Navy Secretary Resigns

This prediction has happened. However there are three different stories, did he resign or was he fired?

Five of the family members served in the military, as a military family the subject is important to me.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 11-24-19 “I warn you don’t.. otherwise I will leave” I had a visual of military men standing next to the White House. 
The impression given was military individuals would be leaving because of decision made by the White House or President. 

WORLD PREDICTIONS 11-15-19 “Your Fired! Another loss in the White House.”

25 thoughts on “Navy Secretary Resigns

  1. I am .really pissed off about this!!! How can they do that to a noble member of our military!!!! My God….what next?

  2. Guess this is why he resigned because his resignation letter talked about how he couldn’t in good faith go along with what the WH/pres was ordering him to do. I doubt this is the last we’ve heard of high ranking military people resigning/speaking out.

    “Defense Secretary Mark Esper says Trump gave him a direct order that a Navy SEAL accused of war crimes in Iraq be allowed to retire without losing his SEAL status.”


    1. Esper claims the secretary was fired for going around his back to try to make a deal with the WH/pres. So who knows.

        1. Ex-Navy Sec’y Ray Mabus: The firing of Sec’y Spencer and Trump’s actions regarding Eddie Gallagher “dishonors the military [and] causes chaos & confusion. It undermines accountability, it undermines the rule of law, it undermines good order and discipline in the military.”

  3. It’s scary to see Trump firing so many people and trying to surround himself with people who will go along with whatever he wants. He’ll lose a lot of sound advice from military and intelligence experts that way, but then again, he’s made it clear he doesn’t truly respect them. (He outright sided with Putin, a murdering dictator, over US intelligence officials.)

    From a purely technical point of view, his actions are bad for national security because, A) The government is in so much turmoil with all these comings and goings, and therefore weaker to respond to any threat, and B) if a president only listens to people who agree with him, he’ll miss out on other opinions and critical advice.

    1. All presidents have done this. Obama fired almost 200 right off the bat when he took office.

      1. Please show me any old article where a military brass resigned or was fired for “ethics” or “conscience” as he put it in his letter because the only president I can think of is Nixon, but even that was his staff, But perhaps I am wrong please show the news article thanks

      2. Michelle Record – Key difference Dear: Obama, unlike Trump, didn’t fire them or have them resign because they wouldn’t follow a direct order to stop disciplinary process for a war criminal soldier.

        As a veteran who didn’t commit war crimes, I encourage you to hopefully feel the same way one day about war crimes being bad and that those who commit war crimes in our military should face military justice in order to maintain discipline within the ranks and to set a good example our peers. War crimes are bad

      3. Michelle Record — All presidents have not done this. If you think this is just about presidents firing people, then you’re completely missing the point here and don’t realize why this is different from the rest.

        Specifics behind the reasoning for presidents firing people is why all presidents have not done this.

      4. Michelle,
        I see what you’re saying, but I feel Trump’s situation is different. Trump consistently gets rid of people who tell him things he doesn’t want to hear, even if those things are important. Many military and security advisors warned him of different threats: North Korea, Putin, ISIS, and yet he makes policy decisions that put us at risk, such as supporting Putin, or pulling our troops out prematurely from Syria when ISIS could still return.

        Also, firing someone because he refused to help a war-criminal get off scot-free is just bad no matter what. A war criminal needs to be held accountable, but Trump keeps trying to intervene to get him off. War criminals are insults to real veterans, and it’s worrisome that a US president would ignore this–and fire a military official who refused to be part of it.

        The idea of a war-criminal being excused and helped by the president of the US is frightening to me; it goes against everything our country stands for.

        Sorry, I don’t mean to go off on a lecture, guess I’m not good at keeping things brief. Michelle, you’re entitled to your opinion; I just wish more people would acknowledge the danger Trump causes by only listening to people who echo his own ideas. Even other presidents, such as Obama, didn’t fire so many advisors just because they disagreed with them.

        You mentioned Obama had fired 200 people initially–you’re right, that sometimes happens when a president first takes office, but Trump has kept up these firings for years, solely to get rid of people who disagree with him. It’s behavior very much like Putin and Kim Jong Un.

        1. Michelle,
          I hope I didn’t come across as hostile in my comment; I just meant to explain my viewpoint. I didn’t mean to go off on a long tangent.

  4. When NBC Nightly News first came on yesterday they said he resigned. When they ran the story later in the broadcast they reported he was fired.

  5. Looks like another prediction has come through Eric. Zambia pilot heroically lands a plane when a hailstorm hits the aircraft.

  6. Eric, SWC- Headlines today: Zambia “hero” pilot lands plane during hailstorm. Think this is Erics hero plane prediction.

  7. Richard Spencer: “I was fired as Navy Secretary. Here’s what I’ve learned”

    Spencer: “This was a shocking… intervention in a low-level review. It was a reminder that the president has very little understanding of what it means to be in the military, to fight ethically or to be governed by a uniform set of rules and practices.”


    Green was widely viewed as a reformer who was willing to hold his command accountable. His departure follows two years during which he sought to repair the vaunted military unit’s image after a slew of criminal charges against SEALs, including war crimes, murder, drug use, and sexual assault. Green had publicly told his force that the SEALs had a “problem” and that some members of the unit were “ethically misaligned.”

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