World Events Predicted by Eric Leigh-Pink

This new page is the sum of my World Predictions for the last 10 years. This one page clarifies our mission. Gather from the Spiritual Realm the tragedies of tomorrow. Present the World Predictions to you so we can alter tomorrows nightmares. I am asking you to be bold, share this page with others and consider a very interesting debate with your friends about my strange work. Share this so we can alter tomorrow. Share it so we can accomplish something grand together.

Each page will eventually be reconstructed. The ’Truth’ page will be replaced with ’Tea and Biscuits’. Then we also plan to construct a page that breaks down our work in Categories to make it an easier read. All these layers are coming in the months ahead thanks to you and your generosity.

2 responses to “World Events Predicted by Eric Leigh-Pink”

  1.  Avatar

    No search function on new site design. Was helpful before to find older predictions.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      should be coming back on line today. There is a bit of layering carry over.

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