Notes on 2-24-15

Spirits message is in regular black print, my own opinion is presented in blue.

I had a visual of a young or middle-aged man well dressed. Oddly he was wearing Oakley sunglasses. Then the visual of the man shifted into a portrait, it hung on a wall next to Al Assad, Gaddafi, Bin Laden, on the frame of the portrait it read “Nickname, the Devil”
Not good news, this is a portrait of a new monster the world will have to face. Looking at the list of portraits each of these monsters have dominated the news at one time or another with their despicable acts. This man did not look like he was from the middle east like the others, if I where to guess he was from the orient.
They have made these portraits before, At one time they presented a portrait of Gaddafi as a man dressed eccentrically, with very large sunglasses.  This was shown right before the Arab Springs. Each portrait points out the oddities related to the person, in this new picture its Oakley sunglasses.

“Eric there is a threat to Paris.. focal point.” — Spirit’s Voice

I had a visual of outer-space. Then they showed a spacecraft a drift.
Either Spirit is implying a lost spacecraft or perhaps a crisis where astronauts are stuck.

A visual of crackers, a message of a destructive earthquake.

Sometimes numbers represent verbiage, in the past 8 represented ‘eat it’ a sort of failure. Ironically 5 in the past represented being ‘right’.  Perhaps a prediction where I was wrong back to back, but now its about to happen? Or the numbers could represent something else entirely.

I had a visual of a town completely demolished, buildings completely brought to rubble.
The visual was over a land so it sounds like a tornado, but it could be a reference to the South America prediction. It jumps to the front of the line, we need to nail down the details before it happens.

Between this set of predictions and the last set I have a lot of work to do, bringing clarity and details to these vague predictions.

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  1. Eric, it has been reported today several drones have been flying over Paris, including the Eifel Tower and other tourist areas, the security services have increased their terrorist levels as a result. See link below.

  2. Oakley brand has design called “Asian Fit” sunglasses. Asian Fit sunglasses are a scientifically designed eyeglass for people with Asian facial characteristics. Predominent retailers in USA are in NY, CT, and RI. The company Asia Pacific Trading Company which serves the Orient is located (apparently the website anyway) in Miami, FL. If you do an internet search for Asian men in sunglasses photos….there are hundreds of photos of people and just eyeglasses. Searching the designs available for men may help you narrow this down.

    1. Means another person who runs an islamic country is about to be revealed plus Asian descent. He follows the same path as leaders listed. So probably Yemen if I’m guessing. If not another country is about to implode and be ruled by a dictator. If it’s outside of middle east things are about to get worse.

    2. God judges and by the click of his fingers if he wishes you would be done. Something the devil can’t do. God controls above and below and as authority over all things. Forgiveness and love is his trade mark. The father will forgive and the son will forgive. What does it say about the holy spirit which is female.

    3. As jesus preached for those in the no. Acquistion of the holy spirit is all that matters. Pray for those who have defiled the holy spirit in name. Sandelphon judgement angel who happens to be mother mary goddess Isis.

  3. Did you feel any connection between the well dressed man to the vision you were shown of a young man praying on a mat ?

  4. Eric could this be related to the post from 5-8-2014, where it speaks of a man building a bomb, portraits lined up, art of war, Oakley, and the bridge being blown up? It had to do with the West Coast and all around the anniversary, 25, possible plane involved I believe also.

    1. Hi there do you have more information on Paris? I live there, there was also a video in which terrorists called for others to attack two specific malls a few days ago: les quatre temps and les halles. Plus the aforementioned drones.. uncomfortable to say the least….

      1. Hi elmo its at the top of the list of questions, unfortunately right now, I am having oral surgery so there is a set back coming. But I am still going to try and connect with them all the same. But the two questions I feel must have an answer is Paris and this visual of a town devastated.

      1. Isn’t there a bridge in or nearby Oakland, California? Maybe this was said before?

        1. Hi Lia. I think there is a bridge. I am just wondering if it is even about California or just this individual with the sunglasses. There seems to be a lot of the same things going on in each time period during the predictions, if that makes any sense.

  5. Hello Eric, I pray you feel better soon.
    “Eric there is a threat to Paris.. focal point.” — Spirit’s Voice
    As I cannot find my notes from last year to give the exact date(s), but the Louvre(in Paris) has come to my ‘attention’ at least twice before. Now with what you have said above I wanted to chime in. The ‘focal point’ remark made the image of the glass triangle outside of the museum pop up, which made me remember the prior nudging. Blessings and love to all.

      1. 8805 was the death toll of Japan March 11, 2011 earthquake at one point then updated later date. Referencing Japan? May be a stretch but what the heck, throwing it out there.

    1. Hello jules104, that is a brilliant thought-I assumed solar flares- and temporary communication lost/ended.
      I’m not sure where to add this, but after emailing Eric and taking his words to heart, I would simply like to add: one day upon waking, I clearly saw a white sheet of paper with the verbage of: Taiwan 9.5

      that was all. I clearly knew it was an earthquake. Pray this never happens, for we will all be impacted, and we love each other.

      1. Thanks Star48. That’s pretty funny and very interesting. Who would have thought huh. Blessings To You!

  6. It seems to average about 3-4 times a year that Kim finds another reason to threaten us. It gets to be old hat now, but I’m a little leery to completely ignore him. He just doesn’t seem to get his allies to join him, at this point and succeed in bombing his targets accurately.

    1. Also today is the 5th I just noticed. (MD88). Thank God for that berm that stopped the plane from going into the water.

    1. I know they predicted this, I remember ‘tide’ however this prediction about rubble was over land and later presented as Arkansas. Can anyone remember the other prediction. I need to research it.

  7. Eric, regarding Pam, Cat 5 hitting Vanuatu . You mentioned “Tide” reference on 2-15-15..
    Here is article about storm surge Excerpts..
    “Witnesses described sea surges of up to eight meters (26 feet) and flooding throughout the capital, Port Vila, after the category 5 cyclone hit late on Friday.”

    “Aid officials said the storm could be unprecedented in the island’s history and one of the worst natural disasters the Pacific region has ever experienced.”


    1. Hi Star48. I don’t think they had the kind of damage you would see from an EF4/5 tornado, where it levels houses. They are having a, “Tornado Emergency Near Oklahoma City”, right now. Unfortunately, and it’s rush hour there. Praying for all in the path.

      1. Jules104, hi..
        . You are right.. However one died and it went through a few areas caused damage .
        I have a niece that lives in O.K.

        1. I will be praying for your niece Star48. I use to live in Northwest Arkansas,12 years. You get pretty use to the sirens going off but definetly take them seriously. Spent a lot of nights with Greg Forbes the weather man (my hero LOL), on the boob tube watching the Doppler radar. My son was stationed in OK during the Moore tornado. Missed his place by one block! Blessings

          1. Jules 104, do you think this front will move into Arkansas ?
            My daughter of my heart is a vascular resident at UMAS..
            One block? In Moore? You are truly blessed..

            1. I don’t think so Star48. That’s Little Rock right? Maybe go through Fayyetteville, or there’s some coming up through Texas, but won’t get over to Little Rock I’d think. It’s moving North and East. I remember a post Eric had for a tornado in Arkansas coming up though. I think it was possibly the time frame of May 21st. I will look for the post. I’ve had that in the back of my mind since I still have many friends there.

                1. I know I thought I typed Jules104,,,, it least it made me laugh…you are no mule

            2. Star48, Here is the Post, on 3-8-15, the Spirits name Arkansas, around May 21st, houses smashed against one another. Just FYI, let your daughter know so she can be on the look out and warn others to. Also, yes very blessed to have missed that tornado! Blessings

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