Malaysian Prime Minister Convicted

 “Politics become topsy-turvy in Malaysia, a bit crazy. I had a visual of a washer running crazy. A rough spot for Malaysia. Razak will fall, prosecuted and convicted. ”


Razak wins Malaysia, what you can expect, corruption…

Notes on 03-15-13

This World Prediction is complete. In 2013 we predicted Najib Razak would become Malaysia’s Prime Minister, we predicted his corrupt rule, and then how it all ended.

13 thoughts on “Malaysian Prime Minister Convicted

    1. Just reading that has stirred up some emotions in me that were not good and I had to apologize for my thoughts due to my anger and frustration. I’m more frustrated that the creator designed us in a way that led to these problems. If humans were not so fragile I think things would be entirely different today and the Earth would be in a very balanced state, that goes for animals too that are constantly forced to survive. The only reason bad things happen because we’re fragile and biologically weak which led to a predatory system that we ourselves created just for survival reasons though not good survival reasons (example being money).

      Forced to need food & water everyday is another driving force of our problems.

      I know our Spirit Friends have lived through this too back when they were alive here, but I hope they understand its our biological failings that led to bad behavior why the Earth is in trouble. This is all my opinion at the end of the day, I know our Spirit Friends have a different idea why things are the way they are.

      1. I think the inferrence to this particular Blog, from my Spirit Friends, is that we rely too much on a god that we really don’t believe in, and certainly don’t trust:
        “Every wasted meal and unnecessarily produced commodity is wasting away the water and soil that tomorrow’s population is going to desperately need to survive.
        Every unnecessary vehicular journey, unwarranted goods replacements or needless general energy use is bring the world one step closer to human extinction.
        Abortion, birth control and euthanasia were never against Creator’s will. Those were the Creator’s gifts, given a long time ago now, to help make the future pain easier.”
        Basically it is individual change, not a huge impossible-to-control-change that They were referring to.
        What can you change to reduce the inevitable, there in your own home? Same with me? Same with everyone. It all starts with the Power Of ONE.

        1. If we worked on our local community level it would certainly help where we live at it would help.

          Some mandatory education for environmental issues, and make jobs around that instead of promoting worthless places like Mcdonalds.

          Thats my two cents.

  1. This is completely off-topic, but I wanted to ask what the spirits are saying about the whole Mar-a-lago raid/classified papers situation, and what might happen with it.

    1. Hi Sara. From what I’ve been getting, Eric’s Truth Turtle starts in earnest this second half of this year and increases into next year. That to me means exposures will start to happen, one after another, and this raid by the FBI will core in the uncoverying. Pete

  2. Hi Eric, there has been a concern lately here in America..well actually not just America but internationally like Canada and the UK, but rent is skyrocketing and leaving people on the streets. I did a little digging, and this is by design by some investors and corporations that love to see people suffer while they rake in their profits (one guy I was reading his comment admitted to this that his company was full of people like that). They went after the last bastion of affordable homes such as mobile homes, and now those are too expensive.

    I seriously think they’re trying to get rid of the poor.

    Just read the comments, breaks my heart.

    1. Something odd happens in the future. I believe it is because of climate change and flooding, but several of the smaller nations become apart of the whale of nations in the room. Taiwan is included on that list. So yes I am expecting it.

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