Predictions 1-6-18

“The authorities will beat the protesters in the most egregious way.. bloody and broken.. the actions will create the opposite effect.. meant to achieve oppression.. it will lead to even bigger protest and a clear rage from the public.”

Sounds like Iran. This prediction was created with the new process which means we expect it to unfold within the next few days. 

I had a visual I was in a city by the beach. From the look of the city I would guess it was Sri Lanka or India. Everyone went about their business when suddenly I looked out to the beach, the water was gone. Then everyone began to run away from the shoreline, people started screaming in terror. Then the visual shifted to show one massive wave coming from the deep ocean.

Another prediction pointing to a Tsunami in the Indian Ocean, their message has become very repetitious. I have to assume by doing this they are solidifying this event as something major for the year. 

I had a visual of a man in a submarine, he started to become erratic, then he just went insane with hostility.

“Bannon forced out.. pushed away from the chair he once occupied.”

“Trump unravels in front of the camera.. unhinged..  yelling.. his words shocking.”

I had a visual of Trump talking with someone in a room, I was looking through a window. The impression was that Trump said something egregious or snapped at the person(s) he was talking to, then a man dressed like a general walked out abruptly. He walked down the hall and out the door.

Sounds like John Kelly or McMasters 

“Raise your hands if you want a gun.. there is a war on terror.”

I have no idea what that means?

I had a visual of a baby being born; this message seems related to Predictions 1-3-18






63 thoughts on “Predictions 1-6-18

  1. Raise your hands if you want a gun – The first thing that came to my mind was the reinstatement of the draft. I also thought maybe people willingly join the service (lack of jobs or money for university) or more militias form in America because the attack happens here. I also want to point out it is illegal to own fire arms in Canada and in some if not all of Europe, so it could be the gun laws change so the people can protect themselves.

      • Hi Eric. I’m getting 15th Feb or there about this year, but I’m not getting clarity as to whether that is earthquake/volcano/tsunami or terrorist attack. “They’re” leaning towards the quake, but They’re not clear. Pete

    • To clarify—it is not illegal to own a gun in Canada. Handguns are restricted but long guns, like those used for hunting, are legal. We also have very tight registration requirements. And we still have some gun violence in our cities. The big difference is we don’t have a second amendment that uneducated idiots misinterpret to believe it means they can lug around a semi-automatic in Target.

      • I agree, civilians shouldn’t have semi-automatics. Self-defense is one thing, but only the military should have guns that cause mass-destruction like that. Pistols and handguns work well enough for civilians wanting protection.

      • Thanks for the clarification.

        By the way, when I was in the service we were taught to use the word “rifle” in reference to the long guns.

        As far as semi-automatic pistols and assault rifles, the only reason for a civilian to have one is if they were in a militia. If you have one please keep your weapons and ammo. In separate locations. People are more likely to be harmed with their own weapons than someone else’s. I tell you what though, if we get attacked on our own soil all bets are off.

  2. Eric do you think this tsunami is for February or later in the year? I remember the prediction with Spirits saying we had 11 months to convince people, and then the one where they name February, but you said it was odd since they didn’t go that far out.
    Could this prediction also be related to the one with someone wearing a wire? If I worked there I’d want to be wearing a wire constantly just to protect myself. Maybe they pick it up on the camera and mic?
    And I agree, it sounds like one of the terrorist attacks is about to happen with someone having a baby. I hope it can be foiled.

    • In the visual he seemed to be arguing with the media, I don’t think it was a secret camera. The Tsunami, wow, I do need a date, that is a must, but I do not have one yet.

  3. Eric in this prediction Spirit said the timing of this prediction is the 24th. Could that be 2 and 4?
    Also a lot of the old predictions reference football a stadium or music hall and football helmets and the word “New”. I think you referenced New York but does anyone know if the New England Patriots are playing in the Super Bowl? Or a game coming up with them in it? I just looked. On Jan 13th they have a home game at the Gillette Stadium which is 29 Miles SW of downtown Boston, MA. I’m sure it’s for the Super Bowl finals which plays on Feb 4th. Could this be a target?

  4. Maybe the “raise your hands if you want a gun…war on terror” sentence suggests that, after a terror attack (likely the one being symbolized as the baby being born) more people buy guns for self-defense.

    I can’t say I’d blame them; terrorism makes people feel helpless and scared, no wonder gun sales often increase after attacks.

  5. ‘“Bannon forced out.. pushed away from the chair he once occupied.”’ Does that mean Bannon loses his seat at Breitbart?

    • I thought that just happened, or is about to happen, Nathan, (re/ Breitbart doesn’t want Bannon there anymore and the oligarchs (the Mercers), have cut off their money to him and cut their ties with him, according to various, recent news reports. Also, it’s being reported that Bannon called up Trump the other night, possibly trying to get his former job back, but that is unlikely to happen since he bad-mouthed trump and his kids to the writer/reporter of the explosive new book, “Fire And Fury; Inside The Trump White House” by Michael Wolff, plus other statements and actions by Bannon that has ticked off trump.

  6. Hello everyone,
    I am French and I read your predictions for some time (sorry for the Google translation).
    In France, the law on weapons is very complicated, but since the attacks people have been enrolling in shooting ranges and buying weapons (sales of pump rifles have increased so much that the state has had to slow down imports).

    We are in France on the brink of a civil war, several medieums have also predicted for this year attacks, then a world war.

    In 1850 there was a prophetess (Marie Julie Jahenny) who described the events that were going to happen.
    France will be the first nation fell, because of the civil war and it will have a snowball effect all bordering countries will also be in civil war.
    Apparently just before this civil war there will be a war in Iran (USA and France will participate) then civil war and then a world war and invasion of Europe by the Russians before the era of peace.

  7. I had a dream the other day, spirit showed the words “Pacific Rim” and “Getting bigger” Then it split in a large crack. I had to google Pacific Rim to be sure what exactly it meant. Could that mean an earthquake in the middle of the pacific. That’s what I took it to mean.

    • The Pacific Rim is a fault line that runs pretty much around the edge of the Pacific. It runs down the west coast of the USA, South America, around to almost the Antarctic, up through New Zealand and a number of Pacific Islands to New Guinea, up though South East Asia, Japan, the east coast of Russia, around Alaska to Canada and back to the US.
      There have been extraordinarily high levels of volcanic and earthquake activity the past few years, and they are growing. A day doesn’t go by that there isn’t a 5 plus magnitude of higher in that ring area. I’m not even mentioning the faults running through Europe that have also been high the past twelve months. Take a look at the European Government’s earthquake monitoring site. It will show clearly what I’m talking about.
      I would put the link to the US Government site, but it would fill half a page. You can Google them though: USGS.

      • Yes Jules, and what a genius he is. He should be on the top of everyone’s ‘must watch list’, especially those living in known quake zones.

  8. On the 17th Trump will be handing out his Fake News Awards. This includes corruption, dishonesty, etc. I personally think that these awards will blow the whistle on a lot of naughty people besides the media. Foe example, bribes, treason, and the Pedos. I think this could cause him to be angry. So if he were to say “so and so from the media took $5m to help cover up the transport of children kidnapped by so & so and bought by these people for sex slavery” or what not. Detailed/upsetting awards.

    • Eric, I don’t know if this is anything, but I had a very vivid dream over a month ago. Trump was yelling, screaming really, his face was red and purple, spit coming out of his mouth, his hands were in a fist and his arms were flailing around in the air. He was totally losing it. There was a big number 17 in front of him. That was it. I woke up. I don’t have these kind of dreams very often. Actually seldom. Don’t know if it means anything. I forgot about it until I read he changed his ridiculous “awards” to the 17th. Wired.

  9. Trump will be just fine and there is no impeachment coming his way. If anything, the DNC should hold their breath.

  10. Bannon stepping down from Breitbart after fallout from comments in “Fire and Fury” book.

    He’s really going to regret saying what he said in the book when the prediction about Don Jr and others getting indicted when it eventually comes true.

    • Eric, Hope your well. I have a pretty bad head cold and sinus infection. It’s going around. Anyway…In the news today Mueller will be wanting to have an interview with Trump in a few weeks time. His lawyers are scrambling to figure a way to answer Muellers questions without really physically being there. But it’s not likely that Mueller would agree to anything other than a face to face. Eric, do you see Trump actually doing this interview? If he does, I can’t see it going well. Trump lies so much, how can he keep his stories straight. And he’s all big tough talk. But I think he would be a coward face to face. Thoughts anyone?

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  12. Eric, I can’t find any info for damage due to this, now downgraded to 7.6 EQ. off of Honduras. Though they say the country does operate a small Naval Base on the Great Swan Island which is 27 Miles West of the epicenter. So I’m not really sure whether they would want to advertise that type of info if they did have any damage being as it’s the government. Here’s that link.

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  16. Eric,SWC,
    Ref:::had a visual of Trump talking with someone in a room, I was looking through a window. The impression was that Trump said something egregious or snapped at the person(s) he was talking to, then a man dressed like a general walked out abruptly. He walked down the hall and out the door.

    Bolton and Kelly
    Heated shouting match sparking resignation fears..

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  18. Eric,SWC,
    Ref:::I had a visual of Trump talking with someone in a room, I was looking through a window. The impression was that Trump said something egregious or snapped at the person(s) he was talking to, then a man dressed like a general walked out abruptly. He walked down the hall and out the door.

    Sounds like John Kelly or McMasters

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump isn’t committing to a previous pledge to keep chief of staff John Kelly for the remainder of his term, part of widespread speculation about staffing changes that could soon sweep through his administration.

    Trump, in a wide-ranging interview that aired on “Fox News Sunday,” praised Kelly’s work ethic and much of what he brings to the position but added, “There are certain things that I don’t like that he does.”

    “There are a couple of things where it’s just not his strength. It’s not his fault. It’s not his strength,” said Trump, who added that Kelly himself might want to depart.

    Asked whether he would keep Kelly in his post through 2020, the president offered only that “it could happen.” Trump had earlier pledged publicly that Kelly would remain through his first term in office, though many in the West Wing were skeptical.

  19. Eric,
    Ref::I had a visual of Trump talking with someone in a room, I was looking through a window. The impression was that Trump said something egregious or snapped at the person(s) he was talking to, then a man dressed like a general walked out abruptly. He walked down the hall and out the door.

    Sounds like John Kelly or McMasters

    John Kelly is walking out the door..
    End of year..


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