I also need to verify the month, August or September.

Hong Kong flooded, coming soon. (When exactly?)

I had a visual of a set of small islands all grouped together. One of the islands showed an earthquake symbol.  (It sounds like either the Philippines or Indonesia)

When will the earthquake happen? First they showed the 2nd, then they shifted to say in about 5 minutes. Are they talking about two different events?

“What is kept very classified will become unclassified.”

“Eric the very large disaster approaches.. the one deposited 10 months ago.. we must regroup.”

10 months ago: In October of 2016 we had several predictions about a large destructive earthquake in San Jose. We will continue to update you.

Predictions 10-30-16    Earthquake in San Jose? “Your time is 9”

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  1. Sophia Avatar

    Eric, do you know the meaning of the colon symbol : with “ea” ?? Is “:ea” associated with the misspelled Colorado prediction? If so, there is a very small town called “Colona” in Colorado. Or — according to google, there is also a town named “Colonia” in New Jersey, a town “Colonia” in Micronesia (east of the Phillippines), and a “Colonia” in Urugay.
    There may be more, but those are the ones I found.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I honestly don’t know what the ea means, but I believe you might be on to something, it’s almost as if they are trying to correct something

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      In the mis-spelling they had an an r in the middle like coranado or corona.

  2. Lynne Avatar

    Sumatra, Indonesia largest volcanic eruption Mt Sinabung. Reported from the Weather Channel. No injuries. Could this be the start???

  3. Cory Avatar

    Could “ea” mean eagles — as in the Colorado Eagles hockey team? The Eagles play at the Budweiser Events Center, which is a 7,200-seat multi-purpose arena in Loveland, Colorado.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Are the eagles just out of Loveland?

      1. Cory Avatar

        I looked up the Eagles 2017-2018 season and it starts October 13, so I’m probably wrong with my assumption since the prediction is just around the corner. And the Eagles are based in Loveland, CO.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Good point

  4. Luna tic Avatar

    Could they be trying to point to Coronado? We still have the San Diego predictions coming. San Clemente from your 7/27/17 eq prediction is 64 miles from Coronado and San Diego is about 15 min from Coronado.

    1. Sara Avatar

      You could be right…I’ve looked up Coronado, and it’s a very busy tourist location, with the Hotel Coronado, a US Navy Station, resorts and hotels. A car bomb “outside the building” could refer to the hotel, or possible a resort.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That very much crossed my mind especially with the base

  5. Sara Avatar

    Normally I would think the “:ea” would be an acronym, but since they’re lowercase, that doesn’t seem likely.

    Maybe when they mentioned “ea” they meant that these letters needed to replace other letters of the misspelled version.

    Eric, just out of curiosity, how was Colorado spelled in the first version?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      With to many r s in it

  6. Anita Avatar

    ‘What is kept very classified will become unclassified.’ — “Last of Secret JFK Files Slated for Release This Fall” ( — I wonder if this is what Spirit(s) is referring to since it’s set to be released in October?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Where there is another prediction that talks about trump sharing classified information, it’s possibly a reminder.

  7. MTN Girl Avatar

    I live in Colorado, there’s a Coronado High School in Colorado Springs, but school’s not in session till mid August.

  8. rhona2 Avatar

    Hi Eric I could be off base but ea stands for enrolled agent for Irs could be a tax building ..
    just a thought ..

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks I will keep that in mind

  9. tempestmm326 Avatar

    could ea be the “e” sound like
    colony something?
    colony street.? colony school?
    a building with a US flag is usually
    a public building. maybe a municipal
    building or a government building?

    1. Sara Avatar

      Maybe “ea” could also be the start of the word “east”.

  10. Karen Avatar

    Eric the Disney shooting could the 1 mean it will just be 1 person?
    The date for the earthquake 28 (you added 29, 30), could it have been for August?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Or next month

  11. Karen Avatar

    For what it’s worth, here is a list of acronyms for ea…

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  12. Karen Avatar

    Was the car bombing tied to EA or do you think it has a separate meaning or prediction?

  13. Elsa Avatar

    These 2 things popped up in a Colorado web search with those letters,..

  14. tempestmm326 Avatar

    i am only posting this here because i just
    saw it and noticed the numbers.
    an air canada plane landing in san
    francisco almostt hit taxiing united
    flight. the date was 7/7/7
    flight number. 0759. planes involved
    787 and 767
    i know these were all listed together in an
    older post. because rhona and i were going back and forth with the number sequences. NTSA said the near miss would have been one of the worst airline tragedies.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I noticed a pattern with terror attacks and the number 7

  15. Donna B Avatar

    Anything on N Korea as of yet? What does Spirit see?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      When I have the prediction I promise to post it quickly

  16. Carolyn Avatar

    Could “ea” refer to Minneapolis? I know that is far away from Colorado, but that’s what immediately came to my mind. Also, Korea.

    1. Sara Avatar

      I’ve posted this question a couple of times, but I guess it didn’t get through. Anyway, I’ll post it here.

      Have the spirits mentioned anything about North Korea?

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        When I have the prediction I will post it, I promise

  17. afraax Avatar

    eric new video release by isis yesterday call salauther usa houses also treat trump attacks never ever happend before in usa becuse of raqqa war syria ,in manacing video ,so am sure attacks is coming in usa this month ,

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      They are calling for what?

  18. Jon Blue Avatar

    Trump urged Mexican president to end his public defiance on border wall, transcript reveals – The Washington Post
    These transcripts were classified and given to Washington Post early this morning by a leak in the White House. Shows what a dictator Trump is to countries he is not a president of. Your prediction is accurate. Good job

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I saw that, so many lies.

  19. Ethan Avatar

    I know this isn’t all that important but I thought I’d mention it . . . I noticed that Trump signed the Russian sanctions bill the other day, even though one of the predictions said he wouldn’t — I believe the prediction mentioned a “Matryoshka doll”. Just wondering if that meant the prediction was altered or that it would instead happen later on?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I would wait they might be talking about another bill. Congress didn’t give him many options, if he didn’t sign it it would still go through

  20. jules104 Avatar

    Here is an old predictionin which you speak of a nightmare situation coming out of Denver Colorado.

    1. Luna tic Avatar

      Hi Jules, that is interesting that you posted this prediction concerning the US attacks. I noticed the “football” reference and remembered that ea also stands for ea sports (Electronic Arts) and they have the draft token in which it is like online gambling but with prizes. I remembered Eric had a prediction about a street sign with the word “draft” so I looked it up It has a reference to US having a huge cyber attack in September and an explosion involving joggers or pointing to outside maybe such as a car bomb.

    2. MTN Girl Avatar

      There’s a Rock & Roll 1/2 marathon that starts on Colorado BLVD and goes past Coors field in downtown Denver on October 15th, which is the same day the Broncos will be playing the New York Giants, that’s very similar to these past predictions.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Thanks for the info.

    3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Very nice catch, I forgot about that.

  21. Richard Williams Avatar

    Any word on the two back-to-back earthquakes predicted last week for California?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I am asking tonight.

  22. Carolyn Avatar

    Mueller has now assembled a grand jury. Looks like things are ramping up.

    1. iamtot Avatar

      I am not American, so what does this mean? Does it mean they have enough evidence and witnesses to proceed further?

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        A Grand Jury: is a group of average Americans gathered as a jury to determine whether a prosecutor (in this case special investigator Mueller) has enough evidence to file criminal charges, or whether the prosecutor should be granted authority to look into other areas of interest such as financial ones in order to continue their investigation. It is designed to be an impartial body of people who don’t have a political agenda to determine how things should proceed. It prevents prosecutors from over reaching their authority. Its big news because it implies (only implies) there is evidence of some kind that needs to be viewed by an impartial third party. But without knowing the reason it’s all guess work, if you asked the Spirits I have no doubt it would be about financial ties.

      2. iamtot Avatar

        Thanks Eric. I would imagine it would be very difficult to find impartial people in the current political climate.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Very true, the idea always stems back to this notion that “we the people ” determine the fate of the country, it’s a constant reminder of who are leaders work for.

      3. Karen Avatar

        Also keep in mind that with a grand jury they only hear one side of the investigation, there is only the prosecution’s side and no defense witnesses or explanation. There’s an old saying here in the US that a grand jury could indict a ham sandwich.
        That said, I believe, as Eric said, the financial ties are what they have found during this investigation and many believe that will be the downfall, not only of trump, but some in his family as well.

        1. iamtot Avatar

          Thanks Karen

  23. Pokemaster Brian / yumeyumeprincessmana Avatar

    About the “catastrophic attack” part; is it either a terrorist, madman or government-backed attack? What is the predicted body count?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I don’t think asking for a body count would be an appropriate question.

      1. Sara Avatar

        I think Pokemaster was just trying to get an idea of how severe the attack could be; not trying to be inappropriate.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          No I understand, I just can’t imagine posing that question to them.

  24. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Ref..this post mentions Philippine eq..
    Eq preliminary 6.0. Now 5.8 mag.,,

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Will post thanks

  25. Sara Avatar

    Any updates about the Disney shooting prediction?
    It didn’t happen on the 1st, so do you think it’s been prevented somehow?

  26. Finn Avatar

    Letters ea is letter ä in some languages.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


      1. Finn Avatar

        Sorry my mistake, ae is ä.

  27. […] Predictions 8-2-17   I had a visual of a set of small islands all grouped together. One of the islands showed an earthquake symbol.  (It sounds like either the Philippines or Indonesia)   When will the earthquake happen? First they showed the 2nd, then they shifted to say in about 5 minutes. Are they talking about two different events? […]

  28. Kimberly Avatar

    Hi Eric,

    It may not have anything to do with it, but considering your post about Disney and Florida, I figured I would mention there is a resort at Disney World called Coronado Sprigs, and EA (electronic arts are also in Orlando, not far from Disney.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks I will check it out.

  29. Interested Avatar

    Parking lot areas have designations. Maybe the ea is a parking lot area? Just a thought, and I am not a psychic.

  30. Perry Avatar

    Looks like the Missouri.. Tornado hit on Sunday the 6th

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Can I have a link

  31. […] Predictions 8-2-17   “Missouri.. Tornado.. 87 (that implies a timeframe around the 8th)” […]

  32. […] The implication was Colorado again. Perhaps related to the previous prediction: Predictions 8-2-17 […]

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Wow, that’s not good.

      1. star48 Avatar

        I agree so far 7 reported dead.

  33. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Another large earthquake…6.3 mag..Kazakhstan…

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Star48, just looked these two up. I think they may be the same one though they have two different countries.

      1. star48 Avatar

        6.5 mag is located..36km WSW of Yongle, China…timing UTC 13:19:49
        6.3 mag is located..107km SSE of Dostyq, Kazakhstan…timing..UTC 23:27:53
        I looked on interactive maps…not the same…
        As well as timing is not the same…

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Star48, I see what you mean now. Thanks for those two maps you added. That’s odd they were one right after another.

          1. star48 Avatar

            I agree..
            .another puzzling issue is that USGS has listed the second eq the 6.3 in Kazakhstan when the map shows it still in North China…
            You know what I think..the USGS does sometimes…..without stating it🤡

            1. jules104 Avatar

              Star48 I’m with you on that USGS funny business. 😆

              1. Donna B Avatar

                There is an EA engineering in Guam FYI I’m checking on Coronado connection

              2. Donna B Avatar

                USS Coronado is in Guam does this have any connection anywhere?

  34. star48 Avatar

    Eric, Jules104
    2nd update on China eq..
    100 dead. Thousands injured…

  35. star48 Avatar

    Eric, Jules104,
    Here is the map location of 6.5 mag

  36. star48 Avatar

    Eric, Jules104,
    Here is the map of 6.3 mag…near border of Kazakhstan..

  37. Anita Avatar

    Hello Eric,
    It sounds like a car bombing outside an embassy, hence the U.S. flag. I also thought if Colorado was clearly indicated, maybe a political activist, like Timothy McVeigh, or Ted Kasinski (sp?).

  38. Donna B Avatar

    Anything concerning Guam? Considering the rhetorics ramping up? Thank you!

  39. Donna B Avatar

    EA engineering has government contracts in Guam Alaska and Hawaii so I’m not sure about EA being associated with current events? I may be totally off base of course, but thought I’d throw it out there, Eric in light of what’s going on with N Korea

  40. […] Predictions 8-2-17   I had a visual of a set of small islands all grouped together. One of the islands showed an earthquake symbol.  (It sounds like either the Philippines or Indonesia)   When will the earthquake happen? First they showed the 2nd, then they shifted to say in about 5 minutes. Are they talking about two different events? […]

  41. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    HONG KONG…Flooding…
    Reference.on this post..
    “.Hong Kong flooded, coming soon. (When exactly?)”
    Streets flooded, flights canceled,trading halted…

  42. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,

    Ref from this post..
    ,Missouri.. Tornado.. 87 (that implies a timeframe around the 8th)”

    Today is 8th..however a tornado is recorded in Wisconsin.,
    ,(thier time zone)

  43. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,

    Ref:::when will the earthquake happen? First they showed the 2nd, then they shifted to say in about 5 minutes. Are they talking about two different events?

    1st event?
    Tropical Storm “Khanun” formed October 12, 2017 just east of the northern Philippines as the 20th named storm of the 2017 Pacific typhoon season, 24th if you count those named by PAGASA. The system will make landfall in the northern Philippines today, exit into the South China Sea and strengthen as it heads toward Hainan and flood-ravaged Vietnam. Khanun is known in the Philippines as Odette.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I plan to talk with them tonight, there is a possibility I might have made a huge error. I kept seeing these cracks again and again thinking it was an earthquake. However yesterday I went to the ER with medical issues, perhaps the cracks were about me. But none of that explains VA and India

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I am fine now

      1. star48 Avatar

        Eric, thank god..
        You have to take care of yourself! — otherwise you can’t help anybody .
        Get more people if needed,
        , to help to cut down your stress….delegate.. more..
        I will say a rosary for you.,,

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  44. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC, 19/24/1

    Earthquake —Indonesia –6.7

    Ref this post,?
    I had a visual of a set of small islands all grouped together. One of the islands showed an earthquake symbol. (It sounds like either the Philippines or Indonesia)

    6.7 mag..Indonesia..very deep..549.2 km. …in the water..

  45. star48 Avatar


    Ref:::What is kept very classified will become unclassified.”
    JFK assasination?
    Last release of secret government files…

  46. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Tornado, Ohio..
    CELINA, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) — Emergency crews are cleaning up the devastation after multiple people were hurt from a possible tornado in Mercer County.
    Officials said eight people were injured in Celina: six at a restaurant on Havemann Rd., one at another business down the street, and another State Route 29 just east of Celina from an accident when a power pole fell. None of the injuries are life threatening.

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