World Predictions: WW3

I am very sorry for sharing this. We are breaking this down in pieces, this is part one.

The year 2036

Its unclear if this year is when the war starts, or when this monster comes to power. To set the stage, in this decade there is a global famine unfolding. The first global famine ever. The summers have become extremely hot, and the winters extremely cold, moderate temperatures seem lost, which has put a complete stranglehold on the food supply but has also caused massive tensions in commerce on a global scale. Which leads to rising tensions between the nations.

I had a visual of a red flag rising. then it shifted to hear Spirit scream “The red flag is back!”

His foundation is set, a coup puts him in power. I now have plans to seize all the power. With his tongue he seduces the many. Who says no to him? Next to no one.. or they receive immediate death.

So many citizens of his nation try to flee, try to get out, then a blockade unfolds.

Money into defense. He quickly arms the nuclear warheads. The doors open up in the metal room. The sum of all fears now a reality.

With all that is said here know that the future after this war is a brighter one lead by one man who changes everything. Here is the set of predictions about that future.

The Ambassador

The Ambassador

Truth 7

Truth 8

One of the reasons we wanted to share this is to understand that this event is the sole reason for our political predictions. We must master political predictions so that we can curve this nightmare and alter this future. We plan to predict the actions of this monster month by month while warning everyone they should not be following him. It is that reason alone that you hear us consistently criticize all the different presidents, and since I live in the US, our focus has a tendency to sway on my own nation.

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  1. Stephen Avatar

    Do you have any hints on which country the evil leader takes over?

    1. Av Avatar

      Russia nuking America it such a common sense

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        It’s not just America

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I am working on that, I plan to try and give you an answer in part 2, if I were guessing it sounds like Russia

    3. Maria Sforza Avatar
      Maria Sforza

      Could it be China?

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        “When the red flag rises” You get the impression the world has changed drastically, food shortages are rampant and the world has fractured into factions. So I question the ‘one’ nation. It’s just a very different place. At first that pointed to Russia, but now Spirit has said that the power (influence) of China shrinks, so it could be a second rise of China. Another view is it’s a war of ideology, communism. Oddly we aren’t fighting about that now.

      2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        The clues to who it is: Heavy nuclear arsenal. Is communist or their leaders have a tight grip on the citizens. The country feels mistreated by the rest of the world which is a selling point. Finally a red flag is involved.

  2. jules104 Avatar

    Eric do you have any idea which country this is or which continent? The “Sultanate of Muscat and Oman” used an all red flag up until 1970. This would be considered the “UAE” now.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I am actually going to ask that in the next round, but I really do think it’s Russia from the way they talk

  3. Rmf Avatar

    I know this is hard for Eric to post so thank you for sharing this important information.
    “The red flag is back” made me think of the old Soviet Union flag. Did the spirits mean a literal return or figurative return of the red flag. Does anyone else know of a red flag that represents a nation or group that is no longer in use besides the USSR.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Since it’s so far in the future I left my guess work on the topic out. I believe it could be two possibilities, the return of the USSR or a more broad message that communism is back.

  4. Sanles Avatar

    Fifteen years ago a kid I know had a predictive dream. “In the year 2030 something really bad is going to happen, all of the sea, or three quarters of the sea, will be swallowed, a mass earthquake will occur in the ocean and [it] will turn into wasteland.”

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Wow, thanks for sharing

  5. Whirler Avatar

    Eric pls delete if not an acceptable comment.

    The Antichrist will be born in 2005 or 2006, in the area of Syria. It will be in about 2030 that he makes his proclamation that he is the resurrected Christ, back for the Rapture, and that all those who follow him will be saved.
    He will have long, jet black hair to his shoulders, and huge brown eyes. Unlike Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden, his seduction will begin with great pretense of compassion, nonviolence and a desire for world peace and unity. He’ll have a charismatic gift and a feigned humility that sends him at the beginning of his “ministry” to gather his first followers from among the poor, who are easily and cheaply bribed for the smallest amount of food and sense of hope.
    He himself will live in caves and tents while his reputation takes hold, gathering donations for his followers, none of which he appears to be spending on himself but all of which it will be revealed later he’s hoarding and investing to amass a fortune. He will have a genius for manipulation and be a master mentalist, psychologist and self-promoter.

    His soft-spoken “pacifism,” “humanitarianism” and undeniable charisma will attract a celebrity following, first in Europe and then in the United States, generating still more “donations.” By the time his rhetoric begins to turn slowly and shrewdly genocidal and his vast holdings include black market nuclear weapons, he’ll have a slavish, indebted and systematically indoctrinated flock of converts numbering in the hundreds of thousands, ready to kill for him and die for him in the tragic belief that he’s their only path to eternal salvation.” Excerpt taken from the book Prophecy with Sylvia Browne 2004.

    And this by Eric:- “Two or three presidents away. The new leader will be a demagogue, preaching the radical, a fear monger. The leader will become the first truly evil leader of the US, he will stain the name of the US for a good time”.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Please always share messages from Spirit.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you for the information

    3. Adriana Avatar

      I wouldnt rely on Sylvia Brown. She was a fake.She was even charged with securities fraud.So much she said was wrong.She even got the prediction about her death wrong.

  6. Cory Avatar

    You say “the future after this war is a brighter one lead by one man who changes everything” but then go onto to say “we must master political predictions so that we can curve this nightmare and alter this future”.

    Questions: Would this ambassador arise and change everything if not for this war? If not, why try to alter this future if it’s meant to bring about a better future?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Spirit actually presents it from a different perspective. It is because everyone knows that their King our Ambassador to God is coming that the darkness attacks from all sides knowing their time is running out.

      1.  Avatar

        I have been rereading this reply again and again. we humans know nothing everything is just interpretation. who are we? why are we here? if there is God if there is his Ambassador why do they leave us to be tortured burnt alive and why di they allow this evil leader to be born in this world at all? if they cannot prevent it, we can? I am horrified by the conclusions of these.questions. how can you keep any faith iafter readi g this?

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          But we can prevent it, no one has to follow this putz . We choose too. That’s the point, and one of the biggest points of this site to change the outcome.

          1.  Avatar

            Actually we cannot… even now with Putin – can we? No. Maybe Russians can, but not usual citizen outside Russia. God is all powerful. I hope I will get the chance to ask him why such people like Putin and the future one are allowed to be born here. I do not think it is right, God must have the power over who is born here

            1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

              We all knew this man could at any time push that button that would kill us all. For several decades now. We all knew he was not a nice man. An yet we did nothing. I can’t speak for the creator but if Putin is so bad why did we give him all the power in the world. This is a nightmare all onto us. We did this. We need to both own it and change it.

        2. Shonaaa Avatar

          What happens in the World,is not directly linked to God, but the Karmic Evolution of the Planet.
          Our Collective Karma good or bad, leads to crisis.
          This is sometimes aggravated by adverse planetary alignment s, linked to war planets ,like Mars square Saturn right now.
          That’s a planetary war.

          Whenever Evil in the collective rises MORE than the Collective Good, events take place accordingly.

          Like Eric said we can change this ,by raising our Spiritual vibrations, Holding vigils ,and Mass Prayers, giving the Rosary ,to our Lady.
          And praying for World Peace.
          Nothing is impossible.
          According to our holy scriptures the World ends in year 7000/
          There is a loooong waay to go

          Lots of other things will happen.
          It will begin in around end of 3000 to 4000/…
          And go on till 7000.

  7. Ann Avatar

    Nuclear-weapon states under the NPT (Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons):
    1) US, 2) Russia, 3) China, 4) UK, 5) France

    Non-NPT nuclear powers: 6) India, 7) Pakistan, 8) North Korea

    Undeclared nuclear powers: 9) Israel

    Under NATO nuke sharing, the US has provided nukes for 10) Belgium, 11) Germany, 12) Italy, 13) Netherlands, and 14) Turkey to deploy and store. The host states need authorization codes from the U.S. DoD.

    Nations that used to have nukes: 15) South Africa, 16) former Soviet republics (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine).

    Red flags: Russia (USSR), China, Turkey, Belarus (mostly red).

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Hi Anne, with all the tensions it’s possible in 2036 nations that don’t have nuclear weapons might get them.

      1. Ann Avatar

        Good point. That crossed my mind but I didn’t know possible countries to list. There was news about the Trump’s cronies being in secret talks of selling nuclear tech to Saudi Arabia, which could lead to a nuclear arms race in the Middle East with other countries being encouraged to seek nuclear weapons because of this. Scary stuff.

  8. Cody Avatar

    It’s definitely not Russia; I thinks it’s Turkey. Here’s why:

    Notes on 8-10-14: “a town in the desert,” “his prayer rug,” “lived in a nation that claimed to be a friend of the US, but it was all a facade, in truth the nation had a disdain towards the US.”

    World Predictions: WW3: “visual of a red flag rising,” “The red flag is back!”

    Turkey’s flag is red and my guess about the red flag rising and being back is possibly about the Ottoman Empire – aka the Turkish Empire/Turkey – rising back up since their flag was for the most part red. Also, Turkey does have the reputation of not being an untrustworthy ally of the US; for example, Turkey has been accused of aiding and abetting ISIS fighters – there were even ISIS members’ passports found in Syria with Turkey stamped on their passports.

    1. Cody Avatar

      Meant to say Turkey has the reputation of being an untrustworthy ally of the US.

    2. Cody Avatar

      Come to think of it, the “red flag is back” might not be Turkey since its flag is already red and if it literally means the flags color changes back to red. So maybe the UAE – like jules104 suggested above – since their flag was once red but not currently; and they’re not the most trusted ally of the US.

      For example, countries to keep in mind:

      9/11 hijackers: (15) of 19 from Saudi Arabia, (2) from UAE, (1) from Egypt, & (1) from Lebanon.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        It might be the rise of communism

    3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Why not Russia?

      1. Cody Avatar

        Read your other replies and didn’t know there were multiple evil leaders. I didn’t consider Russia because I only thought there was the evil leader from the Middle East.

  9. allen Avatar

    i do dred, eric, bringing up this prediction. now. hopefully, you are putting it out, in small bits, as alot of other factors, are in place, and other things, must happen, we can only pray, that we will have the strength to change. America, and its people, will really have to reflex and change, on a massive front, as the actions of the last few years, have greatly lead to other actions, that is causing this rise, as well as actions alround the world. as, it stands now, FATHER, will have to take a direct action, down the road. but, as of yet, this is all to early, as other factors are coming, and how America and its PEOPLE, will determine much, in the future…. on another note. I want people to read the propercy of George Washington, during the formation, of this country, A Angel, came to him, and showed him, the three times, that the nation might fail. Everyone, pay attention on the last of the visions, the Angel, showed Gerorge Washington, as this is the key, it is so hard to know things, because you try to make people SEE what you know, but alot of people arent ready, OR do not want to See or BElieve. thank you eric, for going slowly, releasing information, i am just concerned, that People here, might not grasp the bigger picture. we are in a age of mental knowledge…..but people, are slowly forgetting how to FEEL, and to Trust that FEELINGs, even when it has to overide their own mental knowledge………..i hope i had made this clear, but, that is up to everyone, on a indivual bases. thank you………

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for sharing

  10. Ann Avatar

    Back in 2014 you said you were 39 – so 43-44 now – and that this horrible leader “would rise to power (no war yet) on my death bed. I am very old in the prediction.” In the year 2036 you’ll be 60-61, which isn’t “very old” and you shouldn’t be on your “death bed” at that age or by that year.

    1. Ann Avatar

      If this evil leader was born right before the turn of the new century – 96, 97, 98, or 99 – this means he’ll be 40-41 at most or 36-37 at least by 2036. So if 2036 is the first part of this prediction, then I’m not sure what specifically happens on this year because Spirit said this evil leader would come to power on your death bed and that there would still be no war when he comes to power on your death bed – so I don’t because in 2036 you won’t be “very old” and you shouldn’t be on your death bed.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Someone kills me. Not nice who ever it is. I don’t die of old age.

        1. Blue Sky Avatar
          Blue Sky

          Eric, would it be possible for you to focus on changing this prediction for yourself? Would you not want to live a long life and die of old age? Perhaps to change such prediction, it is necessary to change oneself – certain ways and beliefs? It would be a pity to lose you. I respect your choices though even if I disagree with some of them. Yet, I do pray that you discover the keys to changing yourself and your own future. It is a concern (perhaps similar to my own) that if you do not change your life, you may change nothing in the global future which you so wish.

          From my own path I have understood that I cannot change global future. I cannot stand in the way of global ignorance that allows the madness to unfold on Earth. If only everyone would look around them and enlighten the lives of 10 people next to each other instead of Africa, China, Russia, Turkey and so on… Enlighten the lives of people next door and spread the kindness for one another instead of futile ambition – that is also often based on fear.

          So no futile ambition Eric. Perhaps then everything changes? All these dictators and the likes just as well as all of us know deep inside that the power is an illusion and does not last forever. Only Love lasts forever. Love is also power. Not an illusion of Love, not a replacement of Love, not lust but simply Love. Let us all be good judges of Love in our every action.

          1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

            I could live a quiet life, that is an option, but there is a lion inside of me and it demands righteous action. I can’t try and attack all things dark and not expect them to react.

            1. Donna B Avatar
              Donna B

              Yep I’d LOVE to live a quiet life too, I’d like to just do my own things I love that do not hurt anyone, however it seems I always get a weird controlling rather evil person in my path, yeah I’d like to groove and live a simple but peaceful life, seems like everytime I take a breath and go ahhh now I can just enjoy life, there’s some unspiritual controlling mean spirited idiot! I’m like you know it would just be easier to be friends!! Lol, control freaks I get em! I’m like you be you and let me be me! Doesnt seem like it’s in thier mental sphere! Lol, just want peace!!

            2. Blue Sky Avatar
              Blue Sky

              There is more than one way to do it.
              It is possible to create shield for yourself first.
              Perhaps the right way for righteous action is to start with oneself – to battle against the dark within. The victory inside will create a shield around you which may change your course of life and you may not need to undergo a lesson of being killed.

              Important – not to overestimate yourself and not carry more than you can carry.
              Is it worth to go all out unprepared (battle without arms and cover) and get killed?
              Or perhaps it is not a sprint but a marathon?
              Can the course of events run differently then?

              Light and dark existed long before your current life and will exist long after your current life.
              Often it is not about speaking all the time but saying the right words at the right time.
              It is not at all about quiet life. It is about when to speak and how.
              I respect your choice while wishing that it is not senseless.

              Windmills are always greater than people.

              1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

                Oh I am very guarded, there are literal guards when we do the world predictions which I always thought was a bit over the top. I understand my future, you can’t throw rocks at the devils glass house and not expect an angry reaction. I am hopeful for a different outcome in that far future.

                1. Blue Sky Avatar
                  Blue Sky

                  I am not surprised.
                  However, there are a lot of things you can do from within. Then no one will be able to touch you.
                  Hope is not action. Work with oneself is. That is hardest of all things on Earth. You are not perfect, yet like everyone you can be a better person which can make a difference and alter the course of your life.

                  Let me give you an example that came to me right now – I can send an email to all on what I believe and get into a big scandal being fired immediately without much prospect for a good job ever again.
                  Or I can do it selectively – informing the right people at the right places, so they make a difference.

                  It is so difficult for me to explain what I mean to you Eric because the communication by e-mail has its limits.

                  Also, what is the point if a person in the US will know of a tragedy in Tanzania? Perhaps focus on US, Europe (incl Turkey), Russia and China would be best. In the beginning a lot you predicted scared me because you made it sound so ominous. With time I have learned that a lot of those events are local issues that pass even unnoticed and was far beyond my physical limits. You claim to want to save people by predictions – how many do you think you have actually saved? (Sorry for being deliberately harsh – I am like that only with people I care for – who are worth it.)

                  Read what the formula is for covid treatment (instead of vaccines). The big pharma does not want treatment. They want vaccines because of big bucks. If you use D3 (the sun – while people were forced to be in lockdowns) and zinc (or related food containing it), it actually prevents you from getting sick. As well as natural food strengthening your immunity, I also heard an interesting presentation one year ago that tied Covid spread with air pollution, so the sun again…

                  1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
      2. Ann Avatar

        Someone kills you? Oh no. Have you ever mentioned this on here? I’d be a nervous wreck, looking over my shoulder 24/7 just either waiting for it to happen or trying to prevent it from happening if I had your abilities. Does your past lives play into someone killing you — for example, is history repeating itself?

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That is correct there is another evil leader. An Arab man. In part two they share three different tyrants of the future. The next one is a year away.

      1. Psychic Chris Avatar
        Psychic Chris

        So this evil arab man will rise in 2020 eric? Which country did spirit say hes from?

      2. Jen Avatar

        I’ve been aware 2020, is the start of wild drastic changes , this seems to be part of it .

  11. Healthy Avatar

    @Ann age could be interpreted as one feeling ‘very old’ because of health issues. A healthy and fit person in their 60s would be feeling totally ‘not old’ compared to someone who has suffered many years of health issues and in their 60s feeling ‘very old’.

  12. coland1 Avatar

    Hi, I’m new here.

    This is a prediction that, although bleak and dark, intrigues me.

    I once saw a prediction (can’t remember who from) that somebody either evil, or on the contrary, someone important who brought world peace, would be born in 1999 at the time of the total eclipse (11th August) or Grand Cross astrological formation (18th August). That could tie in with the your visual that ”someone would be born right at the end of the century”.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Welcome! From what I was told it’s the evil leader who was born at the turn of the century. But I am very curious to see this other prediction. Please let us know if you remember who predicted it. Please feel free to post all that information here.

      1. mhb Avatar

        Hi, I believe the “born in 1999” prediction is from Dolores Cannon. Some of her videos (she passed a few yrs ago) are still on YouTube and address this.
        There was actually a TV special 20 yrs ago where Dolores is interviewed and she talks about it and even had a hand drawing (like a crime witness photo) drawn up of her vision of the Antichrist.
        When I watched it a year ago or so, I wanted to verify that it really was on TV. So I searched on Amazon for the show it referred to and ended up buying the episode on Amazon. It was pretty chilling to see the prediction as she made it in a recording over 20 yrs ago.
        Some people like Dolores and some think she’s a bit out there because of her talk of alien civilizations. But what she said often seems to line up with what Eric is saying. Might be worth investigating if you’re interested.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  13. C. Avatar

    Red flag is back? I can only think of the Soviet flag and the Nazi flag.

    If a global famine does happen in the 2030s and if A.I., automation, climate change, and political unrest continues on its current path that decade is going to be pure chaos.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It could go two ways, Russia, or the rise of communism in general.i plan to verify the nation.

      1.  Avatar

        Did you think the visual of the young person, but future evil leader, who actually sounded Muslim from the description, is related to your latest prediction/?

  14. texasbelle4732 Avatar

    Lots of parallels to the Book of Revelations and the Quatrains of Nostradamus; the Anti-Christ and the “King of Terror”. Many believe we are truly in the early phase of the End Times. The information Eric received would seem to reinforce that.

  15.  Avatar

    There are predictions/visions from various seers in the 19th and 20th century all over the internet which seem to relate to some future Russian invasion of Europe and/or something that stems from the Balkans or even Turkey but nobody could be sure if the events are related as I’d imagine visions could be very confusing. However, the one common theme seems to be concerning Russia invading mainland Europe (perhaps with an ally) and use of complex futuristic weapons and the predictions were very apocalyptic.

    1.  Avatar

      The above comment was from me!

      1. coland1 Avatar

        Username – coland1. My posts were coming up as anonymous as I hadn’t logged in. Apologies !

  16. aleafinthewind77 Avatar

    A long time ago, I had a dream I was walking through dead bodies. It was such a grew some site I started to sob. I’m wondering if this is what I was seeing. This is a man with no mercy even worse than hitler

  17. Joy Parks Avatar
    Joy Parks

    Nostradamus seems to agree. He says the “King of Terror” arrives in the seventh month of 1999. But others have been more specific with August 11, 1999 coming up as the date the “Antichrist” appears on earth.

  18. jules104 Avatar

    Eric I started researching Putin and the Orthodox Church after I watched a person who did a remote view on this same thing. I found it really interesting. There’s a lot out there about it.

  19. jules104 Avatar

    Eric, this is the “remote view” video that I mentioned I had watched of, “What Putin’s Wants”. I found this to be in alignment of what some others are also seeing with respect to Putin and Russia and his meddling in other Nations. I am curious whether Spirit has shown you anything specific in regards to this, or if you think the “red flag is back” reference has to do with this same thing?
    *(A warning that parts of this video contain unfavorable mentions in regards to Trump for those of you who would rather not watch.)

  20. Rob Avatar

    Nostradamus always predicted the Third Anti Christ being from the Middle East and wearing a Blue Turbin

    1. coland1 Avatar

      One of the predictions attributed to Nostradamus mentions someone ominous wearing a blue turban but it’s anybody’s guess whether Nostradamus was saying this figure is the 3rd Antichrist or not. The same thing applies to ‘Mabus’ in the prophecies of Nostradamus.

  21. Nicola Avatar

    Truthfully Eric are we all going to die in a nuclear war I’m petrified!!

    1.  Avatar

      and what about our children!!!!

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        It’s the one prediction they are focused on changing.

        1.  Avatar

          thank you Eric for telling that they are focused on changing! Let’s all pray for peace! Let the peace and prosperity of all our planed be everyone’s focus! I think if these atrocities will happen many surviving people will lose faith… God must be all powerful to stop it and we humans must try too.

          1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

            We now know it’s possible to alter them. We had minor success stories with both storms; Matthew and Haiyan. Now it seems that perhaps one of the main objectives of all my work might be centered around this one event in the future about this truly evil leader.

  22. Brandon Parnell Avatar
    Brandon Parnell

    Red flag could mean china or a possible fourth reich in germany

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That crossed my mind but they have a red flag, this talked about it being back.

      1.  Avatar

        I know, i thought germany right away due to the a neo-nazi group they have starting a coup

  23. Sara Avatar

    I don’t know if Putin could be one of the evil leaders, but I definitely feel sorry for the Russians for having him in power. Putin’s policies have led to violence against gays, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the deaths of many who oppose his power. Putin has deprived Russia of many basic freedoms.

    1. Cory Avatar

      Putin has said he wishes the Soviet Union had not collapsed. Many Russians agree too.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      He is not, this is too far in the future

      1. Donna B Avatar
        Donna B

        Eric. I am reading about Osama’s son being a new leader of the group. Could this apply to him?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  24. jules104 Avatar

    Eric in this prediction you mention someone nicknamed “The Devil” and that he looked like he was from the Orient. Spirit also references Oakley sunglasses.
    I’m not sure if it’s relevant but the flag of China is also known as, “The five-starred Red Flag” with the red representing the communist revolution.
    (Also just for future reference … There was another prediction you had with a picture of a leader and the name underneath was “Kenneth”. Which means handsome and comely.)

    1. Cory Avatar

      jules104 – That man wearing the sunglasses prediction might be about the prediction regarding another evil Muslim leader in the Middle East and not this particular prediction about the red flag rising again. I only say that because the prediction you posted talked about a portrait of him being “hung on a wall next to Al Assad, Gaddafi, Bin Laden” — all of whom are/were evil Muslim leaders.

  25. star48 Avatar

    Weapons that make you vomit..hallucinate..go blind..

    With killer tech getting more advanced by the day, it can be tough to keep up with who’s building the next game-changing deadly weapon.

    1.  Avatar

      Red flag would be china and their red currency. The blind baba vanga predicted china becoming the new power and the red currency the strongest. It will he chinas turn working with russia.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        It’s important to understand tomorrow’s map is not today’s. Some type of Imperialism is coming, so whoever ‘red’ is it’s something that is different. It’s like looking at the world before ww1 and now. Places like Germany are very different.

  26. E Avatar

    I think it is China allied with Russia. The red flag is back is definitely Communism… Please let’s save our children and let’s stop this. Though probably we will have no influence what so ever on this.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Communism was my thought too, perhaps one massive resurgence.

  27. E Avatar

    When will we have a part 2 of this prediction?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      They put it on hold, they felt it was creating to much fear, so honestly I would say the sequel is most likely next year.

      1. E Avatar

        Thank you, Eric, for your reply. If you have a dialogue with those high beings that help you, maybe you can ask them, in the name of all innocent children in this world, to divert this WW3. At least I will pray until the end God diverts this from happening and removes this evil man from our world. Our children do not need such a war… In fact, reading this prediction has created such pain in my soul, I wish sometimes I had not read it. I will be praying and I have faith God will not allow this to happen. thanks

  28. Z Avatar

    Eric, why such an amount of destruction might be allowed by divine? We seem to be completely left alone…

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      They took it from the opposite position, that a great spiritual leader was coming in about 150 to 200 years along with others like him that would take the world into a whole new direction of humility and peace, God’s Ambassador. This and other horrifying acts are evils reaction to their inevitable eviction.

      1. Z Avatar

        Thanks for reply… it is very sad. Let’s hope after this there will be humanity at all.

  29. Z Avatar

    Is there any part of Europe that is untouched by this?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I don’t think so.

  30.  Avatar

    please lets pray we are not experiencing this. no matter what leaders might come or not come we must not kill each other on the whim of one evil man. God help us

  31. Cody Avatar

    “The red flag is back!”

    “More than six-in-ten Russians agree with the statement “It is a great misfortune that the Soviet Union no longer exists.” This represents an increase of 13 percentage points since 2011. Only three-in-ten disagree with the statement.”

  32. freestonew Avatar

    I wonder……

    as time in the spirit world does not exist in the manner it exist, on earth, is it possible that the ww III is really a foreseeing of world war two?!
    the 1930s, weather books tell me, had seen extremes of weather so huge that many records still stand today!
    —120 in kansas, minus 50 near Canada!

    Hitler would be the Man.

    the Ambassador? this would be the second coming of Jesus Christ. but where is he?! when would he have Appeared.? *will* he appear soon?

    however…..if I am right, that is…..

    there is a “occult” interpretation, i once read of, of the 39 days that he was here after the Crucifixion. the reason no one recognizes him is that he appears, in that Second Coming in another body. not only that, even the seers and psychics cannot recognize, see, detect, his incredible aura, as he hides himself hugely!! His “mighty works” will be undetected.
    too, we all *want* him to do this or that, why back in 28 A D, most people wanted him to become king and to overthrow the Romans! and to give jewels and wealth. his Kingdom is not of the earth, he replied.
    so today we all have our Laundry List of what we hope for Him to do.


    what he might want, and Do, might even shock and disturb everyone such that he might even be seen as Satan, if his works would be known!
    His Goals for us all are not our goals.

    but if he is here today, is the End Times not far behind? the ascension?

    but anyway, a strange possibility here that a seer might See an oncoming event, but that this event is really in our past!


  33. kim Avatar

    Eric, now that we’ve reached 2021, do you have any updates for this prediction?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Not yet but I have no doubt they will.

      1. Steve Avatar

        Hi Eric,

        As we all ponder what 2036 has in store for us, I’ve been wondering what kind of world will we have at that time, how badly will our climate have changed to the degree that we will be in famine.

        Some interesting articles that you may want to read:


        It is suggested that world travel by air will double by 2036. That’s a lot of extra CO2 going up into the air, accelerating the demise of the world climate


        Quote: “If the world keeps burning fossil fuels at the current rate, it will cross a threshold into environmental ruin by 2036.”

        Quote: when this happens “Most scientists concur that two degrees C of warming above the temperature during preindustrial time would harm all sectors of civilization—food, water, health, land, national security, energy and economic prosperity.”

        Looks Bleak.

        3. Russia must have new President by 2036

        “Vladimir Putin wins right to run for President until 2036”

        Not sure if he will still be alive then, but 2036 could be an eventful year for Russia

        4. Asteroid apophis appears for the second time

        Quote: “This will be the closest approach by something this large currently known. (In 2029) Apophis will be visible to the unaided eye for several hours, and Earth tides will probably change its spin state.”

        In 2036, the asteroid will be closer than in 2036, so you would expect that it would be visible at that time as well.

        If the asteroid is visible, some religions may take this as a omen for bad events. Interesting about the tides as well.

        5. You mentioned that this “Red Flag” leader will have the gift of charismatic speech to be able to draw people into his message. So, unless this Russian has very good English skills, being able to convince people around the world of his message might be problematic?

        If the “Red Flag” means Communism resurgence, there will still need to be a central country within that Communist Bloc that has access to Nukes. So there are really only 2 communist countries that fall into that category. Actually a 3rd, North Korea.

        The last point here is that it does take time to build up Nuclear Delivery capability. Building a dirty Nuke takes 2-3 years, providing you have access to raw material. However, to have launchable Nukes takes 5 years on top of creating basic Nukes. And it takes a lot of money, access to technology, Nuke grade materials, top scientists, testing facilities, etc etc. Not something that can be done overnight.

        It would seem to me then, that the country that may initiate such a war is a country that already has Nuclear weapon capability. So, this narrows down the potential suspects who may initiate war.
        The only other option then, is if one of the Western countries (e.g. UK, France) that has WMD capability then turns into a communist state. Given how this planet will change by 2036, anything is possible.

        I guess we’re all on the edge of our seats wondering what the next predictions will be for 2036.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Let’s not ponder too much on that until we are closer to it otherwise we might as well start taking Paxil. From what I know the climate change shifts from a small issue now to a ravaged one all at once. Because of that it affects everyone’s crops all at once. It could be communism but just as they say Nazis will rise in the US, it’s symbolic, something we haven’t seen, did racist people rise in this country yes. Are they Nazis? It’s more a reference or compassion to something that most likely doesn’t exist right now. I am expecting this monster to come from a nation like Russia, China, or the ‘stans’, That region. But it is a major nation.

          1. Kim Avatar

            Their are only two stans countries that have nukes one is india aka hindustan or pakistan.

            1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

              None of the Russian ones? Interesting thanks.

              1. anitah Avatar

                Kazanstan and some other nations with “stan” inside Russia´s borders!

          2. adventuresofashton Avatar


            I read yesterday that 45% of the US wheat crops have been destroyed due to the polar vortex stretching all the way south into Texas. We are running dangerously low on many crops worldwide. Many countries have placed buying limits to ensure they have enough to sustain their livestock (meat supplies). The us has yet to initiate such bans, but China is importing an astonishingly high amount from us and other countries around the world. Very strange things unfolding in relation to all of this.

            1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

              That’s the big threat of the future. No food. Then that horrible man arrives.

              1. Avatar

                Hi, Eric, please ask your spirit guides for more precise details that will help us, humans to prevent this leader to come to power. Look, with all the protests worldwide, we cannot even prevent Navalny arrest. That specific country is extremely used to lies in your face, propaganda and impunity and it has its population in the grip. It is quite hard for unconnected people to prevent it. We need divine help, without it it is like kindergarten toddlers trying to to fight a ton of vipers without any understanding what is happening. IWe do not need a war. if you have access to divine sphere, please ask them a very specific help – we must have a very specific plan to make our future different.

                1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

                  I have no doubt more information will come. Especially with this monster

  34. Blue Sky Avatar
    Blue Sky

    Reposting my reply from above to make it legible. Reading these last comments and realizing my post fits into the discussion. I have also read many other ancient predictions which point to 2036 and so on the world being a totally different place. Many who read your predictions now will not be around anymore… And there is nothing to fear.

    I am not surprised (at your response and explanation of being guarded).
    However, there are a lot of things you can do from within. Then no one will be able to touch you.
    Hope is not action. Work with oneself is. That is hardest of all things on Earth. You are not perfect, yet like everyone you can be a better person which can make a difference and alter the course of your life.

    Let me give you an example that came to me right now – I can send an email to all on what I believe and get into a big scandal being fired immediately without much prospect for a good job ever again.
    Or I can do it selectively – informing the right people at the right places, so they make a difference.

    It is so difficult for me to explain what I mean to you Eric because the communication by e-mail has its limits.

    Also, what is the point if a person in the US will know of a tragedy in Tanzania? Perhaps focus on US, Europe (incl Turkey), Russia and China would be best. In the beginning a lot you predicted scared me because you made it sound so ominous. With time I have learned that a lot of those events are local issues that pass even unnoticed and was far beyond my physical limits. You claim to want to save people by predictions – how many do you think you have actually saved? (Sorry for being deliberately harsh – I am like that only with people I care for – who are worth it.)
    Read what the formula is for Covid treatment (instead of vaccines). The big pharma does not want treatment. They want vaccines because of big bucks. If you use D3 (the sun – while people were forced to be in lockdowns) and zinc (or related food containing it), it actually prevents you from getting sick. As well as natural food strengthening your immunity, I also heard an interesting presentation one year ago that tied Covid spread with air pollution, so the sun again…

    1. Steve Avatar

      The point of a person in the US knowing of a tragedy in Tanzania? The world is one big community, whether your neighbour is next door or 1000 miles away, you can still pray for them. If the event happens, you can even donate as well.

      Perhaps this could explain why climate change makes no difference to most people. Will it directly affect me? Should I pray for those small Pacific Island communities whose islands will be inundated as the sea level rises, or as more extreme cyclones come their way.?

      Perhaps swap with their shoes. Be a Pacific Islander one day, facing the unknown, with the leading world countries showing no empathy with their plight. No prayers coming your way. Do prayers, sending blessings make a difference? I’d like to think so.

      I’m sorry, but the Sun and Zinc does not prevent you from getting Covid-19, nor does healthy eating. It has nothing to do with pollution. Covid-19 is spread through the air and through contact with infected surfaces, passed on from an infected person. The best prevention is facemasks, regular hand washing, social distancing. Vaccines are not a big pharma/business conspiracy. They represent a global effort of sharing knowledge to prevent the spread of the disease with the aim of saving lives.

      Refer to the following site for more details:

  35. Blue Sky Avatar
    Blue Sky

    Dear Steve,

    Thank you for your message. If I was Australian I would be concerned over Pacific Islands. I pray for any islands for that matter but islanders do have to realize the inevitable and move from there if they want to continue living when the sea level rises. I so agree with you that the prayers make the difference but prayers cannot change the ignorance of those who pollute our planet, who destroy forests, who do not care. That is the truth unfortunately because everyone has free will. We also do not know what our karma is from the past lives – why you are born in a particular place. I do care for those next to me, not abstract far away worlds I have only seen on TV donating to who makes me feel good not knowing how much of that donation is in fact wasted. If I want to give something to someone, I do it in person here and now.

    The world is so diverse and distances exist. The world will never be one big community – this is a sort of western dream under the pretext of uniting everyone based on certain type of mindset which is biased. The fact that we will know that something will happen in Tanzania will not save many and will not change much. We can pray for it but then we all have to become monks who chant prayers 24hrs a day which is very noble if you do not have to provide for yourself and your subsistence. Scaring people with things that will happen in far away places will not achieve anything.

    As regards to vaccines, the governments have put in billions and now they have to justify themselves, so I would be very careful not to fall into government line of thinking without questioning. Just yesterday I heard from a friend whose friend has MS and therefore using drugs. This person had apparently developed antibodies against Covid somehow. The only plausible explanation was that she was asymptomatic and the drugs helped her through this. Why is no one looking into these kinds of situations? Why are vaccines declared as ‘the only way’? It is simply not true – there are many asymptomatic people, I know quite a few who were diagnosed but had no symptoms. I also know first hand how asymptomatic cases are not represented in the media and not separately counted in government statistics. Big pharma business is thriving on these vaccines, they need sick people. Mask producers are happy too. Why are we not looking at the drugs to cure or alternative ways? Zinc and D3 have been recommended to different people I know as Covid prevention by their doctors. Immunity boost is also a way of prevention (as is energy level rising for all those with spiritual powers). This site I had indicated was provided to me by someone in the medical field. Vaccines may save some but harm others (because of side-effects and in particular long-term effects that no one can even know about yet) and everyone has to make their own choice knowing what is out there. I do not object to vaccines but I object to vaccines ‘as the only way’. Plus, we all have to pay for all of this. These vaccines available right now do not cover all the variants. Therefore, many of those who take the vaccines now may falsely believe they will not get sick, so no one says anything about them possibly needing a different vaccine again later. Why is it so? I am sure that we will get to the bottom of it and many of those responsible will be prosecuted. I am not the best informed person but I am well informed. It is my right just like it is yours to share the information that I know. I also heard already one year ago just before all of this started in full swing that there is some truth about China generated virus. It would be much more useful for those who can focus on finding out that truth via predictions than focusing on a dam collapsing here or there in a far away place or an earthquake that cannot be prevented.

    If everything ‘bad’ is prevented, if all harms are avoided what would life be like? A paradise? I do not think so. Let us not fear but be wise, respect and love one another, share differences and look for what is true.

  36. Donna B Avatar
    Donna B

    That makes sense. Probably should buy water and survival food stockpile for self and others. The kind that lasts 30 years??

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      There will be a big push by them for everyone to learn to grow their own food. But they want to wait on that message till we get closer to the moment.

  37. Jason Avatar

    Hi Eric Leigh-Pink,

    I received a reading from you awhile back (it was great!) and the world was a-lot calmer it seems back then. Pre covid pre trump etc. Since all of this madness is going on the in the world I have been interested in predictions concerning the future from psychics so I stumbled upon this post which lines up a-lot with what I have been hearing about a coming of a new age. A-lot of sources line up, but one that sticks out for me is this one. Its a entire series which looks at end times prophecies and the coming of the new earth.

    She is an alternative historian but based on all of her research she comes up with a timeline similar to your vision. However she expects things to start getting a lot worse in a few years rather than the 2030’s. The prophecies specifically talk about a famine coming and after that the literal anti-Christ will rise to power on earth. Based on her timeline the war will happen before he arrives but all in all your vision lines up with a-lot of the prophecies that she has gathered. But one positive thing with her is that she has Christ arriving a-lot sooner than yours. Unfortunately it seems like this devilish character is going to rise to power in the near future and that its is going to be accompanied by famines and natural disasters and a huge war. It seems like something that has a strong possibility of happening. She also talks about this leader marking people too. I am 32 years old right now so unfortunenelty it looks like I may be in this without seeing anything better coming about.. She also states that the darkness isn’t going to be allowed on this planet anymore after this… there is going to be no more kali Yugas supposedly.

    I think that this is equivalent to the biblical tribulation. When all is finished it seems that most people will perish during these times.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks! It’s hard to calibrate when exactly this Spiritual leader arrives, he lives for a very long time so his miraculous deeds seem to be about 150 to 200 years from now so I do question when this figure is born.

      1. Jason Avatar

        Do you think that here is any chance that this ambassador would come earlier? Idk it seems like unfortunenelty we are on a apocalyptic timeline and I don’t see any trends changing that would change the WW3 prediction prophecies that i have been seeing (there are alot of them)

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Anything is possible. We are going to give it everything we got, to stop this.

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