Predictions 8-22-18

“Politics become topsy-turvy in Malaysia, a bit crazy. I had a visual of a washer running crazy. A rough spot for Malaysia. ”

“Razak will fall, prosecuted and convicted. ”

“In the gulf of Mexico a huge storm, it will drown the area of Mexico and Latin America in the worst way, so much flooding.”

“Eric we need to shift our attention as September and October bring deadly damaging storms”

In regards to the bombing of yesterdays post:   “Next.. weekend.. not one but two..”

Here they are showing that the 2 is most likely a date. Are they saying there is two attacks back to back? Or are they questioning the date of the 1st and 2nd?

They also implied that one target was the IL prediction, while the other is unclear. 

“The Marine corp in trouble for being cruel when it was totally unwarranted.”

“Nathan did it.”

“Miller did horrible, horrible things to women, they will say he has retired, but he was fired.”



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    1. This is a guess but I believe Miller is Steven Miller who works in the White house. Nathan I have no idea. It sounds like Nathan committed a crime and they are pointing it out, just like they did with “Chris” killing his family.

    1. Unlikely, I think they talked about Nathan before? It sounds like someone is guilty of a crime and they are pointing on who did it. Very similar to ‘Chris’ killing his family.

  1. Two bombings next weekend in different areas of the country by different people or the same person?

    Or two bombings in different areas in the same state by different people or the same person?

    1. It could go two ways, two bombings back to back by the same group around the 1st-2nd. Or they are simply two separate bombings unrelated to each other and are not back to back. The odd message is either talking about the number of bombings or its talking about the dates. If you look at the Chicago prediction it says Chicago explosion then 1, this prediction has 2. That has to be linked to the message.

  2. eric, can you ask for more information on the storms for sept and oct? does the past predictions come back to the front burner?

  3. Any new word yet about that third mega hurricane that’s supposed to hit Florida? At this point I feel like it’s never going to happen at all and yet it’s still predicted to happen after Irma. Last October, all the other hurricanes that were potentially were going to hit Florida became near misses and completely avoided the state.

    I heard other psychics say that the storm season won’t be as bad as last years and some said that Florida will get hit by a tropical storm, but it’ll be less damaging.

    I understand that outcomes can alter, but I really don’t want to believe the mega hurricane is 100% set in stone. Gave me terrible anxiety last year constantly checking throughout October for it happen, yet nothing happened at all.

      1. I saw that one. The only question have about it is if that’s the one where the whole entire state have to evacuate. If it is, I feel it’s going to be overwhelming for every single person to get out in time.

      2. I’ll be honest with you, I’m just terrified at the idea that a monster hurricane covering the entire state of Florida and that everything my family and everyone else ever owned (i.e. home and unreplacable valuables) get whipped out and destroyed by one single super storm.

        I remain skeptical about that one prediction just for the sake of not losing my sanity like I did from last year. Whatever this hurricane that’s predicted to happen this year, I pray it’s not the monster one.

  4. Eric,
    Is the “WAR” prediction earlier related to what you’re describing in Malaysia? Does the violence there escalate to war? Or is the war prediction something different?

  5. Oh my. I have this in my intuition journal from Dec 21, 2017 (second I saw your “Malaysia” I remembered it. The physical pain associated with the premonition was intense):

    Sudden really massive stomach pain/cramping on right side and in upper leg and back. Doubled over in paid and ask “why does it hurt so bad?!” (Was thinking it was physical / mine and rhetorical question). Instant:
    “Something awful is happening in Kuala Lumpur”
    Then images of what looks like pick axes with blood on them (but I heard the word “machetes” at the same time as the image).

    1. Also the day before that in meditation I was seeing an image of a red hand covered in red paint or blood. I don’t know if it’s related or not but for some reason I think it was- I’ve seen the image a few times since randomly when not meditating and it always feels associated with Malaysia also.

    2. It most probably be a racial disharmony and a repeat in history of 13th May 1969! The only difference being the 1969 mayhem is due to politics but if should there be another mayhem Now then it’s racial and maybe some terrorist attacks as well on the non Muslims and all foreigners residing in Malaysia.

      1. That would make sense. I don’t know history of anything over there- is it similar at all with what has been happening relatively in Myanmar racially? For some reason I vaguely feel like I kept wanting to change my translation to Myanmar but kept getting “not, just similar.” But it was a while ago so no idea.

  6. Any one out there good with dream interpretations? Last night I dreamnt a huuuuge, brown, two headed eagle or hawk landed on my car parked in the garage. He landed on the roof taking almost the whole space, facing the outdoors…almost protecting me but yet perched. He stood very still and wouldn’t budge. The feathers were shiny and clean and folded perfectly into place. When I approached he again, it would not budge. Very odd dream, as I have never dreamt of birds in this fashion. Any input would be appreciated. Seems almost prophetic and possibly relates to a world prediction. Back in July I had visions related to what end up being a foiled bombing. Long story. I can’t help but think…something big on horizon?

    1. I think the two heads represent two perspectives or points of view and the bird relates to thoughts/communication. You’re looking for clarity on some matter and even though you’re sure you think you know the direction or answer, the ‘bird won’t budge’ indicating you have more work to do. More interpreting maybe. Birds tend to represent communication and cars future direction and movement. The shiny feathers indicate that the message is squeaky clean but that you haven’t found it yet. Hope that helps. Pete

      1. Whoa!!! PeteM- Never gave that a thought. Yes! You may be right on all aspects. My first impression was like what Richard said below…..representative of another country. It makes more sense internal work required but….seriously they both feel right. Lol. Thank you so much for responding. God Bless ya. Love and light.

    2. The two-headed eagle is also historically a symbol of Russia. Pete may be right that it symbolizes two points of view about an issue. The first thing I thought about when I read you post was Russia. Was the bird’s refusing to move guarding you, or was it imposing its domination? That said, unless you have a history of prophetic dreams, I think dreamwork is more often our subconscious talking to us about our immediate fears, concerns, hopes, and desires. In other words, dreams can be prophetic, but often aren’t for most people.

      1. See above your response my comment Richard. The vib was I was in alignment with the hawk or eagle. I guess that makes it protective. Almost like we were in sync. I forgot to mention if someone else approached then it would fly away. When I approached it wouldn’t move an inch. Have not historically had world prophetic dreams to answer your question.

    1. Joy,
      I saw that too, he encouraged lone wolf attacks in Canada, Europe, and the US. He specifically encouraged shootings, bombings, car attacks, and knife attacks.

      Hopefully no one will listen to him, but people should be alert for someone acting suspicious, and pedestrians should be extra watchful of the cars around them.

  7. Steven Miller is one of the darkest humans I have seen in my life. You can look at him and know there is no light in him. I surely hope he is removed from power.

  8. Eric,
    Were there any landmarks or famous buildings that would give a clue as to where the bombings take place? I know one prediction mentioned IL, like Illinois, but what about the other location?

  9. The prediction made a few days ago on 8-21 said “It’s an attack…in 2”, and the one here said “next…weekend…not one, but two.”
    If 2 is the date of the attack, maybe the “not one, but two” part means the number of explosions.
    I’m not sure though, it’s pretty confusing, which potentially more than one explosion and several 2s in the predictions.

  10. Do you know when the storms and flooding will happen in Mexico and Latin America? I have friends there and I’m worried.

  11. Eric,SWC,
    Iranian operatives in US…some arrested…tip of the Iceberg…

    Lawmakers and experts have been warning for some time that Iran has stationed what some described as “sleeper cell” agents across the United States. These agents are believed to operate with impunity and could lay the groundwork for a large-scale terror attack on American soil.


  12. Eric,SWC
    Malaysia 🇲🇾

    Goldman..-Sachs outraged..

    Solomon made the comments in a voicemail sent to employees on Wednesday, weeks after U.S. prosecutors unveiled criminal charges against two former Goldman bankers tied to the alleged theft of billions of dollars from 1MDB, according to a transcript of a voicemail sent to employees on Wednesday which the bank gave to Reuters on Thursday.(11/15/18)
    The government of former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak set up 1Malaysia Development Berhad, or 1MDB, in 2009.

    An estimated $4.5 billion was misappropriated from 1MDB by high-level officials of the fund and their associates between 2009 and 2014, the U.S. Justice Department has alleged. Najib has consistently denied wrongdoing in connection with alleged graft involving 1MDB.

  13. Eric,SWC,
    On Tuesday the latest chapter begins in a corruption scandal that not only saw billions of dollars of Malaysian state money disappear, but also entangled Leonardo Di Caprio, Paris Hilton and Miranda Kerr; illicitly funded two Hollywood films and prime Manhattan real estate and dragged the reputation of one of the world’s biggest investment banks into the mud. In a Kuala Lumpur court, the former Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak will stand trial for his alleged role in the 1MDB saga and what prosecutors will say were elaborate attempts to cover it up.

  14. Eric,
    Ref:::“The Marine corp in trouble for being cruel when it was totally unwarranted.”

    The Marine Corps punished at least eight drill instructors and some officers in response to allegations of hazing and other abuses last year at the service’s recruit training center at Parris Island, South Carolina, according to Marine officials and documents obtained by The Washington Post.
    Investigators found numerous incidents in which recruits had been abused by the Marines training them, despite efforts by Marine Corps leaders to stamp out the problem following the death of a 20-year-old trainee, Pvt. Raheel Siddiqui, in 2016.

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