Notes on 6-18-14

I had a visual of a red and white flag lining up – “Good Luck!.. they prevail.. champions”

I had a visual of several police or soldiers surrounding a few bodies laying on the ground. They seemed to be missing clothes. Then they showed several different faces bruised and bloody.

“Do not attempt to go through.. Brutal force”

“Electrical volts.. leaders asked to resign”

“Baker Won” – I had a visual of someone voting, putting their vote in a wooden ballot box.

I had a visual of several lit candles on the side of a road or path.

A Fan asked this question: “I’m also wondering how do I get others to pray and inform them of this upcoming danger? Most people don’t believe in Spirits/psychics and would think I’m crazy.”

Our greatest goal in predicting these events is to facilitate change through making enough people aware of the upcoming tragedy.  I am excited that so many of you are so willing to help in our mission to change the outcome of events. I am very familiar with the obstacles you face. It was a bold move to start this blog, the response was so negative when I started this site. People did not understand what I was trying to accomplish, but I am happy to say we got past those days, and now thanks to you this site continues to be a very popular blog. As you stick your neck out for the spirits I very much want to avoid putting you in an uncomfortable situation. So I have presented this question directly to Spirit so that they can provide the best course of action, here is their response:

“Show them what we accomplished.. the pages (I assume they mean “major events predicted”)..  then show them our warning.”
“Start with those with an open mind.. start with people media (social media?)”
“Unfortunately the absolute best way to bring attention to our warnings is to share the information right after it has passed, so that we can better prepare for the next one.”

They also understand that if we really want to achieve this goal we have to improve our own work with more consistent accuracy and details.  As you work towards our mission I would encourage you to start with the social media icons at the bottom of “major events predicted”, or another accurate prediction of your choosing, forward it to everyone you know with an added message that our mission is to alter the next tragedy through awareness. Imagine the possibility of warning everyone, imagine the massive difference we can accomplish together. From the click of a button lives can be improved.


22 thoughts on “Notes on 6-18-14”

  1. To find the “Share this” section so that you can share your favorite prediction with others and help change the future, you must first click on the post of your choosing, then scroll down to the bottom right before the comments start. Their is a “Share this” message followed by boxed social media outlets, click on the outlet like Facebook or twitter, finally add a message that explains our goal.. we can do this, we can alter the future.. and improve lives.

  2. “red and white flag…champions”, they might predict that England or Japan will win the world cup in football.

  3. Eric, I am in! I have been telling more individuals on a one on one basis.
    I will use the tools to expand the audience .
    On your post. I think that the several police ,soldiers surrounding a few bodies.
    Might be the missing teenagers in Israel. I hope not.

    1. How many are missing? Yes I hope you can help as much as possible, by presenting the most accurate predictions posted, sets the stage for those coming predictions that warn us of impending tragedy. Even the most skeptical individual should be able to see their is something there.

  4. The “red and white flag – they prevail” statement made me first think of the FIFA World Cup. I looked at the flags of the qualified teams and there were three red and white flags: England, Switzerland and Japan. Hmmmm

  5. You should ask about a Planet X…i just seen a photo yesterday of this swirly thing above the sun…and it totally validates zetatalk -.- it’s creepy when stuff validates conspiracy

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