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Predictions 8-20-17

Spirit has marked an upcoming day: In one to two minutes. That implies a time frame between the 21st and 23rd.

“Charlotte is back.” I had a visual I was looking down on a town, there was a shade starting to hover over a city, then an explosion. Spirit implied children would be hit in the cross hairs of this horrific act.

Charlotte could imply a previous prediction : “Protect the children, the children are in danger, elementary, just when you think it can’t get any worse.. Charlotte.. 23.. logan.. school.. main street.” I had a visual of this demon like woman sitting in the back of a classroom she delicately put down a bag on the floor.

Possible ties to another prediction:  “Car bombing.. a catastrophic attack.” Location: I had a visual of the US flag   “Outside the building”

This also lines up with another warning they put around the corner: I had a visual it was pouring rain, there were children in the rain standing next to a school bus. There was mud all over the ground.

They really are going to hurt children.. unbelievable


“Blitz attack.. just as it was dispersed” I had a visual of people marching in the streets.

I had a visual of a town that was in flames, there was plume of smoke rising in the air. One location looked like a gas station.

To the counter protester who would use violence.. you are no better than they are.. violence is wrong

Baltimore Riots

This prediction has happened. The location which was in question was wrong. Please pray for peace and justice.

Notes on 4-16-15   I had a visual I was in a street and several people were protesting. They pushed their way through the blockade, then violence broke out, people were bloody and there was screaming and the smell of smoke. Then the vision switched and we were all walking under a bridge or in a tunnel. We had lost, and everyone was melancholy and exhausted.

Notes on 6-18-14

I had a visual of a red and white flag lining up – “Good Luck!.. they prevail.. champions”

I had a visual of several police or soldiers surrounding a few bodies laying on the ground. They seemed to be missing clothes. Then they showed several different faces bruised and bloody.

“Do not attempt to go through.. Brutal force”

“Electrical volts.. leaders asked to resign”

“Baker Won” – I had a visual of someone voting, putting their vote in a wooden ballot box.

I had a visual of several lit candles on the side of a road or path.

A Fan asked this question: “I’m also wondering how do I get others to pray and inform them of this upcoming danger? Most people don’t believe in Spirits/psychics and would think I’m crazy.”

Our greatest goal in predicting these events is to facilitate change through making enough people aware of the upcoming tragedy.  I am excited that so many of you are so willing to help in our mission to change the outcome of events. I am very familiar with the obstacles you face. It was a bold move to start this blog, the response was so negative when I started this site. People did not understand what I was trying to accomplish, but I am happy to say we got past those days, and now thanks to you this site continues to be a very popular blog. As you stick your neck out for the spirits I very much want to avoid putting you in an uncomfortable situation. So I have presented this question directly to Spirit so that they can provide the best course of action, here is their response:

“Show them what we accomplished.. the pages (I assume they mean “major events predicted”)..  then show them our warning.”
“Start with those with an open mind.. start with people media (social media?)”
“Unfortunately the absolute best way to bring attention to our warnings is to share the information right after it has passed, so that we can better prepare for the next one.”

They also understand that if we really want to achieve this goal we have to improve our own work with more consistent accuracy and details.  As you work towards our mission I would encourage you to start with the social media icons at the bottom of “major events predicted”, or another accurate prediction of your choosing, forward it to everyone you know with an added message that our mission is to alter the next tragedy through awareness. Imagine the possibility of warning everyone, imagine the massive difference we can accomplish together. From the click of a button lives can be improved.