World Predictions 10-16-19

Earthquake.. 17.. in or around SF

This prediction lines up with two earlier predictions, but also contradicts the previous message. Either they are correcting a mistake or perhaps they are merging the two to say 11-17?

Previous Predictions

Earthquake.. 11.. in or around SF

I had a visual of heavy earthquake destruction, in a town.

I had a visual of a casket with an American flag draped over it, the casket was sitting in what looked like the Capitol building.

There was either a stone structure or another casket in the background but I wasn’t entirely sure.

As I meditated I heard gunfire and people screaming, then it shifted to show multiple police vehicles racing down the road.

I need to gather the details on this last message.

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  1. Tuesday there were 2 quakes felt in San Fran area in a matter of hours. They’re not related, experts said. A magnitude 4.7 earthquake shook the ground in Salinas around 12:42 p.m. local time Tuesday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. It came hours after a magnitude 4.5 quake hit the San Fran Bay Area.

  2. Casket with American flag in Capitol building could be related to the shooting and police racing to the scene. Makes me think of a political assassination, possibly related to the prediction about the racist about to attack.

  3. I believe that if a Congressman or a Supreme Court Judge dies in office then their body can be displayed in the Capitol Rotunda. It could be anybody. There are a lot of old people in Congress as well as serving on the Supreme Court.

    1. There’s a prediction about Ruth passing; Jimmy Carter is pretty old too but I don’t remember a prediction about him passing yet.

    2. Only deceased presidents, Senate/House members and military can lie in state in the Rotunda. (The only Supreme Court justice to have that honor was Chief Justice Taft — because he was a former president.)

  4. Is the last message about the gunfire connected to the casket with the flag on it, or are they two separate events?

  5. Eric- Is there any chance the 17 goes with the funeral rather than the earthquake?

    1. It is possible, they marked the date. Sometimes I wish I could really show how it is done. One spirit will say SF while another 5 minutes later says 17, and so on.

  6. From fox news this AM..Rep. Elijah Cummings, the powerful House Democrat who represented Baltimore for more than two decades and was a vocal critic of President Trump, died early Thursday after battling health problems, his office said in a statement.

  7. My friend just pointed out today is the anniversary for the 1989 SF earthquake. Perhaps they were trying to show the date of the capitol death?

    1. 2 anniversary predictions and one is for the EQ in SF that Eric just posted in his 10-16-19 Predictiions

      In regards to an airplane(s), a bridge, and the body of water below, fear sweeps the United States. The Bridge on the west coast of the United States is being destroyed. All around the anniversary. –25–
      “Earthquake in San Francisco.. very large.. damaging” Spirit has shifted back and forth from San Francisco and San Jose.

      I had a visual of older buildings that were demolished. Spirit made it sound very large

      When Spirit? Now.

      In one message they talked about the number 4
      The hurricanes will strike Florida and Puerto Rico..”

      “With Florida not just yet.”

      I had a visual of a baseball. “People being shot.. multiple shootings.” I had a visual of a person who was shot, while others tried to help her. “This happens again.” Then they said ‘Anniversary or University.’ the verbiage was very faint.

      Then the visual shifted to show a man being beaten in the most horrific way. The visual shifted to show a taxi looking vehicle off to the side.

      In about 20 minutes, which places it around the 24th

  8. Eric, another observation, tropical storm Nester in the gulf of Mexico may likely follow the Florida hurricane prediction map and at the “time of the “pumpkins “. I couldn’t wrap my head around that trajectory but it now makes sense.

      1. Eric, when they hit us (Florida) from the west, it is like a water wheel moving counter clockwise and the that is how we get the flooding and it’s the “no name” storms that have traditionally been the most damaging, fast moving and we are under flooding alerts and high wave activity. I can’t help but see the patterns in your PREDICTION: SECOND FLORIDA HURRICANE
        7 OCT 2016. Forming in the gulf and coming out possibly near Jacksonville to the Atlantic. The second one is the one I am looking for.
        Sorry for the duplicate post…I also see that the N California EQ is prominent in the Florida Hurricane Predictions. The ring of fire has had a lot of activity except for the W. coast of the U.S., I just wonder where all of that stress is going to release.

  9. Eric, another observation, tropical storm Nester in the gulf of Mexico may likely follow the Florida hurricane prediction map and at the “time of the “pumpkins “. I couldn’t wrap my head around that trajectory but it now makes sense.

  10. Here’s an interesting article on earthquakes–they said a fault-line started moving “for the first time” this summer, and that the fault-line is capable of producing a large quake. They don’t know whether to expect a quake soon or not, but it’s another good reason for people living in California to take precautions.

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