Predictions 5-23-18 Japan Earthquake/Tsunami

“The Japan prediction is coming.” I had a visual of 7 00 in big bold print.

There are only two different predictions about Japan. The first is the passing of the King or queen. The second is a Tsunami, the Tsunami prediction is below, note how 7 00 fits the message, implying the countdown is complete:

We are expecting one massive earthquake/Tsunami, if we are to follow the old message it will be in the Japan or Asian Pacific:

Spirit kept repeating 7 39, 7 39, 7 39. Then they said ‘Earthquake, its a big one.’ This implies an old prediction:

“Japan.. Japan.. Japan.. 7. 39.. big one.. such a massive flood.”

Then Spirit marked an area in the ocean Southwest of Japan. This again implies a Tsunami prediction is approaching

So many earthquake predictions, California, Australia, and now Japan . With this situation they have counted down to zero which implies the Japan Tsunami is around the corner. We will try to narrow down a date. Both the 24th and 27th has been marked as dates predictions will unfold. It could be this prediction or another event entirely. 

“Another campus shooting spree.. killer Ged.. there are hostages.. such a lonely man.. this being an all too common theme for the US.”

The Spirits are trying to narrow down a location. 

Over 500 homes destroyed by the deluge of water

“The white house whistleblower.. all these lies, so many lies.. he has conspired with Russia on multiple fronts..  I am being told to throw it away.” Then Spirit wrote 157 which implies the 15th.

I had a visual I was watching TV, on the screen was a volcano that erupted, there was a massive amounts of smoke surrounding the area.

It sounds like the Hawaii volcano is about to erupt again, in the visual it was huge. 

I had a visual of a massive swarm of small drones. “A new way to attack forest fires.. a new and successful front.”


“日本の予測が来ている ” 私は大きな大胆な印刷で 7 00 のビジュアルを持っていた。
日本については、2つの異なる予測しかありません。第1は王か女王の渡ることである。2番目は津波、津波予測は以下、7 00 は、カウントダウンが完了していることをほのめかし、メッセージに適合する方法に注意してください。
精神は 7 39、7 39、7、39を繰り返し続けた。それから、彼らは “地震、それは大きな1つだ” と述べた。これは、古い予測を意味します。
「日本..日本。。日本。。7. 39.ビッグ・ワン大規模な洪水。



88 thoughts on “Predictions 5-23-18 Japan Earthquake/Tsunami

      1. Rhona this is exactly what dutch has been warning about for the last year and a half now. The whole West Coast is in a slow slip. Eventually the pressure will get to be too much and it will rupture. Just a matter of time. What happened over there prior to Japan’s megaquake in 2011. In fact Hawaii’s volcanos drained and acted up prior also. We are overdue if you go by past geological patterns in history.

      2. Jules 1o4
        Yes I know …dutch has been warning about it ..😆😇
        Just thought I would add to thread .
        As some may not have read ..
        Should have put SWC not just Jules .
        You certainly would know about the slow slip …😉😕

  1. Why all this rage among kids of school age? Is it violent video games? Or is it society that bullies kids? This generation seems angrier than most. There were always bullies and schools weren’t always a friendly place in the 60’s or 70’s but nobody died generally. What does spirit say about this? I was wondering why and if Sprit would have an opinion? Thanks for all you do Eric..If we don’t understand this problem; nothing is going to change. More lives lost and more young people gone sadly

    1. It can’t be violent video games because the U.S. isn’t the only country with violent video games — for example, Japan is the gaming capital of the world with one of the lowest gun homicide rates in the world, primarily due to the fact that they have some of the most strictest gun control laws in the world.

      Mental health is definitely a crucial problem for every country, but a gun problem is not a crucial problem for every country. America has the most guns yet they have gun laws that are laxer than countries with far less guns. You also have to factor in how, unlike in countries, America’s capitalistic approach to mental heath and/or heathcare puts corporate profits before human care.

      1. That’s a very astute assessment cody. I think that the issue is very complex but what you’ve laid out makes a lot of sense to me. Mental health is kind of the part of health care that seems to get ignored because it is expensive and not so straight forward to treat…the insurance companies would prefer not to cover mental health I am sure. This article explains more:

        Add to the poor likelyhood of treatment for mental health easy accessibility to guns and it’s bad. The school systems also don’t handle students with mental health issues well either. Parents have mental health issues and stresses also and may not pay as much attention to their teenagers as they would under other circumstances.

        I think after the first major school shootings became big news it put the idea out there and then it was almost a challenge to some to try and do the same or to do more damage. That would be my guess.

  2. What really puzzles me is the 7 39 prediction related to Japan’s possible quake. If 7 is often used to mark dates, what does 39 mean? Maybe 39 days until it happens, which would be over 1 month from now. Or maybe the 3rd-9th of a month is expected to have a lot of quakes.

    1. Hi Sara,
      it could be country/region number 7 out of 39 locations potentially effected by a big tsunami which was predicted 11-odd months ago. It said 39 locations would be hit worldwide….scarily, that time-frame puts that old predication about now.

      I sent a message to Eric further below in this thread. As Mentioned, I can’t get this “39 thing” out of my head.


  3. Eric,
    Is the “Moore attacks” prediction describing the same event as the campus shooting prediction you just posted?

    If so, maybe Ged or Moore are names of victims or possibly the shooter. (I’ve never seen “Jed” spelled with a G, though.)

  4. Welcome to the CSZ
    The Puget Sound region where I live sits on top of the Cascadia Subduction Zone which runs from the north end of Vancouver Island down the coast to about Eureka CA. The CSZ is known to have caused major earthquakes in the past including an earthquake that occurred at about 9 pm in January of 1700. This earthquake was over magnitude 9.
    How bad will future earthquakes be?
    Think of it this way, the area of contact between the plates is what determines the earthquake size. The San Andreas Fault which runs the length of California is nearly vertical. Because of this, the contact between the plates is limited to the depth of the lithosphere or about ten miles. This puts the upper limit of earthquake magnitude at 7.5-8 depending on the length of the fault rupture. For the San Andreas Fault to produce a large magnitude 8 earthquake, the entire length of the fault from southern California to northern California will have to rupture. In the case of CSZ, the fault is diagonal. The point where it breaks the surface is out in the ocean, while the leading edge of the plate is almost directly under the I5 corridor. The area of contact between the plates is much greater and can be from 50 to 200 miles. If the entire area unlocks at once, that will be one powerful earthquake. This earthquake will be more like the Alaska 1964 earthquake of magnitude 9.2
    Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland, are all at an indirect risk of tsunami. Though these cities do not sit on the coast, they do sit on waterways that are connected to the ocean so tsunami waves can and will travel into the area albeit less devastating than what will happen on the coast itself. The downtown regions of Seattle and Vancouver can experience flooding from these waves.
    Where am I going with this?
    Your predictions suggest there will be a tsunami in Asia, and a major huge earthquake in California. Because the San Andreas is a strike slip fault, it would not generate a tsunami. A Cascadia or Alaskan quake will. A CSZ rupture would send devastating waves to Japan, Hawaii, and the entire Asiatic coastline. This is what happened in January of 1700. There are stories of an orphan tsunami that hit Japan’s east coast. It’s called an orphan tsunami because it was not preceded by a major earthquake. It was in fact, caused by a CSZ rupture. These earthquakes happen every 3-5 hundred years.
    You have several predictions out. School shooting, someone named Joey, huge tsunami, huge earthquake. So, my name is Joey, I work at a school, I live on top of a major earthquake zone. I’m feeling kind of special right now…… no I think paranoid is a better word…

  5. Kushner spent close to seven hours today with Muellers investigators. I’m wondering if he’s the whistleblower. There are so many possible moles. Eric, do you think The 15th is referring to June 15th?

    1. It was reported on May 1st that Mueller had requested Flynn’s sentencing be delayed 2 more months, which would put us in July – I think that was when one of the bombshell predictions is supposed to happen. And just two days ago Flynn’s son cryptically tweeted ‘you’re all going down.’

      1. Thanks Cody, your info makes sense. The timing in July definately connects to Eric’s feeling of a bombshell in July. Wow, I didn’t know about Flynn Jr tweet!

      2. Just my oppinion.. it looks like the Obama administration is going to be the July bombshell surprise. We will see.

  6. Eric, when you give a date, eg; 24th … is that your time (USA) or the time at the location ? Just wondering ?

      1. RE ‘JAPAN….the big one…. 7 00 in big bold print’

        (query: 7 out 39?)

        Hi Eric,
        It’s just a thought. Based on earlier predications which stated “39 locations effected worldwide” relating to a tsunami prediction 11-odd months ago.

        Could 7 39 be country/region number 7 out of the 39 locales effected? Although if Japan is effected 1st, that is out of numeric sequence. I just get the feeling it could be a numeric list.

        Or it could simply be 7 on the richter-scale, but I can’t get this “39” thing out of my head.


  7. LLG26; good observations; I would like to know what Spirit thinks about the cause of these shootings, and what is the reason young people are doing this? How we can help these young people? what would work? And how we as parents can help and how adults in general can help? I want to know WHY? and Spirits opnion on it.

    1. I wish I knew also. I am sure Spirit has an opinion to share. School shootings are a common part of US culture, sorry to say. Here is a spiritual teacher I trust with her explanation for school shootings:

      Hope that helps in some way. I watched a long time ago and I forgot what she said so I had to watch it again.

    2. I can ask, but Spirit is very opposed to giving their opinion, they see our problems as ours, we have an obligation to fix it ourselves. But I will ask the cause.

  8. there are 2 prediction s 10-30-16 and 2-14-18 that both have 7;39
    12-27-17 has “9 is the time” and 2-14-18 says “your time is 9”

    maybe a connection?

    1. Hi Rhona. Been away most of today and only just caught the news re the bush fires over your way. How freaky is that. Freezing weather , week away from winter, and you guys are fighting a wall of fire. Sure hope they get it under control. Seems the fire fighters are totally exhausted. Pete

    1. Rhona no I’m wrong and you are correct…that prediction you added states “Perth” specifically. I did find this odd though. I’d been searching all day for the old 7,7,7 prediction. Couldn’t find it…but now it’s in the link you added. 😆😉

      1. Jules 1o4
        Wow talk about synchronicity .
        Thats amazing ..
        Makes me wonder now if the fires south of Perth are a precursor for hijacking of BA with the 7..7..7..
        And all the attacks now unfolding mentioned as well .
        Thanks for bringing that up..
        Praying the rain continues to help the firefighters and wind eases.
        The weather in Perth is gusty and cold alot of rain but so far so good .
        Another 3 days they say before it eases .
        Not unusual at this time of year .
        We have about 4 of these big storm fronts per year lucky really.

        Suns out for a little while till second part of front comes through .
        Blessing will keep look out for hijacking and attacks .

  9. Eric SWC
    It is worth noting you snd spirit brought these fires up in a private reading you gave me .It was said south of Perth ..make sure family know .
    I did tell family to take care when vaca down there .Family all safe now praying for all affected

  10. SWC, it’s worth looking into this clip related to volcanoes and earthquakes. It a 21 minutes video. Sit and watch in your quiet time. It’s alot of detailed info to cover it all from A to Z.

    1. Lossie2020: That’s good info. Thank you for sharing! By the way, I noticed they mentioned about the volcano in San Jose, Costa Rica that just occurred. San Jose was mentioned in one of Eric’s predictions last year about some kind of seismic activity. Anyone remember where?

  11. This 39 again. On the prediction of 30th June 2017 spirit said the prediction was for the world and we had 11 months to alert the world because 39 places would be affected by a tsunami.

    1. hi and good catch with this!
      you just reminded me of another
      post 12-7 -17. It mentions a tsunami
      and then further down “a 6 month reprieve.”
      maybe a connection?

    1. Oh lord, we’re right at that time now. And something this major actually seems plausible right now considering the Hawaii situation and how it has mirrored the events leading up to the Japan megaquake.

    2. Chime18, that was a very good catch and the timing is pretty much exactly on point. I had forgotten about that prediction.

      I went back to read that one and noticed that in that thread, I had posted a link to a simulation if the Cascadian ruptured that showed where the waves would likely hit. I thought I’d repost it here.

      Also, that Maori prediction in that original thread with the link s really on point. I think everyone should go back and read that old prediction again. Thanks so much for pointing that out to us.

      1. One other thing — we should also be on the lookout for major earthquake light events.

        Earthquake light events are the weird rainbow colored lights in the sky that look sort of like the Aurora Borealis. They tend to appear right before and after big earthquakes. There are lots of theories how they happen. Most scientists seem to think it’s an electrical phenomenon related to the type of rocks in the area that’s going to quake giving off some sort of a charge.

        If anyone sees earthquake lights in your area, that’s a big signal to be alert for something coming.

    1. Then it’d be the sign or significant that NZ is coming up with earthquake any days after the dead Sea fish upon the shores.

  12. Eric/SWC. I just noticed this number anomoly for the 7 39 Japan prediction. The date of this prediction is 5-23-18. If you add the numbers up 5-23-18…
    5+2 = (7)
    1+8 = (9)
    You get 7 39. Just found it interesting.
    Here’s the full original prediction.


    Noticed alot of dead Sea fish around the world including California and NZ. Dead Whales upon shores. Mystery of Thousand of dead fish at the Lake Palestine in Texas. Not sure what caused death. Within Time frame and locations caused death from lakes and oceans around the world. Many active volcano around the world affected sea mammals.

      1. No. 7 steamboats at Yellowstone these past 2 to 3 months. Very unusual. Suspected it could be ongoing volcanoes active in Hawaii and other places.

  14. In this prediction, the numbers 7 39 appeared both about the Japan flood, and an earthquake. Maybe the two events happen on the same day. Maybe A quake somewhere even causes a tsunami, which could cause a flood.

    I still can’t figure out what 39 would mean. The only ideas that come to mind are that 39 could be a death toll…..or it could mean we have 39 days (from when Eric got the prediction), until it happens. If so, that could put the quake and/or flood around early July.

    1. Sara, in this link it says “39 different locations”. I feel it’s an EQ mag 9 or so that literally affects 39 different locations.
      It also talks about the July period being the time when Trumps house of cards start to fall. If I remember correctly Eric had a prediction that spoke about when another leader transitions or something like that, they will have to deal with some natural disaster also. I’ll see if I can find it. Do you remember that one? Here’s the link with 39. It’s a bit in the middle somewhere.

  15. Eric,
    Ref? I had a visual I was watching TV, on the screen was a volcano that erupted, there was a massive amounts of smoke surrounding the area.

    See. Fuego eruption today..

  16. Eric,
    Ref: Japan,Japan,Japan
    One of the Japan ref …flooding
    Second of the ref…Heatwave…

    Heatwave..Japan considers it national disaster..
    Hottest recorded…80 dead..

  17. Eric,
    Ref::I had a visual of a massive swarm of small drones. “A new way to attack forest fires.. a new and successful front.”

    Helicopter Drone..

    Defense specialist Allison Barrie shares an in-depth look at K-MAX, a drone helicopter originally designed for military work in combat zones, that could reduce the risk to firefighter lives.

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