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World Predictions 5-29-20

I had a visual I was holding a black wax marker. Then Spirit grabbed it and begin violently scribbling on a paper.
I had a visual I was staring at a deer. The focus was on the head of the deer, the deer had huge antlers, then Spirit added a white tracker to its antler.
I had a visual I was sitting at a table, Spirit was serving tea. On the table was milk and honey. But the tea was being poured by a beautiful shiny silver ancient lamp, like a genie lamp. The tea poured out slowly.

I had a visual of a military boot dragging and stepping on a child’s toy bead necklace. The type of square beads that write you name.
I had a visual of military jeeps coming over a hill or mountain.

The “monster vehicle” I had a visual of a vehicle running over everything in its path. “Spider..that man”

What does the first message mean?

Awhile back I asked the question Can all of us communicate with Spirit. Though we all have our different ways of connecting to Spirit a direct line of communication is held for the few humans with “Antlers” the growth of the Antlers reflect the connection. So what does this white tracker mean?

Lately we have been “painting black” , the north location by the lakes, Turkey, Southern Africa, and the most concerning location Southern Florida. I initially assumed it was tied to Covid19 hotspots. But what if they are marking locations. Places they are “tracking” or “marking” as focal points for me to ask about? Giving me what I have been ‘wishing’ for having consistent messages presented as a triad of location, event, and timing. On a separate note I normally drink tea when I am working with Spirit.

Are the last two messages tied to old predictions? It sounds like military might hurt or extensively oppress children? The second message is a terror act.

Rising India tensions, possible terrorist, but not Pakistan it’s actually China: WORLD PREDICTIONS 9-19-19


Also Iran’s attack: WORLD PREDICTIONS 1-14-20

Along with Iran, WORLD PREDICTIONS 1-14-20 has a message about multiple police arrested. Is that related to Floyd’s passing?

Next Truth on the 5th!

Spirits view from a great distance :

“We just don’t understand why a society would be so accepting of a select few having so much more they could ever need while tens of thousands of their neighbors don’t have enough food for that day?”

May predictions from the past : In May of 2019

Prediction: New Zealand Earthquake around the 12th   Spirit wrote; MHEY and then said (May).. There going to ask her to step aside, step aside. I believe they are talking about Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.