Dow Plunges AS Trade War Continues

This prediction has happened. I do hope this one day is the end of this prediction.

This prediction reflects a new way they plan to do predictions, by showing what is coming immediately next. In other news we learned that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg has Cancer, which might unfortunately mirror the future on WORLD PREDICTIONS 3-28-19 please pray for her recovery.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 8-20-19 I had a visual of a red market arrow pointing down, down, down. 

Predictions 6-27-18 “The stocks plummet because of trade wars.”

23 thoughts on “Dow Plunges AS Trade War Continues

  1. Hi Eric. Hope your health is on the improve.
    I don’t think this is the last we’ll hear of this story re recession. China buys raw materials from countries such as here in Australia, India, Africa and numerous other places in the world. China was manufacturing those goods and selling them to the world, including the US. Trump’s imposed tariffs slowed down the process and the supplier countries lost trillions of dollars in their forward estimates/sales. That impact from the first of Trump’s tariffs is now hitting the world economy. Australia’s economy is very risky, as is a number of other supplier countries and so we, and those other countries, won’t be buying from America. Already we, and numerous other countries, are looking to boycott the US. The extreme effect this will cause over the next 12 months will be devastating. Even if Trump is talked out of continuing his tariffs against China, it will be too late. He has caused a world financial crisis that could go on for the next ten years. It is not that he didn’t have a right to impose sanctions on China, it’s how he did it without any thought to the repercussions. Pete

    1. China, will be the #1 superpower in the future. China, will save the world from a global depression, from this madman ,alot of people have elected president, it will take 10+ years, to undue the damage, not only in America, but also the world. but, we all need to be reminded, this trump years, is a way to expose all the dark energies in government, that goes thru many levels. SOMEDAY, people will be shocked, how bad it was, and how far reaching it is……. but, we have to have the poison, come up to the surface, in order to heal. Healing, is the key word of the future, the world, cant leap onto another level, until healing is taken place………

      1. Yes Allen. My Guides use the analogy of a garden. New growth won’t start while the manure and compost is still working. I also agree that from China will come the new world structure. But the current China is fighting itself. The old Guard have been strongly opposed to what Xi has wanted, but they bowed to him. After Trump’s tariffs, XI is having his nose rubbed in it by this old Guard who want pure Communism. But yes, the future will come from China.

      2. allen,

        China will become the leading superpower in the near future. This is something the US Empire knows and has been doing everything it can to slow down since the 1990s/2000s, however the US Empire’s resistance will be futile.

        Aside from bringing the US together, the “military one’s” – the next president – other purpose for becoming president has to do with the fact that the US Empire and military industrial complex under Trump is losing its power/influence around the world to Russia and China.

        Some examples of the US Empire losing power around the world:

        1) Middle East growing tired of the US’s presence while welcoming Russia/China

        2) European allies retreating from US and becoming more independent

        3) Russia chipping away at US-European and Western alliance

        4) Russia/China having a growing and greater presence in Africa than the US

        5) North Korea eventually becoming China and thus giving China a significant edge in that region over the US.

        1. Exactly. In other words Russia, close friends of China, found America’s Achilles heal. And it won’t only be the US that goes down. Israel and the Jewish people generally will suffer badly.

  2. Eric with all due respect a 2 to 3 percent drop is not a plunge. A 30 to 50 percent drop is a plunge. If you saw a real plunge it has not happened yet.

    1. All the news sources including the Fox News clip posted above, seem to interpret it as plunge/plummet, etc

  3. I understand what the news sources call market activity. As in everything they report they tend to sensationalize things. In reality as far as the markets are concerned a 3 percent movement is not out of the ordinary. A 10 percent movement is called a correction and happens about twice a year. A 30 to 50 percent drop would be a plunge or a crash which would have a real impact on the economy. 10 percent or less will not have much of an impact.
    Don’t mistake this as an attack on Eric. I believe in him, I’m just trying to help him understand the market and what kind of movement really will effect us all regardless of what the press calls it

  4. Earlier the news said that Ruth had already went through treatment and doctors don’t see anymore signs of the tumor elsewhere in her.

    I do pray she still is around by Oct. 5th. That’s where the SC will hear about the case of firing people because they’re LGBTQ+. I don’t see any other psychics talking about that and I’m worry for my friends’ future. I just can’t phantom how long it’ll take to undo the damages with a 6-3 RW majority SC.

  5. Eric I hope you feel better soon…I sent you some green healing energy, hope it helps…

  6. Hello Sara. Some time back you asked Eric “How do psychics tell which dreams/thoughts etc are theirs and which are from spirit/angel?”
    I asked my Guides if They would answer this question for us and They have graciously done so at my latest Blog:
    It was also an opportunity for me to give Eric and his work here a plug.
    Hope both of you don’t mind. Pete

  7. I dont want China to become stronger than America. China is not a good neighbor especially here in Asia he is greedy very greedy indeed. Grabbing islands from different countries like The Philippines,Japan, Vietnam etc which he doesnt own. If China is a good country and he is here to protect us. Why he doing such things.

    1. no one wants China to be a superpower. but, America has lost its way. we were once a country with a lot of humality and compassion, for All people. we were the ones that set a example, that the rest of the nations, should follow! now it is greed and fear, America and its people, have lost its way. WE can all Pray, that down the road, we will correct ourselves. What people, really NEED to be concerned about, is the WEATHER CHANGES, that are affecting the WHOLE WORLD. rising water, and not enough food, is the Major problem, that will be EFFECTING everyone! CHINA, will have a hard time in the future, feeding its population, also, CHINA will lose so much with earthquakes as well. no nation will be spared, only when EVERYONE comes together, as one, will all these problems be solveable………

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