The Ambassador

Messiah, Prophet of God, King of Peace, Ambassador to our father, our King returns;  Whereas Christ brought love and forgiveness, and Muhammad brought righteousness and community, and Moses brought the law and liberty, the Ambassador will fill the world with humility and world peace.  Humanity will strive to be more humble, in both large and small.

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45 thoughts on “The Ambassador

      1. Eric, its beyond beautiful. It made me tears in eyes. It gives hope to Syria for peace. My heart aches for children, women and men in the hands of evil doers. Are those your words or the Spirit’s words?

        Omg…I remember seeing the Pope Frances in my dream. Thought and felt like He is the Christ. I cried in his pure white robe begging for mercy. The people beheaded in Syria. Many children died. Wow…so it means that Christ will come again? So, it is true? I’m speechless. I can’t believe it happens in OUR time. I should write it down my dream dairy from now on. I’m trying to shake it off. From now on, I listen to you what the Spirits say. My heart goes out to the people who suffered greater beyond words. I highly respect to our God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Wow…powerful message. AMEN!

  1. Wow! beautiful! Is the Ambassador the Holy Spirit, or universal energy, or someone else? Humility and peace – wonderful!

  2. Oh, I just went to the glossary & saw the meaning there. Is the Ambassador possibly our current Pope, do you think? Or is He unknown at this time? Either way, I perceive from your recent messages that something profound might happen in 2015 such as an awakening for the world.

      1. even though you said Christs return is far off after a WW, do you think this prediction could be a bit symbolic of Muhammaed “returning” soon and bringing righteousness and community to the muslim world after the terrible extreme-ism we are seeing with isis and Al Qeada ? like the righteous hand prediction you similarly predicted?

    1. Lia, I thought the same too. I’m a little confused. I put it down after I had a dream. I need to read what I wrote. I’m in shocked. Is Pope the Ambassador of the The Holy Spirit. I guess He is our hidden message. I think we are already or in processing in WWIII. I’m excited whether He is already here or coming soon. Im still in shocked after reading the Ambassador message by Eric. That’s pretty strong. Have a blessed Christmas! Please keep praying for the suffering ones in Syria and Kurds, etc. ISIS is purely evil.

      1. I apologize. I actually misread the post at first. When i saw the part about Muhammad and righteousness, that thought just popped in my head and i posted too quickly.

        can you clairify the 2 leaders part for me?

        this is a beautiful message though and it is nice to know that the very core of what all christians believe will come true, the return of christ. I just wish that more, priest/preachers/ teachers would focus on this.. teaching christ’s love humbleness and understanding.. rather than the pat robertson, jack van impe and yes in part my bible study teacher who while sometimes the message is similar, i feel like their message is underlined in fear and suffering

    1. They implied this truly horrible leader “the worst man both before and after humanities existence” would rise to power (no war yet) on my death bed. I am very old in the prediction. On another note that’s a horrible send off.

      1. Eric is this the same leader you have seen from I think it was somewhere in South America? And what do you mean by before and “after” humanities existence?

  3. i belive you said previously that food supply and famine would hit around 2077 right? I dont want to say i’m ok with that but, cause i’m not but i’m guessing i’ll be long gone by then and will never see the war or the worst leader ever.. to me thats better than the people, bible scholars who claim worlds end in 2018-2030 and you’re right Eric.. not exactly a gold watch to end things

      1. Here is the thing and where a lot of my issues stem from I hear all of these religous people, espouse their end times rhetoric and how the end is soon coming like i said between oh now and 2040. they constantly quote the book of revelations and that there will be wars and rumours of war and things will be as bad as they will have ever been”

        and i’m not here for religious counsel but hasnt there always been wars and rumours of war? even now, i saw that there is a new show coming on A&E called Revelation: The end is near… as much as i try to not worry.. why are people now obsessed with the end and making things fit their teaching? i do want to meet my savior, i love him but why the rush? i dont fear God in an unhealthy way.. i just fear suffering coming to my friends and loved ones

  4. This is a wonderful message Eric. For there to be a world without wars no matter the timeframe, no matter I am here still or not, is a great thing for the future generations to have as their hope and hold dear in their hearts and minds. Thank You so much for the message and I hope your holidays are filled with love. Blessings Always.

    1. OK so here is the thing that most bothers me is that there only seems to be small glimmers of positivity for the future blanketed in bad until things get really bad
      /the wars, the famine, etc) obviously when i was young in the 80s/90s i didnt pay too much attention to this stuff and technology has changed but everything seems so bleak now in this country and for the world.. if you own a gun, youre evil, if you dont own a gun you’re evil, if youre catholic youre a pedophile, if youre muslim youre a terrorist, obviously i dont believe that but it seems like we are being inundated by this every day on fox, CNN, do a google searchsome time on the future and there is nothing positive, nothing to look forward to, I’m not saying we should all live on carebear mountain and tell each other we are special everyday or that i expect that but it seems like no one can say “Dave, things will get better, not so dark” or i know Eric has those predictions, but its of an afterlife.. its pretty frustrating, a little depressing. God is great, i cant wait to meet him and walk in enternity however, i’m still pretty young and the future terrifies me, if i knew that all of these things were 40-50 years down the line, which would put me at 75- 85 and eric at 80-90ish I’m OK, i will have lived my life, i just hate to see suffering and i worry so much about not having a full life, and i realize people will say then go out and live, but all of this stopping, suddenly scares me even though one day i’m certain it will.

      God bless you all

      1. You should fix it then. Get out there and share the truth. Give them the exact words of the Quran, teach them about the catholic church. What ever your connected to represent it well. I know fox news has a very biased opinion, especially when it comes to Muslims, but there is a flip side to that, I don’t really see the Muslims using a loud voice to make the facts clear. So get out there and make your difference and do it with tolerance and patience.

      2. I will certainly try Eric. I tend to agree on the muslim voice thing.. which is why i really look forward to the righteous hand prediction. As much as i try to shake it, I cant shake the “apocalyptic” prediction. I feel like i have a countdown on me now.. i know you said you were very old but is that another 30, 40, 50, 60 years?.. its irrational, i know but like i keep repeating it seems like things will only be getting worse till they get horrible and then its all over… is it worth it to see those atrocities come to pass?

  5. One last thing, if anyone remembers the Iconic 1980s movie Ghostbusters when everyone is packing the streets when the Ghostbusters go to fight Zuel in the building and the priests and Rabbis, and holy men are praying and people are pannicked whenever i hear all the end times prophechy and even some of Eric’s postings sometimes i feel like this is the scene we are in

    1. Lia,
      I’ve said the same thing.. eric told me hes in his late 30’s, so some comfort for me, but yes, i dont want to be around for that set either

  6. hi eric what a wonderful post, but, much depends, on what people, do with their day to day decisions, and actions. weather changes, will be a very big factor, so lands will sink as well, IF people come together, to help and serve, each other, than the future will be changed,… now, the vail, between the spirit world, and ours is thinning, as time goes on, so someday, EVERYONE, will a waken, from their sleep, and talk with spirit, and receive messages, BUT, what people ,do with that is wide open, GOD gives everyone, freedom to chose,so the future, is not set in stone… a very bad teacher, will appear and fool a lot of people, but, in the end, GODs love, will always win out, I wish, you will talk about, the spacebrothers, and how they are send here to help, there role, will open people,to so many possibilities……thank you, and everyone here, for sharing and learning, from each other.

  7. There are indeed two powers in heaven!’” (3 Enoch 16:2-4). Of course, he was mistaken – there are not two Gods in heaven, both equal to one another. Rather, Metatron was subordinant and subject to the authority of God the Father, even as Jesus Christ said, “My Father is greater than I” (John 14:28).

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