World Predictions 12-14-19

I had a visual of a list, on it was what is coming next and at the top of the list was “earthquake”

I had a visual of a man waving a gun, behind him was a large body of water.

The assassin circles and circles like a predator.

All focus tonight is on the coming quake. Yesterday my family had a make shift Thanksgiving Celebration with all the fixings. During the actual Thanksgiving our family was sick. I can’t help be reminded of their message that 2-3 days after the Turkey there would be a quake. Was it a literal message tied to me? Then there are the markers pointing to 17 both for the California and New Zealand earthquakes. All pointing towards a quake. Hopefully we can verify all tonight. The old predictions:

WORLD PREDICTIONS 11-7-19 Thanksgiving 2-3 days

WORLD PREDICTIONS 10-16-19 California


17 thoughts on “World Predictions 12-14-19

  1. Was the NZ earthquake that happened I believe last week not a prediction or is there a worse one coming for NZ that is the earthquake prediction for NZ?

    1. Hi Sara. The event at Whakaari / White Island NZ last week didn’t even register on any seismic charts, that I’m aware of. It was a steam release, but the fact that people were walking over it at the time was what caused the headlines. The big one for NZ, as Eric has predicted, is still to come. I’m getting that it could be very soon, as is Eric. Pete

      1. Oh, okay. I must’ve read “eruption” or something in the news headlines and confused it with earthquake. Thx.

  2. This made me think of when people go out into international waters to avoid laws applicable to legislation. I pretty much assume that all of these “yachters” can have meetings and such, what is it 12 nautical miles of the coast? Maybe the gun and large body of water could be something like that. The 17th would fit the earthquake in N. California as it is supposed to happen in the evening and would be a Wednesday in other parts of the US…just a thought. Has anyone noticed an increase in animal illnesses or them passing away? I know of at least 5 just recently and maybe I am sensitive to it but I really feel some sort of shift coming.

  3. Eric,

    Ref:::had a visual of a man waving a gun, behind him was a large body of water.

    Canada 🇨🇦
    Shooting…Developing…🚨✔️ Active shooter…at large..
    Many injuries…

    The scene of the shooting is less than a kilometre south of Parliament Hill. Police are asking people to avoid the area.

    Though still unconfirmed by police, the Parliament of Canada Protective Service sent out an emergency to all federal government employees at 8:04am warning of an ‘active shooter’ who is still at large.

    ‘Be advised: Active shooter near Gilmore St. and Kent St. Be vigilant. Shooter is still at large,’ the message reads.

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