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Mexico Ravine

I am very sorry to share this gruesome prediction. Please pray for the families of these victims. So horrible.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 1-6-20 I had a visual of decapitated heads by a body of water, on the shoreline. Multiple deaths. 

1-9-20 “MEXICO CITY — Forensics officials in the western Mexican state of Jalisco are trying to determine how many victims are accounted for in 26 plastic bags of body parts found in a ravine this week. 

The Jalisco state prosecutor’s office said in a statement Thursday that it began to collect the bags Tuesday in the municipality of Tonala on the outskirts of Guadalajara. 

Officials initially recovered 14 bags of body parts. They returned Wednesday and found 12 more.” Quoted by https://www.abc15.com/national/26-bags-of-body-parts-found-in-western-mexico-ravine