Predictions 8-20-18

This is just the introduction of multiple predictions, I still need to gather the details. However I am concerned that some of these vague messages might unfold before I can get to them so I have posted them now.

I heard the song “Lets get it started in here” I believe its a message that we are about to unload several new messages.

“Our father is here! Our father has opened the door. In one moment a medicine that will help and save so many lives.. like that everything is different.. the world changed.”

I had a visual of train tracks. Then another set of two train tracks.  Then their was a blackness around the background covering the tracks.

Either we are talking about horrible tragedy, or a sinister act, involving a train. The impression was France. I plan to ask for more details.

“Explosive transcripts.. two different stories.. so many lies.. but historically this has happened before.. from multiple accounts..”

They implied they are talking about a leader. This points to tapes or recordings coming. It will be hard to deny in the end because of other historical accounts. 

Spirit wrote the words “WAR”

“The Stone will become the focal point of the investigation”

We need to re ask about New Zealand, Spirit predicted multiple earthquakes would arrive right before the NZ earthquake, we are also about to arrive at the same timeframe we were expecting from last month.

Spirit is also planning a new project where they focus on giving the “headline news”. I question whether they will be able to give the details and whether it will continue to fall under our goals?

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  1. That “WAR” part definitely sounds concerning. Who is it a war between? Is the war connected to the explosion or nuclear prediction? Or is the word ‘war’ symbolic of something else?

    I sure hope some new medicines are out there soon–cancer, MS, Parkinson’s, heart disease and others have wrecked so many lives. Cures for any of them would save countless families.

      1. Thank you, I definitely want to know what’s going on with that. I don’t mean to put pressure on you, though.

  2. Excited about new medicine. I like the “headline” news idea. I know in previous messages it was messaged that the “father was coming” what else will our father bring? Is there any way to avoid a war? or are we talking about a political WAR maybe? with the two sides fighting since Stone was mentioned right after? thanks

  3. -I had a visual today of a very haggard looking Muellar handing what looked to be a binder in. The words that followed were: “They described it as a witch hunt – exactly right – witch hunt is over.”

    -December 2017 guides told me “Pacific retro Syria”. I asked when, they said “This time next year”

  4. The prediction about Iran crossing into Saudi Arabia and America having to intervene could be about the “War”. The prediction about fighter jets and the US backing down could also be related to “War”.

  5. The visual of two separate train tracks could imply a terrorist attack on two different trains, or possibly an accidental collision between two trains. Neither scenario sounds good. People on trains should be alert for anything odd.

  6. I just saw on the newsfeed that Malaysia is missing a radioactive nuclear device that was stolen out of the back of a pick up truck transporting it last month. They think it could be used to make a dirty bomb….

    1. Yes! It’s confirmed news! It’s radioactive and it’s iridium 192. Our police and our Secret Service agents are scouting high and low Now and the Two who were handling the equipment are being investigated. Am praying it will not get into wrong hands.

    1. Don’t give up hope; medical miracles do happen. 300 years ago, no one thought there’d be a cure for Polio, but there is.

    2. Hopefully it’ll be affordable for everyone, though affordability for medicine and treatment for the poor and working class in 1st world countries seems to be mostly an American issue. And since there’s a concertive effort to allow Obamacare premiums to rise by those who oppose it and will eventually replace it instead of reform it — according to Spirit’s predictions — with a market-based capitalistic system like we had before, which was more profit-driven than health-driven; e.g., we’ll be going back to the days of people being denied coverage for having pre-existing conditions, etc., which is good for insurance companies because they make more money if they don’t have to cover more people. Another prediction on here — in terms of years down the road — said that America was still in desperate need of a better healthcare system. If only America’s corrupt and greedy politicians could accept the fact that healthcare is a human right and not a privilege.

  7. I do so hope the medical break through is for diabetes! I know there is cancer, heart disease, kidney failure and other’s just as serious but my daughter was diagnosed at age 5, now 35. A lifetime is a long time to suffer with this terrible disease. If any one is interested there’s a petition going around on ADA to keep the insulin prices from going up. They’ve tripled in the last 10 years. Ridiculous!

  8. Kim off topic some, try free phone app, good rx, my hubby gets diabetes insulin for 24.01 with the coupon on the app, hope this helps you, the app saves us money on all kinds of meds, it has really helped me

  9. “Our researchers have characterised a new ‘immunity’ gene that could lead to the development of new treatments for influenza, and even cancer.
    The gene, called C6orf106 or “C6”, controls the production of proteins involved in infectious diseases, cancer and diabetes. The gene has existed for 500 million years, but its potential is only now understood.”

  10. “A chance discussion with the former Governor of Victoria, Professor David de Kretser, has led to a discovery that has the potential to dramatically improve treatment for lung cancer.
    After serving as Governor from 2005 – 2011, de Kretser, a reproductive biologist, went back to work at Melbourne’s Hudson Institute of Medical Research.
    Earlier in his career, he had discovered a naturally occurring hormone called follistatin and he continued to investigate it.”

  11. Wouldn’t it be great if the Father showed us how to treat all the different forms of mental illness. So many people suffer with mental health issues, from the individuals to family members and friends. Our world has done a poor job in finding treatments for and just plane respect for individuals with mental illness. Let’s hope we find effective treatments for all forms of mental illness.

  12. Eric,
    Sinister acts planned bombs plots and France 🇫🇷
    By Iran

    Paris (AFP) – France has accused Iran’s intelligence ministry of being behind a foiled plot to bomb an exiled opposition group near the French capital in a move that risks straining already complicated ties between Paris and Tehran.

    The French government announced Tuesday it was freezing assets belonging to two suspected Iranian intelligence operatives, as well as others belonging to Iran’s ministry of intelligence and security.

    Another excerpt:::
    Showing info from multiple sources..

    Belgium announced in July that it had arrested a couple in a Brussels suburb who were suspected of preparing to drive a car packed with explosives to the French rally.

    A total of six people were then detained in coordinated raids by European police, including an Iranian diplomat based in Vienna.

    The diplomat, Assadollah Asadi, was targeted by the asset freezes announced by French authorities Tuesday, along with Saeid Hashemi Moghadam, who the French diplomatic source said was head of operations at the intelligence ministry.

    Asadi is set to be extradited to Belgium to face trial, German authorities announced on Monday.

  13. Eric,
    Ref:::I had a visual of train tracks. Then another set of two train tracks. Then their was a blackness around the background covering the tracks.

    Denmark 🇩🇰
    COPENHAGEN (Reuters) – Six people were killed in a rail accident on a bridge linking Denmark’s two main islands on Wednesday when a train hit debris from an oncoming freight train, officials said.

    Police said it was too early to say what caused the accident but the train was damaged by goods on the tracks.

    “There was a very, very loud bang and then the train stopped,” a witness who had been onboard the train with his daughter told broadcaster TV2.

  14. Eric,SWC,
    Ref:::had a visual of train tracks. Then another set of two train tracks. Then their was a blackness around the background covering the tracks.

    Netherlands 🇳🇱
    Utrecht Shooting on a tram..
    Terrorist motive.
    UTRECHT, Netherlands (AP) — Dutch police were hunting down a suspect after a shooting Monday on a tram in the central city of Utrecht that left one person dead and multiple people injured.

    Authorities immediately raised the terror alert for the area to the maximum level and said they are considering the possibility of a “terrorist motive” in the attack. Dutch military police went on extra alert at Dutch airports and at key buildings in the country as the Utrecht manhunt took place.

    Police, including heavily armed officers, flooded the area after the shooting Monday morning on a tram at a busy traffic intersection in a residential neighborhood. They later erected a white tent over an area where a body appeared to be lying next to the tram.

  15. Trump / Nixon – 7Hours:37Mins VS 18.5mins – this one can be checked off

    “Explosive transcripts.. two different stories.. so many lies.. but historically this has happened before.. from multiple accounts..”

    They implied they are talking about a leader. This points to tapes or recordings coming. It will be hard to deny in the end because of other historical accounts.

    1. There is actually another prediction that flat out compares him to Nixon. They actually mention Clarence on the same posts as this war. Oh trump, Every single post of you makes me feel 🤢🤮 Thanks Micheal I will post this very soon!

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