Albania Earthquake

Please pray for everyone in Albania.
Is this the prediction they were trying to bring attention to? Albania is north of Greece. The earthquake happened at 4. The magnitude was close to 6.5. The 27th would make the prediction 1 day off.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 11-19-19 Prediction: Chicago Explosion

The relic of previous predictions have come full circle.

“So many casualties.” 

“Earthquake.. in Greece.. Italy.”

Later Spirit clarified the message was more about Greece. They estimate a 6.5 magnitude, and said ‘in 4’ , they also said ‘Tuesday’ but that might be related to the next message.

This still does not explain what the numbers 2 0 7 represents? Why these specific numbers?  Just in case it means the 27th, I am posting this at 2am in the morning, so that those in the mid west have the information available to them.

9 thoughts on “Albania Earthquake

  1. Please pray for everyone in Albania my heart pours out to them. It is unfortunately a prediction with multiple errors. From the gate though they were unclear on the location shifting from Italy to Greece. Never entirely sure. However I post it because I need to reflect all my work including the flaws. We will work to improve.. always.

  2. Hopefully the people affected by this quake will be able to recover from it eventually. Natural disasters are hard to cope with, whether tornadoes, quakes, or wildfires.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Eric, and to Bea and family. We are so thankful that you share your gift with us. Be well.

  4. Ancient Aztec records reveal hidden earthquake risk

    Scientific examinations of historical accounts suggest that up to 40 percent of Mexico’s population lives along a zone that is more seismically active than suspected.

    Mysterious tectonic fault zone found off California

    A new method using fiber-optic cables pinpointed the previously hidden system—and it may reveal more seismic surprises around the globe.

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