World Predictions 7-16-19

Love one another, care for one another, it’s at the core of everything our father ever asked of you.. Are you doing it in the here and now? Is your society representing his will?

My focus continues on New Zealand. I am still working on a date. However they now have new messages, a major hurricane is expected to strike Florida and surrounding areas. Both messages are a focus moving forward.


Then I had a visual of a red beetle vehicle.

Later I had a visual of a receipt machine from the 90s. It was rolling out a slip that read “Christchurch”

They might be talking about a rolling quake, there is an old prediction about a Christchurch earthquake “in bold print” PREDICTION: NEW ZEALAND EARTHQUAKE NOW

185 then 158.

I had a visual of a weapon being carried deep underground. “Iran now set to have their weapon. Threats, threats, threats, are set in motion. The threat? Any attack on them will be met with the annihilation of Israel. “

I had a visual of water pouring out all over the ground. “It’s not over the Levee will fold”

“Trump says no to advisors.. extradite. “

79 thoughts on “World Predictions 7-16-19

  1. Wasn’t there suppose to be a hurricane in October? Can’t remember if the hurricane comes before or after the series of terrorist attacks prediction – although I believe those attacks are US and not NZ.

    1. There were a lot of near misses. Like there was one that was forming that matched the description, but didn’t form at the last minute.

      1. if you can make better predictions, that warn people ahead of time, please, try to help people, if you can do better. hurricanes, like earth events, do change from minute to minute. if you want exact science and predictions, you have to ask GOD directly. I would rather be warned ahead of time, and nothing happens, than not be told, and it happens. thank you eric, for whay you and the spirits do, in teaching and helping others…….

    2. Matthew , Haiyan, Sandy, and Fani were fairly accurate. There was a hurricane as someone else mentioned that was about to hit Florida, that looked very much like the prediction but nothing came of it. The major event that they did consistently talk about several times last year was an epic sized hurricane that would climb up the east coast, and yes I believe it started in Florida, that never happened. So I have been keeping a close eye on whether the year is off, which they have done before.

  2. Eric about NZ are you still sensing an attack with a plane and you mentioned a car bomb too?
    Also the earthquake is it soon so we can let people know to be prepared and to keep safe.

    1. Nevermind. I forgot about reading where you said it might be an earthquake reference before writing.

  3. The extradition could be Meng Wanzhou’s – the daughter of Huawei’s founder – who is being held in Canada. Trump could extradite her in hopes of bargaining power in the US-China trade war.

  4. Previous prediction said Trump goes to war with Iran. So will this war result in the destruction of Israel?

    1. The prediction warns about the rhetoric leading to war. That war might not happen under the Trump presidency, but more his presidency sets the stage of war. I think for now lets just see it as a threat and nothing more. Its a tool to use as a threat. The main message seems more about a final conclusion to Iran now having their own weapon. I have in no way seen the destruction of Israel.

      1. iran and others do now have the ability to take down our electrical grid, as well as our computers. America, needs to back away, and let country, run themselves, the world, is learning, under trump, that they will not be bullied anymore, nor have America, meddle it the countries business. we need, to go back to compassion and humality, which this country was known for, and WAS a beacon of light for others, the war can be afforded, as all war should be, looking ahead in that war, America will lose with untold killings, the nations of this world, are smarter than the president gives them credit for, we need to back away, and FIX. so many problems and issues, that have arisen in the last few our own country. GOD is teaching America, but will America and its people learn? that is the question, that really needs answers……..

  5. Are we still expecting attacks in the US? I think there was an earlier prediction in May that mentioned something about baseball being a clue.

      1. Eric,

        Speaking of shootings, the predictions for 2019 you posted at the beginning of the year said the worst mass shooting would happen early in 2019 – do you think Spirit could’ve meant next year instead or is the shooting in the west the one ?

      2. The worst mass shooting where? Because if it didn’t give a location the worst mass shooting in nz history did happen

      3. Aiden,

        Worst mass shooting in US history – it was a prediction made at the beginning of the year.

    1. jules104,

      You could be right since he is a one-time prospective business partner of Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.

    2. Oh no an adult hiring another adult for sex, oh no. What’s the problem with that. Now if you want to talk about the real problem it is the politicians, celebrities, and wealthy who have been raping children with their pal Jeffery

      1. Aiden,

        Well the problem is that soliciting prostitution was, and still is, a crime in the cities where Miller admitted to hiring escorts.

        Aside from it showing the hypocrisy of the family values party, it also possibly relates to this “Miller prediction” in that it shows what a low life this Miller guy may be to women:

        “Miller did horrible, horrible things to women, they will say he has retired, but he was fired.”

      2. Aiden,

        The Miller prediction is either about Jason or Stephen Miller. Based on what just came out about Jason’s history with women, all signs point to the prediction being about him and not Stephen; however we shall see if this is the case.

    1. I don’t think Sanford’s the one because he lost his 2018 primary race to a pro-Trump challenger. I only say this because the GOP is now the party of Trump and if you’re openly anti-Trump in the GOP you’re not going win their vote.

  6. The extradition could be in relation to Epstein‘s case. This case is going to bring down politicians on both sides of the American politics. Businesses and celebrities and foreign dignitaries

    1. Good, we need all those involved to be held accountable. Justice for the victims is what I’m praying for.

  7. Good, we need all those involved to be held accountable. Justice for the victims is what I’m praying for.

  8. Eric,SWC,
    Ref:::major hurricane is expected to strike Florida and surrounding areas. Both messages are a focus moving forward.

    Tropical storm “Dorian” 👁

    MIAMI (AP) — A newly formed tropical depression has strengthened into the fourth tropical storm of this year’s Atlantic hurricane season.

    The U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami says Tropical Storm Dorian is moving west and could reach hurricane strength Tuesday.

  9. Eric,

    Today’s update on tropical storm…✔️

    MIAMI (AP) — A tropical storm warning has been issued for Barbados as the fourth tropical storm of this year’s Atlantic hurricane season moves toward the Lesser Antilles.

    The U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami says Tropical Storm Dorian could intensify to near hurricane strength over the eastern Caribbean Sea by Tuesday.

  10. Wellington capital of NZ – and seat of Government – some kind of terrorist attempt?
    CHCH NZ – rolling EQ?
    Thanks for tuning in to NZ Eric

  11. Eric,
    Ref:::had a visual of water pouring out all over the ground. “It’s not over the Levee will fold”

    India 🇮🇳
    Over 300 trapped in a school after dam releases water causing floods in Rajasthan, India

  12. Eric,

    Ref::::had a visual of water pouring out all over the ground. “It’s not over the Levee will fold”

    Missouri River nears record runoff, Army Corps increasing water discharge, USA

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is increasing water discharge in the upper Missouri River dam system after recent heavy rains pushed the upper Missouri River near record runoff. The events are taking place just a few months before the river needs to be set for the winter season.

    Broad areas of Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska have received precipitation more than 400% of the normal amount seen during the first two weeks of September, said Kevin Low with the National Weather Service’s Missouri Basin Forecast Center. The weather service has multiple recordings of areas of South Dakota receiving more than 228 mm (9 inches) of rain in a 72-hour period.

    According to NWS, the expected crest of the river will be on September 23, at 6.5 m (21.3 feet).

  13. Eric,
    Ref:::I had a visual of water pouring out all over the ground. “It’s not over the Levee will fold”

    3 feet of rain..
    Life-threatening flooding continued across southeastern Texas Thursday morning as Tropical Rainstorm Imelda continued to dump prolific amounts of rain across the region, inundating homes and streets and prompting numerous requests for rescue.

    As of early Thursday morning, Imelda, which became a short-lived tropical storm on Tuesday before making landfall in Freeport, Texas, had produced over 40 inches of rain near Hamshire, Texas, about 65 miles east of Houston. Over 25 inches of that rain fell in 12 hours.

  14. “Trump says no to advisors.. extradite”

    This could be who he extradites:

    Rudy Giuliani privately urged Trump in 2017 to extradite a Turkish cleric living in exile in the U.S., a top priority of Turkish President Erdogan, according to multiple former administration officials familiar with the discussions.

    Giuliani “brought up Gulen so frequently with Trump during visits to the W.H. that one former official described the subject as Giuliani’s ‘hobby horse.’ He was so focused on the issue … W.H. aides worried that Giuliani was making the case on behalf of the Turkish government.”


  15. “Iran announces most provocative step yet since US withdrawal from nuclear deal: injecting uranium gas into centrifuges”

    “Iran’s president announced Tuesday that his government will begin injecting uranium gas into centrifuges at its underground nuclear facility at Fordo — the latest step away from the nuclear deal that Tehran signed with the U.S. and other world powers after President Donald Trump withdrew from the agreement.”


  16. The assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh comes a week after Pompeo, Netanyahu, MBS & Mossad Chief secretly met in Saudi Arabia.

  17. “The assassination of a senior Iranian nuclear scientist appears to have been a deliberate effort to provoke a response which could be used to justify military strikes against Iran by the U.S. or other states.

    “Iran has shown restraint by not retaliating against a series of recent incidents of sabotage. If Iran responds to this provocation, a new war could quickly inflame the Middle East on the eve of the inauguration of a new U.S. President.

    “We call on all U.S. officials and members of Congress to vigorously oppose any further provocations and to stand against any escalation.

    “Instead, the U.S. should pursue urgent diplomacy to reduce tensions and prepare the groundwork for the restoration of the international agreement that prevents Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.”

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