The Awakening

The start of Eric Leigh-Pink’s path.
As a child my ability to communicate with Spirits seemed perfectly normal to me. I would carry on conversations with Spirits just as one does with every day people.. I remember being in a grocery store just chatting away with Darcy or Marcus, both of whom are key players in the work we do now. Parents would pull their children away from me as if I was a plague. It confused me because I assumed as a child everyone could communicate with those from the other side. It was my Mom Bea that kept asking me “who are you talking too” as I looked to the sky. You could tell there was concern and a bit of fear in her eyes, yet I would always try to assure her that they were friends, Darcy and Marcus, are friends of mine and she need not concern herself. After awhile though my exclusion began to weigh on me. It became apparent that my continued actions could only isolate me. Hi
As a teenager I tried very hard to detach myself from Spirit, to disconnect in the hopes of having a normal youthful life. It did not work, because it just wasn’t who I was. My ties to Spirit still leaked out, it was just too strong, to bright, it found its way out one way or another. I made a choice after high school that I would flaunt who I was. I shared it with everyone, I spoke to Spirits and was proud of it. I had a connection to the spiritual realm and did not care what others thought. I refused to continue to hide who I was. Unexpectedly that opened doors, it was as if Spirit was waiting for me, and as I accepted my place they started to present themselves in droves. Starting with this event:

As I turned 18 I remember hearing drums. Everyday I could hear the beating of old drums at a distance, most of the time it happened as I fell asleep. At first I kept looking outside to try and understand where they were coming from. I slowly realized it had to be a spiritual noise of some kind. I remember coming home one day tired from the restaurant I worked at, I fell to the soft carpet of my apartment and the drums suddenly became very loud. So I closed my eyes fixated on the noise when suddenly I was in a very different place:

I was standing in a desert with huge mountains in the distance I clearly remember it being freezing cold with a chilly wind. I could feel the wind, feel the altitude. I was surrounded by 12 Buddhist monks dressed in red robes. Two of them were playing drums. Two others walked up to me. Then one stepped directly in front of me. He was an older man, bald head, his teeth had multiple gaps, thinly built. He held out both his hands and as he did all the monks begin to hum.
“I come bearing gifts for you.” He said.

“Who are you?” I asked confused over my setting.

He quickly chuckled and smiled. Shrugging his shoulders he said “I am a humble, simple, Prince” He said with a level of glee.
“I don’t understand this” As I looked in all directions.

He quickly turned to the other monk. Who in turn handed him an old wooden box. There was something about the box that I recognized. He opened the box and put a white scarf around my neck, then he turned the box towards me, inside was a very old, long wooden flute with metal silver ends. My first thought was, concern, I wasn’t a musician of any kind. Perhaps this monk was in error. Then the monk put the box on the hard ground in front of me. Quickly grabbed my hands pulling them aggressively towards him.
“These hands do more than what you think. They can do great things!”
Suddenly his hands glowed and my hands glowed and the light filled the entire desert, then there was nothing but light and I woke up.

I looked up at the clock in my apartment and to my utter shock only one minute had passed. What was that I kept asking myself. What just happened?
I went around to all my friends and phoned my family over my insane event and it’s odd time gap. It would be a week later that an older friend of my gasped at my story and explained that what I was describing was Prince Siddhartha the Buddha. Founder of the Buddhist faith. He explained that the Buddhist used an Om Flute, that the circle of people could very easily have ties to the wheel of life. He also talked about how white scarfs are given as gifts at religious ceremonies.
I then studied the teachings and stories of the Buddha and learned about meditation and the middle way. I integrated my life to those studies. I had met the Prince that started Buddhism and to this day find it to be one of the greatest privileges of my entire life, but there would be other great moments to come.
It was the meditation specifically that gave me a direct line to Spirit. I was able to communicate with them, they began to make predictions about other people around me, then people I didn’t even know, and eventually what you now read for the world. It was more than that though. In my constant state of meditation I begin to remember who I was, a corn farmer, mayor, Russian soldier, English sailor. But more importantly I remembered the countless life’s where I was connected to Spirit; the Tennessee Prophet, the oracle of Delphi, an Egyptian advisor, a Shaman, and finally a Tibetan Oracle who advised the Lama’s.
You remember the small things, the rats in the Tibetan monastery that you come to name. The smell of incense. The great friends you have, the love for others. The job itself was a bit forgotten. It always seems to be more in line with what or who you come to love that is remembered. Love is always remembered while so much of the rest of life falls to the waste side.
One day I remembered going to class at college, then my restaurant job afterwards and realizing as I stared in the kitchen, I was very much in the wrong place, all that I was doing was wrong, serving Spirit, serving God, was the only path forward the only one that mattered. So it began.

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  1. Eric. thank you so much for sharing the beginning of your story! you where also a high priest, in old Egypt,as well. So wonderful, are the details, and moments that come back, and come alive again! thank you for sharing…….we ALL live, lifetime to lifetime, learning and growing as a soul, our true home is in the spiritual realms, thank again, for sharing………..

  2. All of us are very grateful that you chose not to be normal by society’s standards and thus do what you were put on this earth to do.

  3. Epic! Thank you for sharing your beggenings. Thank you Eric for sharing your gifts with all of us.

  4. Fascinating story! Thank you for sharing Eric. When I walked into my grandsons bedroom one day he was talking incessantly to his guides!

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    1. What a beautiful beginning! Thank you for sharing your story and your gift. I hope 2020 is your best year yet!

  5. Wow! I am so grateful you have taken this path. I was a different kid too, stood up to bullies, knew who I was, refused to conform. It’s not easy at all. I’d love to know what my past lives have been. It might explain things in my here and now much better. Thank you for this very personal sharing. And thank you for accepting your gifts. It sounds like it wasn’t an easy road.

  6. This sounds like a beginning of a very interesting book of your life. Thank you so much for sharing😊

  7. Thank you for sharing this with us and for being brave to follow your heart and gut. Happy new year to you Eric!

  8. Mr. Eric,

    Happy New Year!

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. I am looking forward to the next one.

    I think DNA carries memories and that is where the “past lives” come from.

      1. Thank you. I thought that on my own. Later on I was told some African people’s teach dna carries memory and destiny.

        I do not know, only God can say. I will say I do not believe in past lives. We have this life and the next. Hopefully we will be with God in the next life. God is Love.

  9. cheers eric for the story of your journey.

    like you i hear alot of “spiritual noise” or “astral noise” when im about to drift off to sleep (even though i have DSOD due to 11 years of working constant nightshifts effecting me 3.5 years later) Sometimes i could mistaken a “Bang” for a car crashing or a motorbike misfiring as i do live on a busy street but i know its astral noise. .

    they say that the ability to hear astral noise is the first step to clairaudience or hearing the voice of spirits (which i have heard many a-time). Once again eric thanks for sharing your story. Very Inspirational.

  10. thank you for sharing Eric! thank you Spirits 🙏🙏 please ask them to guide us all Eric and protect us because we do live in hard times.

    Happy new year to all of you and your families 🙏🎈💖

  11. Wow Eric this is beautifully written and for some reason it all sounds very familiar to me as well….?

    ELP: “I have learned once you accept who you truly are life opens up more for you and you feel filled. It’s the denial that burns. That is empty.”

    This is so true! Unfortunately in my experience it’s mostly the ones without a strong connection to Spirit that seem to be unable to accept out of fear and/or jealously. They target those who do have it and it can make life very hard for those capable of connecting with higher vibrational beings.

    Thank you again Eric for sharing!

    Happy New Year everybody!

  12. Beautiful magical story! Thanks for sharing your amazing story Eric. Watching your gifts unfold will continue to enlighten us all🧡 Happy New Year!

  13. Thank you Eric for sharing something so private and personal. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing a glimpse into your life. That took courage. Keep going.

  14. Eric, thanks for sharing with us. It’s fascinating. It meant alot that you could open your heart to us.

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