Iran Protest

Has these predictions started? The prediction clearly reflects one step leading to another, and another.

PREDICTIONS 8-29-18 Civil discord.. Civil upheaval.. Civil war.. Iran.

PREDICTIONS 5-16-18 I had a visual of one massive fire or explosion: Iraq-Iran

PREDICTIONS 1-6-18 “The authorities will beat the protesters in the most egregious way.. bloody and broken.. the actions will create the opposite effect.. meant to achieve oppression.. it will lead to even bigger protest and a clear rage from the public.” Sounds like Iran

PREDICTIONS 9-15-18 Iran uprising.. their government begins to crack 20-24

17 thoughts on “Iran Protest

  1. Wasn’t there a prediction about an actual war with Iran, or is it just civil war within the country?

  2. Just like with the Kashmir internet shutdown, Iran has also almost completely shut off internet access amid protests over an increase in fuel prices.

    1. Forgot to mention that the reason why the Iran gov’t is rationing petrol and increasing its price – which is causing the protests/uprising – is because of the US sanctions placed on them after the US violated the Iran Deal first by withdrawing from the deal just so they could place sanctions on Iran.

      These US sanctions are a form of economic warfare meant to bring about regime change that’s hopefully favorable to US-Israeli interests. These economic sanctions hurt the country/gov’t which in turn leads to public protests, uprising and eventual cracks in the gov’t.

  3. All the predictions could also relate to the current civil unrest/ protests/ violence in Hong Kong

  4. Hi, i just read a prediction earlier and now I can’t find it. But just wanted to let you know that “London Bridge Has Fallen Down” is the code word for how the government will report the death of Queen Elizabeth.
    Then all the headlines in the papets etc over the following days will be “Londen Bridge Has Fallen”.

  5. I posted a link to this on a psychic gossip site. I repeat, it is a psychic gossip site.

      1. Yes it will happen frinday morning WW3 will begin 13july/august or 13 november/december

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