World Predictions 12-19-19

I asked specifically about earthquakes expecting it to be centered around California, but Spirit shifted 180 degrees:

I had a visual of water just engulfing an entire area, sweeping through and consuming everything in site.

Then it shifted to show a large map of Asia.

The visual shifted yet again to mark multiple earthquake locations in California back to back from LA area to mid California to San Francisco area. All over a short span of time.

After I fell asleep getting this message I woke up a few hours later to here. Now..Now.. Now..
So not knowing if they are talking about the quakes or another message I am posting this vague message but I plan to go back and ask for details, in the hopes to gather specifics.

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55 thoughts on “World Predictions 12-19-19

  1. Wow, eric..I am sure of this prediction!! Why??? I don’t know..a feeling in my soul!

  2. If they showed Asia first, then California, maybe that’s the order the quakes will come –first in Asia, then California. I don’t know a lot about quakes, can one quake trigger more quakes in another part of the world?

      1. Clarity would help a lot, and I hope that you can obtain some … because
        this prediction is all over the place and open to infinite interpretations.

  3. Eric this one also talks about the assignation.
    Then there is the plane attack which first came up christmas week.
    Then this one.


    Large earthquake.. North California.. 2.. 3.. around Eureka.. hit hard.. dinner table.. the quake will reach down to San Francisco.

    Fiji.. mid month.. I had a visual of a large wave crossing the ocean and striking islands. In a previous prediction they predicted a Tsunami.

  4. Hi Eric. I can confirm that prediction. I posted this at my Blog Site:

    On Mon 9am 9th Dec 2019 I received this message:
    I was walking when suddenly I heard a tremendous roar and was overpowered by the awareness of all around me was shaking violently. Earthquake? Split in two. From top to bottom. Motueka NZ? (I asked but no reply) Massive, massive and many lives lost. I’m sure I saw Christmas decorations and a decorated tree within a mall or similar, but no one was celebrating.”
    And two days ago: 18/12/19 “I felt/sensed a tsunami coming but not much detail. Does this relate to the Wall Street prediction or to the predicted, earthquake related, flooding/tsunami?”


      1. I read the article you posted. Why do you think there’s been such silence from Spirits?

        1. Sara, I think there’s too many variables between now and the early few months of the new year. It seems as if we’re in for sudden and unpredictable happenings/events between now and around April next year. Eric and his Team of Spirit Guides does an excellent job of getting the information he is currently getting. But until this unpredictable period has passed, predictions will be erratic, I believe.

          1. if I also may add, we, as humans are coming to a crossroad, very soon, which way humans turn, will bring out other stuff, this is a major crossroads, especially for America, that is why a lot of pyschics are seeing very different events for America, very hard to pin down, I feel after march, the signs will be clearier for people to see Americas path more clearier. the weather is starting to rage, so more of the weather related disasters will grow and consume, in 2020. pray for America, and the world, remember, what we do every minute, changes predictions and events, but, the weather needs a worldwide change, in order to stop what is happening and will happen……

  5. Here’s another old one. “Indian Ocean Tsunami” on 29 Dec 2017. It has the clay plate being destroyed.
    “The tsunami is coming soon.” “Indonesia will be hit hard. The small island I’ll prepared and Australia will also be affected.”
    Also the number 9 popping up all over with 39 different locations being affected on 30 June 2017 was to be an “Epic event”.

  6. Eric there’s something else I recall. There were a lot of times when you mentioned that you were confused whether Spirit was talking about New Zealand or California. Here is one. But that’s not Asia. Also on 8-1-15 the prediction… “Sorry Eric it’s 11:30” “NOW…
    Wasn’t there a recent prediction with 11:30 in it? There were actually 2 predictions on 8-1-15. One for California and one for New Zealand earthquakes. But NZ is South Pacific correct?

    1. “whether Spirit was talking about New Zealand or California. Here is one. But that’s not Asia.”

      Um, it’s not the same.
      Which is exactly why I hope that Eric is gifted with more clarity re: this. Otherwise everyone’s just riffing “creatively.”

      1. Please see my reply to your question ..
        On comment at 3:20 pm..on this thread…

  7. I just heard “New Caldonia fault”in my head. I looked it up, it goes threw New Zeland.

    1. There is no New Caledonia fault in New Zealand. There is a country called New Caledonia in the Pacific.

  8. there are predictions that mention 25 and 9 and something around a sacred holiday.
    could this be around christmas / chanuka 2019?

    1. Yes, not only that but they have marked the 23rd and 27th. With Spirit saying “now” over and over, something is about to happen. It’s unfortunate that I can’t pinpoint what.

    2. This year, Hanukkah starts at sundown on December 22nd, and ends at sundown on December 30th. I don’t know if that fits any of the predictions, but it’s a good idea to be cautious around the holidays anyway, since terrorists have tried to attack on holidays in the past.

  9. Eric,

    Ref:::After I fell asleep getting this message I woke up a few hours later to here. Now..Now.. Now..

    Germany 🇩🇪
    Two Islamist terror suspects arrested
    Berlin Christmas market evacuated Bomb alert💥

    1. Star,
      Thankfully, this one turned out to be a false alarm, but it must have been scary for the people at the market.

      1. Sara,
        (Many plots)

        You are right…these three were arrested Nov 12, 2019
        Just before their plot..near Frankfurt

        Searches and seizures of materials belonging to the suspects took place on Tuesday at three apartments in Offenbach, according to the public prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt am Main.

        The men between the ages of 21 and 24 are alleged to have made preparations for an attack involving explosives or firearms.

  10. There have been 4 earthquakes this morning off the west coast of Vancouver Island. The last one was the strongest at 6.0..there has been no damage, no tsunami warnings, and they weren’t felt on land. It isn’t unusual to have minor earthquakes in this region, but 4 in one morning is very unusual.

    1. Whoa, that’s sad. It’s never good to lose a loved one, but it’s probably worse when it happens on/around holidays.

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