World Predictions 12-6-18

When you peddle fear.. when you peddle a divide.. the outcome.. the expectation.. will inevitably be violence and violence is coming.. its coming soon.

“The Northerners are going to be a threat to the way of life.. to violence.. a legitimate threat.. so much cruelty.. so much violence.” I had a visual of the shadow of a young man with a hand gun pointing at people, I believe he had a beanie on his head.  

I had a visual of Obama gesticulating his finger; “This racism doesn’t fly with me” it becomes his new calling as hate grows in America. 

Horribly tragic.. emotionally tragic.. Airplane crash.. the visual so utterly emotional.. tragic.. 10.. 

The implication of the Airplane crash: Sport youths.. children..  French or from France. 

The “Northerners” seem to be a new group of terrorist or home grown hate group. It is unlikely the real name but some symbolic jester about ‘north’.  However unconfirmed, I believe the first two predictions are related, keep in mind there are multiple nations where leaders, that came to power in the last few years,  peddle fear instead of hope and unity. The Spirit have growing concerns in Europe and the US. 


31 thoughts on “World Predictions 12-6-18

  1. I do believe there are some domestic terrorist predictions occurring in the North part of the U.S. Maybe the “Northerners” are culpable in some of those, if this group is actually in the U.S. after all. The Chicago bombing prediction, with the Timothy McVeigh reference, is one that comes to mind.

  2. This probably off-topic, but do you see this fosta/sesta bill getting repealed in the near future? It’s already causing more harm than good.

  3. On 13 Dec 2017 at 5:20 PM I posted the following on this website:

    “On November 19 2017 my Spirit Guides said: “Pacific Retro Syria” Retro means: of, or designating the style of an earlier time, backward, back. What it tells me is The Pacific will be like Syria has recently been.”

    At the time, I asked my guides “When?” They said: “This time next year.”

    Could the arrest of Sabrina Meng and China’s press calling it a “declaration of war” lead to a hot war in the Pacific..?

  4. Eric the “Northerners” brought this to mind for me. I watched a psychic channel recently who saw three men who drove a moving truck around in the US. She thought this was their actual livelyhood and that they were living in where she thought was NW Montana and went to a small Russian Orthodox Church. They were affiliated to the White Nationalist groups. She saw they used the moving business as a means to place bombs in different areas/cities as they went. And their fate was eventually somewhat similar to the Davidians in TX because the FBI eventually tracked them down…(everything there where they lived was booby trapped and rigged to blow up). It sounded like there were many different families with children who lived together or in the same vicinity.
    My question is are you able to ask Spirit if these “Northerners” could be affiliated with what this person saw? Perhaps we could stop some of the damage or deaths prior if so. Thanks.

    • Thanks for that info, jules104.. As soon a I read – “The Northerners are going to be a threat to the way of life..”, my mind went directly to the Northwest U.S. I don’t know why my mind went straight to that area. It just did. Could you please tell me who this psychic is that saw this happening?

    • Sadly, extremists seem to be very vocal lately. ISIS is still making threats around the holidays, right-winger groups have been vandalizing and attacking minorities, and there’s so much viciousness amid political groups.

      Extremists like ISIS, neo-Nazis, or any kind of supremacist movement, they all have one thing in common: their hate. These groups do nothing but cause chaos and murder and vandalism; they have nothing good to offer humanity.

      Fortunately, I think most people aren’t like them. But we all need to do better about calling out the wackos and refusing to let them pit us against each other.

  5. Thank you for the heads up on the plane crash. I often get dreams that let me know a crash is coming so I’m prepared, and can avoid the news-but I haven’t had such a dream lately. Having lost a child in a plane crash, I can’t tell you how tragic and horrific they truly are for families and survivors to deal with.

    I’m glad you and Bea are feeling better. Let’s hope that continues!

    • I’m sorry about what happened…..I can’t even imagine what you went through. Are you doing okay?

      • Yes, thank you Sara. It was 20+ years ago, but I think of her every day. Fortunately, I don’t think of the crash as often, but there are always reminders. To say that events like this are life altering would be an understatement. Such things tend to either make one find their faith/spirituality, or lose it. I was one of the lucky ones in that respect.

  6. Maybe the Northerners are Russian. They are often given that identity.

    I hope you are and your wife are feeling better.

    Thanks for your blog Eric.

    • In the oddest sense they said “Northerners.. you know.. Northerners.” As if I should know? We have been here before they talked about the Fawkes fans, I was familiar with the historical figure, I assumed they meant some type of historical group, but what they of course were talking about was Anonymous… Another example is they use to call Canada the place of leaves, because of the flag… Thanks

  7. From this blog October 13, 2018:

    “I had a visual of the number 8 on a clock. If it’s a countdown it would imply the 19th or 20th. Most likely they are talking about November or December 8th.”

    “Plea deals.. the walls now falling around the president in December… multiple files presented.. leading to a final end and an empty sleeve.”

    Today, Dec 7, 2018, and this appears to be coming to fruition…….

  8. North could mean Scandinavia? ( Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark) Here are many nazigroups rising!They sometimes call themselves vikings…

  9. ps. And also calls itself ” northern resistance movement”. It is under control by police at this moment…

  10. Eric/SWC here is a map on the Southern Povrrty Law Centers site with hate groups in the US. Maybe since Spirits figured you should know who the Northerners are Eric, it’s just simply people or a group up North? I know there are a lot of white supremist and racist groups in the Pacific NW among other northern areas. One is the “Northern Hammerheads”. “The Proud Boys” cause a lot of issues in Portland, Oregon. They come over the border from Vancouver, WA. But really there are so many haters lately out there it’s hard to narrow down one group I’d think. Here’s that link.


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