The first prediction holds its full weight. The number 12 is likely now, December. The last two messages have not unfolded yet.

Spirit has consistently said Trump will not lose his office through impeachment. They consistently talk about a resignation.

PREDICTIONS 3-7-18 No evidence of direct collusion with Donald Trump.. vindication!  . But then the scandal is unearthed and this time it will not pass. Through the lense of multiple shady deals; What’s in it for me, what can you offer me. It will cripple his leadership.

PREDICTIONS 8-20-18 “Explosive transcripts.. two different stories.. so many lies.. but historically this has happened before.. from multiple accounts..”

PREDICTIONS 4-11-18 “Huge scandal coming.. White house.. tit for tat.. what’s in it for me.. I did you a favor now you owe me a favor.. flush for cash.. this is the scandal that will eventually be his undoing.. impeachment tried twice.. mockery..”. Spirit implied that the house of cards would fall apart in July for Trump. Spirit showed a picture of Trump and then tore it. Could the message mean something else? They also showed 12 as when all things would come to a head

PREDICTIONS 5-23-18 JAPAN EARTHQUAKE/TSUNAMI “The white house whistleblower.. all these lies, so many lies.. he has conspired with Russia on multiple fronts..  I am being told to throw it away.” Then Spirit wrote 157 which implies the 15th.

Predictions 7-12-17  How long will Trump be president? Their response:  “12.. the month” (12 months?)

Predictions 6-17-17 : In the end it isn’t the testimonies of individuals that impede Trump but banks, finances, dealings. From one hand to another to another. Shady acts.

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  1. zenyatta1 Avatar

    Can’t believe he will hang in there!!! Such a crook…same with his cronies!!!

  2. Sara Avatar

    So the huge financial scandal that forces him to resign won’t be revealed till next year? Possibly yet another July bombshell in 2020?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      They did not give a timetable on when the scandal happens, but they went from whistleblower to hearings, to a financial scandal. There is also talk of a taped call.

      1. Sara Avatar

        Do you think the “taped call” is related to the prediction about the former president wiretapping him?

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I have no idea. They did not say. I would never had guessed Ukraine

      2. Samanthas Avatar

        There was a tape of Rudy Giuliani requesting money whilst with Parnas and Fruman.

    2. Samanthas Avatar

      Yes maybe the 157, is actually 7/15/20!

  3. Trevor Avatar

    “Impeachment tried twice.. mockery..” – so there will be 2nd impeachment that also fails but he still resigns anyway?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I believe they might be comparing senate vs Congress. It is a bit mock like.

  4. Sara Avatar

    God, I hope Trump leaves office soon, he really scares me. Too much about him reminds me of Hitler’s rise to power, and of King Jong Un’s personality.

    Eric, when the spirits say a prediction is going to happen soon, how soon do they mean? Are they talking weeks, months, or years? The timing of predictions has always confused me, since some seem to happen right away, like the prediction about the military guy resigning, and others seem to happen later, like the recent New Jersey shooting, predicted in 2018.

    Also, are we still at risk for this prediction?: I had a visual of a clock that was about to strike 11. “Now.. it has arrived”. There are only two possible ties related to the number 11, the terror attacks and the earthquake predictions.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It’s more about it being next in line for a major event of that topic. That’s what they mean by now, no real time table.

  5. Cody Avatar

    Must be pretty bad for him to resign because the Senate impeachment trial has already been predetermined by McConnell contracting out his Senate constitutional duties to the president of the US – who is on trial – and admitting he’ll do whatever the president and his lawyers tell him to do.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Or it is a situation like a ‘tape’ that is irrefutable.

    2. Cody Avatar

      McConnell on Fox News: Says he is “coordinating with White House counsel” on Senate trial. Says there is “no difference between the President’s position and our position on how to handle this.”

      Fmr. Sen. Tom Daschle, who led Sen. Dems during Clinton’s ’99 impeachment trial: “I felt strongly that, as a “juror”, contact or coordination with the White House was not appropriate… “I had no conversations with the President or his staff during the entire time of the proceedings… Times have changed.”

  6. Hayley Avatar

    To be perfectly honest, I’m disappointed that spirit is predicting so much about politics, yet failed to give pre-warning on a devastating volcano eruption in New Zealand. Surely a priority should be saving innocent lives, not on the wishful downfall of a president?

    1. Deborah Pomeroy Azzarone Avatar
      Deborah Pomeroy Azzarone

      Me too. These anti Trump predictions seems to be the most popular things to predict. Popular or not, I wish there were other things than divisive ones that took priority.

      1. allen Avatar

        since our president has commited crimes that effects millions And has destroyed years and years of treaties, that was work on by many different presidents on both sides for years. It will take many many years to undo the damage done to our country and its people, as well as America being a laughting stock of the world! so Sorry ! this IS a really big thing, that should be given more time and for the evils to come out, and be healed. The America public, will never be told ALL of the stuff that has happened, as their will be rioting in the streets! we can only pray, that these dark days for America, will be behind us, but it will take decades, to undo the damage………

  7. Lovewarrior Avatar

    Sigh…I cannot wait for the Trump presidency to be over. It’s so exhausting.

  8. petemedium Avatar

    From my latest Blog:
    “I don’t like the feel of what we’re in for these next few years.
    It is as if the world’s collective consciousness is wishing catastrophe, calamity and deadly upheaval upon us all, so as we make the drastic changes the world needs to make so as to save the human family.”

  9. Sara Avatar

    I encourage everyone to listen to this song by Peter, Paul, and Mary, “Light One Candle”. It’s inspiring, and whatever our political differences, it’s full of much needed hope, which is something we all could use. (The singing starts around 0:43)

  10. freestonew Avatar

    the volcano thing! indeed, why no predictions? i have an idea why…..!!

    look at the taking down of trump! I have found that the more Intelligent a person is, the more they are Consumed about taking down of Trump! I have given up on the new york times, once my favorite newspaper. seems every article has a trump negative in it; does not matter if that article is about pigs or carrots or airplanes.

    there is no “brain cells left” to think about anything else! all-consuming, this Trump Thing!

    what will probably happen is that Trump will win by a huge landslide, all brought about by the democrats. like 70% or more! the democratic party might then black hole collapse! four more years of trump, to go along with Britain; Johnson and the other guy to have a super ripping out of Brexit!

    I offer no condolences here.

    too, everyone born from say 1920 to 1950, was born steeped in a deep racial dislike of other races. these people are now our leaders in commerce and government. then too, the younger liberal left will eventually find that they too are racist to the max: tis the human condition. only through a deep deep spiritual life without *any* dogma or church influences might deep racism be turned to good!
    same with sex choices.

    if I had a solution to all of this, i would wish a NDE on everyone so that each person Knows, not Believes, that there is an afterlife and that every action, thought, and feeling will count for eternity and for the following incarnations back to earth. too too extreme.

    remember; we elect the president that mirrors US! we are Trump!
    his attitudes are our attitudes. his “over-reactions”, then, are Drama maybe to show us our own lives.


    1. Sara Avatar

      With all due respect, Trump has done a lot of damage to the country, far more than simply being dramatic. He’s hurt the fight against ISIS and put the region at serious risk by prematurely pulling troops out–and the way we abandoned the Kurds will hurt us getting allies in the future. He’s hurt the environment, by yanking us out of climate change treaties.

      He’s sides with Putin and compliments Kim Jong Un–a mass murderer.

      He encourages hatred of foreigners and consistently uses bigoted terms such as “send them back where they came from”, as well as comments about blacks, women, and anyone who disagrees with him. He tricks his supporters into thinking any negative news about him is ‘fake news’, which is similar to the way Hitler got his supporters to believe every word he said.

      Frankly, Trump acts more like Kim Jong Un than a US president, and his behavior is downright unstable and suggests serious mental issues. I don’t mean to rant here, you’re entitled to your opinion, but I just wanted to point out that there are many reasons people are so scared of Trump, it’s a lot more than not liking his personality, it’s that his words and actions cause so much damage.

      Are liberals perfect? No way, all sides have to confront their corruption, and I think people like Clinton need to back out of politics….But Trump’s corruption is off the charts, his behavior is deranged and he makes it clear he’ll do whatever he wants–the behavior of a dictator, who doesn’t understand the meaning of democracy or debate. If he could silence everyone who disagrees with him, make no mistake, he would.

      I don’t believe we are Trump. He’s not a savior, he’s not fighting corruption, he is more corrupt than even the politicians. He’s hurting America, and he’s ruining the Republican party.

      Again, I don’t mean to rant, I just wanted to explain better why we’re so scared of Trump, and how dangerous his behavior and policies really are.

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Thank You! And I don’t see this as just “politics”. This isn’t all about Democrats versus Republicans. This is about “We The People” saving our country and our democracy. It’s about a great cleansing which is taking place all over the World. People are waking up, the curtain is being lifted. There is a lot more going on behind the scenes then what is shown on the news and in the papers.

      2. freestonew Avatar

        yes, what i *should* have said is that those who voted for him might share his values.
        like: “make our country great again”. meaning industry and factories humming. of course he will appoint the man to head the public lands, the man who dislikes the public lands the most: got to mine and log these lands as the resources are needed for the factories! humming factories means air pollution so standards for clean must go.

        in a sense I think that we just should let everything go to china or africa to be made and then we become a service country!
        —-all of those elderly people, the baby boomers and the greatly increasing numbers of dementia people. within a few years *everyone* will be caregiving someone and the caregivers often die before their charges, 60% higher!! the stress is that high.
        —our infrastructure and roads!
        —why are hurricane michael damaged lands and home still in a 3rd world state of being?!
        –why does any job that has it where one serves other people, paid the very least money? teachers, nurses, firemen, police, servers, etc….
        —the lament of “johnny was always strange, why did we not intervene, now he killed ten people at the mall”, appears after every shooting incident. indeed we *might* have to soon have to have our own “social score” system like the chinese! might hurt a few artists and intellectuals, but we all might breath much better in safety!

        every thing has a cost and trumps idea of a good country will have Costs…..


    2. Jimmy Avatar

      Very well said freestone. I have always said that this world is like a mirror; it collectively reflects that which we, as a collective put out. The leaders indeed reflect the populace, and not along party lines like everyone thinks…it’s the energy people put out as a whole that is reflected back to them via their leaders.

      This is the same on an individual basis too – other people are your mirrors, and you are theirs. If you put out anger and hate, it gets reflected back to you, until you evolve and learn to be better than that.

      For some reason many people need to judge and look down on others to feel good about themselves…and that is why we have the world with its issues today. Not enough are looking in the mirror and cleaning up their own backyard first.

    3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      To answer your question, they actually did start a prediction about a volcano, then my mother fell ill and I had to take her to the hospital so this work here was put on hold. Life hindered my work, and the prediction was lost. It’s easy for us as humans to throw stones, but should we?

  11. Mike Avatar

    Eric foresaw the volcano 4 years ago. It’s just as time progresses its understandable this may get forgotten.
    This is from a post of his from November 2015, copied directly.
    “In 3 to 4.. the earthquake is coming.. soon.. its big.
    The 25 will be lost to this.

    The prediction implies an earthquake around the 12th, perhaps the 11th”
    This appears to line up very well. Volcano near the 12, 25 were thought to be on island, was in New Zealand.

    1. Hayley Avatar

      I didn’t think their timeline of ‘in 3-4’ meant years 😏
      Being from Australia, I think the focus should not be on American politics, as there is much more happening across the globe. The focus seems to have taken on a political nature ever since the incorrect prediction of Hilary Clinton winning the election (just my personal opinion)

      1. Deborah Pomeroy Azzarone Avatar
        Deborah Pomeroy Azzarone

        Correct Hayley. Before he had a chance to do anything his opposition started talking about how to remove him from office. It’s odd to me that no one will admit that. Is it lack of knowledge or lack of honesty. This negativity towards Trump is dominating everything. You can color it that he is so evil that his demise is the only thing worth talking about, but it’s a big world out there, so I’m sure we can try to be a little less Trump hate, and a little more positivity. Not everyone feels the same way about things, and I’m quite sure the spirits aren’t only speaking to American Dems. There isn’t anything he has done that was good at all? Nothing?
        Can we stop the political stuff for a while? Please?

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          It’s not about Trump and has never been about Trump, we have talked about it before. Within the next decade or two there will be a leader of unspeakable evil, one adored by his people. They mark him as the most evil man that ever existed. He is a world leader and the Spirits are dead set on doing everything from hindering his rise to power. Step one to achieving that is practice. The practice of making predictions of current Presidents and leaders. The practice of accurately predicting their actions. Trump is not alone, we have predicted Maduro, Al Assad, Putin, Obama, etc. I have heard the criticism over my failure to predict the volcano in New Zealand, but everyone please understand the magnitude of their intent, we are talking about a future where nuclear war is unfolding. A war so huge it will wipe away a large swath of the world’s population. So unfortunately the political predictions will continue, and will most likely expand to even more world leaders because hindering the next Hitler goes to the very heart and purpose of this entire site.

          1. Deborah Pomeroy Azzarone Avatar
            Deborah Pomeroy Azzarone

            Eric, I don’t think that the spirits are thrilled with the hate that comes out towards Trump offered in the comments whenever his name is mentioned.
            You can call it practice for the evil one that is to come, but I don’t think people need to practice being hate filled.
            The way people talk about a President who millions have chosen for their President isn’t winning anyone over. You may think you’re just putting facts you’ve have learned from spirit, but commenters who hate Trump are taking that and running with it in a most unproductive way. Most of what is posted in the comments s the same thing we read on the one sided media.
            Shouldn’t this site be more about discussion, partnership, caring, understanding of different opinions, and trying to express those feelings in a way that teaches but doesn’t offend?

            1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

              I have rules and boundaries in regards to the comments, and I do remove a great number of comments from both sides, I agree with you the comments have become way to negative from both sides, I don’t see why we all can’t have civilized conversations, however it is a balance because on the other side I do not want to be that site that hinders other people’s opinions or free speech. I find myself spending a great deal of time erasing so many comments that go beyond the pale of indecency. I am open to anyone’s opinion on how to better approach the situation because in this we are in total agreement.

              1. Deborah Pomeroy Azzarone Avatar
                Deborah Pomeroy Azzarone

                I don’t think there’s anything you can do Eric. My sorrow is for the responses seen so often on any post relating to Trump. You can’t control people who appear to delight in the downfall of our President no more than you should try to control freedom of speech.
                Maybe spirit should be concentrating on the spirit that lives in each one of us, preparing us for disasters and evil leaders that are sure to come with a higher spirit of acceptance of others instead of feeding off each other’s negativity towards a POTUS that you yourself says isn’t the evil one.
                Practicing on him as a fighter trains on a punching bag? Is that what spirit wants from us?Disregarding anything he has done that was positive? I come here less and less because of the comments that repeat the same hatred over and over again. I can get commentary like this on the cable news networks.
                I wish the comments should be more like “What can we do to improve our conditi

                1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

                  I will say we have plans to go a different direction soon. Spirit wants to focus more on other presidents and world leaders. We have eyes for France, UK, and Brazil. There is also talk about someone who just came to power under a democracy who will quickly turn into an ugly dictator. We also have specific predictions about Iran’s government falling apart but I need to predict what will replace it.

                2. freestonew Avatar

                  HOOray!! someone who stands up against the tidal wave of anti-trump stuff! I used to think that the New York times was the country’s best newspaper. now I cringe! they have a way now of injecting anti-Trump stuff into articles about cakes and bisons and weather!
                  *take Down Trump* seems to be their motto. a bitter cake covered over with even more bitter frosting!
                  most other liberal periodicals too, seem to do this. they delight in finding every tiny fault and harp it up big time.
                  this along with articles about the joys of transgender and other modern urban ways of life. do these people, on their Podiums, even consider the politics of who makes the stage, the microphone, the cables, etc? Probably some cigar smoking worker who voted for trump and he Makes Stuff that you need in your entire day!

                  further down there is a hint about a future dictator. I feel England is at risk. but “dictator” is a paint job covering who other people might really call a living saint who rescues a country from collective social “oppression” that some call the euro-union!

            2. Sara Avatar

              I’m sorry, I never meant for any of my comments to come out as hate. I’m very frightened of Trump, and I just meant to explain my reasons why, but if I came off as hateful, I apologize. That’s the last thing I wanted to happen, considering the amount of hate in the world right now.

              I agree with you when you said ‘teach, not offend’; I try to do that, but I guess it was coming out wrong. For whatever it’s worth, I don’t hate Trump’s supporters. I know everyone wants the same thing: peace, stability, and freedom, we all just have different ways to get to it.

              It’s like the lyrics of “Someday”, when they said:
              “There are some days, dark and bitter
              Seems we haven’t got a prayer
              But a prayer for something better
              Is the one thing we all share”

          2. Paul Avatar

            You have not shared much about that prediction yet. Wouldn’t knowing it sooner help give time to prevent it?

            1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

              The Spirits seem to have this system of timing that I have learned has its own purpose. So I trust they know best. The predictions are there though.

            2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

              Have you looked at the previous messages about this future Hitler?

              1. Paul Avatar

                No I did not see them. I will go look. Thanks for the heads up.

  12. Samanthas Avatar

    So this seems to fall around the time the Supreme Courts will have to make a decision on releasing Trumps financials. Will this cause the 2nd articles of impeachment and then Trump cuts a deal to resign in return for no criminal charges?!?

    1. Lovewarrior Avatar

      This is what I have been thinking lately as far as tone goes. Another psychic page I follow has talked about Trump resigning in the spring due to his financials

  13. Paul Avatar

    A president cannot be pardoned if impeached. ( Article 2 of the constitution). This is why Nixon resigned as suddenly as he did just prior to being impeached. Remember the impeachment is done by the house. It is equivalent to an indictment, not a verdict. Clinton was impeached but won the trial and stayed in office. The trial is done by the Senate. With the house voting on impeachment this week, if the president is looking to use a pardon as a last safety valve, he would have to stop the impeachment, and at this point the only way to do that is to resign.
    That would be the path for the prediction to play out this month if it does so.

    1. Paul Avatar

      Well that did not happen. Clearly because the trial in the senate is pretty much predetermined to not convict. So a resignation to avoid the perils of impeachment won’t happen. It would have to be some other reason or revelation coming out and it would have to be so bad that it would motivate an instant resignation for this to happen in December.

  14. Kali X Avatar
    Kali X

    Speaking about a comment you made earlier on here, I understand the spirits are concerned about a future leader; but how come they haven’t revealed his name yet? If this is incredibly dire that is going to happen with the decade or in the 2030s then I think in our right minds we need to have some idea who or what he is (especially a solid name).

    If I may suggest something, but I feel like maybe you should not do this alone anymore and form a psychic circle of sorts on here with this site. I think multiple people are better than one and everyone can fit the puzzle better than how it has been for a while now. Assuming you can trust the people who might have similar abilities that come to you. Have a entirely new section dedicated to a Psychic community.

    I apologize if I sound like I’m frustrated regarding this. If this person is as evil as the Spirits claim then why not temporarily stall free will for a short time and deal with this directly if he poses a threat to creation itself (mainly Earth)? I’m saying this because our future is not always set in stone, and I’m not a big fan of Russian Roulette because this Future Leader sounds like Russian Roulette to me concerning past posts about this person.

    Alternatively even the idea of Aliens could help if they have stronger connection with Spirit, and they come to swoop in and take away every nuclear weapon on the planet.

    I want to give people of this planet the benefit of the doubt they won’t do something stupid, but the track record the past couple decades hasn’t been good.

    I apologize for this rant.

    1. Kali X Avatar
      Kali X

      I’m sorry Eric if I’m out of line, I just don’t want a future where fear and death wins. We had too many evil leaders like that for centuries.

      It’s not right, and makes me very frustrated.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      No I totally understand. We have to weigh the change we can make with the fear and hysteria we might create. I get frustrated myself at times, but we don’t want to be fear mongols. There is so much dread as it is on my site and it is a constant delicate balance especially with over 6 million readers we have a responsibility to the tone we instill.

  15. Cody Avatar

    Just Security obtained unredacted Trump admin emails about withholding Ukraine military aid.

    “What is clear is that it all came down to the president and what he wanted; no one else appears to have supported his position.”

    “The documents reveal growing concern from Pentagon officials that the hold would violate the Impoundment Control Act … The emails also show that no rationale was ever given for why the hold was put in place or why it was eventually lifted.”

    Exclusive: Unredacted Ukraine Documents Reveal Extent of Pentagon’s Legal Concerns

  16. Cody Avatar

    Former WH chief of staff John Kelly advises the Senate: “If you don’t respond to 75 percent of the American voters and have witnesses, it’s a job only half done. You open yourself up forever as a Senate that shirks its responsibilities.”

  17. Cody Avatar

    “DOJ revealed in a court filing late Friday that it has two dozen emails related to Trump’s involvement in the withholding of millions in aid to Ukraine.”

    “The filing shows he was directly involved in asking about and deciding on the aid as early as June.”

    “The administration is still blocking those emails from the public and has successfully kept them from Congress.”

  18. Cody Avatar

    Trump ousts Alexander Vindman, aide who testified in impeachment – USA Today

    Hours after President Donald Trump said he was “not happy” with Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, White House aides on Friday removed the National Security Council official who provided critical testimony in the impeachment inquiry.

    “There is no question in the mind of any American why this man’s job is over, why this country now has one less soldier serving it at the White House,” attorney David Pressman said. “LTC Vindman was asked to leave for telling the truth – his honor, his commitment to right, frightened the powerful.”

    1. Cody Avatar

      “Vindman’s lawyer tells me his twin brother Yevgeny has been fired from NSC, too, and was also escorted from the White House.”

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        He is on a revenge path. Yet Republicans are saying he has grown from his mistakes?

  19. Cody Avatar

    “Lt Col Alexander Vindman to retire from military. His lawyer blames White House ‘campaign of bullying, intimidation and retaliation’

    “Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a key witness in President Donald Trump’s impeachment inquiry, is retiring from the US Army after more than 21 years of military service because he determined that his future in the armed forces “will forever be limited” due to political retaliation by the President and his allies, his lawyer told CNN Wednesday”

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      So so wrong to be treated that way.

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