Iran Crack Down

“The authorities will beat the protesters in the most egregious way.. bloody and broken.. the actions will create the opposite effect.. meant to achieve oppression.. it will lead to even bigger protest and a clear rage from the public.” Sounds like Iran..


Civil discord.. Civil upheaval.. Civil war.. Iran.


Iran uprising.. their government begins to crack 20-24


This prediction continues to unfold, people of Iran we stand with you! The Spirits again point to the prediction below that describes the sum of 2022. Boris Johnson, Shinzo Abe. Queen Elizabeth, Sri Lanka, Truss struggles, and Trump fights the law, now expect to see yet another fall in world leadership. The Spirits are showing this prediction again. Iran?

I had a vision. I was looking at a chessboard; then, I became a part of the chessboard. I walked through this large beautiful marble, cold, stony floor at night. There were life-sized pieces, then on both sides, black and white chess pieces fell. First the king, then a queen, then another king. They all begin to fall. They were replaced by pawns and bishops. I could hear ticking, ticking, ticking, as the board circled like a clock, then the board was forever different.

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8 responses to “Iran Crack Down”

  1. Nathan Fleischman Avatar
    Nathan Fleischman

    Do you think armed rebellion might happen?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I honestly think this regime is falling.

  2. Alessandro Nascimento Milhiolo Avatar
    Alessandro Nascimento Milhiolo

    You may want to consider the possibility of keep an eue on Brazil’s election as the current Alt right president may lose his re-election and his asversary one who came from the people work force class and is a left side politician may win. A King fall and is replaced by a pawn

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes, I have my eyes on that. My hope is they can predict how it will play out, but the Spirits just keep circling Europe and Russia for now. When’s the second round of votes?

      1. Alessandro Nascimento Milhiolo Avatar
        Alessandro Nascimento Milhiolo

        Octuber, 30

  3. anonymous Avatar

    When do you see the regime falling? Slowly, or by 2024? My husband is Iranian and we’ve been following the news, so we’re both curious. Appreciate your insights.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      We have eyes on it, so as soon as we look into what is “next” we should get some answers. As for a more distant future, the Middle East splinters into smaller nations more systematic to their specific faith of shiites and sunnis.

  4. Itk Avatar

    The things are getting really bad in Iran, see:
    The current regime is a showcase of how religion, if unchecked, can be turned into an oppressive tool.

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