World Predictions 11-15-19

I had a visual of airplanes on a tarmac.
“Airplane crash.. now”

Then they compared it to an older prediction about French passengers. Perhaps the airplane has European ties? Here is that old prediction: WORLD PREDICTIONS 12-6-18 Unfortunately I failed to focus on the location other than their comparison.

Also a reminder that we are expecting an airplane attack by the end of the year. Here is that older prediction: PREDICTION: AIRPLANE ATTACK P2

“Your Fired! Another loss in the White House.”

25 thoughts on “World Predictions 11-15-19

  1. I had that dream!!! Airplane crashing straight down to the earth Two days ago and it was frightening!!! I hope the next firing in the white house is trump!!!!! In real time trying to intimidate an impeachment witness!!! This is another example of his missuse of power!

  2. About the greek prophecies this what will happen very soon 1 an episode between us(greece) and turkey and in 3 days turkey will get 2-3 islands.2After that turkey will have a civil war for 6/7 days and it will mark the death of Erdogan.3 After that greece will have bankrupt and all the shops will be closed and i forgot before the bankrupt greece will have a coop for 6-7 days and many thousands will enter the hellenic parlianment and it will be a bloody battle many thousands will be killed there including many politicians and Greece will finaly be free from them.4After the greek bankrupt Friday morning israel will strike iran and it will mark the beginning of WW3 you will see it in the news and imagine that 3-4 hours after the attack millions people will be fired around the globe. Btw here in greece usa will close the borders and we will have an almost 6 months hunger.9 days after the attack an earthquake Magnitude 7+ will strike greece and before that an earthquake with a Magnitude 7+ will strike instanbul and ankara.After that turkey will declare war against us 3-4 days after the invasion russia will declare war in turkey and turkey will disappear from the map in just 8-9 days with 26M people dead and 26M refuges after that russia will get instanbul for about 5-6 months and russia will return instanbul to us btw during that period when russia will have instanbul a huge earthquake will strike california with Magnitude almost 9M and many parts of california will sink into the ocean.Also a huge earthquake of Magnitude 9+ will strike israel and china as well btw russia will give instanbul to us in 2020 maybe 2021 cause of the 200 years of the greek revolution.lets move on about ww3 after israel attack iran. Russia will invade georgia and in just 23-24 hours georgia will dissapear from the map after georgia russia will invade armenia,azerbaijan and ukraine and russia will win against them in just 2 weeks as result WW3 will last 3.5-4 years 2020-5 may 2024 in this war 2.6B people will be killed.90% of the population of america will be killed and the final battle of WW3 will be in instanbul and it will be the bloodiest battle ever in just 3 days of battle 600M-700M will be killed all the killed one will be men also nukes will be launched against them and thata the end of WW3 and i forgot before israel will strike iran there will be a war with hydrogen bombs against north korea and in just 10 days of war 400.000 koreans will be killed and 10.000 koreans will be killed per day after the war cause of the radiation.Here in greece the only problems we will have are the hunger,diseases,the huge earthquake and a war between immigrants and greece will lose 66% of the population so only 3.5M greeks will be survived so i hope im gonna survive

    1. That is an amazing prophecy. Do most of the events you see come true? Take care of yourself.

  3. Does this airplane crash prediction and the French airplane crash prediction have nothing to do with terrorism?

  4. Eric,
    In an earlier post, you mentioned still expecting global attacks–is this airplane prediction connected to that, do you think? Or is it a separate event?

  5. you mentioned big airplane attack like 9/11 for new zealand.

    26 AUG 2019

    dated 26 aug 2019.

  6. When you see a vision related to two airplanes on a tarmac, is it a voice from your higher self that gives you the information, or do you actually see a vision, with a verbal summary from Higher? Because, I was wondering if the picture I saw on the evening news with one plane sitting on top of the other one, was the same vision you saw. Are they often similar to the ones we see in the news? Thanks

    1. I had a visual of just an airport running as normal. Then Spirit added their message. There is a new message rolling out. I had a visual where I saw a plane literally falling from the sky. So unfortunately I do not believe the prediction has happened yet.

      1. When you see something as dramatic as a plane falling from the air……does it look like a model plane, or an actual representation of an airplane falling? Can you see the crew and passengers or feel what they experience during the event?

        1. Most predictions start with its foundation. That is normally a visual of me up in the sky witnessing an event. In this case I was slightly off to the side watching this plane fall and buildings were in the background to the left. I was fairly high up. I believe these are actual events. Then it turns symbolic.

  7. I had a dream last week of a navy blue and yellow plane crashing into a city.

  8. Your Fired! Another loss in the White House.

    “Trump’s impeachment ire turns on Pompeo amid diplomats’ starring roles”

    “Trump has fumed for weeks that Pompeo is responsible for hiring State Department officials whose congressional testimony threatens to bring down his presidency, the officials said. The president confronted Pompeo about the officials — and what he believed was a lackluster effort by the secretary of state to block their testimony — during lunch at the White House on Oct. 29, those familiar with the matter said.”


  9. Eric,

    Trump fires..has escorted from White House.

    Donald begins his impeachment revenge: Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman FIRED and escorted out of the White House for testifying against the president, as Trump prepares to make his enemies pay
    Trump fired Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman from White House

    1. LTC Vindman is not an enemy. He is a soldier on active duty and he is subordinate to the president. Being escorted out of the WH is the least of his concerns. He better hope he is not court martialed.

        1. Insubordination and Disrespect to the President and Commander in Chief, among many others that would require a JAG officer to succintly define. There are rules and regulations that apply to the military that don’t apply to civilians.

  10. Eric,Raymond,

    His twin brother also removed..

    Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman and his twin brother are FIRED and escorted out of the White House following testimony against the president during the failed impeachment inquiry

    Trump fired Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman from White House
    Vindman was escorted out of building Friday afternoon
    ‘I’m not happy with him. Am I supposed to be happy with him?,’ Trump said

    Vindman’s twin brother Yevgeny Vindman, a National Security Council attorney, was also fired and escorted out of the White House

    Vindman was first White House official on July 25 call to testify in the House’s impeachment inquiry into the president

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