World Predictions 12-27-19

I had a visual I was under the ocean looking up to see a massive volcano erupt. In the visual the eruption was so huge and violent.

The impression given was the Mediterranean area.

Then I heard “10..11.. minutes” (Minutes mean days)

I had a visual of a mad man waving a gun around. The man was standing next to a large lake or large body of water.
The visual shifted to show the body of water again but this time there was two large weapons erected on what looked like tripods. It almost looked like a weapon you would erect on the back of a pick up during a war. The weapons sat by the water front. Then I heard the word “Trap” or “Trapped”

I had a visual of a future where the world was plentiful. Individuals lived comfortable lifestyles, computers in this future were contact lenses, with a device attached to ones hand. Air travel was no longer limited to the sky, humanity now traveled to outer space. However in the bowels of society there was a small handful who lived in the most obscene poverty. It was an infinitesimal part of humanity as a whole but they lived in complete squalor, and nothing was being done to rectify the situation.

Spirit here is making a point, this timeframe is after the Great War, after the ‘Ambassador’ made his mark on the world. In the past Spirit described the darkness as a raging fire that will eventually turn to ash. In this timeframe one could say that fire was now embers of a once raging flame. The darkness or evil of the world doesn’t just stop, but slowly disappears over a long time.

Who is the Ambassador? Previous messages: THE AMBASSADOR / The Ambassador

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  1. Happy New Year to all! Maybe I missed the post but what time frame is the great war? Our time, or centuries??

    1. The clarity of that is unclear right now. In one message it was 2055, but a more recent message talks about 2036, but that could be when this monster comes to power. In the coming months I will ask exactly when the war begins.

      1. Eric. may I add, that a lot of predictions and their timetables, are changing, because climate is raging, and changing planet earth, especially, in the 2030s, the damage done, and SOO many deaths, will change so many factors, of the earths future. we can HOPE and Pray, that the suffering and loss of mass amount of people, ALL over the world, will change events. OUR thoughts and actions, NOW, EFFECTS everything and the timelines of events, But the weather, raging and changing the planet, is almost at a point of no return……….

      2. I wish the harmonious times were here now! People getting so hinky lately. I’m always like what’s going on here? The levels of weirdness stuns me sometimes, being cruel when it’s easier to be kind. I’m finding it really hard to keep somewhat centered! I’m blown back at times. People seem so self absorbed and distracted. Maybe it’s just me picking up on this of late, maybe it’s the current climate out there and all the conflicts? Is anybody else feeling this way?

      3. The monster that comes to power – could this possibly be in Russia because I remember a prediction that implies the reemergence of the red flag?


  2. Everyone comes from the sun ancient of days who is the father of all nations . Otherwise known as Leo. The end.

  3. Eric,
    Are those earthquakes and terror attacks still coming, or have they somehow been prevented?

    Also, does prayer help prevent bad things from happening? It seems almost like an instinct for humans to think, “please don’t let this happen”, even if they’re not religious. It’s as if we ‘sense’ someone hears.
    This is going to sound like a weird question, but does praying somehow help God/spirits/angels intervene in human affairs? Sometimes prayers don’t seem to be answered, and that’s always confused me, the idea of why spirits/angels are able to intervene sometimes and not others.

      1. Don’t feel bad; the world’s been very unstable lately…would that make it harder for the spirits to predict which events will happen? I imagine there would be many different possible outcomes, depending on the actions people take.

      2. Eric, is it New Year’s Eve? Hope not. NY Times Square bothers me…just intuition, nothing specific. Stay safe everyone.

  4. Don’t know what to make of the mad man prediction. Does the word trapped mean he’s trapped there and has gone mad? Wonder if it’s related to the natural born killer prediction?

  5. Sara, that is a great question about prayers. I too struggle at times with why some prayers get answered and others don’t. I wonder if Eric can post your question to his guides. I hope that they can help clear this dilemma of ours.

      1. Sorry, I didn’t mean to give you another task when I asked my question about prayer; it’s just something I’ve struggled with for a long time and I still wonder about it.

          1. Don’t worry about it, I don’t want to disrupt you or them, especially when so many things in the world seem so unstable right now.

  6. I may not be able to live that year 2036. but I am happy the wickedness of the world will be gone

      1. Check your eyes on erdogan if you see a war episode between us(Greece) and Turkey then in one/2 months world war 3 will begin by our prophets they said ww3 will begin Friday morning July/august or November/december when Israel will launch a rocket on Iran nuclear factory most likely 2020

          1. You will see it remember check your eyes on erdogan he is the key btw here is a warning for new york will be destroyed by a nuclear tsunami caused by russia 50 meters high as for california earthkuake the magnitude will be 8-9 in the sea of san andreas fault most likely san franchisco btw as i told before check your eyes on erdogan cause he is the key remember after erdogan will be killed by the kemalists if i wrote that right ww3 will begin almost at the same time

            1. Panos Chronopoulos , if I may add, the spirits and spacebrothers,,will not allow wwiii,to occur, of course it will be close, and feel like it, with some areas, really heating up. what you and ALL of us should worry about, it is damaging weather changes, changes the scope of earth, EACH nation, will be effected, and when all of the nations, come together, to solve so many food issues, in the future, they will help, when we need them most. But, the spacebrothers, will not allow nukes to destroy this planet, or effect the universe, plus, other spacebrothers, have always lived here, so they will not allow a global disruption, pray, and consentrate, all energies, on improving climate, food supply, and the many many homeless people, whose land and homes were wiped out by the weather.

              1. We all have to do better, be mindful instead of thoughtless, I’m guilty of this, scatterbrained at times! And think about those in our countries and foreign countries that aren’t just hungry they are starving. And everybody could be fed, nationalism and politics can keep people from getting what they need! It’s not that people dont care, but its red tape and rules that get in the way. Selfishness is at the root of it all..wish I had a magic wand! Most charities take most of the money for administrative costs. Imagine what they could do if the people actually got the donations! People want to help but it seems only around the holidays! People need help 365 days a year. If you went a day a week and helped people and I mean practical stuff, stuff that doesnt cost money including practical advice, a ride to a job, even an encouraging word, like you got this! Mentor a young person. It would be better in my opinion than a donation of a dollar in an anonymous jar. There are people out there who need some financial help too, but all of us can help by kind words and actions. Let love move us to action in 2020! No matter what our financial situation is, we can all make a difference in the by giving of ourselves and giving some love just by putting our love out there! It may become someone’s beacon in a storm!

                  1. Thank you, and when you show by your daily actions when you are raising your family,how to take care of others because kids learn by example more than anything I feel, I’ve always TRIED to show them everyone is equal, be kind in day to day life, help people , make a person smile. it costs nothing
                    Look for opportunities to help others, anticipate needs of others, look out for that “other guy” , well yesterday when I saw my youngest son, he told me about giving the dishwasher rides home because he found out he was walking to work 2 hours away, so that’s x2 in a rather cold climate. Then he said how lucky he was growing up, some people grow up with nobody to look out for them! Also my oldest son would help older people get rides to the grocery store, he’d see them walking and take them. I didnt find out about that until I ran into a lady who told me what a great son I raised! I was more proud of him than if he would have gotten promoted etc! So by showing by my actions such as please and thank you, and trying to help others, they “caught” consideration and love for others. Look for opportunities to be kind and helpful, your kids are watching! What a heirloom I’ve apparently passed on ! WOW proud of them! Happy New Year 2020 all! Abundant blessings to all of you this year!

              2. Sadly nukes will be lauched in the final 3 days of ww3 in istanbul 600-700M dead all men

          2. A couple of other Mediums during the year had predicted WW3 in 2020. They say it’s China & Russia vs US + Allies, and will last for 12mths. They are saying Australia will be dragged into this War as a compelled ally of the US and that this battle will happen on Sea not on land.

              1. Is this the war with North Korea prediction – before Kim’s fall – that you’re referring to?

                1. The war in north korea will happen before ww3 and it will last 8-ten days with almost a Million deaths but its not a normal war it would be a thermonuclear war or nuclear war

            1. Yes it will happen in 2020 and ww3 will last for 3.5 years and the casualites very deadly 2.6B people dead with other words every country will lose one third of its population usa will lost 300M people,turkey 26M people and us (greece) 3.5M people or 7M i hope i will survive i dont want my parents to die

              1. Panos, try not to live in fears. the powers that are, will not allow a nuclear war to happen, small battles yes, a wide scale nuke war no. If I was you, I would worry about water flooding, hiting Greece, as well as the econmy of Greece, effecting Greece, with mass protests in the streets! your fears will effect your health, so try to find the good in life, and don’t generate, living in fear and worries, it doesn’t do any good, but takes years off of your life!

                1. II dont have a fear cause according to our prophets greece will enter for 3 days in ww3 against turkey and we will win with the help of russia or france.with other words the events that will happen before ww3 and during ww3 in greece one a war episode between us and turkey.2 dont have a fear cause according to our prophets greece will enter for 3 days in ww3 against turkey and we will win with the help of russia or france.with other words the events that will happen before ww3 and during ww3 in greece one a war episode between us and turkey.2 dont have a fear cause according to our prophets greece will enter for 3 days in ww3 against turkey and we will win with the help of russia or france.with other words the events that will happen before ww3 and during ww3 in greece one a war episode between us and turkey.2 negotiations for one-2 months.3 the death of erdogan. 4 israel attacks iran and ww3 begins.5 bloody events will happen in greece with others words thousands of people will enter the parliament and will kill almost all the politics and we will be free,6 a huge earthquake will strike greece with a magnitude of 7-8.2. 7 turkey will declare war on us for 3-4 days and in the 4th day russia will declare war on turkey for 7 days and russia will win russia will take istanbul for 5-6 months and in the 6th month russia will give istanbul.btw i forgot during ww3 we will have diseases for 4-5 months and days before turkey attack the muslims only isis men will kill everyone in greece only in the cities athens,patra,crete,salonika etc

  7. Eric, do you have a prediction about how the new 20s will be like? Not necesarily specific events, but will it be a fairly good decade, a very good decade, normal/up and down or horrible?

    1. I am not expecting them to hit the full decade, they seem very set on making predictions in the now and keeping the focus on that, I was hoping for them to sum up the year like they did before but we will see.

  8. hey eric

    with your volcano in the ocean prediction – a few weeks back white island off the coast of new zealand erupted and sadly 19 people lost their lives, was that image you saw of whakaari/white island instead of the Mediterranean volcano? Sometimes i get images of something that looks like another thing and it comes true.

  9. Will you be doing a general 2020 predictions post at the beginning of the year like you did for 2019?

  10. “Predictions 2-28-18 I had a visual of two stove burners turning red. A symbolic message that is reminding me of a fire (burn). Spirit is now warning us that this prediction is about to happen: I had a visual of a large fire symbol, and then a second one soon afterwards. Where Spirit? “In the bush country” (That sounds like Australia)?
    Hi Eric. It’s New Year’s Eve here in Aussie and as you predicted, there was/is a second fire front, worse that the first, burning south of Sydney, east of Canberra and north east of Victoria. There are other major fire also burning in all those mentioned states, including South Australia and the warnings it will get worse over the weekend. I hope you all have a wonderful New Year and that we don’t loose too many more persons and houses down here. Pete

    1. Pete take care of yourself, Earthquake and water damage this year, for your area, weather changes will rage, in 2020, waking people up, but not enough, of people. I am waiting for that massive volcano to arupt, which will trigger under water earthquakes. keep California, in your prayers, and THE earthquakeS, will hit, and water damage will also result. A big prayer, that this year, We will clean up Washington, and eventually, rule in compassion and humality, the weather changes will wake people up, as too many people, will lose everything, as Earth, tries, to heal herself. on a positive note, a lot of medical advantcements, will be made, this year. we all have to be SOO flexable, and bend with the massive amount of changes, for 2020, but, all of us, Have to look for the Good, for it is out their. Pete, try to pay attention, to the many spacebrothers, in your area, they Are doing stuff, to lessen the damage, especially when the waterwave if formed. take care of yourself, and hang in their……..

      1. Thanks Allen. As Spirit said to me a few years ago now “We are entering a time when the world will be shaken from it’s complacency.”

      1. So true Eric and no sign it will improve for the next few months. No major rain predicted for these areas until late Feb and possibly longer.

  11. Hello Mr Eric Leigh Pink my name is Peter McGarry from Country Galway in the Republic Of Ireland Happy new year to you have a great and a very very safe and a very very successful 2020 I have one question for you what are your predictions if you have any predictions for Ireland the Republic Of Ireland that is

    1. Hi Peter, we have previous predictions about Ireland and the resurgence of radicals, which they dubbed the ‘Northerners” but I believe for the most part that has passed, hopefully you saw those predictions but yes we have not predicted Ireland recently and I will remind them thanks.

      1. Hello Eric thank you for your reply I was just curious I have been reading your blog since March 2017 I must say very very impressive work good luck with your work and your health in 2020

  12. Could the volcano be about the one in the Philippines, it hasn’t been active since 1977 and it the Philippines biggest one. Could tie into the tsunami prediction too if the eruption displaces enough water.

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