Truth 8

Before reading this please read:  Truth 7

It also wouldn’t hurt to read: The Ambassador The Ambassador

It would be three days after my conversation with Marcus that I began to meditate heavily. Just as I was about to give up I had a visual.

I was standing knee deep in this strange river of water. The river moved slow, there were small geysers that pop up from different sides, it made the water warm, in the background were these massively large weeds and grass that reached up to my chest. There was a large damp hill surrounding the river with two lines of people, the lines were long and seemed endless, both sides wrapped around the endless hillside. It was at that moment that Macabe appeared from behind me. Macabe is in charge of our work, in charge of the world predictions and the personal readings we do. He oversees it all, and has been nicknamed the conductor of our work. Macabe is seen with the highest of regard from the other Spirits, and has my utmost loyalty, a conversation for another day. One of the most interesting aspects of Macabe is he is ancient. Another Spirit once told me he was older than our solar system. His knowledge and wisdom, beyond anything you could imagine.

“Our father has plans for your home.. for too long now the darkness has intertwined with the rest of you, like an infestation that has stained your world.. now our father has plans to evict them.. each human must choose one side or the other, choose which side to stand with but there are those who stand in the middle, violent people who grew up in violent homes, fools who make horrible mistakes, thieves and liars who were given no real guidance, and for them we forgive by giving them another chance to right their wrongs through a new life, and if they fail again we will give them another chance, and another, and another, with every hope they will learn from their mistakes. They will eventually succeed or chose darkness. Why does the world have so much darkness because we really do have hope that even the most wicked can come back into the fold, and until we are told otherwise we will continue to give them every opportunity to change

“That doesn’t seem fair for those of us who have done little wrong.” I asked under my breath

Macabe gave me that stare with his eyes like fire, both intimidating and concerning. But it dissipated with a grin.

“You see a flaw, I see an opportunity, think of all the righteous acts you could achieve, all the good work you could accomplish with so much to fix, the efforts that could be made is turning your enemy into an ally, your own opportunity to help us and by approach our father… bottom line we are waiting for everyone to take a side.”  Macabe answered softly.

“And when everyone takes a side, what then?”

Suddenly I found myself on a massive mountain top looking down at a beautiful green valley, there was a cold heavy breeze blowing against both Macabe and myself, to a distance was these massive white clouds with golden lightning striking down. In the most awesome way there was a dim white / blue glow about the white clouds. The clouds slowly moved towards us with the wind.

Macabe roared against the wind pointing towards the clouds

“He is coming.. our King.. our leader.. and when he is done everything will be different.. nothing can stop it.. nothing will stop him.. and the darkness knows it.”


I had a visual of a small plane, then it shifted to show the Ocean, as if implying the plane would crash into the ocean.

One very large mud or landslide.

Today we start a project we have consistently put on hold. The project will last 6-8 months. The hope is it will take over how we make the predictions. It’s a very organized process. Between Monday and Friday at 4-6am everyday I will ask what is coming ‘Next’, there will not be any other questions, just that. They will then show just one to two events coming. The Spirits plan to eliminate some of the subjects we normally predict so they can focus on more specific information. The main purpose here is to eliminate our consistent issue with timing. Timing is the one flaw bringing us down. If each prediction is coming next it eliminates a need to provide a date. Instead when the zero is presented and the countdown is complete we should be able to narrow which event is coming ‘now’.  It allows us to organize the information better. The Spirits have high hopes for it, but it is unfortunately a one sided conversation.

Be patient with us, the first predictions are vague. We will also be tracking how long it takes for the prediction to happen. The expected timing should be less than a month.

I asked about the Tsunami/Attacks they only presented the number 4.

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  1. Amazing! Hallelujah! Thank you for sharing with us Eric! Good morning! Happy New Year! Hope you are doing good! Take all the time you and spirit need! It’s exciting and good that you and spirit continue to work hard and together to predict better in the future! Thank you & spirit for all you do! Great message! Have a blessed day!🕊❤😍😚🙏🏻👌👏✌

  2. Dear Eric, Macabe and SWC!!
    Let me Echo the above poster Johnny and say AMAING!
    GOD BLESS YOU and Thank you Eric for this post!
    And Happy New Year to all! May 2018 Light our Path, Right our Path and our Bright and Loving, Peaceful and Enlightening way forward!

  3. So what does this vision mean? God is coming to save us all? Is it Jesus Christ? The talking about the giving of many chances likely is about the incarnation process?

  4. I don’t know what to think about cruel people (like mass murderers) being given second chances….sometimes it’s hard to feel anything but anger and sadness and bitterness when people hurt each other so badly.

    But the idea does give me a lot of relief on behalf of the families and friends of people who do harm. After all, even mass murderers were once children, and they had people who knew them when they were normal, before they turned bad.

    It’s comforting that people who knew the “good” side of wrongdoers could have a chance to get their loved one back, this time without the baggage and evil traits of before.

  5. Eric,
    I almost forgot to ask–how do you pronounce that spirit’s name….Macabe like the last name Mc-Cabe, or like Mack-a-bee?


    Please have a look at this months predictions from farsightpress they do month to month predictions for January they are predicting a plane crash involving a large city and maybe near a bridge both people doing the predictions mention a plane crash
    Also one of them also predicts a tsunami that catches people by suprise they are normally quite accurate with there predictions maybe you could check the video out and see if it matches any of your visuals

  7. I’ve also heard that in the distant future the planet will basically form a one-world gov’t (not in a negative sense) where humanity is one. The description of the “Ambassador” reminded of this because the characteristics of this leader seemed fitting for a time period such as that. I wonder if the “Ambassador” could also mean representative of Earth, in terms of when we communicate with beings from other worlds in the future? Kind of like how today each country has their own ambassador to communicate with each country.

  8. I think a lot of spiritual growth is about making choices. We have the free will to choose darkness or light. If we get too lost in fear, our path goes toward the darkness. The light is in our own hearts. Each person has a heart that is fearless, and there is connection thru our heart to love that is boundless.
    It is an inspiring vision you share Eric! I think that the last paragraph about the luminous white clouds with the golden lightening coming closer is a powerful image. I wish I could see what you saw! You have the skill with words, I can imagine the scene pretty well, but it must have been an awesome vision to be gifted with!!!

  9. Eric not to confuse the matter but just in case FYI here’s another one with the number 4. Under 12/22/13 the asssssination, the Presidents house burning. You had a visual with the number 4 on a brown emblem. Interesting I thought that you question the 23rd being marked as a possible EQ connection from a previous prediction. I’m not sure what the previous prediction was though.

  10. Eric, Happy New Year! I hope you are feeling better and all your physical ailments have completely dissolved. Thank you for sharing your beautiful conversations with Marcus and Macabe. It reminds us to appreciate all that is good in the world and gives us hope for our future and humanity. You had mentioned Spirit had asked for us to get out our generators. There is a possible Nor’easter brewing up the east coast and I was wondering if this was the storm that would knock out power for the Northeast. It’s expected to hit late Wednesday night into Thursday. Record cold and no power could be a very dangerous situation. Also anymore info on the epidemic expected? Thank you for everything you do!

  11. Happy New Year to Eric, Spirits and SWC,

    thanks for your faithfulness sharing thr predictions for long time. Also shares insight of Truth 8….very intriguing and learning about the Ancient and Macabe. Wish they’d respond to my calling to spirits. I be patient. Pray for a peaceful year of 2018.


  12. Eric,
    Are the attacks and tsunami expected around the same time? Do you think they’ll be soon or will they happen later?

    I was wondering if the 4 in your prediction could be the 4th of a month. I’m still baffled as to what the earlier number 1.36 could mean, unless they’re dates like 1/3 and 1/6, (January 3rd and 6th), and maybe the 4 could mean January 4th?

    I’m probably wrong; if it was that soon I’m sure the spirits would have said so. I’ll keep thinking about what the numbers could mean.

  13. Macabe almost sounds like the Angel Gabriel the Messenger and what you are describing looking into the Valley is Revelation, Armageddon, the final battle, taking place at Megiddo, a battle of good vs evil. and the second coming

  14. Eric, could you please provide some clarification regarding this Truth?
    In past the predictions regarding the Ambassador returning were very far in the future, as well as the evil one just a little boy, etc.
    Is this Truth predicting that the timeline has altered and the Ambassador will be coming sooner?
    Peace and Blessing for you and everyone on the site

    1. It has not changed, there is a gap between the two. The dark figure seems in our children’s lifetime, where as the ambassador is 150 to 200 years away.

  15. Hi Eric, and all,
    I know I’m late to the party here, I love this so much, and I agree, everyone deserves to keep trying, I’m the sad sap that feels sorry for people when they have done something wrong because I just think about what happened to them that allowed them to grow the capability to create such wrongs, who wronged them? Who taught them to hate? We aren’t born with it…
    BUT, I also feel frustrated reading this, sometimes I feel like the spirits who ask us to be so kind and loving and frankly, to have endless patience and energy, don’t quite get what it feels like to be human! Although I know they probably do, and are infinitely wiser than us…and I won’t ever stop trying to do my best, But sometimes it feels a lot like shouting into the wind. Especially these days. Although there have been a solid share of those who are “waking up” for lack of a better phrase, which warms my heart, the darkness just seems so big right now.

    1. I hear you. I have spent a great deal of time crying after these world predictions. I know it’s hard to consume now but to answer that is to say: Are we cursed with the devil or is the devil blessed with us. I believe the latter. You give that little spark of compassion, love, kindness, you are bringing light to darkness. Then later we go to the light of all lights.

      1. I do believe so too. I try to be a light, I fail often, but I never stop trying. Hopefully some of the light gets through. ❤️

      2. What if I do not want that my child “gives a spark of compassion” to dark people and has to endure WW3? Why Spiritual world just does not cancel out this person? I honestly do not understnad why so many people have to die just to give “training opportunity” to some evil person. I just do not understand spirit world, I am truly sorry, but they seem extremely cruel, it makes me question who are those spirits, a loving entity whould not do that, would just remove a person who can kill the world. And so many good people are removed really quickly. Why not this one? I know I should not write that, but I became extremely depressed by reading this prediction several years ago, to the point when I cannot function. I forgot a little about it, but because of war in Ukraine, I read it ago and the pain came back.

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